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The next section

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begins by saying,

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how to

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ask for the swelling ocean have all of these diseases. So what he means here is that the ocean of all of the diseases of the heart

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is anger.

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And if you come to the store, you'll see what astonishes

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if you come to the store of the ocean, just the store. You haven't even gone in it and look to what's it you'll see.

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It's waves and everything else about it are overflowing. So say what you will without constraints. In other words, say whatever you want about and don't feel any constraint because it's an amazing thing.

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That has some weakness, but it's, it's

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an important in its meaning. A man came to the province.

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He came to his front and he said, Yasuo last.

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He said,

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Tell me,

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you know, what's the best thing to go near to Allah? And he said, personal photo, good character. And then he went to his rights on he said the same and the problems that have posted on the portal. And then he went to his left side and he said the same he said, Hello. And then he went behind him. And he asked the same in the province said, I want them to,

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haven't you understood? Let's talk about, don't get angry.

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And there's another hubby's, where a man was asked to promise a license. What is the worst thing that one,

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you know, incurred concerning a lot. And he said, the hubbub of his anger. And he said, he found this agenda boo jasola. How do we avoid it and not talk about Don't get angry yourself.

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If you don't want a lot to get angry at you don't get angry yourself Kaizen message to them how you behave is how what will be shown to you. And then the famous heavy performance on licence said.

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Give me some advice he said about

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me. And then he said again,

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tell me Give me about In other words, that wasn't enough for him. So he said, Give me some advice. He said, Don't get angry. He said, you're a little Nah, I'll see. I want some more. He said three times.

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Don't get angry. So how about controlling

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is the key to good character

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and the province.

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In that habit when he said that's all about the

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law, and our scholars admit it does not mean

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don't get angry. In other words, don't feel anger, because even the Messenger of Allah said in number

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about Mithra calm, I'm a man,

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a human being and I get angry like you do. And his anger could be seen in his face that he got angry, he had a vein in his forehead if he got angry it manifested.

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So the false alarm was not saying don't get angry, don't have the feeling of anger because anger is not a negative thing in and of itself.

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It's actually essential to the human character. And many things would never get done if people didn't get angry. But anger is it's not mutated

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into something that's useful for the human being, it will destroy him. And that's the point. So when the messenger

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according to our scholars, and others, don't allow your anger to take control of you. be in control of your anger. And some of the aroma have said that anger is like the hunting dog.

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If you don't train it, it won't get what you need.

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So it's literally needs to be trained because if you don't get

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many of the injustice of the world would never be opposed. If to not get angry. People could go around with impunity and do things, and nobody would get upset. That's not what

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he wants you to get. But he doesn't want you to get angry for your sake, he wants to get angry.

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This is the transformation of God, just like these other diseases, you transform them, so that they're no longer working against you, but working for you. And the reason that he calls this the ocean is because this will destroy many people that will drown in it. They'll drown in the ocean of wrath and anger, and it will take them to destruction and despair. Now

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he's gonna go into some dough up, but at this point, I wanted to make a

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diversion that's not really a diversion, because it's very much related to this.

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identified four essential qualities. And this is an earlier traditions as well. You'll find this in. In other traditions, this is not unique to Islam. But the Muslims recognize the truth of it. And this is why our moms adopted that model raazi adopted and others mum

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adopted in his book on economics, any member of society adopts it also. And it is a model

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that looks at the human soul and recognizes certain qualities. And the moment that he says the four qualities in the human soul.

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The four qualities that he identifies the first one is called coercion.

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And in the Western Union called the rational soul.

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And that is that within the human being, there's a power that by its nature is related to what man knows.

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And then the next one is called coolest,

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which is the irascible soul, which is in the human being. It's the element that relates to his emotions, the basis of which is anger.

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And it's interesting that he mounts Gilardino Rooney. Mo law, he once said that the wisdom for the prohibition of karma is that most people are angry, and if they drink, the nice, the root of their soul is exposed.

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Because a lot of people get angry when they drink, they become belligerent. And so he said, it's like a veiling from a law, you know, not to expose people's inherent anger. So that most people are at the core root of their soul is this for that

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And then,

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and I'm not it's i think i spelt that wrong, but it's con contestants sold the the soul that's related to appetite two episodes, I'll use that word, because I can spell that.

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That's a college or the opposite of soul is the soul related to Salah.

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Right? It's your only nature, you have appetite. And then the fourth power is an atom, which according to mamanuca, xiety is the kuwa that harmonizes these three,

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so that the human being is functioning, healthy, none of these are out of balance.

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these relate to what are known in you find this in Western tradition, and you find it in the Muslim tradition. The Muslims called them on the hat and forgotten in the western season, they call them the four cardinal virtues

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and the omap infobar in our wisdom,

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and justice.

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In the pharmacies in they call this sigma

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said yeah,

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As of

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now, when when the when the rational fall is balanced. The result is hikma and Allah Subhana Allah says woman, Youssef achema Papa Uzziah hi Aaron Tachira. Whoever is given hikma is given much good and hikma According to him, it is the mean between Bernardo.

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if the wisdom of the human being, in other words, their intellectual discourse and the rational soul, even if it's in want, the result is stupidity. People do stupid things, and it just becomes excessive. The result is trickery. They become clever, and use their intellect for manipulation for for tricking, exploiting people, right and which is an essential quality in order to get a job as a CEO, usually,

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right? CEOs tend to be people that have this excess of this coolest, but they use it for manipulation

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is when your irascible soul is under control. And it is a mean between two things.

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It's a mean between the whole world or impetuousness.

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irrational behavior where people completely lose control, they become angry, they don't have any control over themselves, and then they do things that they regret afterwards. That's one level or

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cowardice, they become, they don't have enough, they're too afraid to act. And these are both extremes, one is deficient. And the other is yada. And that is from the title of our sample Ha,

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ha, we need your middle people are people of wisdom.

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Right, these virtues are balanced, they become the qualities of the human being. And then it is the middle way, of course.

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And it's a mean between your mood, which is where there is no energy in difference. They don't have to show up. Right, they really don't have an appetite. They're not interested in the opposite sex, that they're indifferent to there's a lot that's called you mood which is unhealthy in celiac

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disease and didn't like it. And the excess of it is

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where somebody goes into completely indulging in their appetites, and they become somebody who's a slave to their appetites of soul. And they lose that balance between. So, again,

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the the, the, the,

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the balance is that you become

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part of the study, Allah subhana wa tada says, that, that, you know, the ignorant people when they see that the the poor Muslims don't have any minister output. They think that they're rich, because they have this. They're not out trying to get money. So they have this but it's dignity in their soul that prevents them from going out and doing things to get money through trickery and Hoda and things like this because it's imbalanced. And then the other

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is, it doesn't it's not a mean.

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It has an opposite. And the opposite is what

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So it's either justice is not in between anything, it's the opposite of both. Now what you can see there is when these are in balance your job and when they're out of balance, you're

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you're oppressing yourself.