The Descriptions of Jannah & Jahannam #7 – Who Are ‘The People of the al-A’rāf (Heights)’

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hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah who Allah Allah, He will be here woman What am I right? Welcome to another lesson in our series about the realities of jahannam And today, we will be doing a very interesting topic it is a topic that is expressly mentioned in the Quran. And it is a topic that has a lot of discussion generated since the time of the Sahaba. Anti Barone and it is a topic that deals with a surah in the Quran, that is named after this entire topic of today and that is Surah two hour off, which is the seventh surah in the Quran surah to an hour off. And in sort of two hour off, there is a passage in which Allah xojo describes a group of people that are neither in

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hell nor in heaven and these people are called the people of the out off. So today inshallah tada the entire lecture will be a summary of some of the discussions that our odema have had in the tab your honor and the Sahaba have had with regards to Who are the people of the hour often they shall lie will make an educated guess inshallah at the end and of course, there are many as you can imagine, there is over 15 opinions as you can imagine, this is a very you know, controversial topic but a shallow to either I think one opinion seems to be definitely the one that has a lot of evidence and it makes the most sense as well. So today we're going to be doing the entire issue of

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the the, the the story or not the story, but the verses pertaining to the people of the hour off and who they are. So the first thing I ask all of you to do is inshallah to add if you can, if you're watching this you know online, pause the video, pick up a copy of the Quran and then follow along with me because we're going to be doing these verses It is similar to allow off verses 43 onward. So to our off verses 43 onwards, and Allah subhana wa tada mentions in this surah that Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions the people of Gen Y as Matthew saluted him in healing, we shall remove the animosity in their hearts. So the people of Jenna they will enter agenda we talked about that this

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can happen at the Antara router, we talked about this in our previous series, remember, and they shall be entered in to rivers

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flowing beneath them. And they will say Alhamdulillah all praises due to Allah who has guided us to this place. If Allah had not guided us, we would never be guided. Indeed, the messengers have spoken the truth, and they shall hear a voice a proclamation. This is the gender that you inherited or your cost to enter because of what you used to do. So the people of gender have entered gender that's 43 verse 44. Why not us? How will jannetty us Hi, Ben, now, the people of Jenna shall call the people of jahannam, they're going to call out to them. So there shall be a period of time. As soon as they enter each group is going to enter that according to you know, other interpretations of the Quran.

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It seems that every once in a while there shall be that window. Every once in a while the people of Jen net will be able to see the people of jahannam. And this is the perhaps the first time that where they've just entered. And so there's a portal, there's a window that the people of gender are looking down and they're seeing that people have jahannam so why not have blue genitals have and the people of Jenna will call to the people of a now otherwise

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widen our rabona? Have, we found the promise of a lot true. So did you find the promise of a lot true as well? They will say yes, we found it to be true. Yes, it is finally true. So the people of Jenna are going to question that people have jahannam didn't we tell you didn't we tell you this is going to happen? And we have lived up to what we told you and Allah has lived up to his promise and what a lot promised us we got so do you agree Now that everything as as we told you, and of course the people who have joined them will say Yes you are right. And we were wrong. And then Allah says forever then and what I've been obeying Him then a crier is going to call out and announce it will

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be made Atlanta to LA I love it mean that almost curse is upon those who did wrong. Who are those who did wrong? I lady and I also don't answer very loudly.

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Were those who hindered people from the path of Allah subhanho wa Taala and they tried to distort it and those who denied the hereafter Okay, so we are now getting to the the verses we need to so the first series talks about the people of gender and they're calling out to the people of jahannam. Now, verse number 46, this is the crucial the key verse the crucial verse here. What Bay now Houma he job between Jen and Johanna, there is a ball a wall a barrier between the people of gender and the people of Jana, there is a hijab a barrier they know who obeyed oma hijab, while our offie Jilin and upon the elevated places right an hour off is the plural of earth. And here of course, Earth has

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many meanings out of a means to know for example, Earth also means customs and habits. And Earth also means a high place. A lot of means like a mountain or a hilltop, this is what one is. And the plural of it is out off. Okay, so while our feet and upon these hilltops upon something that is higher up than the rest of the area, why that Adolphe, that he judged and there's going to be people over there UID foreigner column B Sema, they shall recognize both sides, they shall recognize the people of gender and they should recognize the people of jahannam by their features, by their characteristics, they should recognize them and they shall call out to the people of gender when

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others have agenda it they're going to call out to the people agenda set out when alaikum peace be unto you Lem yet to Hulu Ha. They have not yet entered agenda while home y'all tomar una and they are very eager to enter agenda Tama is to strongly desire Bama is to have any sometimes even in English, sometimes it means greed in a negative way. And sometimes it means a very positive desire. They're very strongly desiring to enter Jannah and what he does Sudafed absorbed into cos habit now when they turn towards the people of jahannam, they will say about benedetta Jana Malcolm avoid the mean do not make us with those of all the mean people. So the people of the hour off and of course,

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the whole lecture today is Who are they? And what is their? Yeah, and what is the point of this hour we're going to come to this inshallah at the end so that people have out off they see the people of Jenna, and they're saying, so don't want a come peace be unto you. And they're eager to enter agenda, but they are not yet in Jenna lemmya. They haven't yet add to agenda, but they have that desire, then they see that people have jahannam and they make dua to Allah, Oh Allah, we don't want to go there. We do not want to go there. And then when the harbours are off at Jalan, then the people of the hour off, will call out to specific people that they recognize, right? They're going

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to recognize some people in jahannam, they're going to recognize so and so and so and so. And they will then say that as an outcome, wanna go into the sack? Barone did all of the money that you hold it together, did it come in handy? Where you actually used useful now, all of that, that you never gave for the sake of Allah, you were stingy. You never fed the poor person you ever sponsored the orphan? All of that money? Where is it now? And your arrogance of rejecting the truth? your arrogance of submit of refusing to submit to Allah subhanho wa Taala that arrogance that used to be so proud and mighty, you thought you control this world? Where is that arrogance now? And then verse

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number 49. Now who says this is a bit of a controversy or what not a condo it is a controversy. It is a Estella who says it? But how does it translate? Verse number 49? How old are Latina aka sanctum? Are these the ones whom you swore that Allah shall never touch with mercy? Are these the people who are these we're going to come to the people the difference of opinion? Are these the people that you swore you made a possum that Allah will not touch them with mercy, or the whole agenda, enter the garden, Lahore fanatic mala and termed as unknown, there shall be no fear or no grieving upon you. So verse number 49. Somebody is told Group X is told about group y. That did you

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think you really thought that group y is not going to enter Jannah? Go ahead and enter agenda. Okay, so Group X and group y, who is Group X, who is being told who is doing the talking, that's another thing we can say, who is being spoken to, and which group is being spoken about, right? There's three parties over here, right? So all of these we're going to come to a shallow data. And then verse 15 onwards is a very simple one. And that is that whenever that was habaneros have agenda. The people have the knob called out to the people of the agenda. So when that portal opens up, and the people of genda are speaking to the people of now, when that portal opens up

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They can have a conversation. And the people of Jenna, say to the people of jahannam didn't Alice promise proved to be true? And the people of gender will say, indeed, it proved to be true. You were right, we were wrong. But now they see that portal, and they see the fruits of gender, and the rivers of gender, and the waters of gender and the fragrance of gender and they are in janam. And so they are begging the people of gender and a few Alena Minghella that why don't you pour some of that water over us, or at least those fruits, whatever Allah has given him in Morocco, mala whatever Allah has given you give them to us. And then the people of agenda will say in the law, how Rama

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Hamada, caffeine that Allah has forbidden anything from Jenna upon the caffeine. And these were those Hoover's number 51, who took their religion as a joke. They took religion as something to mock, and they were deceived by the life of this world. So fell Yeoman and Selma today, we shall ignore them as they ignored us, we shall neglect them as they neglect us, as they never cared about the hero. So now they shall never be cared for as well. And because they used to deny our revelations, now, this series of verses is the only reference in the entire hold on to the people of the hour if there is no other reference in the Quran, to the people of the hour off as well. There

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is no authentic hadith about the people of the off, there are some weak ones, there is no authentic editor of the people of the out of this has led to, as I said, over 15 opinions in the earliest books of the year. Obviously, we're not going to go over each and every one of them that is not the time for something of that nature, but I will summarize at least 10 of these opinions, and depending on how we interpret who the people of our offer, so then we can then understand who is being told what about which group? In other words, verse number 49, which is one of the key verses here is that who is being told what, who is the group that is being referenced? Are these the people that you

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swore would never be forgiven by Allah, no and Turgeon, and you shall all be forgiven. So, if we understand verse number 49, then the rest of the context comes into play. So, what is then the outer off we said, the outer off linguistically is the plural of Earth and Earth. Here, of course, has many meanings as we said, Here, it means a high place, so are off here means a high place, therefore, there shall be a high place above hell. Some have said that high place is this hijab, that a lot of references is sort of Allah for buying a home or a job. And so there is something others have said that this hijab is a reference to encircle Hadid and circle Hadid Allah subhana wa

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tada mentions. We talked about this when we talked about the Day of Judgment for Buddha barberino be sued in the hubbub Belton or fear Rama uova hiromitsu believe that there shall be a wall that is placed between the people who are going to agenda and the people who are going to jahannam so there is that wall sued a law cause it in the haoran be sued in the hubbub. So some have said the people of the hour off or on that wall, the people of the outer for on that wall on one side is going to be mercy the people of Jenna on the other side is going to be the people of Johanna Some have said that the out of is a reference to the salon itself. And we talked about the software we talked about the

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piano. So some have said the people about off are going to be on eight on these slots, and they have not yet entered. Jen even Ibis throw the alongside and commented he said that the out of his 10 learn bainer genetti when now Toby sadly, he doesn't mean No, it is a

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it is a mound, it is a hill that is between heaven and hell. And the people who are people of sin, are taken there and sequestered for a while, right, they're stopped. They're not yet in gender. So this is even a bizarre statement as reported in even the God of poverty. So he explains it very clearly in his mind. Number one, the aircraft is like a hill or a mini mountain, it is between heaven and hell. And number two, the people on it are sinners and is the noob they are Muslim sinners, and this shall be the conclusion that inshallah Tada. We will also conclude within this lecture, but of course, I have to go over all of the other opinions as well. Now,

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there's a number of points that we need to discuss the the the people that are being talked about the people of our off, who are they, as I said, there's over 15 opinions, I will divide all of the opinions into a number of categories. Okay. The first category of opinions, the first category of opinions, is the dominant and the majority opinion and it is a child of the strongest one and it is the one that had been our boss himself.

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said, and all of these opinions centered around various sinners of the Muslims. So for example, one of the most common opinions mentioned by the early scholars is, these are people whose good and bad deeds are equivalent. So they neither go to heaven, heaven nor that to call to help. So they're in the middle. These are people whose good and bad deeds are equivalent. That is the first opinion out of all of this genre of you know, we said sinners. The second opinion is that these are people who went for Jihad feasibility lab, but they also disobeyed their parents. Okay, so these are people that they went for jihadi sybilla, but they also disobeyed their parents and there is a weak Hadith

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to this effect as well. A weak Hadith is a missing link in it, that it is alleged that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, it is not an authentic hadith, that these are people who put to the Sabbath a lie, that they were killed in the way of Allah subhana wa, tada, but they also disobeyed their parents. And so because they were killed in the way of Allah, they shall never enter Gen. jahannam Excuse me, but because they disobeyed their parents, so they are not yet in Jenna. Okay, so it's talking about a group of people who have good deeds and bad deeds, each one is pulling, but because they're both there, they're stuck in the middle. Another interpretation of the scholars are the set

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of still within the first category. So again, if you please don't confuse this is one a, one B, one C, one D, we're still in category one, which is the sinners of the Muslims. And we're showing or demonstrating that a lot of the earlier them up. They had phrases that indicate this. So we said number one, good and bad deeds are the same, which basically means you're not a very good person. You're not a very bad person. Number two people who went into battle but they disobeyed their parents. Number 3131. See, you can say people who committed major sins but did not do Toba. Okay, so they're drunkards, they're drug users, but they didn't do Toba. So they're Muslims, but they have

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major sins, and they're not forgiven. Number four, people who had a lot of minor sins, and they don't have enough good deeds to make a photo for the minor sins, right. So the difference between three and four is basically the concept is the same as that a major sin that you haven't repented, or a minor sin that you don't have enough good deeds to extinguish. Okay, number 515. Again, not number five, let's say one's ABCD, E, one E, let's say, one E, those who had debts to other people, and they will take debts from other people, and they died without paying those debts off, right. So they're going to be stopped until the good deeds or whatnot are taken care of. Because again, we

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know that dying in debt is a major sin if you are abusing, and you're just getting the generosity of other people. And then one f we can say that people who did good deeds, but they were showing off their good deeds. So there's an element for a law and an element for other people. And therefore the deed is neither going to be accepted by a lot fully. But still, they had some end somewhere they were doing something for Allah sake. So according to this opinion, there are people who did good deeds, but they were showing off the good deeds. Now, all of these specific examples, they center around one reality, and that is the sinners of the Muslims. Okay, best illustrated by those who said

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they did jihad, but they disobeyed their parents, so they have good deeds, and they have bad deeds. So they're giving the two most extreme examples, right? Being a martyr for the sake of Allah Subhana, WA, Tada. And then also being bad to your parents. Okay, so they brought together the two most blatant examples of good deeds and bad deeds. And they said they have both of them, right? And another would say that, Oh, these are people that didn't you repent from the baddies? All of these opinions centered around one reality, and that is, these are Muslims, who, for whatever reason, didn't do enough? Why do they have major sins or too many minor sins or no repentance, etc, etc.

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That's one category of opinions. The second category of opinions,

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completely reverses the understanding of the people have out off, okay? The second category of opinion says that these people are

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innocent, but not quite innocent. So there's that gray area of certain categories of people that they are not sinful, but they're not righteous either. And a number of early opinions have mentioned this. So of them, for example, the people of the Fatah that people overthrow or those who live between two timeframes are the profits. Okay? So they didn't receive the message of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. But at the same time, they are following the previous nations without necessarily being righteous people, so neither are they believers, nor are they technically rejecting any message.

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So this is the people of the Fatah. Others have mentioned over here in this second genre of opinions, the children of the pagans because there was a huge concern

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reversing Islam, maybe one day we'll come to it in some lecture regarding the children of the those who worshipped idols. inshallah, the strongest position is that children are children and they shall inshallah enter gender and Eliza Jen knows their fate and future. So they will not tell sinful because they died as children. But some group of Obama, they said, they were going to be in this hour off neither home or heaven, okay, so they're not going to be in any any location of one opinion as well as mentioned, which is a strange opinion that for some reason, back in those days, they would feel that illegitimate children, children born out of wedlock, it is as if they are sinners.

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But of course, in reality, they are not sinners, they have not done any wrong. Any child that is born out of wedlock, the sin is on the people who did it not upon him at all. But some, you know, people of the past they felt that an illegitimate child, there is a stain on him. And this is not Islamic, but they felt this way. So they have we have some type your own and whatnot, they said, these are the, the children born out of wedlock. Now, this this whole category, frankly, does not make any sense that all of these categories mentioned they haven't committed a sin, they Allah will deal with them. And Charlotte, Allah is a little folder under him by and large. With regards to the

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people of the Federal, there's more detail, but definitely the children of the pagans, and the children of those born out of wedlock, that has nothing to do with heaven, and hell, they are sin less if their diet is children, and they will not be held accountable. The third category of opinions, so we talked about three opinions that are just in the middle, the third category of opinions regarding the island out off as not taking place after heaven in hell, but taking place on the Day of Judgment, okay, so it changes the timeframe, both opinion one and two, can be interpreted to mean after the people of heaven enter heaven, and that people have held on to help, there's going

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to be a third category that is left outside of both of them. So they're neither in the heaven nor in hell for a period of time. So that's the first two genres or the two categories. The third category of opinions says, the whole episode of us harbor are off is taking place live on the Day of Judgment, it is taking place before the gates of agenda are closed and the gates agenda are closed. It's at the very end stages, that people are entering Jenna, and people are entering jahannam. And there's still people left on kiama. And one group that is left on kiama is the US Hubble are off, you understand this point here, right? Now, if you interpreted this manner, all of a sudden, the US

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one hour off become positive people not negative, okay? If you interpret it as a live event, that there are people that are on a mountain or on a hill, while people are entering Jannah and people are entering jahannam, then the whole scene changes, because then it is very clear that these are people that are going to enter agenda eventually, before gender closes. And so they are thanking a lot that they're not amongst the people of gender. And therefore, according to this interpretation, who are these people on the the mountain top on the hill, some have said they are the prophets themselves. So there's how without have become the prophets. And now go read this, the verses

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thinking that there are the prophets, or some have said they are the Shahada that every nation has a Shaheed right that Allah says in the Quran that every nation has Shahada, and so these are getting the Shahada, or some have said these are the salia hain or some have said these are the oola or some have said these are the the righteous are some have said these are the Shahada. So basically, this category of opinions, category three, so he said three categories of minions, right? The first category, the sinful of the Muslims, the second category, neither innocent or guilty, And to me, that's the weakest guy, we should just get rid of this opinion altogether. The third category, that

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this is taking place on the Day of Judgment, and the people of the hour off, are, in fact, the righteous people, maybe even the prophets themselves. Now go read now the verse again, that the people have out off, the people are off will recognize the people of genda and recognize the people of jahannam. And they will say to the people of agenda, seminar, they come and they have not yet entered, but they are eager to enter. So they're going to enter soon. Well, wholemeal tomorrow. And when they turn to the people of jahannam, they will say oh, Lord, don't make us amongst them. And then verse number 49, right, this is now the key point of how you understand it. Verse number 49.

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Are these the ones whom you swore to Allah shall not enter the garden of mercy and to the garden you have nothing to fear and you have nothing to grieve now? Who says verse number 49, to whom and who are and who is it a reference to, if the people of the out off are the prophets, or the righteous or the solid hain

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The odema, or the folk Aha, or the Shahada, if the people of the era are righteous, then

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they are telling the people of jahannam did you used to think that those people entering gender are not going to enter Gen used to make fun of them, you used to say that the righteous shall not enter agenda, go ahead and enter agenda, you have nothing to fear and you shall enter you know, live there permanently. So, according to this opinion, the people of jahannam are being told that you use to deny the people of Jen are going to go to Jenna. Now look, they're entering gender, so it is a mockery of them, they're being made to feel even more humiliated, that the people of gender are entering gender, okay, so this is the third group of opinions, however, and Allah subhana wa tada

00:25:52--> 00:26:37

knows best, this does not seem to be the strongest position really, at all. Rather, it seems to be that the correct opinion is the first category of opinions, which is all of them are basically the same. Basically, the concept is, these are the people who are not going to enter Jannah because of the sins that they have done, because they are not righteous enough, but they all they will eventually enter agenda, okay. And so the context changes completely. Therefore, what happens now is that we look at the US habits are off, and the US habits are off, they shall recognize the people of gender, and they are eager to enter gender. So one of the key phrases is yellow tomorrow. And

00:26:37--> 00:26:43

generally speaking, generally speaking, the word bomber is not a positive

00:26:44--> 00:27:23

verb. Generally, obviously, there are many exceptions. And that's why for her dinner, Rosie says, this group cannot be the prophets, because the word Baba is there. And it is not befitting that the prophets have been out of agenda. They know they're going to enter agenda. It's not befitting, rather, these are people, they're not quite certain. They're going to enter agenda or not, they're not certain. And they're eager to enter agenda. They're desirous to enter agenda. They're greedy to enter agenda. And they're not agenda let me get hold of a whole meal tomorrow. And this makes sense to the unrighteous of the Muslims. This makes sense to those who believed in Allah azza wa jal, but

00:27:23--> 00:28:00

didn't do enough goodies to enter gender. So they believe in gender, and they're eager to get into gender, but they don't have enough deeds to enter gender lumberyard Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, yo, tomorrow. And then when they look at the people of gender, they make dua to Allah, oh, Allah, we don't want to go there. We do not want to go there. We do not want to enter jahannam and the fact that they speak out to the people of jahannam. And they say, what was the use of all of that money? And they say, What is your arrogance? Now, it indicates that the people have out off at the very least, they gave some charity, it indicates at the very least, they had enough humility to bow their

00:28:00--> 00:28:44

heads in front of Allah. And they did not commit to the type of pickup or the type of arrogance to reject a lot subhanho wa Taala. So the people that are out off as well or not in general, it's very clear, because the people of jahannam they call the people of Jenna and they say give us water and give us fruits and give us drinks. They do not call the people of the out off right. So the people of our off are not in Jenna, and they are in between. and then the phrase in verse 49 in verse 49, are these the ones who you used to swear that they fell might be touched with Allah's mercy? This applies to the people of the outof

00:28:45--> 00:29:26

people in this world used to criticize these men for wicked deeds, drunkards, sinners, people who dealt with Riba, any major sin. And there there were others who said, Ah, these people look at them. They don't do this regularly. They're not regular muslin Lee, and they're not in the elite, the creme de la creme of the society, you know, they're not, you know, praying to Hydra or whatever, a major sinners basically, right. And they are believers. And so people would say, Come, Allah is not going to forgive them. Nobody should ever say that. So Allah is criticizing those who thought themselves pious, and Allah is saying, are these people the people have out off the same ones that

00:29:26--> 00:29:59

you used to swear that Allah shall never forgive? Then Allah says to them, or the whole agenda, go ahead and enter agenda. You have nothing to fear and you shall never grieve or worry. So it is Allah speaking to the people of the hour off telling the people of the out off that they are forgiven, which means in this life, they were doing things that a lot of people did not like they were sinful. They were evil people who had piety as well and that's why

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Allah is saying some groups of people made up custom that they're never going to be forgiven and Allah is saying they shall be forgiven. So it seems very clear and Allah subhana wa tada knows bestest seems very clear that the people have out off or what were called the Microsoft al Mujahideen, okay, this is the technical term, or we can call them all as well fasciae clean of the Muslims, okay? The sinners of those who perfected to heat or at least were upon to heat Okay, the sinners of the Muslims, this is who the hell out off our now this fits in perfectly with so many things that we have said, you know, from,

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you know, from, you know, the last lectures that I've kept on saying so many times, that, in fact, the people who believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala, who had an ounce of Eman, they shall not enter the actual jahannam they shall be punished by the peripheries of Johanna by the Hito. Johanna by the smoke of Jana, the fire of jahannam will affect them from afar, not from within anyone who had a man in Allah subhanho wa Taala shall not enter the doors of jahannam, even if they are punished, their punishment will be a different type of punishment. So what appears to be the case, and this is the position that I am advocating, but in the end, a lot of xojo knows it is just an issue at hand. It

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is just a position. I am not the first there are great roadmap before me and just know that there are many positions, as we said, more than 15 opinions, but the position that I think seems to make the most sense, everything fits into place and literally Check, check, check. Everything fits into place. There's how without off are the sinful Muslims, that's what they are the ones who are destined to be punished. But they'll eventually get to Jenna. That's what the hobbit Allah for. So all of those who said La ilaha illa Allah, and who believed in Allah subhanho wa Taala. And who did whatever good deeds, they are not in, but they didn't do enough to get into gender, right. They have

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major sense. They didn't pray regularly, they didn't give their full Zika whatever they might be, they had major sins that they did not repent from. Those people are the most hobbit out off. And everything now fits in that the US harbor are off limits. They did not enter agenda, but they are so eager. They want to enter agenda. And they recognize the people of genma Salama they come they recognize their friends, obviously, they're Muslims, they know their friends, but they weren't to that level. And they say Salaam Alaikum. There you are, you know, peace be unto you. And then they recognize some of the people of jahannam as well because they're in that middle group, right? I

00:32:50--> 00:33:29

mean, in the end of the day, we all know righteous people. And we all know evil people, this is the way the world is, but that's how they are off. They are literally friends with both because they are in that camp that they know the righteous, but they also have friends of the other camp as well. And so they will point to specific people. And they will say to them, why didn't you believe what to use was your ticket button arrogance. Where's all of your money now? Right? So this indicates that those have been out off they at least had enough Eamon to do some good deeds enough Emad to lower their head to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this proves the fact as well, that a number of things prove

00:33:29--> 00:34:03

this as well, that of them is the famous editor also a little coterie that I have mentioned previously as well. That our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said I'm not a lady in the Himalaya mucho mucho de vida know that the people of jahannam who are really the people of Ghana, they will never live or die they're going to be in there permanently. When I can know soon as Salva to move now to be Ruby him, but there shall be a group of people the fire affects them because of their sins. Notice.

00:34:04--> 00:34:52

What I am saying and again do realize every all of this is in my life. Only Allah subhana wa tada knows in the end, what I'm advocating as a position as an opinion and a law knows best I could be wrong in this that no one who is a believer in a law who has an ounce of Eman in a law will actually be in janam proper, even if they are worthy of being punished, their punishment will be from the effects of the fire and not from the fire itself. This is what the Heidi says that there shall be people or saw but to now with an OB him the fire shall affect them because of their sins. But that's not the same as a hollow nor the Hello now are separate from the Muslims who shall be punished by

00:34:52--> 00:35:00

the Nef. Remember, there shall be Muslims punished by Johanna but they're not going to be entering Jana from the doors of Jan. And because of

00:35:00--> 00:35:42

Anybody who enters jahannam through the doors of jahannam, odorheiu, Ababa, Johanna Hardy, Dean Sophia, anybody who enters the actual pits of jahannam, they shall never exit from the doors of jahannam. So then where are the righteous or the righteous, where are the sinners of the Muslim is going to be punished, these are the habits are off, so they are above the fire of hell. But eventually the fire of hell shall get to them, the smoke, the heat, exhaustion, the suffocation and some worse than others, some might be lower on the outdoors than others, some shall be burned to a crisp, as our Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that they're going to be burned to a crisp, but not

00:35:42--> 00:36:24

within jahannam they're not going to be in Jannah they shall be in the place of Allah off. And then eventually, as we know, and we talked about this, when we talked about the shefa go back to those series of lectures, groups of people of the righteous shall make chifa and they shall find these types of people that were semi righteous and semi sinful, and they shall be taken in batches. And that is why Allah saying the whole agenda, in the end the habit out of shall enter Jannah every single one of them so then and of course this fits in perfectly with all of the opinions that mentioned the out off as being the people who have good days and bad days or the people who's good

00:36:24--> 00:37:10

and bad or equal, or the people who went to for Jihad and they deserve it their parents are the people who didn't repent from the matrices all of this fits in perfectly over there. So therefore the US have one hour off or Muslims who did not do enough to do good deeds and what proves this are a number of evidences as well that we can kinda sorta you know, derive from this as well. of them is the famous Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim with difficulty Hadith, that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Whoever testifies to La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah sincerely from his heart, how to Rama Allahu Allah. Allah has made the fire of hell how ROM for him. Now, every Muslim at some

00:37:10--> 00:37:54

level has to testify to the Quran, every Muslim, whoever it says La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah everybody should say the kelemen out La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah whoever says the kalama from the depths of his heart, truly believing in Allah subhana wa tada and in the prophet or the prophets of Allah while he was selling them, what did our Prophet system say, Allah has made the now how long for him now question. The Muslim who drinks does he not say the Kadima the murderer of the Muslim does he not say the Kadima? The one who does so many other sins he takes it about he does this and that does he not say the Kadima every Muslim at some point in time is going to say the

00:37:54--> 00:38:08

Connemara they're not Muslim, right? Every Muslim is going to do some good deeds some point in time right they're going to do some Yani charity or some fasting or some or some Salah even and again what proves this point as well is the famous Hadith as well that

00:38:09--> 00:38:55

the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said hey, this is in Bukhari and Muslim that Allah has made jahannam harm upon every limb that has done such every model there is to do with every place that has done such that Allah has made it how long okay. So anytime such that is done, any time such that is done, the places of such the the places have such that they are held on for the fire of hell to touch now, I asked you buy a lot that doesn't the even the sinful Muslim even the drunkard doesn't he pray once in a while, right once a year, so that'll eat he will come and pray and whatever Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say, the places I thought of sujood, the places of sajida the

00:38:55--> 00:39:39

fire of hell, she is not going to affect that is not going to touch that. So this also shows us therefore that the people who are being punished for sinful deeds, the people who are being punished for sinful deeds, but there are believers that their punishment shall be at a location that is not in the depths of jahannam. And this fits perfectly with the whole narrative of us how we are off and therefore the US habits are off once again or the sinful of the Muslim Ummah, they shall be there for a period of time, how long each one in accordance with however much Allah has destined for him. Some people will be let go early, and some people will stay for a longer time, but eventually, the

00:39:39--> 00:40:00

whole agenda to every one of them and in the editor, I will say to Hillary as well. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that as for these Muslims that our you know, sinful, a group of them will remain until they are burned to a crisp that are burned completely, and then they shall be allowed to enter Jen and they shall be told to jump into

00:40:00--> 00:40:42

river of life. And once they jump into that river, they shall come back as if they were completely fresh and new. And so that is the people of the hour off. And this also makes us as well very concerned on amongst all of us that let us make sure that we have enough good deeds that we have repented from our major sins, that we have enough good deeds to make a photo for our minor sins because we said when we talked about the issue of well, in another lecture in another series of lectures, I talked about major and minor sins, and I'd mentioned that major sins will never be forgiven, unless Allah wishes to or unless the person has done Toba. major sins require Toba and as

00:40:42--> 00:41:26

hobbled are off, or those who are perpetual, major sinners without Toba or minor sins, in which you don't have enough good deeds to make a photo for the minor sins. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that the minor sins are all absorbed by the rituals that we do so the five day the Salawat are a casado for the minor sins. Ramadan Oban fasting Ramadan is a photo for the minor sins or O'Meara Tamara is a cafaro for the minor sins is obviously kafala for everything. So notice here, the one who prays five times a day, all of his minor sins cafaro is done. So he doesn't have to worry about us being of the people of our off so who's going to be the people that out off those

00:41:26--> 00:42:06

people who prayed on and off and they have so many major, minor sins even and they have to then account for them in front of Allah subhana wa Tada. That is why it is essential that we perform all of the rituals the daily Salawat the will do, by the way is a cafardo for the sins regular the doing will do regularly praying five times a day regularly fasting the month of Ramadan, doing as many hedges and animals that we can, this will make a photo for our minor sins. And as for the major sins, we need a special Toba we turn to Allah subhanho wa Taala for repentance for those matrices. And if we do so, then there is a guarantee from Allah subhana wa tada that all of the minor sins

00:42:06--> 00:42:48

will be forgiven as Allah says in the Quran, in a very explicit verses in any book about Ramadan hona anhu if you avoid the major sins that we have forbidden you like murder, like you know, highway robbery like you know, Rebel or something, if you avoid the major sins that we have forbidden you Nuka Farren come sejati come, we shall absolve and we shall expire all of your other sins. What do the fellow come with Harlan Karima, we shall cause you to enter into a noble abode therefore dear brothers and sisters I asked Allah subhana wa tada to protect me and you from any major sin every fall falling into it and if we do fall into it, we return a lot to repentance we turned to alone

00:42:48--> 00:43:24

repentance escolares origin for the cofounder for all of our minor sins I asked ally xojo to actually not allow us to be with the people of the outer who want to be immediately going to gender ask Allah azza wa jal to guide me and you to that which is best in which he loves in a shallow Tada. We will continue in our next lesson. We have a very exciting lesson next time, which is the the controversy over the eternality of jahannam or not, how is janome going to be permanent or not? I wanted to stop here because that's a very specific topic that deserves his own lecture. So inshallah we'll do that one next time. Until then, just like Kamala Harris and I'm wondering about Academy