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Hamza Tzortzis
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah. Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu who brothers

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and sisters and friends and welcome to this live stream

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is the breaking up for you. We've just been talking about various things. But one thing I think is important to talk about.

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One thing I want us to talk about is why if loss matters.

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So my dear brothers and sisters with me we have Imran Hussain, our researcher and instructor for Sapiens Institute and our lighthouse manager and master of many other domains. Our beloved brother use of pond Islamic rahmatullah wa

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Good. So basically, brothers and sisters, as you know, during these live streams, we tried to talk about and focus on a particular topic, in this context, a class and why it matters, especially in the dour, especially in fulfilling the vision of steepings Institute, which is a world convinced of Islam, especially with regards to the focus that Sapiens Institute has, which is focusing on developing individuals and organization to be able to share some academically and intellectually and we're doing, we're doing that as a team as well. And a class is very important with regards to our vision and strategic focus. So we could talk about that. And what we do, we actually ask for

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donations. Alhamdulillah, we have a campaign this Ramadan, which is the 2000 defenders campaign, and we just need 2000 people to give 10 pounds a month, and we are on number 1000 something. So we have around 961, Defenders remaining Alhamdulillah, we are way past the 50% target, which shows that people trust us, they enjoy our work, they are transformed by our work. But we need this work to continue. And we aim to double our efforts. So imagine the next 100,000 people that we develop, and the next 100 Plus organizations we empower all of this is going to be something that's very heavy on your skills on the Day of Judgment Insha Allah, because the sadaqa jariya is just insane. Brothers

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and sisters, they say that every drop raises the ocean, and we need an intellectual Islamic tsunami. We need an intellectual Islamic tsunami. And the way to do that is by doing the beloved deeds to Allah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the most beloved is to allow the regular deeds, even if they were small, even if they were little. And that's why giving something like 10 pounds per month regular which is equivalent to Netflix, or any of the entertainment that you subscribe to which you shouldn't, by the way, you know, the reward is going to be insane. And it helps us continue helps us have longevity. And it helps us double our efforts. Towards the last 10

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days of Ramadan, you're going to hear about some amazing projects that are coming up this operational year just after Ramadan. And you're going to be like I want in I want in. And as you know, this is much needed work. We live in a world of ideas, ideologies, worldviews. And yes, we must do the one to one data. But we also must deal with the ideas, the intellectual work as well. And we see this for example, in Pew Research in 2017. Pew Research did a study that basically concluded that the amount of people that become Muslim in America, and the same number are roughly the same number of those who leave Islam in America. And the reason that's happening is because of

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why because we live in an ideological world, there's an ideological frame, there's an ideological ideological environment. And that has dominance is a frame, it has dominance. And that's why even in our community, many of our sisters have been infected by the feminist frame, many in our community, unfortunately infected with the secular liberal frame, meaning our community has been infected with the postmodern frame. And these are based on Islam schisms, which started as an idea in the ivory tower of academia, but they filter down our job is to deal with these so these frames become weaker. So the Tao of that is facilitate and it flourishes in a more. And this is a Quranic strategy. By the

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way, the Quran, yes, it was for everybody, but it dealt with dealt with the ideological frame over the time. So you know, we need to follow on a Quranic and prophetic approach in dealing with the people who hold these ideas and try to enforce this ideological frame upon us. And that's why Sapiens Institute's work is extremely important. You need a bunch of brothers and sisters to be in

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intellectual and courageous to be able to share a song academically and intellectually My dear brothers and sisters,

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I'm in Oman at the moment Alhamdulillah Yusuf is all the way in Bolton. Alhamdulillah and our beloved brother Imran is all the way in West London Wemberly Alhamdulillah I don't think Imam could have went to Bolton because he may require a visa to get the

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joke Bad joke but let's move on very quickly. So brothers and sisters, who I've just said, please consider giving us a donation 10 pounds a month regular donation to sustain this work and help us double our efforts. If you think about an English speaking organization that does this work in the Ummah, what name will come up, there's about one, one and a half, two names. That's it. We need hundreds of these organizations and we need to support them right now support Sapiens Institute My dear brothers and sisters, go to the link in the description below. Go to Sapiens Institute org, the org forward slash defenders and what I'm going to do now is put a

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a link that goes underneath that you can see Alhamdulillah and today we aim for 60 people to just give 10 pounds per month my dear brothers and sisters just 60 people to give 10 pounds a month. Every drop raises the ocean and we need an Islamic intellectual tsunami. So without any further ado, I'm going to speak to brother in mind first and we got to give beloved brother use of an Iran Why does the class matter?

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Savonarola such a deep question straight away mind spa right at the beginning of the livestream, Mashallah. But it that's the topic of the stream, I guess, inshallah? Yeah, it's it's the it's the bedrock, isn't it? Well, it's what everything revolves around for us Muslims. And especially when we think about the Dow, or dow work. This is essential. Without a class without sincerity. You're wasting your time. If anything, you're doing damage to yourself, you're doing damage to the Dow, you're just, you're not helping yourself in any way, shape, or form. So it's essential. This is what you know, it all revolves around brothers and sisters, you know, having sincerity, and we're gonna

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unpack it, I guess inshallah today, like, what does it mean to be sincere? You know, because a lot of times we hear about the criteria of sincerity and the different aspects of a But practically, like, how do you actually try to attain sincerity, especially in a public facing action, that is the dowel because regardless of whether you're speaking to one person, or 100 people,

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it's public facing that that was always public facing, you know, it's not like you praying at night by yourself in the middle of the night quietly in your room when no one's watching. This is always going to be in front of people, whether it's one people or 100 people or 1000 people. So sincerity is key. And on top of it, we know there's challenges, additional challenges to this as well. Shaitan you know, he's always on our case. And if he has any sense, you know, and I want to, I mean, think about this brothers and sisters, if shaytaan has any sense, then he rather come off to someone that's trying to bring people onto the straight path, as opposed to target individuals or more so

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because he knows his job. He, we read in the Quran, you know, in front of Allah subhanaw taala. When he asked for time, of the he refused to prostrate to Adam out of respect, he asked for time from Allah, you know, till the Day of Judgment. And he made it clear that his objective is going to be to mislead people from the straight path, to take people off the straight path to take people away from worshipping Allah, submitting to Allah, fulfilling the purpose of their life.

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And that is his ultimate objective. Now, when you get involved in the Dawa, you are saying, I'm going to try with the level Allah to help people come onto the straight path, guide them to the truth, guide them to Islam guide them to fulfilling the purpose of their life. So you're in a business if you like, which is the total opposite of the business of shaitaan. So if he has any sense, like I said, he's going to come after you more than anyone else. So therefore your sincerity is under attack even more, you know, and that's why he's going to try to get you he's going to try to get you through your ego, he's going to try to get you through showing off and doing it for other

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people doing your for yourself, trying to feel good about the work that you're doing. He's gonna get try to get you in these ways. So you have to focus on your sincerity, you have to focus on your connection with Allah, you have to focus on why you're doing this. And I guess a lot of this comes out a lot in all of this comes the idea of you know, what you're doing in the Dow or why you're doing it? Is there a need for it is someone else doing it already? You know, so asking that why question, I guess is essential, isn't it, bro before you do any doubt, action or any activity? Yes. So you know what's critical here, just before we move on to use of is that we actually teach this in

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our our training course, we actually get them to understand why floss is so important because if you're not, if you don't have a class, then at the end of the day, everything you're doing could go to waste. And what's important is that we define a class

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Now if loss obviously means sincerity doing actions for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. But we don't stop there. We now define what what does it mean to do things for the sake of Allah subhanho wa taala. And the LMS is based on three things. Number one, you're doing it because Allah is worthy of the act of worship, and because you love him, number two, that you want His divine reward. And number three, you want to protect yourself from divine punishment. Doing it for any of those reasons, is a class, doing it for all three is better. And generally speaking, we do do for all three, but there's one that's more intense for us if you like. So once we know what a class is, and

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we know to make a distinction when we're doing an action for Allah or for other than Allah. So we should be doing an action for any of these reasons or combination of all of them, which is number one, that we're doing it because Allah is worthy of the act of worship, that Allah is that we love Allah number two, that we want His divine reward. And number three, we want to prevent itself from divine punishment, which really is almost like self inflicted punishment as Allah says, Don't blame me blame your own hands because we pushed guidance away. We pushed Allah's Mercy away from that perspective. So this is a class and this is so important because, you know, I was just watching a

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video by one path productions from Australia. It was a video about this famous bodybuilder in Australia called the Ozzy mammoth, I believe, and he now is technically an undertaker, a Muslim Undertaker he washed his body he shrouds bodies that video made me cry. That is such a powerful video and I just put it on Twitter just before we came in, said look, this video made me cry please ever watch it and please donate to one path productions. Now the reason one path productions are able to do and you got like 175,000 views in about a day. Now the reason I think one path Productions has made sincere authentic content like they're not algorithm prostitutes, they haven't

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prostituted themselves solely just for the algorithm sake, but you could tell the strategic thinking how do I touch move and inspire people? How do I elevate them? How do I create a transformation through my work? And I know these brothers I've worked with them before and I'm telling you I love them for the sake of Allah What amazing Lee leadership online to produce content like this, what amazing leadership it's not infotainment in extra factor was

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this message it was so powerful I recommend everyone watch it please. One path network watch it donate to them as well. Now I know you might be thinking why is Hamza promoting another organization when he's doing a livestream sapiens? Allah Who brothers or sisters Wallahi belay Tulla he I believe this fully sometimes my heart may deviate, but I fully believe in this I fully believe in this. Allah subhanho wa taala. His name is Ahmed Razak. He is the preferred provider. When we focus on Allah's names we know that maximally perfect to the highest degree possible. Allah has infinite bounty, infinite bounty, his bounty is boundless. And one of the reasons I deliberately sometimes in

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public promote others help people help people that fundraising is because I do not want to fall for the trap that many do. Unfortunately, I don't want to fall for the trap that I somehow think Allah's Bounty is limited, and I have to strategize and market and sign contracts and create barriers in order for me to take most of Allah's results and to ensure other charities or other organizations don't take that because I want it for me. I want it for us. Well, like your brothers and sisters. This could be a form of shirk a form of diminishing Allah's names and attributes, a form of limiting the fact that Allah is a Razak. He is the boundless in his giving, and he has infinite bounty and he

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is the provider is our way of thinking, No, there's only a little bit just for me or just for a few people, a few organizations, not for them. Let me strategize with Allah. He This is one of the most disgraceful things I've seen in the dollar, disgraceful thing to have in the humanitarian sector. I'm not saying everyone's like this, but we need to be very aware. And you know, who taught me this check for the Solomon, may Allah bless him, preserve him and grant him and his family the best in this world and the Hereafter, he sat me down in the office and he really explained this and we this really hit me home. Because I like to, you know, not take pride but to identify myself as someone

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who wants to affirm the Oneness of Allah subhanho wa taala, his his maximal perfection and his divinity. And when he told me this, it kind of changed the game. At that time when I was working with a era I got the fundraising manager to actually support other organizations. And I'm telling you, Baraka Cain, Baraka came, we increase funds by over 500% over 500% Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar.

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And this is how we should be brothers and sisters. This is how we should be entered. This is a bit of a tangent.

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But it's an important one. So please go to one path network. And please just give them money, man, because look what they've done. Look at the production. This is phenomenal. What I saw today was amazing. Wow. So today was leadership online, watch your show. So today was was spiritual, intellectual theological leadership, online, touch moving and inspiring people in a real way, in a real way and look, the views. It's enlightening got lots of views as well. And there's Baraka it was halal. It was a phenomenal, phenomenal

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production, Mr. Increase it, increase them and bless them. And I think they're taking very good leadership by enrolling people in their way of being, they're showing how it should be done. And look how it's done. They're not just reacting to things. Don't get me wrong, there's a space for that. But they're not just reacting to things. It's not just about the likes, it's about how do I touch, move and inspire people. So we're talking about a class today that's a manifestation of a class that is in my view, a an example of a class and Allah preserve them. So brothers and sisters, please, please show me your belief that Allah has maximal

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Perfect, perfect names and attributes that he is the provider and his provisions are boundless and infinite. Please prove it to yourself by also giving to Sapiens Institute 10 pounds per month to to continue this amazing work. Go to the link in the description below. Go to Sapiens Institute. org forward slash defenders, we're looking for 60 defenders today. And hamdulillah use of take the mic, talk to us about a class talk just maybe a bit about your journey, your story, talk to us about why floss matters Bismillah

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Salam Alaikum

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LA when you when you say you want to talk about my story,

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or talk about anything related to a class, you know, obviously keep it to you know, if you can three to five minutes, not the 15 minutes that maybe you're used to sometimes your northerner mashallah, you could chew a rabbit's ear off, you have a lot to say it's a lot. It's very important. But let's not forget, we're trying to fundraise as well. I know it sounds super hypocritical, because I just went on a big tangent as well. But you know what, you know, there are exceptions, exceptions to the rules, anyway, heavy. And for me, it's like past midnight. So obviously, I couldn't be excused from my kind of, you know, deranged, or, you know, tired state, although I'm not really tired, to be

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honest. Anyway, Bismillah use of tele talk to us.

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Yeah, so

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I'm managing the lighthouse project. And one of the main things

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we're trying to deal with is getting people to be sincere. And sometimes that's not always the case, like you'll get someone and obviously, you two have probably had this as well. And you can gauge that there's some arrogance, sort of underlying the conversation a little bit, and there's a bit of a battle. And half of the time, it's just about trying to get them to just calm down a little bit, or to at least relax and not be so aggressive in their approach. And at the same time, you're not, you're trying to not mirror them, because sometimes when you come across the arrogant, you can become quite arrogant as well.

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And so it's really, really difficult. And in terms of a you may begin a project sincere. And I've noticed this even with myself, like when I finished uni, I wanted to do something and something meaningful.

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I used to work in things like call centers and you know, just random jobs waiter awaited at around a bar, that kind of thing. And that these things didn't really supply me with much meaning

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not to sort of demean people that have these jobs, I just, I wanted something a bit more impactful on the world.

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So I'm trying to figure out what I wanted to do and to begin with I was making dua and you know, asking Allah Ya Allah give me something that's

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going to supply my life with meaning and make me feel like I'm achieving something. I want to help people I want to do something good. And like I began, I believe in sincerity, but then as you sort of move along that journey, and you start your little YouTube channels, and you're doing your thing, you're getting into backs and forth with people that are, like, antithetical to you, they're completely against you. They're enemies of Islam of you, they hate you. And in these kinds of like toxic environments, and you can feel your sincerity sort of slip away. And it's very dangerous because it especially when you begin insincerity,

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and you slide away you don't notice the slide. And so you can often and I've seen it in myself, I've seen it in people know

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where, because they began insincerity, they think they still are sincere, or they think this they still are sincere

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There's arrogance is slipped in it snuck in. And when someone tries to give that person advice,

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it can be difficult because obviously, once you've taught you don't, the ego doesn't like to be corrected. And giving advice to people is one of the most difficult things. receiving advice from people is one of the most difficult things. But this is a sign of sincerity that you can listen, you can hear what people say.

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And you can, when you recognize you need to say something you say it.

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This is all part of sincerity and arrogance might either

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make you come across in

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an improper manner. But it's very important because obviously our job is dies is conversation. And it's communicating with people. And a big part of that is trying to be sincere and renewing your intentions and constantly trying to get back. And remembering why you began this in the first place. And you can get lost in the battle, you can get lost in the fighting, you can get lost in, you know, the search for money, for example, or the you know, the the need to pay your bills or the need to make sure everything's going. And it's a difficult balance. But it's important. And, you know, obviously, that's what we're trying to do in sha Allah, may Allah grant us your class, may Allah

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grants us and Sara Amin.

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And but you know, we don't want you to think just because we're fundraising. Now, this isn't something that we are considering or that we don't give each other feedback, and that we're not sort of on each other's toes and constantly trying to correct each other. And if we find

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that someone is being a bit arrogant, we do have shorter we, you know, we tried to speak about it. But at the end of the day, it's still an organization that has costs that has bills to pay.

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You know, the office, for example, just in London, is I don't even know how much you know, an office in LA that is ridiculous. Especially compared to what it is in bunches. It's quite cheap.

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compared to mine, yeah, you say that.

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I'm in Bolton mines like nothing compared to the office in your saying that's hardly anything, but I guess it's relative to where you want to, there's much cheaper. So that has costs and then you've got the zoom, you've got this, you've got that.

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You know, so there are lots of costs involved, and we need your support. Even just like the filming, if you go to learn dot Sapiens institute.org, right now, have a look at one of those courses, you can see they're very professionally filmed, those cameras cost a lot of money. The person that edits them needs to be hired you we have to pay these people to come to record to edit to develop, you know, the the people that are developing the courses, these take a long time.

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Either you can get someone who does it sort of, you know, half and half, they're in a full time job and the sort of dabbling in course, production, you know, in their spare time, one hour a week here and there, but it's gonna take forever to develop a course that way. Or alternatively, you can hire someone and say, Listen, we're gonna give you this opportunity to be able to produce a course, a full length course and do it quickly. Dr. Eggman Latif looks like he can, like we say, we need a produces books like, you know, it's a letter once a week. It's ridiculous how productive that man is back to

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like a Chinese sweatshop. But

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you made a really interesting point, use of about, you know, sometimes we could start with a class. But you know, sometimes we forget how to reel ourselves back in. And it's very important for us to do that. So there are a whole range of things that we need to do as brothers and sisters to remind ourselves on how to actually develop a class and how to maintain a class. I've got video on this, it was the first video on my YouTube channel on what is a class what is its reality, and about 14 steps or points on how to develop a class, I think the first thing we need to remind each other is the consequences of not having a class. And we know the consequences of not having a class is your deeds

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are actually destroyed, and you will not have anything on your skill. Not only that, doing accidentally that acts of worship for the sake of other than Allah actually is sinful. So you get a sin for it. And your offer is not going to be pretty because of your rial of your ostentatious version of your showing off. And another

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way of helping you develop a class is actually seeing what are the what are the consequences of having a class. Now the consequences of having a class

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that you go to Jana, you are enveloped in the boundless mercy and love of Allah subhana wa tell you have eternal bliss. Another way of developing a class is to do a deed every day outside of the Fuhrer it outside of the religious obligations, the only you

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Allah No, and only you and Allah will ever know. So if you keep on doing those private deeds, then it helps facilitate a class. Another point to remember is, remember death. Death is a destroyer of pleasures, right? Death is the destroyer of showing off. Because, you know, I was talking about the one path network. For my brothers in Australia, the documentary they did about this ex bodybuilder who became like a Muslim Undertaker. And, you know, he actually went through the washing of the washing and the shrouding process, he was alive. But he kept silent, and then he broke down, the brother broke down. And that's him, remembering death, putting things into perspective. And there

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was one story that he mentioned in that documentary, which is you guys should watch. He basically mentioned that there was a Muslim, grandma, Muslim mother, elderly by the sounds of it. And she was in, I think, a morgue or something. But she was in the hospital for a few days. And no one was around to see her. And he was quite surprised about this. Whereas the family then when he went to the funeral, he saw family members there. And the reason that they come to see in the hospitals because number one, she died alone, and she was dying or dead for a few days, because they didn't speak to each other because maybe they didn't, they didn't agree with something and you know,

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usually family petty ego issues. And then he said, the regret I saw on the face that day. You know, I think he said it was undescribable Yeah, so death actually deals with these things, you know, realigns our life and makes us realize that okay, I'm gonna die, I need to be death conscious, I need to be doing deeds for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala, which is very interesting, because this, you know, Muhammad hijab has mentioned the story, but it's worth to mention again, how many jobs almost died, he had a negative reaction to the vaccine, as his doctor said, and he was authorized by the NHS to send him a letter. With regards to his

00:27:01 --> 00:27:43

the subsequent human illness, he had like three clots, blood clots, and he almost died. And the doctor said, the next 10 days are going to be crucial. And he was in hospital, I remember I was in Tokyo at the time, I was on the phone to him, I was actually crying. And he had a revelation, my dear brothers and sisters in hospital. And he came up with this idea of the London area. And the London area is this point in, in Arabic classical meter. And it's about modern day Arcada, applied Arcada dealing with Christianity, with liberalism, with atheism, with Darwinism with Sikhism, with all the major isms. And he was authorized by official scholarly bodies, and it was fixed. And he

00:27:43 --> 00:28:23

spent months doing an explanation of that point, that explanation that point has had 10s of 1000s of views. And the people have attended the explanation of that point has been Earl Emma scholars and people like that, especially ones that you know, and it's made a massive impact. And that's going to become a book now as well. And I told her job when we were talking about making it into a book, I said, this thing itself is going to transcend your life. This thing itself, I want to support it in my way, trying to get funds or trying to support it in some way. Because it will transcend all of our lives. I really believe that book would be like an updated to who we are in a way in a in a

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modern sense, because people are going to understand how to apply credo principles to modern day isms. We had scholars attending it, one school, I know in particular, there were touch, move and inspired like, wow, this is free. This is amazing. And that idea happened from his deathbed. He thought about what can transcend my life. How can I make a big impact for the sake of Allah. So death is the destroyer of all pleasures, and it makes you realign your priorities. It makes you focus on a class or just focus on one there's about 14 But we can mention them later. One more is actually dealing with your job, your spiritual heart. Allah subhanho wa Taala says that no one's

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going to be safe from the Day of Judgment unless you come to Allah was with only been saline and the pulpit is a little bit waivers and he has diseases and one of those key diseases to react. But how do you make the pulp spiritually strong? You make it strong by top of Quran by standing in the night prayer by reciting the Quran by doing the Dhikr of Allah subhanho wa Taala by doing stick far, because if loss is not in your liver bruv fear is not in your kidney bruv right. It's in Ron's a class is not in his brain, in runs a class is not in his pancreas is in his pelvis in his heart. So if you strengthen the spiritual heart, you'll it facilitates

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a class insincerity. So from that perspective, brothers and sisters is like four or five major ways on how to develop your classes many many more ways. And we actually teach this in our courses, awakening the truth within for example, and even when we do on site courses, we start you

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Usually with a class because that is the crux of the matter. That's what's going to give us Baraka. So brothers and sisters, please 10 pounds per month. Regular donation we're looking for 60 people today, I think we've had about three or four defenders Alhamdulillah we need your support my dear brothers and sisters,

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you know, the greatest deed the most beloved de to Allah subhanho wa taala, according to the prophets of Salaam is a deed that is regular, even if it's small. And we need and we know every drop raises the ocean, and we need an intellectual Islamic tsunami. So we need many drops of those of those or we need many drops to create that intellectual tsunami because we need to defend Islam intellectually, academically and develop others, individuals and organization to do so as well. We've trained over 40,000 people, we've got over 10,000 us and our learning platform we've produced around 16. In Depth books, we have 16 in depth courses on learning platform, all for free. Our

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learning platform is the number one learning platform in the English language focused on developing individuals to be able to share some academically and intellectually mature brothers and sisters. This is the great work that we're doing with touch. We're touching people moving them inspiring them, not only individual organizations to because that's our focus focus individuals and organizations to be able to share some academically and intellectually. So if you support us, you get the reward in the 40,000 people that were trained or the next 100,000 people that we want to train because we want to double our efforts, you get the reward in the 100 organizations that want

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to help develop and support it. So if you're savvy with reward, if you want to lab if you want reward if you want has an act good deeds, this is the place to go. This is the place to go you will give your money to one organization no problem. But giving a task as well actually opens the door to 1000s of individuals being supported and trained and developed and the impact of maybe over 100 organizations all around the world and they will have access to millions of people as well that just be smart if you're if you're smart and savvy with the lab with Hassan ad then you will jump on this reward gravy train Okay, brothers and sisters go to the link in the description below. Sapiens

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institute.org For slash defenders, we need 60 defenders today insha Allah

00:32:27 --> 00:32:36

and Allah we've got four so we've got another one Alhamdulillah so we have four different days so far mashallah, this is good sign. We've only been around for like half an hour today.

00:32:37 --> 00:32:45

So far, so we need another 56 And I believe we can do it. So doctors my Latif somebody from Attila

00:32:48 --> 00:33:03

heavy, I'm gonna how things okay. handling it, you know, I mean Oman at the moment. Yeah. And you know, the greetings, the greetings are so long, but it's so beautiful just to watch. So they say things like K Fahad Allume mu

00:33:04 --> 00:33:08

k Fussa. K. K for Gemma.

00:33:11 --> 00:33:14

Eva Bosch. These go on and on. And it's so beautiful.

00:33:16 --> 00:33:53

It's really beautiful review the actual money. It's such a great place. I mean, initially, we should do a case study of Oman and the Omani people, peaceful, nice. They are a halal home. They are a halal hellam There are people of Halal forbearance. Yeah, it's hard to break no money. Extra fact I had a conversation one of the brothers in his thought a chef Hatem Hello blessing. He told me a great story. He's in Ramadan, they wanted to do a TV program on pranks pranking Omanis. Yeah, basically couldn't go through because they realized I think we needed a few shots. It just didn't work because our minds were very stoic and had a lot of forbearance. So the whole program failed

00:33:54 --> 00:34:35

because of the people that live him Allah bless them and increase them. Anyway. Obviously, I've been too verbose brothers and sisters, please donate now. Right? I want some words on why floss matters, Mr. Doctor with manly teeth and tell them why they should donate as well. Bismillah Allah may Allah reward you some of you have had such amazing words when I was listening in Subhan Allah. And the last thing about the bill Oman reminds me in fact about the people of Musa luxury the Usher era, because they came from Yemen. And once a person was in Mr. Kuba with Sahaba. And he said that tomorrow you will meet the people who will be like different to you. And he met like, like they do

00:34:35 --> 00:34:59

things that you know, even you do. And he met the Yemenis people, people most of actually so when they came, like they will lay out mats on the floor and just like, share food. And they were the first one to give salam by shaking hands, by the way from Yemen. They shook hands by giving salam and it was a new practice for Sahaba because they never had that before. So it's beautiful when you encounter and we meet up

00:35:00 --> 00:35:16

Paul, do you learn new practices? SubhanAllah? I think this is one of the things about Sahaba is that they would engender practices that would make it things like laws and rooming death, more of a real thing like why the traveler would put, like the

00:35:18 --> 00:35:57

sorry, he would say every night while juggling, out we lie he mainly lessons about hula, nor will I see graffiti with you from a night who's evening is how he would say that on a daily or nightly basis. And others like the example of the disease, you know, he would, he would put the blanket over his head. And it was it all, as you'd have to do from, from the depth from the darkness of a grave, you know, so they would kind of do things, somebody's been steeped in graves to remind them of the fact that life is just number of days, I would say you're going to add them or sort of add them in the Laila when the Hardy and Milena fig family EMR, the night and the day are working on you. So why

00:35:57 --> 00:36:35

don't you work hard in them, you have to add them in Amantha IAM. So there'll be just a click to a day's failure to have a Yeoman that they have about doc, if one day leaves a part of his also left you. So the fact that you know everything is so few times in life, everything is passing so quickly, that we don't have that long left. And one of the things in the Quran that Allah says that when life finishes for people, they will beg Allah Allah send us back to Earth. So we can give sadaqa we want to give something about ourselves of sadaqa and we have the of the pious ones. So give us it for another chance. And Allah says Allah give respite to soul when it comes to him, stay for the moment

00:36:35 --> 00:36:40

is now and thinking about death like your mama Khazaria him Allah.

00:36:41 --> 00:37:25

He would say he said once that in an order, I looked upon creation, for a two column move on my shoe clients. So everybody was either in love with something or like deeply infatuated with some with something or somebody. He says someone was so much love that when they're sick, they will go and visit them when they're when they're sick, like the sick bed and spend time with them. And others love even more that when they die when they're when they're dying. They go and be at the bedside, and others even more than when they're dead. They pray for them, and others even more, that when they're about to be buried, they bury them. He says I saw everybody then everyone leave. So no one

00:37:25 --> 00:38:10

stays in the grave with a person is until I realize the only that I would take the thing I would take for myself is what would come for me in my grave. He says for my watcher to identify anything that could do that except my good deeds. For her Tom Lee boo Masuku masukkan sorry, I took them for me, my beloved ones, so they could support me in my grave. So even like sadaqa for example is like the Hadith about fatal Herat. The the thing that would protect a prisoner grave, at His feet will be his extra good deeds, his sadaqa His goodness, all come to protect them when the angel surrounds him. So we're talking about being accurate centric, thinking about what our rewards mean in the next

00:38:10 --> 00:38:20

life. And one thing why one reason why a Class Series is so key and so paramount is you know, the Hadith about fasting and all of us that we are engaged in fasting,

00:38:21 --> 00:38:22

the Hadith that says that

00:38:23 --> 00:39:04

Allah says adequate See, all actions are adequate for him Illa so in the holiest fasting fasting is for me. And all my they say that the reason why fasting is so specific care is because it's hidden, is because it's discrete, because no one can see someone in fasting unless he's going to boasted by. And for that reason, Allah loves it because it's a hidden discrete action, the fasting so fasting therefore helps us to become more of a sincere people, because you're doing an action that no one else can actually see the hidden this goes action. So everything we do, therefore, should be for the purpose of seeking Allah's face alone. The Prophet told by them Jubilee says wild Atlas de Enoch, EK

00:39:04 --> 00:39:46

Philomela can be sincere in your deen and a few actions will suffice you if you're sincere. In your deen so therefore sincerity is what matters once were said and he had the footsteps of Bilal in the Mirage and he said to build the next day What have you been doing I heard your footsteps ahead of me had Amin Jana and Bill and says I'm nothing really especial except that when I make wudu I just pray to the gods. And I keep praying until Allah has decreed take me somewhere else. And and that's that's it. So you think it'd be loud you might think about the person who makes a done in the masjid or he has sort of sacrificed for Islam. But he says something else like I just pray to our gods and

00:39:46 --> 00:39:59

Vidya is doing it no one else knows about because doing so secretly, and that's really what we should be focusing on in gendering a class in us. So therefore the work of sapiens is is is beautiful and I had many

00:40:00 --> 00:40:06

During today's panel I was I sent a message to yourself earlier today, one brother had was from Somalia,

00:40:07 --> 00:40:45

the brother SubhanAllah. He said to me, it was said to me, he said, Brother, he said, I have I have one ambition in life. And that is to become a di e and give Dawa. Before I die, he says, you know, before I die, and he goes, because everyone in Somalia is Muslim, because I want to give down to non Muslims, you know, and it's, it's a one Allah. And I said, I said, Brother, you know, if Allah opens up for you a door than just going that door and everybody has in life and impediment is of some sort. And if I was open to doing something, then this seek that door and he said, I make dua pmla Every night Allah makes me a die. I said, then remember of course, Zachary al Islam, only Allah in

00:40:45 --> 00:41:21

the crossover him? Well, I'm gonna come with a sharpie, I know I was never miserable in my dw, I never lost hope in asking ALLAH SubhanA water. And so keep doing what you're doing, because it's great, what you're doing. And, and then the next hour Subhanallah I had somebody from France, and anyone to translate our work and Sapiens, because I want to get involved and a transient or translate people's works. And it just shows upon Allah that there's such a beautiful power and momentum, people want to do some great things. And so what I mean, that's what sapiens is about, therefore, and one of the things to think about is an accessible piece of work. I mean, it's

00:41:21 --> 00:41:47

accessible. You know, we don't, everything is free on our website, our mentoring service, our books, our courses, our articles, everything for free, because we want people to access our work and and have easy access to it, and therefore benefit from it. But the thing is, like you mentioned, everything costs something. And so if people donate just 10 pounds a month is just 10 pounds a month. It's just like, you know,

00:41:48 --> 00:42:15

you know, I was laughing with my friend, I said, you know, I went to the petrol station once, and, and I want to put petrol, and I forgot my money at home. And all I had was five pounds in my pocket. The five pounds. Yeah. And that's it. And so I was on like the yellow, Amber, red that amber color was on, which means that you're looking right down. And so I put in five pounds, and I came out and it still

00:42:17 --> 00:42:18

is still young.

00:42:19 --> 00:42:57

And I said, and I said, Well, we proved to be ripped up. He said, No, this is our this today. And it's true. So the five pound turbofan doesn't go down without that far, even like in petrol is going to stay the same where it was. But imagine this one Allah is liking what you give is going to go far. And you're contributing to an effort that is going all around the world, and people's lives are changing and improving. Subhanallah and, and you have a chance to be part of that. I said to her brother today. I said, Brother, you know, I said, You're in Somalia and you want to be out in the streets of Hyde Park. I said, you know, I said everybody in life has some kind of impediment of some

00:42:57 --> 00:43:03

sort. If I don't have this, you have that everybody has something. But Allah Subhan Allah to Allah in the Quran says,

00:43:04 --> 00:43:42

In Calacanis ubicada, we create everything in proportion, everything Allah creates in proportion me everybody will have something and use whatever Allah has given you. And I give the example of, of Madame la Salam and the DUA that his her mother made, because her mother had aspirations say I want when I was moving my womb, I want to be for Allah's cause to be Allah service. And then she gave birth to a girl. And and if you're living in ancient Judea, in that time, a boy could do more than a girl could do. But still, she kind of piled on. And she was determined that a girl is fine. And she kind of Allah says, Well, I'm better than that, but hasn't and she kind of, you know, should we

00:43:42 --> 00:44:19

should raise her so beautifully, while and in Luxor, Masjid, in quotes, and Zachary was upon all these things, because she just kind of plowed on with what she had in life. And, and the brother was so happy to analyze it, but just carry on doing we're doing, and if you have an opening, to seek it, but Allah will make it work for you. Therefore, this is really for people to support the cause of sapiens. It's an opening. It's like, you say Hamza, like, if this was like, imagine when you became Muslim, many years ago, when you became Muslim. What's happened didn't exist. I mean, what would the world look like at that time? If Sapiens did exist? If, if there was a Sapiens, think about

00:44:19 --> 00:44:54

beautiful, yeah, this is beautiful, because I was just about to mention connecting it to a class, that your intention, if it's sincere, would transcend your action. So I'll give you an example. Brothers and sisters, and this was the earth am I in agreement about this? This is not a controversial statement. If for example, I walk out of my hotel room in Oman right now. And say for example, I make a sincere intention full of a class that I'm going to pray tahajjud because in Oman, every night there are 200 in the masjid in Ramadan.

00:44:55 --> 00:45:00

And if May Allah protect me if I on the way I

00:45:00 --> 00:45:01

I get a heart attack and I die.

00:45:02 --> 00:45:04

I will get rewarded that the 100

00:45:06 --> 00:45:35

Do you see my point? So what about Sapiens Institute who's world? Right? His world vision, a vision envisages a world that is convinced of Islam. And the way he tries to achieve that is by developing individuals and organizations to be able to share Islam academically and intellectually. Imagine you have a class, even if we don't have a class, it's actually irrelevant, right? If you have a class, and that you trust us, and you give us 10 pounds per month,

00:45:36 --> 00:46:18

or before you try and give that 10 pounds, you say, You know what, in one hour, I'm gonna go online, I'm gonna give 10 pounds to them. And if you die before giving the 10 pounds, you get the reward. Even if you give 10 pounds, and you say, I want this 10 pounds to go a long way, because I want to see a world convinced of Islam, and then you die tomorrow, may Allah protect you. And then we somehow a part of the Divine decree that Allah uses us to establish that and make that happen, maybe not in our lifetime, but in a few generations ahead with the Sapiens Institute, who get the reward all of that, even if, even though you weren't alive to see it, even though you just give him 10

00:46:18 --> 00:47:00

pounds, right. So as long as transcends your actions, and it's so important for brothers and sisters to understand this. And that's why it's important to actually donate to organizations with a grand lofty vision. This is actually quite important as well, like, even if it's humanitarian, if you know if one humanitarian organization has a vision of not existing anymore, because they want to alleviate poverty, Allahu Akbar, you give them money, with that intention, and it has a class, you could get the reward of that intention, right? That I want to alleviate poverty by supporting an organization that claims to follow that vision. Likewise, with the Dow, we see a world that is

00:47:00 --> 00:47:18

convinced of Islam, and we aim to achieve this in a particular way you supporting us would actually Insha Allah, if you have a class, you do it with the right intention, you will get the reward of all of that inshallah. And that's why it's very important to focus on your intention.

00:47:19 --> 00:47:26

Because my dear brothers and sisters, it transcends your action. So don't think is this organization actually going to achieve that don't think,

00:47:28 --> 00:48:09

is this 10 pounds actually going to help achieve that, because You're belittling what Allah can do with that 10 pounds, and what Allah subhanho wa Taala can actually achieve have also not been Billa have a good opinion of Allah subhanho wa taala. And if you support organizations, such as ourselves with a lofty vision, if you have a class, in in that support, you can get the share and all of that reward, you get the share in that intention. You Oh Allah, I'm giving this 10 pounds a month regular to this organization, because I believe in the vision, I trust his brothers. And I believe in the vision I want it to facilitate establishing that vision making it a reality that I see a word

00:48:09 --> 00:48:13

convinced of Islam, your intention would transcend your action.

00:48:14 --> 00:48:34

Even if you will be able to do it even for example, before you press the enter button, and you click on Pay that you've put your card details in 10 pounds per month regular donation you back to click pay, but before you click pay, you die. Now I'll protect you, you get the reward of it, because your sincere intention would transcend

00:48:35 --> 00:48:41

your action. Anyway, so go to Sapiens Institute org ferocious defenders, my dear brothers and sisters.

00:48:46 --> 00:49:04

Everyone is convinced obviously our world is convinced of Islam and help us achieve that through as a team sharing Assam academically and intellectually in defending Islam and also empowering individuals and organizations to be able to share some intellectually all around the world. So Imran

00:49:06 --> 00:49:14

you have I mean, you used to argue in the office in the IRA office, not argue but we still have friction you remember whether or

00:49:15 --> 00:49:15


00:49:16 --> 00:49:56

this sincere discussions over a class and what lie there were some of the best discussions that we had because it's very rare seldom that you know, in the Dow you have these discussions. Yeah. And one of the reasons I did a maybe an hour video the first video on my channel was a comprehensive series or comprehensive lecture or assessment of a class and how to develop it is because I felt there wasn't much around there's hardly anything in the data on that in the English speaking world. And also I felt is the most important topic because without it will have no Baraka with that webinar except acceptance. But the reason I want to come to you because we've always had that kind of

00:49:56 --> 00:50:00

relationship where, you know, sometimes we remind each other, you know,

00:50:00 --> 00:50:34

I remember when I came to this relatively recently, and I said, you know, I got this great content from Pakistan or these videos or something like that, I don't want to put them out. Because I don't think it's that good. And you made a really powerful point actually create a bit of a paradigm shift in my thinking, can you just repeat the point if you remember, I, I know that time is something that because you because you're very, you know, you film a lot of stuff, Mashallah. But you don't put it out and your reasons for not putting it out because you don't feel like it's good enough, etc. But at the end of the day, I think there's something along the lines of You know, you did it Inshallah,

00:50:34 --> 00:50:44

sincerely, and, you know, do you feel it's going to benefit people? And you said, Yes. And I said, well just put it out. And you know, do it for your day. If you've done your job, do it for the sake of Allah put out, yeah.

00:50:45 --> 00:51:22

You made a profound point. You said, Well, you're not doing it to please you. Yeah, yes, yes. Yes, that was a powerful point. Because you because obviously, as you get older, and you learn a little bit more, not much, but a little bit more, you get the opposite of the dunk, dunk, Dunning Kruger effect, whatever it's called, right? You get another cognitive bias, which is because you've you've got a little bit more experience and maybe a little bit more knowledge, you now think you don't know anything, you're not worthy. I'm not saying I'm falling for that trap. But that happens to people, right? And what happens chiffon uses that against you to start thinking, Well, I've done all of this

00:51:22 --> 00:51:59

great work, I'm not pushing it out. Because yes, hopefully I did it for the sake of Allah and I know people are going to benefit, but I don't like it. I'm not happy with it. And then you said, but you, you know suppose of Louise, you're not supposed to be pleasing Allah yourself. It must be pleasing Allah. And that drastic, that's the subtlety of the class. Because now I was basically doing I was doing things to praise to please myself, you know, obviously RIA is doing things to please others. ostentation is showing off and doing things to please others by sort of doing it for others. I was doing it to please me, which is probably the worst form of RIA and I wasn't aware of it I'm thinking

00:51:59 --> 00:52:20

I'm being a perfectionist. And then you basically said bro, but you know doing it to please you you're doing it to please Allah that smashed me left right and center. Yeah 100 Allah, Allah bless you reward you bro. Coming out each other. Yeah, sorry. The videos are coming out. Yeah, inshallah. Yeah, who's got them? I think you might have gotten them so it's on his

00:52:21 --> 00:52:26

his he hasn't been put one out he didn't put one out the other day Mashallah. Is Oh, which was good. So but yeah.

00:52:28 --> 00:52:29

You know, with

00:52:31 --> 00:52:43

the way to deal with it now I sent you the video said, Is this worth it? So I get you, I outsource the decision to you. So I'm not there just to please me. Even I like it. And to be honest, I didn't like that video. Right.

00:52:44 --> 00:53:01

But you said it was good. It's going to impact people don't let it go out. So I've learned to actually strategize against shape on and just basically outsource it. Like I used to have a wasa I still do sometimes on clothes. Is it see through because one of the one of the rulings of

00:53:04 --> 00:53:21

your you can't see your skin color. So I just put my hand behind it. Can I see my skin color gone? Really close? Oh, these stupid things? Yeah, we shouldn't do. So what I used to do and why I still do now sometimes, like I just ask someone else, whether I think you see thrown or is it red? I say is it safe to say No, shut up. Just pray. Everybody that's share Haytham once as a chef,

00:53:22 --> 00:54:00

this we're in Turkey, in the visionaries. And I was like, you know, it seems recent. He was like, you know, just praying is fine kind of thing. Yeah, it happens. So you have to. And the reason I'm bringing this personal private thing to everyone's attention is because we need brothers. And we need an inner circle. That helps us develop our class. Because the more you become a monopolist, the more you become doing things for the sake of Allah, the more Shavon is going to come and use your own voice against you to actually diminish that class. And that's why you need brothers. That's when you can't hold yourself to account all the time. You can't unveil the spiritual blind spots, you

00:54:00 --> 00:54:36

need a mentor, you need brothers around, you need a good circle around you to actually say, look, is this really the case and help you on your journey? So anyway, brothers and sisters, this is what we do. We do this, you know, a class is a big thing with regards to our training course. It's a big thing in our on site training. We mentioned this all the time, because not just about doing the action is actually doing it for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala doing it that because he's worthy of this act of worship doing it because you love him doing it because you want His divine reward and doing it because you want to be prevented from divine punishment, that all of that is flawless. And

00:54:36 --> 00:54:59

we help people how to develop that. And we mentioned some points earlier. But the point is, we want to be a team that has a class and we want to help people with the class journey. And we want you to hold us to account as well. And we want to see a world that is convinced of Islam and the way we aim to achieve this is by sincerely developing others to be

00:55:00 --> 00:55:17

I have to share some academically and intellectually. And this is why, you know, we realize that you know very famous Hadith of the Prophet Salam, which is a very kind of profound Hadith I think this hadith is a testimony is such a proud Hadith the person said that and this is the meaning of the Hadith, that

00:55:19 --> 00:55:23

to free roaming wolves amongst sheep,

00:55:25 --> 00:55:56

right, amongst sheep are less damaging to one's religion than fame and wealth, essentially. So fame and wealth to one's religion is more damaging, more destructive, then two free roaming wolves among sheep, if you know anything about wolves and free roaming sheep, yeah. And free roaming wolves. It's a massacre. It's, there's no sheep left. And if there are any sheep left is because the wolves are fun. Yeah.

00:55:57 --> 00:56:36

Now, fame and wealth is more damaging to your religion. And when it comes to the dour fame and wealth is one of the fitten, one of the tribulations. And I hope that we're creating and we're developing and we're moving forward this organization to be Allah centric and aka centric, because that's where a class is the you know, focusing just on the brand, we did an email the other day, I said, I will resign. And hopefully, you know, I don't want Allah to test me with my words, but I will resign, it will become just a brand focused, because when you are a brand, for example, brothers and sisters, there's always going to be a conflict of interest between your brand and the

00:56:36 --> 00:56:37

dollar, this is a fact.

00:56:39 --> 00:57:16

Okay, let me just make it easier, there's always going to be a potential conflict of interest between your brand and the dollar unless you arrogantly assume that your brand is just the Dow which is arrogance, and you have a bigger problem, you have a bigger problem here. So there's always gonna be a conflict of interest in the brand and the dollar. One way of dealing with that is always making each other realize that the vision is greater than the organization and the organization is greater than the individual. And that's why you should always remind yourself the why is what I'm doing. Is it for the sake of Allah is it because I want Allah's work to be the highest? Is it because I want

00:57:16 --> 00:57:52

the Dow to flourish, or don't just my organization to flourish, because we have to stand in the possibility that sometimes doing things just for your organization, may be good for your organization, if you have a myopic spiritual view, but if you have this greater understanding Allah and veils this kind of, you know, organizational arrogance, yeah, unveils that and you realize, actually, if we get someone else to do it on other or to do it, or we ask other orcs to come together, or we do this, or we do that, that's going to be far better for the dour. Because sometimes we don't ask the right question. This question is full of a class, which is, what does

00:57:52 --> 00:58:28

Allah want for me in this particular context, what is more pleasing to Allah in this particular context? This is so critical, but what we do and it's so subtle, what Allah I know, look, I've managed Tao organizations, I've managed dogs, I still managed to art that some of the most famous dogs on the planet. And so I know the reality but we know our brothers or brothers like Charla good sincere. I'm just saying I know the domain. I know what's going on. And I'm telling you, it's so subtle shaper will play with us, we will we will ask the question, what is best for the dollar? Or what's best? What's more pleasing to Allah? Who would ask the question? What is best for the

00:58:28 --> 00:58:57

organization objectives? Yes, the organism objectives are based on sincerity they are to play they are there to please Allah and inline with Allah's pleasure. But it's not always the case that that is that what's best for the immediate organization will be best for the dollar in general. That's why me as a CEO, and other leaders, and even da, they should stand in the possibility and always ask themselves every day, is what I'm doing the most optimal thing that's aligned with the pleasure of Allah?

00:58:58 --> 00:59:09

Or am I doing something sub optimal? Always think optimal. For example, if someone asked me go do a debate with William Lane Craig on a particular topic on the Trinity.

00:59:10 --> 00:59:31

Look, I'm a PhD student, I think I've got good Reshet skills. Give me three months, I could do it. But at the end of the day, it's such an important debate, I would never do it. Do you know how I get to do it? Jake. There's no one like him on this topic. Like, forget it. Everyone's like, everyone's subpar. In my view, yeah. Why would I do it?

00:59:33 --> 00:59:53

Fine. There are elements where I might have to do other, you know, engage in other discussions if I'm gonna develop myself, but it has to be within certain criteria. And I have to have good mentors that left that object with me to mentor me for sure. But something as big as this No way. Get someone else to do it. Who's more qualified, more experienced, more eloquent from this perspective? Yeah. So the reason I'm mentioning all of this brothers and sisters,

00:59:55 --> 01:00:00

is because we have to have the class and we have to understand that one of the reasons

01:00:00 --> 01:00:17

As saiping, since you develop the visionaries, and Lighthouse mentoring was because hopefully came from a perspective of class we thought, what is the best for the dollar, we didn't necessarily think and I remember having this discussion with the board members at the time when we developed lighthouse. This was before I think Iran and and Yusuf came on board.

01:00:18 --> 01:00:49

We were like, This is not going to be good for the algorithm, this is not going to be good for the numbers, because it's behind the scenes. Who knows what happens behind the scenes and lighthouse, you may get some numbers here and there, you know, over 1500 hours or hundreds of people and people can become a Muslim 90% success rate for people you know, moving from doubts, to certainty, all of that stuff. Fair enough. But we don't really promote it like that. A lot of this work is hard grafting, having one to one free.

01:00:52 --> 01:01:06

We send with them with the doubts helping them with the Dow how to improve the Dow. We meant to Imams mache, and to add to make an impact in the Dow. And those people going to grow and make a huge impact and move if we were part of that and you will never know. Because we don't tell them now wear the t shirt right?

01:01:08 --> 01:01:40

People becoming Muslim people having certainty developing now new Muslims, and we believe this is the best way forward that kind of relationship with people because they already have access to online stuff and a lot of it doesn't work for many people. So we're capturing that audience because you need that human interaction. Is it good for the branding? Not really, is it good for the algorithm? Not really is it good for the numbers? Not really, but let me tell you something, let me tell you something is given us a lot of Baraka is given us a lot of Baraka let me tell you what kind of Baraka is given us

01:01:42 --> 01:01:55

a Dhow organization in America that does similar work, not exactly the same, but similar work. Yaqeen Institute for example, yeah, I know one of the board members, beautiful brother, beautiful brother, visionary brother, excellent brother.

01:01:58 --> 01:02:08

Now he's got his own vision, and he wants to establish the organization and make you grow even further. Last year, he gave us a substantial amount of money for lighthouse. Yeah.

01:02:11 --> 01:02:13

And he said, I want this for Lighthouse mentoring.

01:02:14 --> 01:02:15

I didn't ask him.

01:02:16 --> 01:02:24

I didn't I don't think I've reached out to him in terms of can you give us money? He did it from his own back. He gave us $10,000 For Lighthouse mentoring.

01:02:26 --> 01:02:41

Now, the point I'm trying to say here is when you do things hopefully when the class is going to come back, you're going to get Baraka. Yeah. And look at the sincerity of that brother, by the way people will think look, this is like competitive Institute's this that which is not true. All of this. Yeah.

01:02:43 --> 01:03:20

And look, his his you know, it's amazing, right? He's not supposed to be supporting someone else. But look, this brother has an Allah centric, I can centric mindset, man, I've listened. So and we developed the visionaries. What was the visionaries, the visionaries was to basically get leaders into art from all around the world together. So they kind of Allah centric, aka centric mindset. So they could develop their own data, they could have their own organizations in order to basically do great work. We facilitate that by giving them helping them have an Olaf centric vision, and ocular centric vision, a strategy for success. And we give them around 14 principles from the Quran and

01:03:20 --> 01:03:54

Sunnah, on how to lead and how to make an impact in the dollar. Or with the mindset that the vision is bigger than the organization, the organization is bigger than the individual. That's what the visionaries is about. We brought all that together many times together and leaders and businessmen in Turkey and instable, we were in Pakistan, we had people from different spectrums of theological than even the financial spectrum. And we had, you know, group you have great influence connected to government connected to this, that and the other. And we're trying to we're trying to build and this shows great leadership from Sapiens innovation showcase them because we did this in collaboration

01:03:54 --> 01:04:08

with Seville, which again, hopefully show the sense of a class that will collaborate with others. It shows leadership from the point of view that these people were great influence trusted us, right. And the reason I'm spent long time mentioning this

01:04:09 --> 01:04:44

is because we want to create that narrative brothers and sisters Yeah, in actual fact, we've we've kind of had enough I've had enough Percy, sometimes I go on crazy rants ask him Ron, we're in the car driving three hours or something. We had this tool. And I'm just ranting here ranting, saying what is this? This is this little noise is all noise. A lot of the stuff we do online, a lot of it sometimes it's noise. It's like a rocking chair is moving a lot. But it's not going anyway. DR is not going anywhere roll on the rocking chairs is doing this, and where is it going? So we want to also try and create a difference in the dollar, even if it means shaping people's attitudes and

01:04:44 --> 01:04:59

perspectives and given given them deeper insights. Like I had a really good conversation with Sean Smith to talk to Janet the other day. He asked me a question like a month ago and I go back to him quite late. But he's always very beautiful. Just speaking to him and sharing insights is a beautiful brother. Him

01:05:00 --> 01:05:33

had a really profound point as well, he, he because I really believe that brother is sincere. Yeah. And he basically said that look, I was told sometimes from I remember, this was a discussion. He said, I was told sometimes not to be genuine with this person. He's being the guy's an idiot. So just use him for the algorithm. Yeah. And Shawn was like, No, you know, I'm not going to grandstand. Sometimes there's moments for grandstanding, for sure. But he said with these types of people, I'm going to be sincere and have good conversations with them.

01:05:34 --> 01:05:50

And he said, it's worked. And he's giving his dour kind of Baraka. And that for me was great. I said, Broad Zacchara hair, that's amazing. And he helps create this new way of being that we should be in the doubt. I had a brother hand on chahatein. He said to me,

01:05:53 --> 01:06:31

he told me about Hyde Park, you ask a particular question, and it was of similar concern. So yeah, metal, bless everybody. We're all developing, we all have things to do things to improve on. But this was way too much of a rant brothers and sisters, if it inspired you in any way go to CPS nc.org For slash defenders, just 10 pounds a month, my dear brothers and sisters, that's what we're asking for. So we have longevity in the Dawa, and we could double our efforts as well. My dear brothers and sisters, you know, help us build an Allah centric aka centric Hamdulillah. We have five defenders from Allah, and Allah centric, Africa centric vision for ourselves and to facilitate for others, and

01:06:31 --> 01:07:08

we move together and we believe that, you know, the dollar is far more important than the brand and the brand is far more important than the individual. The vision for Islam is bigger than the organization the organization is bigger than the individual. So my dear brothers and sisters, please support us. Donate 10 pounds a month is nothing. You know, we have Netflix prime and other entertainment or infotainment services. I mean, you know what's more important what is more beloved to Allah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that, you know, the most beloved de to Allah subhanaw taala is one that is regular, even if it's small. So help us raise the ocean with all of

01:07:08 --> 01:07:19

these drops that you're providing, because we need an Islamic intellectual salami, insha Allah. So I need to be told to give it a pause. So I'm gonna take over

01:07:21 --> 01:07:24

the audience from my drafts, you know,

01:07:26 --> 01:08:01

because I'm in Oman, maybe a bit jet lagged. I came here like eight in the morning, fell asleep during the afternoon kind of thing, had the lecture, had some food, prayed, then went to the gym. And you know what happens when I go to the gym? Yeah, so this is an excuse. I've got all these kind of dopamine or whatever it is serotonin or hormones going on. So it's making me more verbose. And I do apologize, so please shut me off. Check me out this Mallanna May Allah bless you, bro, this is this is important stuff are very important that maybe, yeah, you know, there is no wrong or right time to talk about this honestly, well, this. I want people to realize something the stuff you're

01:08:01 --> 01:08:34

talking about right? Now, it may come as a surprise to some people, or they may not be ready for it. But these discussions need to be had. This is actually who actually bought this is raising the IQ, if you like of the Dow scene, literally bro. And it's important everyone listening pay attention to this, because it's very important. And this ties in with the topic of sincerity, as always, literally all to do with that, you know, because at the end of the day, on this side of the fence, the inner Tao circle, the brothers and everything that organizations, these are real issues that are taking place right now, you may not see this on the outside, but these are real things taking place

01:08:34 --> 01:09:09

with the organization sometimes be takes lead off, you know, center in front as far as our objectives are concerned and not the dour. And sometimes we end up just justifying that we can justify pretty much anything as human beings if we really want to right at the end of the day. But it takes something to step back and say, Yeah, I can intellectually justify literally anything under the sun. But am I doing the right thing? Is this the is this really the best thing for the Dow? Is this how the Dow should move forward? You know, are we doing as individuals the best that we could be doing the Dow are we doing as an organization? These are important things to think about? Most

01:09:09 --> 01:09:44

people aren't thinking about this stuff. Even if some people are thinking about this stuff. They're not bringing it to public attention. You know, I'm raising this awareness because this is becoming a problem bro honestly. So everyone listening to this really pay attention because this should also inform us as far as what work we want to support, not just financially with our money and donations, but with our viewership. Right? This is important is because a lot of times look the algorithm. Honestly, it's it's designed in a way that it will literally it will spiritually molest you. It will spiritually molest you. Literally will molest you? Is that it to me is done it many other brothers.

01:09:45 --> 01:09:59

And some people are still being molested. They don't realize they're being molested in that way. Yeah. is designed to reward you for producing certain types of content right now. The truth is that what's best for the dollar is not always what's best for the algorithm.

01:10:00 --> 01:10:34

That's just the fact sometimes it is, but in most cases it isn't. And what Hamza was speaking about is the making these decisions. The work that we're doing is real, you know, solid grassroots stuff, the lighthouse staff, the countless hours that go into it, they're supporting and building all of these mashallah brilliant organizations across the world without bringing it onto the algorithm online and making a big noise about it because of other reasons. You know, we want the organization to grow, not just take credit for it all the time, and, you know, not let it flourish in its own sense. So making these decisions is tough. And yes, it's really best for the algorithm, but is it

01:10:34 --> 01:11:09

best without inshallah we believe it is. And that's why we do it. And we're like, sat there and like Sanders in the baraka comes, you know, the burqa is coming, you'll continue to come inshallah. So it's, it's an, we should, as an individual people watching this right now, if you're involved in the Dow, or thinking of getting involved in Dow, this is important for you to know, Inshallah, so the decisions you make with the stuff you watch online, you should ask yourself, by me watching this and feeding the algorithm, and therefore indirectly, in the long term, disrupting the content created because look, the more you watch it, the more the views go up, the more the content creator realizes

01:11:09 --> 01:11:42

or learns that, oh, people are watching this stuff. So I should make more of it. So you're not helping the content creator, either the brother or sister that's doing this now completing this content, and you're helping them by watching the stuff which you know, is probably no better than that one is best with the algorithm. So you have to really think be cognizant of these things. Even when you watch the, you know, ask yourself, am I watching the stuff that is going to promote the right type of Dawa Inshallah, right? also support the right type of work is all inshallah and I really believe I've recently joined Sapiens, I've literally joined Sapiens last month, Feb Feb time.

01:11:42 --> 01:12:16

Yeah. And I personally had to go through the struggle as well, one of the main one of the main reasons I shifted over from Ira to Sapiens, I was comfortable IRA. Hamza knows we had these discussions from a from many perspectives, I was comfortable, it was easy work, it was, you know, good grassroots work, stuff was, you know, going well, I was used to it, it was, you know, it was it was easy work for me. But I had to really ask myself the question that is this the best work I can be doing? Is this the best I could be offering for the sake of Allah. And I had to make that decision and I believe I made the right decision because inshallah now this coming year, I have a

01:12:16 --> 01:12:26

lot planned last stuff I wanted to do for a very long time, which I couldn't do because it was occupied. So I had to make that decision. So sincerity plus puts you in a very difficult position sometimes

01:12:28 --> 01:12:45

is a very brave decision you made as well. Because we were not even in the position to accept more people and Hamdulillah this Ramadan stuff has been great baraka and that happens because of the class and maybe all of this Baraka so far. You know, we reach 50% of our

01:12:54 --> 01:12:54


01:12:55 --> 01:12:57

that's because of the fossils.

01:12:58 --> 01:13:00

Yes, sorry. So it could be because of your

01:13:04 --> 01:13:14

you could talk with these 4% of your target, that 50% over target. So Rahimi, now, you back here, sorry, yes.

01:13:15 --> 01:13:18

Yeah, this is a great work that we want to achieve.

01:13:19 --> 01:13:30

And also promote these narratives, even if it's to the detriment of the brand, because we know the baraka will come when you're Allah centric and Ocker centric as well. And by the way, I think

01:13:31 --> 01:14:06

not I think I know all of the team are like this right? Mohammed hijab, for example. He's got a great algorithm. Yeah, he's got over 1 million followers. The stuff he does behind the scenes in developing the brothers a core team of brothers he's had for about three years from the London Neil onwards, the stuff that he does behind the scenes and helping and developing other people. To the point there was one brother who's a day that wanted to promote certain particular argument and he wanted help. The guy was for me not very neurotypical, he wasn't understanding what I was saying. I was too busy kind of thing. I was getting frustrated. Hijab had more patients with him. Yeah. So

01:14:06 --> 01:14:45

hamdulillah so from that perspective, I think you know, if we continue with this type of narrative, keep on pushing it, it will change and it will improve the doubt as well inshallah So brothers and sisters, we're talking about why class matters, please go to the donation link in the description below. Web dot Sapiens institute.org For slash defenders be one of the defenders. Today we just want 60 defenders inshallah we've got five so far. It's still kind of early days, but we need at least a few more inshallah. So if we continue that target, we already achieved 50% Over 50% of our target. This Ramadan, we need 2000 defender to give us just 10 pounds per month in order to sustain our work

01:14:45 --> 01:14:59

and to continue, and some people ask, you know, why do you want regular donations? Why do you want this much? Well, look at the work that we've done, right in less than four years, a learning platform state of the art 16 in depth courses.

01:15:00 --> 01:15:36

Is 16 books, many of them in depth books, and so on and so forth Lighthouse mentoring, full time mentors full time mentor this, that and the other. This requires cost not only that, some of that you need to understand as well as when you give regular donations, there is a market rate reduction about 6% every month. So the last time we did a big push on regular donations was actually about three years ago. But if you do the calculation, 6% every month, then you end up with not much yeah. And unfortunately, that's the state of the world, you know, people will see 10 pounds coming up for about six months coming up their bank six months to a year to two years. And then they'll just

01:15:36 --> 01:16:13

cancel it because of other commitments, and so on and so forth. So that's just the nature of the beast. Yeah. So that's something for you to keep in mind. Because you know what, we're not opaque. We're transparent about these things. Yeah. And not just that we want to double our efforts. So we're going to Arabic website coming up with Arabic books. scheffau, JT is on board. We're going to be doing Arabic content. And so many great things in sha Allah, we're going to produce the London Nia book we're going to produce the dying to believe book by Imam, the young eighth, the young Muslims guide to godless world which is a man's book with, we're launching the essentials package

01:16:13 --> 01:16:53

all around the world, especially Europe and the UK, which is our advanced our training course are super hot course, the the course for new Muslim mentoring and the course, which is based on the young Muslims guide to godless world by Imran Hussain that's going to be delivered all around Europe, we do it for free. Yeah. So all of that supports this, we're producing more books, doctors, manatee, for example, is writing the comprehensive data manual, we don't have one in the world, he is completing it in sha Allah, we've got so much coming up, this requires support. And you can't even do it on a part time basis. Some of them or just volunteering, you know, to write a book of a

01:16:53 --> 01:17:29

magnitude of a dowel manual, right, which is very comprehensive, will take you three to four years. But we do it even faster, because we have your support. Doctors by the team could do it within nine months in sha Allah. This is phenomenal work My dear brothers and sisters. And you know, remember, we're very also responsive to Current Affairs to what's going on, especially if they impact our kind of work. The Palestine issue was happening in Gaza. This is a civilizational issue. And this is about defending and sharing Islam. And we were the only from what I understand the only English speaking organizations produce two books on the topic within seven weeks of the conflict within

01:17:29 --> 01:18:06

seven weeks of the genocide. And we developed a course product with manatee for the defenders, on, on on this issue, comparing Islam and Zionism concerning dehumanizing others, and othering, and all of the stuff. So we have a finger on the pulse if on the button or whatever wording you have to use. So we could be responsive in times of crisis, and we could help facilitate people. And we got great reviews for one of the books, for example, they said this was the best one of the best books that summarizes what we how to frame the narrative. So, you know, we do hard work, and we're responsive. And we do you know, we have Lighthouse mentoring around a 10 mentors now I believe, and hundreds of

01:18:06 --> 01:18:44

hours of mentoring and the books and the writing of the research and the videos and the videography and the editing, and all of this great stuff. Whether you like it or not, it's it's not free. Yeah. Even the brothers in the you see them a lot of rules. Now everyone's doing a real everyone's doing a 62nd show or something. Yeah. Which is great for the algorithm. But it's not, it's not that much content, to be honest. Yeah. It's almost content less. Yeah. It's like, you know, dopamine, yeah. And that is a dopamine dump. But the point is, people have to pay people to do that. Obviously, they do it within their own capacity, you know, or the whoever, whoever does it around the world. But

01:18:44 --> 01:19:20

that's the case. All right. Even for small things like this, it requires money. But we want to focus on money on the important things or the things that we think are more important for our vision. I'm not saying the shorts are not important. They have the the sphere, the domain, but things like writing the books, we don't have a book of the young atheists that are young Muslims guide to godless world we don't have a course on this. We want to distribute, we want to deliver that course all around the world, hopefully multiple languages, we want the divine reality in order to for example, as a course, we want nihilism in Arabic as a course it's already been done as an Arabic

01:19:20 --> 01:19:58

Book, which is coming out after Ramadan formally. That needs a course to in Arabic language, hopefully in the Spanish language in the French language. All of these things require support. We want to improve the learning platform, we need a comprehensive course that people that is mandatory for people to attend before they attend the other courses because we want people to jump into the deep end, if they don't have the essential elements in place, consenting, or along with Quran or animal Hadith, or things to do as tafsir you know, the essential data doubted applied dour aspects of the deen that they need as a basic level before they enter all of this intellectual mess if you'd

01:19:58 --> 01:20:00

like because we don't want

01:20:00 --> 01:20:36

on them to be to suffer from Shuhada, destructive delts. That's going to be a comprehensive course that requires time and effort. So much is happening. That's my point. And we want to increase this and make it much better for all of you so we could fill our vision which is a world convinced of Islam, because we want to train individuals and organizations to be able to share some academically and intellectually and just under four years we've trained over 40,000 people to help develop multiple organizations want to double our efforts. Imagine you just giving 10 pounds per month with support in US doubling our efforts and training 100,000 people and developing hundreds of

01:20:36 --> 01:20:46

organizations be reward savvy sadaqa jariya go to the link in the description below. Go to WWE Sapiens Institute org for slash

01:20:47 --> 01:21:23

defenders on the above Defenders is on provide further assistance please keep sharing man Keisha, we were 211 Let's get this up inshallah. You know, I know it's near mid and not even mid Ramadan just past the first 10 It's the first third of Ramadan you know I know everyone's waiting to the last 10 But let's make these moments count as well as much as we can inshallah This is really amazing work brothers and sisters inshallah and it's all free for you guys. You can see uses pulled up on the on the screen right now actually you can see all of our free courses the visionaries online they're the Defenders is the challenge we're running right now we're looking for 60 defenders tonight 2000 A

01:21:23 --> 01:21:57

total this Ramadan inshallah already mashallah, with your help. As Hamza said, You guys recognize the importance of this work, we're down to under 1000 defenders who are needed. Let's keep making that happen. Inshallah is keeping those numbers lower and lower. Go to savings Institute, oh, cautious slash defenders also share this life. And well as we're talking about hulless Hamza, I think Inshallah, one of the things we should all aspire to he was giving the example if he was to go out in Oman right now go to the mosque and he had a heart attack any day, May Allah protect him. If he had the intention, he will be rewarded for praying. Now imagine if you had the intention, if you

01:21:57 --> 01:22:10

just made the intention right now that you want to sincerely to please Allah to seek Allah's pleasure, you know, to see closely so Allah that you want to donate 10 pounds to IRA to Sapiens Shala, you want to give them money

01:22:12 --> 01:22:25

to go to IRS, forward slash donate, Ira donate to chuck forward slash donate one more time ira.org For slash donate since the beginning of IRA, which I was part of the kind of beginning team as well.

01:22:26 --> 01:23:11

They, we, they, we, they and we, because we're all part of this together, they had around a quarter of a million shareholders in the past 15 years or so. And they're getting around 65,000 shareholders per year, and it's going to grow. Obviously, the focus is in Africa and in, in in the Far East because you get more shahada as to which is important, they need dower and we need those numbers as well, because that's going to help us in other areas of the world as well. So donate, go to irs.org forward slash donate, they have over 1000 and something outreach specialists Alhamdulillah. And we want to we want to grow that we want that to grow in an increase. We want 5000 We want at least 100

01:23:11 --> 01:23:44

outreach specialists in every country in the world. Imagine that and that can happen within our lifetime, by the way, so we could be getting easily 10 million shahada is a year no problem and by the way, it's not just confetti, shahada cerradas they have a good system of actually developing new Muslims to ensure I know this because I was I was the CEO I was part of helping develop some of those structures. So you know, I'm not saying this because there's no conflict of interest I don't get paid by error. I'm not formally involved anymore, but this is great work we need to support it so go to irs.org for slash donate carry on

01:23:45 --> 01:24:20

now it's not gonna hurt Well, you know, you remind me of veneration and Muslim way if you make dua mashallah for your for your brothers you know, the angels may go off for you you know, and they say for you to Inshallah, So may Allah allow IRA to reach his targets inshallah make them sincere and carry on the amazing work inshallah I mean, but rather than sisters definitely go to go check out online stuff by the users pulling up on the screen now go to citizens u.org And just look at the free content that we have on offer mashallah all we have 16 courses online right now and they all phenomenal courses, mashallah we go on the course and LGBTQ, which is probably the most extensive

01:24:20 --> 01:24:59

online. We have the London near course we have testing the Trinity we have divine reality. We have Youssef nihilism course convivencia divine perfection by Dr. Osmond on being human by Dr. Swan, all of these amazing courses that we have and there's more mashallah, you can see them pop up on your screen right now. All of this is free brothers and sisters, and we want to keep it free inshallah. And just because it's free, it doesn't mean it's low grade content. It's thorough content is well researched is well referenced. It's amazing, up to date content. And Hamza was even mentioning a few weeks ago that we're going to be revising some of this content, we're going to be taking it down

01:24:59 --> 01:24:59

refilm again,

01:25:00 --> 01:25:20

reuploaded it because we want to give you the best Inshallah, but for us to continue to do this inshallah we need your support and what we're asking for is 10 pounds a month. We're looking for 16 defenders tonight to give us 10 pounds a month that's 35 pence a day. Right honestly is think about this Brothers Sisters mentioned this many times. But what can 35 Pence by you today?

01:25:22 --> 01:25:38

I chat. I mean, here's a challenge go into a local tescos or an Asda or Sainsbury's or whatever the case is, and see how long it takes you to find something that costs 35 pence. Right, it's gonna be difficult, you're gonna find it hard to find something to buy for 35 Pence is the type of change

01:25:40 --> 01:25:42

you can't even get attempt any mix anymore for 35

01:25:43 --> 01:26:15

such thing as attempt fits mix anymore, bro. So Allah, you and that's, that's the reality. I mean, it's the type of change that we just forget, is the type of change you find in your pocket as you're going through your old pockets and you just leave it there, you don't have to take it out, just leave it in their pocket because it can be more of a hassle carrying around that change as opposed to you know, using it. So 35 pence a day is nothing brothers and sisters, you know, it's the type of change we neglect and we forget, but if you give that to Sapiens Inshallah, and that's the 10 pounds a month, every single month in sha Allah, the rewards that you can potentially attain brother and

01:26:15 --> 01:26:52

sisters honestly, we cannot even begin to imagine. You know, I was given a give this example the other day, imagine you give 10 pounds a month, right? And if Allah guides one person through your donation, Allah guides one Muslim who's on the verge of leaving Islam back to Islam. You know, Allah guides a non Muslim to Islam. Allah removes makes it the means to remove someone's doubts. So they stop practicing again. Every single time they practice every single time they pray every single time they foster all of the rewards are coming back to you. That's how, that's how significant your donation is brother and sisters. You know, and we that's the type of change we don't think about. So

01:26:52 --> 01:27:19

just make the intention. Even if you can't give 10 pounds a month right now you'd have the means to do it, make the intention, Inshallah, because if you have the intention, a sincere intention that life I had the money I will give it, Inshallah, you're going to be rewarded for it. You're going to be rewarded for it as if you made that donation already. So first thing is everyone watching, make that big, make that intention. Inshallah, secondly, share this livestream Inshallah, let's get more people on so they can become aware of the work and then inshallah support the work is one other use of

01:27:20 --> 01:27:42

sincerity bro, let's go back to the topic. How difficult has it been for yourself to be sincere in your dour efforts over all these years? Well, yeah, I think it's probably one of the hardest things to sort of keep up with. Because it's so easy to just sort of slip. Like I said before,

01:27:43 --> 01:28:09

because you don't you don't get like insincere people don't think they're insincere. So you've got to constantly be self reflective. But as well, like even that can be hard, because sometimes it can be a bit stunting. So like, where you're constantly asking yourself, you know, am I being sincere? And sometimes that might prevent you from doing some good, because you're worried you might not be doing it sincerely.

01:28:10 --> 01:28:10


01:28:11 --> 01:28:14

it's a bit of a fight in it. Like, I don't know, if you have the same problem where it's like,

01:28:15 --> 01:28:25

you're doing something you ask, you know, was that sincere? What you think back? Was that sincere and you're constantly asking Allah Ya Allah forgive me if it wasn't all your life, like, you know, accept it from me.

01:28:27 --> 01:28:31

But it's difficult, is probably, I think

01:28:33 --> 01:28:42

there was one of the most the hardest things to sort of maintain, along with the decent bodyweight. But

01:28:44 --> 01:29:21

Savonarola absolutely brought us like I said, it's, it's one of those things, which really makes you make some very difficult decisions sometimes, you know, it puts you in that position, you know, when you really try to be sincere, you have to make some difficult calls, sometimes, you know, and making even giving, like spending, on giving charity giving sadaqa this is a challenge for all of us, bro, you know, it's not the easiest thing to do, because we become attached to these worldly things sometimes, and sometimes it becomes very difficult, but Ramadan, and just the concept of sadaqa in and of itself is a powerful, powerful thing because it really helps us detach and refocus and

01:29:21 --> 01:29:56

recenter ourselves from the perspective of who we are, why we exist, and put things into perspective, you know, where does all of this come from? Who gave us all of this, these blessings that we have, you know, and what position have We given them in our lives? You know, it has does money try and fall is it at the top of my like, you call it the hierarchies? Yeah, at the top of my higher hierarchy, you know, is it the number one thing is the thing that I submit to or do I submit to Allah, and therefore I spend from what less given me you know, as allowed lines, the the qualities of the people of Taqwa in Al Bakr, in the second verse, third, second or third verse. We

01:29:56 --> 01:30:00

Allah says, you know that the people of Taqwa those who

01:30:00 --> 01:30:35

We believe in the unseen establish the print spend from what Allah has given them. You know spending is a quality of the people of Taqwa. You know and Ramadan is a month of Taqwa. It's, it's Allah has given us this month, this practice of fasting so that we can attain Taqwa. So we should therefore also be spending and spending is encouraged in the month of Ramadan that we should spend from Allah has given us even if it's a small amount, and if we're going to spend that we should also we also naturally being, you know, thinking human beings, we will always think about where should I spend my money? Where should I give my money, you know, which causes do I believe are worthwhile and giving,

01:30:36 --> 01:31:11

and we really believe and I'm sure you guys do, because you've supported us thus far, mashallah, we're underway, more than 50% of our target men, that this work is essential. You know, this work is extremely important. There is not many people that are doing this work. There are not many organizations that are doing this work, you know, but it's essential, because the end of the day, bro, everything that's happening in the world right now, everything, if you really boil it down, you follow down that rabbit hole of each one of you know, whatever's going on, you get to the point we are we realize that it's literally ideologies, it's it's, it all starts with an idea, and ideology,

01:31:11 --> 01:31:51

which then you know, takes a manifestation of, you know, different things, it politically manifests, and it manifests itself in a social level, and an on an individual level. And then we see, you know, the ideology act out. And we are and what we're seeing happening in the world today, all of the atrocities that are taking place in the world today. It all starts with those ideologies. And what sapiens is trying to do is try to really get to the heart of the matter, and present Islam as the perfect the most perfect ideology that has ever existed. You know, because why? Because it's from Allah. Islam is the way of the final way of life that Allah has given us. It's the most perfect way

01:31:51 --> 01:32:26

of life, it's the most perfect worldview. Any other worldview, I mean, study any other worldview, go and go and study liberal liberalism, or go study secularism, or go and study feminism, or the red pill movement, or naturalism or Zionism, or whatever any of any of these ideologies, and you'll see the force they become apparently, but go study Islam. And the more you study, the more you realize it's perfection. You know, initially, when you study Islam, you may think, Oh, this doesn't add up. This doesn't make sense. But when you really start to study it, then you start to see the wisdom and how everything makes sense and falls into place to share Islam, sorry,

01:32:27 --> 01:32:29

interjected a little too early, it

01:32:31 --> 01:32:38

was a really really good example of that with the the Dutch politician Yoram van clever, and

01:32:39 --> 01:32:43

he was the the right hand man of the current prime minister was his name.

01:32:46 --> 01:32:50

horrible person can't remember his name, but just remember, he's, he's not

01:32:51 --> 01:33:11

not a likeable chap. And then, but yeah, he was a he was a right wing politician, he was very anti Islamic. And he began his journey wanting or having the intention to write a book against Islam, and against the Muslims. And you can buy that book. Now. It's called apostate.

01:33:12 --> 01:34:00

But it didn't end up the way he thought he was going to. And he's another one of those characters that I've had, you know, I have allowed the opportunity to have a couple of chats with him. And he strikes me is incredibly sincere. And you can sort of see that as well in his journey, because he began as a sincere person, even as an anti Muslim to begin with. And when he began to do the research for his book, but his sincerity led him to find out that a lot of the misconceptions that he were holding were just false. And his sincerity allowed him to let go of those misconceptions, and to develop and to transform and to change, and to begin a new and slowly and slowly and slowly,

01:34:00 --> 01:34:17

the more he researched, the more he inclined towards Islam to the point where his book is now a great Tao book. It's, it's, it's, you know, a book, making the case for Islam and explaining his particular journey as to why he became a Muslim.

01:34:18 --> 01:34:38

Handle, as you know, it's a great example of a class and how you may even find that. And this as well, is a sort of, it's a lesson for us because sometimes we were engaging with the enemy. And we often treat it as if the enemy would never change. Look at him, you know, he's so he's an anti Muslim, he's always going to be like that.

01:34:40 --> 01:34:53

But, you know, you look at the stories of the Sahaba there was some characters among them that maybe had you been there you had a thought the same. You know, how the demon will eat, he was leading armies against the Muslims, he was monitoring them, he was killing them and didn't lose the battle.

01:34:55 --> 01:35:00

And, you know, maybe had you been there at that time. You might have said the same thing you know, he's

01:35:00 --> 01:35:43

is one of them. He's the enemy. You know, there's no way he would ever become a Muslim. Look at what he's doing, you know, look at what he's done to us. Look at how he his handlers. But Allah is the one who guides whom He wills. And you never know, you never know, like, so that it wouldn't. It's got to the point now where I wouldn't be surprised if something absolutely crazy happened in Israel and like a very important character became a Muslim. Like, I just wouldn't be surprised at this point. Because it just, I've seen it so many times where the unexpected can happen. You just don't know. Allahu Allah, Allah can guide whom He wills. And it's perfectly possible. And what it is, is,

01:35:44 --> 01:36:03

a lot of the time, it's just interactions with other sincere people. Like I think, if you read the story with urine, like part of his journey was his interaction with sincere Muslims, who cared for him. And once it is betterman and gave him advice and answer these questions, and engaged with him sincerely.

01:36:05 --> 01:36:33

And, you know, subhanAllah look at what came out of that. You know, he's now you know, running an organization in the Netherlands. Last time I heard, he's the, I've not checked up on him in a little while. But last time, I saw him maybe last Ramadan, or the Ramadan before he was creating a center in Amsterdam, where people could go and engage in virtual reality, to have a look at Mecca and Medina at the time of the Prophet Muhammad Salah Salem, at the time of Revelation.

01:36:35 --> 01:36:41

You know, he's like, the head of Dawa now in the Netherlands, almost, if not completely.

01:36:43 --> 01:36:56

As you know, sincerity can go a long way, and it can open doors, you just didn't realize we're even there. And it's incredibly important, and it's something we all really need to think about and to reflect upon, I think.

01:36:57 --> 01:37:02

Yes. Oh, man, I bless you, brothers and sisters, help us create

01:37:04 --> 01:37:11

the most sincere sector if you like, that people are insincere, but even more.

01:37:15 --> 01:37:59

So the why, why are they doing this in the first place? Also, we want to create a sense of moral and spiritual leadership in getting people not to really think about our brand or organization, but about the vision itself. And that we want to create a culture whereby that we focus on what is more pleasing to Allah. And what is more correct to do with regards to the vision for Islam rather than just our own brands, because there's always going to be a conflict of interest between the two. And this is one of the main reasons why we created the visionaries project and Lighthouse mentoring. The vision is project is to bring different people together to arts, Maasai aspiring to art Imams to

01:37:59 --> 01:38:40

give them an facilitating Allah centric, aka centric mindset vision, and a strategy for success help them develop a strategy for success and a roadmap, if possible. And also to give them around 14 principles from the center to help them facilitate that success. And we did that many of those organizations are now kind of flourishing even more, and you wouldn't know that will our names were behind it. Also Lighthouse mentoring, we have about four categories of mentees. Number one, ex Muslims, number two new Muslims, number three muscles with doubts and number four, helping mentoring mache, imams, teachers aspiring to art, existing dots on how to make an impact in the Dow. And all

01:38:40 --> 01:39:20

of this is hopefully a sign of class or Allah Centricity thinking about what's more pleasing to Allah, you know, we don't get much of the kind of, you know, branding praise, if you like, we're not celebrated for these things per se, because it's about them, it's about doing it for the sake of Allah and making sure that they make an impact. And so we want to create that type of culture as well. Because if you have that right culture in the Dallas sector as a whole, this is going to be far more Baraka, far more Baraka, like, even in this live stream, and I just wanna, like, take the time to purify my intention. I'm not saying this to blow a trumpet. I'm hopefully saying this to

01:39:20 --> 01:39:31

raise a point. In this livestream. We've already promoted and asked you to donate to different organizations other than ourselves. Yeah. Now,

01:39:33 --> 01:39:52

I want to give you a challenge, only to scroll through or listen to most of the live streams or online or TV, fundraising. I don't want to hear you. I want to hear that from other organizations. I'm not saying they should do it. But of course, therefore a particular goal, they want to achieve that goal.

01:39:53 --> 01:39:58

But maybe we've created an environment where if they wanted to do it,

01:39:59 --> 01:39:59

they couldn't

01:40:00 --> 01:40:02

Because of that, the mindsets not there.

01:40:03 --> 01:40:42

You know, the understanding of being in the baraka zone, the understanding of the Allah's Odin was up his the provider, and his provisions don't have any boundary. They're not limited. He has infinite bounty. So why do I even need to think this way? Do I think that Allah's Bounty is not sufficient for everybody? It's a very important point, my dear brothers and sisters. Yeah. And that's a woman to create that narrative, and facilitate that narrative. You know, case in point, also one of our brothers who work for us he does, like the videography and the branding, and the design and stuff like that, to reach out to influentials to you know, they definitely like our work

01:40:42 --> 01:40:49

and they've, they've been inspired by our work. They've been improved by our work as well, I believe some of these people and to get them to basically

01:40:50 --> 01:40:56

just to reach out to get them to do a reel for us for a show saying this is sapience.

01:40:57 --> 01:41:21

For my remember, he said to me, some of them came back that they can't do because of contractual reasons, which is fine. I'm not saying it's a huge problem, but this isn't, this is the environment that we live in at the moment. Yeah. Now that's why Dr. Zaid al amo, beautiful brother, actually literally as well. He needs to be in the cup, that's for sure. Yeah. Mashallah. Tabata kala Lahoma Baddeck

01:41:22 --> 01:41:41

he did an amazing he's got like over a quarter of a million or unco to a million people on Instagram and he did a real for us I would even ask him and he did a real saying support this great work Donate Now this tip of the month become a defender it's much needed work this could take you to Jana, this than the other. And I sent him a message in pro This was amazing. This is

01:41:42 --> 01:42:23

this is this is what a class does it you know, you create leadership in these in in, you know, promoting other brothers promoting great work that you do. And this should be the atmosphere that we create, you know, we help support for example, our speakers and stuff, five pillars, friends of Alexa. And we do this for free. Right? Because we believe in people's work. We believe that Allah is a result, he is the provider, his bounty is not limited. Why we think we should limit his bounty by saying if I do this, some of Allah's Bounty will go to him and not to us, this could be sure to my friend, this could be potentially humanizing the maximal perfect names and attributes of Allah

01:42:23 --> 01:42:26

subhanaw taala. It's a very dangerous thing, by the way.

01:42:27 --> 01:42:32

And that's why, you know, there's a lot of great work happening, but do we have that collective Baraka?

01:42:33 --> 01:42:34

Do we?

01:42:36 --> 01:42:45

How many Zionist organizations are there in the UK? Hundreds? How many anti Zionist Muslim organizations in the UK? You can't even count them on your hands?

01:42:46 --> 01:43:10

Do you see my point? So it's very important for us to actually, you know, it's actually it's a sad thing, and it's serious, but it's something that we should focus on and get people to think about. Be Allah centric. Be Be sincere. If you're not sincere, fake sincerity. I mean, use have mentioned something earlier about doing the action, the LMR say, even if you're insincere in the action, still do that action?

01:43:12 --> 01:43:14

Still do the action? Doing

01:43:15 --> 01:43:16

that guy, the actor?

01:43:17 --> 01:43:24

Come on, do it. Yeah. Have you seen that was I don't know what his name is. So come on, do it. That's

01:43:26 --> 01:43:37

yeah, that's what happens with a class just do the actions are gonna say, still do the action, because she thought we should stop completely, because the only way to actually develop your class is through the action.

01:43:38 --> 01:43:42

Right. And this is like seeking knowledge as well, like other Ghazali has a very famous statement.

01:43:44 --> 01:43:52

theologian and polymath, Allah Ghazali said that he was seeking knowledge for other than Allah.

01:43:54 --> 01:43:54

And then

01:43:55 --> 01:44:00

knowledge made him seek it for Allah,

01:44:01 --> 01:44:17

which is a very interesting statement. Because in the beginning, you're gaining knowledge maybe to like think I'm smart, or I'm the dawn. But the more knowledge you gain knowledge actually makes, you know, it forces you now inevitably to submit to Allah and to do it for his sake.

01:44:18 --> 01:44:39

So the right move is not to give up knowledge at that stage when you're doing it for just showing off base to continue doing knowledge and knowledge will overwhelm you. And then you'll end up having a sense of the class. Same with actions. Don't just give up the action because you can become a monopolist insha Allah through the action. Right.

01:44:41 --> 01:44:53

So definitely the LMS will be very careful that My dear brothers and sisters, and don't forget to donate to this hopefully, Allah centric organization and we're not opaque or transparent. You could hold us to account

01:44:54 --> 01:44:59

for any issue, go to sapience Institute org for such defenders we were looking for

01:45:00 --> 01:45:42

Just another eight people in this life to give us 10 pounds per month. That's a reasonable good target for this evening. We've got seven already, my dear brothers and sisters, just a few more do the deed the small most beloved to Allah. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the most beloved deed to Allah is the regular deed, even if it was the two, even if it was small, every drop raises the ocean, and we want an intellectual Islamic tsunami, the way to have that is to get lots of new people supporting our existing work and helping us grow. And to double our efforts share the reward of the next 100,000 people who develop and the next over 100 organizations we support Empower

01:45:42 --> 01:46:06

sadaqa gr if you're savvy with southern Nigeria with reward with hasard. Net, and with the lab, then this is the place to do it. Because we're developing those individuals are going to go out there do great work, we're supporting those organizations gonna go out there and do great work. Just the other day, I was on a phone call with one of those existing organizations saying I have to do something for them. When on the way hopefully, when I'm back from Oman,

01:46:07 --> 01:46:40

in order for them to actually go, you know, do great work in Latin America, for example, you will never know that sequence was behind it, that organization in some way. Because we helped develop a vision strategy and a roadmap for them. And we're doing other small things for them, too. You will never know. But we don't care. We want these great organizations to go out there do great work. And you may think Hamza, but you're mentioning it now. Yes, I'm mentioning it now to create a narrative and a mindset and also to create this kind of trust with you. So you could support this great work in order to have this great. So the kajaria Because I'm not mentioning the other things that we're

01:46:40 --> 01:47:14

doing. I'm giving you this example to make you realize that, okay, there's something here, I could trust these guys. Well, they have the right mindset, it's about Allah. It's not just about the brand, okay, Masha, Allah, they see a world that sees, you know, they see a world that's convinced of Islam, they try to achieve that by supporting and developing and empowering individuals and organizations to be able to share some academically, intellectually, and it's the need of the time, because ideas will use everything. This is the thing that actually, you know, disturbs the dollar balance, if you like, if you look at Pew Research in 2017, in America, this is the number of people

01:47:14 --> 01:47:17

who leave Islam is around the same number, those people who become Muslim

01:47:18 --> 01:47:52

net gain is zero. They imagined we were at our organization, just in America count English orders. Just imagine that for a moment. Yeah. And currently new Muslims, you're thinking I slammed the best, fastest growing religion in the world, which is true. But a lot of that is because of procreation. But the point is, if you're myopic, and you don't have the kind of holistic understanding, you just got to focus on those stats and tap yourself on the back. That's actually naive. It's not how Muslims should think we should be strategic thinkers which according to Ibn hasm, which one of the one of the forms of jihad of the process summon to be strategic thinking in times of danger? So many

01:47:52 --> 01:48:23

to revive the Sunnah and think, Okay, this is great what we're doing, but what's happening overall. And then when you see that the net gain is zero, then if your Allah centric, you need to do something about it. And one would argue that if you're sincere, you think, okay, it's the ideological frame that is making people leave liberalism, secularism, atheism, humanism, post modernism. Now, we need an organization to support that deals with that frame. Because the amount of Muslims that are coming into Islam is like the same leaving what's going on here. We need to do something about it. Okay, well, let's think

01:48:24 --> 01:49:02

it's not just doing now at our gala, it's one of the maybe there's something else we need to do another form of power, which is jihad and Kibera, which is a great striving, as Allah says in surah, Al Furqan, verse 52, that we use the arguments of the Quran against the ideologues, so that ideological space because the Quran was that like that, coming down with verses to deal with people who who are influential, who held that polytheistic and irrational pagan ideology. Similarly, we have pagan ideologies like nihilism humanism, this that in the other, and we need to deal with that if we don't deal with that, then the net gain might be still zero. So we need to be strategic. And

01:49:02 --> 01:49:09

that's why always focusing on the vision, not just the organization because the vision is always bigger than the organism

01:49:10 --> 01:49:33

position is so important, otherwise you get lost in your echo chamber. And we don't want people to be in that those echo echo chambers, my dear brothers and sisters, so please donate now. He shall lose 10 pounds a month less than just 35 pence a day which if you were to lose 85 pence a day you would even feel it. So 10 pounds per month go to the link in the description below. Go to Sapiens institute.org For slash defenders.

01:49:37 --> 01:49:59

Doctors man talk to us you know a bit four point bro is example of Musa al Salaam and Harun so if you think about this example in the Quran, it's like you think about the task Allah gave to Musa and remember of course Musa Sam was a linker and says that we raised you, you know, we chose

01:50:00 --> 01:50:46

To raise you and you're under a watchful eye so Allah therefore had planned Musa as mission to for own for a long time coming all in that moment of course this is a good example reminder for us in terms of something guys in Palestine, about Allah toponymy a loving a Lima Hakima loving all know all ways that the timing of course is belongs to Allah and our vantage point is very skewed and limited and biased. But in Moose as example Musa is raised and and is being, you know, raised in for Owens home really. And then Allah gives Musa the most grand mission, like in terms of Dawa to give TAO to fill out himself. And so Musa is really exemplifying a class sincerity because Musa is not

01:50:46 --> 01:51:29

saying I'll go and do it myself and kind of get the name for the one calls fit onto Islam to Allah subhanaw taala Musa Sultan, so unique, he says to Allah subhanaw taala after making by the way this a sequence so one, when Allah says Omar tilaka via Muenchen was what can you handle moosari hand with a stick and I have used it for the stick and I lean on stick. And that's one thing so Allah therefore puts power potential in that stick something that's mundane, something that's so trivial, but Allah utilizes that that's the Seville part of Musa success on something that's mundane and trivial. The steak. That's one thing number two, Allah gives miracles, he puts his hand in his

01:51:29 --> 01:52:11

pocket comes up with shining miracles. Then you ask Allah for even more, he says Robert Sharia surgery westerly Emery, because Musa lispy would speak with a bit of a setter. And it would ask Allah Allah makes it easy for me to speak to people. So what I'm saying, but still, you asked Allah was your lD was here and then Ali Haruna he sent her want to harm me. And that really exemplifies a class of Han Allah because even after all of like the good things Allah gave him still, he's asking Allah for for support a wine that this is a key thing because Allah tells us why. He says gave us a bouquet Theodora when it's good to hear so we could glorify You more and we could remember you more

01:52:11 --> 01:52:52

Subhanallah and that really is the exemplification of what this law says. Everything you want to do you want to do to Allah's word the highest that's it so hon Allah so if you have that as your mindset to Allah's were the highest then you wouldn't care if someone does it with you if he does it rather than you because as long as Allah is glorified more that should be the motivation you know for us for all Muslims. It's not about us not about the brand not about you or I nobody it's about is Allah remembered more is Allah glorified? That's how Musa was thinking so Musa so I love the Quran says that we made people who are more glassine with the Fatah and they are more Khaleesi with

01:52:52 --> 01:53:33

with the Khasra and the llama they say the mock la scene are those who are chosen because it was instead chosen because worthless in is chosen but because of the sincerity chosen by Allah because it was insane. They were chosen not just vocally seen as insincere but there was select because it was insane. And so someone who I think that that Musa was a big paradigm in terms of Dawa is very key for us, particularly because we don't want to be egotistical or be real Ria and and fame seeking and I'll do it for myself and numbers and this and that. It's all about forget all of that. Is Allah being glorified remember that's the case then this is Dennis again for us, you know. So that's I

01:53:33 --> 01:54:15

think how we should we should see the issue inshallah. Masha Allah, that was actually very beautiful. I hope someone clips that part. And just puts it out there on Twitter, on Instagram and other places. Does that go ahead, doctor? So Imran Yes, well, test audience tell the brothers and sisters I just been actually a good live, I can texted you just earlier saying there's some interesting narratives and gems that we put out there with regards to helping improve the narrative and the discourse in the Dallas space. So malice power bless you, bro. So and there's a need for it, because you see a lot of kinds of content driven

01:54:16 --> 01:54:57

platforms that actually one would argue they're maybe a little bit less popular that but they're making more of an impact. Take, for example, thinking most in podcast, have 100,000 100,000 subscribers and their content is amazing. And I would argue that you got more retention on their content, like there is a substantially greater percentage of people listening to all of the content. You have, for example, blogging theology for the poor, like I think over nearly what three 400,000 to the point where it's the kind of content that you can't just watch for a few seconds people go through it and you could see and it will be interesting to see their retention status is far greater

01:54:57 --> 01:54:59

than the market value. So people like that

01:55:00 --> 01:55:18

Who seemed kind of have visions and Sia, other bonuses and co2? Don't get me wrong, but there seems to be a little bit more of a clarity in thought here with regards to the bigger vision for Islam. And I would argue that even though they're a bit less popular than maybe others, they are having great impact with Absolutely,

01:55:19 --> 01:55:51

absolutely. That is not just numbers, it's a little bit more than that, although you need the numbers in order to inspire people you need an audience to speak to so you could follow them in, they could support you they could get involved, they could do the dollar they could donate. So it's I'm not, I don't want people to be clear, I'm not gunning anyone else down or anything down is still very important. I'm just linking it back to the narrative that we've been speaking about for about two hours, nearly two hours, which that kind of Allah Centricity that the vision for Islam, Allah centric vision is far bigger than organization and the organization is far bigger than the

01:55:51 --> 01:56:28

individual. And we need to always ask ourself the question every day all the time we do an action, what is the best thing for that hour and it could be not doing something for the organization or doing something for yourself as an individual, it could be getting someone else involved or getting another organization involved. And if we have a class or a greater class or more purify the class, we have the Allah centric vision, we should be asking ourselves that question as as individuals as leaders, as people who help an organization of people part of an organization, what does Allah want from me? What is more pleasing to Allah in this particular context? If you as a day are you involved

01:56:28 --> 01:56:59

in content creation? Do not ask a question you are Muslim. And there's already problems in my view, you have to ask that question what is the best thing for the Dow what is the best thing for Islam and it's not always the case it's going to be you know, it's not always going to be a case going to be your brand, it could be something else. And sometimes many times it can be because that's why we created those brands and those organizations in the first place, but I'm putting this out there just to create that important thinking to refine our thinking and our understanding and it was shaped the way we come together and support each other. It will shape the way we unite it will shape the way we

01:56:59 --> 01:57:04

actually help each other raise funds as well. Right and this is very important.

01:57:05 --> 01:57:43

So Allah bless every single one of you go to the donation link in the description below. Sapiens institute.org forward slash defender. So in writing what does it mean to be a defender my friend, the defenders brothers and sisters were looking for 2000 this Ramadan inshallah to be a defender is basically supporting the work at Seekins every single month, which is 10 pounds a month inshallah and mashallah, you guys have I just want to mention this again that you guys have been supporting us mashallah already we have over 50% of our target for this Ramadan, you know, that shows that you understand the value of this work and the importance of this work Mashallah. But we need your help

01:57:43 --> 01:58:16

to hit that target Inshallah, we don't want to relax, we don't want to slow down feel comfortable, we want to get there as quick as we can, inshallah. And you know, we prefer to make these live streams more content based anyway, right, we naturally fall into that anyway, it's like it doesn't matter as much as we try. But this is the plan we're going to talk about fundraising and I mentioned it over and over again every five minutes but we ended up just giving content which is Hamdulillah I guess a good thing. And you guys are still supporting May Allah bless you guys. Please go to Sapiens Institute org for slash defenders and make that donation versus 35 pence a day. You know, literally

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35 Pence ROI is the type of change that you find in one of your old you know, pockets. And you don't take it out you leave it there, you leave it buried in that pocket because it's more of a hassle carrying around than just being in that pocket and just remaining there 35 Pence is nothing like we don't care for it these days. But if you spend that 35 Pence sincerely and we're talking about a class today sincerely for the sake of Allah, and you don't undermine it, and you don't just think oh it's just that if I pence you you spend it with that sincere intention you Allah and giving this for your sake I want to please you I want to draw closer to you and I believe this is important work and

01:58:50 --> 01:59:27

you just spend it and just forget about it 10 pounds a month you know 100 Netflix is more than 10 pounds a month as far as an audible is more than an audible is probably a better yes you know service to be subscribed to then Netflix and prime and stuff like this but it's literally less than all of these services as far as I can remember 10 pounds a month inshallah and you can't even begin to imagine the rules you'd be amassing of the church I've talked with Mark mentioned mashallah story Musa Islam, you know that when he when Allah speaks them the first time it's such a profound story and I think he shared the our big mentions this point where Musa when a loss in was that in your

01:59:27 --> 01:59:56

hand, you know, Musa toes Allah that, you know, it's, it's his staff and he relies upon it, you know, and he uses it for x, y, and z for all of these different purposes. And Allah shifts his perspective in a moment's follow the Alessi and tells him to throw it down and that very thing he relies upon and he trusts upon, it has been up until this point, turns into a snake that can kill it, you know? And then, as soon as as quick as that happens, ALLAH turns it back into that stuff. And Chef er mentioned that you know, this is

01:59:57 --> 02:00:00

a very powerful lesson that Allah is teaching was a slam dunk.

02:00:00 --> 02:00:34

But the things you rely upon in this world, you know, it's only if Allah makes the beneficial, beneficial. And if Allah wants them to turn into something that's detrimental for you, he can do that. Right. And I guess he applies to the our relationship with our money as well these days, bro, like, we see, we just we rely upon it, we all do, right because it gets us through in this world. So there's a certain type of reliance upon the money. But it's moments like this Ramadan, and when you're asked to give and spend in the path of Allah, that you, you get an opportunity to really reestablish that relationship with that money that you have those positions that Allah has blessed

02:00:34 --> 02:01:08

you with, you know, do we really put money at the top of the hierarchy for ourselves, or is Allah at the top, and we realize that it's a gift from Allah, and that if Allah has given it to me, he can take it away from me. And if he's given it to me, he's given it to me as a blessing and an opportunity to spend it in his path, at least a portion of it in his path, you know, such opportunities, opportunities, brothers and sisters, and reframe it like that for yourself. This is an opportunity for you, that Allah is presenting you with, to spend some, just a small amount of what Allah has given you in his path. And what we've been trying to do is convey to you and

02:01:08 --> 02:01:40

communicate to you the importance of the work that we're actually doing, and how significant it is in the times that we live. You know, you got you, both of you, I think mentioned the importance of ideologies at some point, you know, that it literally boils down to a battle of ideologies. That's why that's at the heart of all of everything that's happening in the world right now. You don't just share some more on that. But why is it important to do the work that we're doing saps? Why are we putting these courses out 16 courses, you know, books, were publishing books, why why is this significant? Why is it important? Yes. So I mentioned this earlier, which is actually very important

02:01:40 --> 02:01:55

that we need to understand that the power of ideas, and if the genocide in Gaza has taught us anything, is going to be the ideas can kill Zionism, for example, kills Zionism is genocidal, and Zionism started with an idea.

02:01:57 --> 02:02:02

Humanism started with an idea atheism start with an idea, you also had for example.

02:02:13 --> 02:02:55

Sorry, the becoming part of the dominant ideological frame, and a dominant ideological framework does it it wants to preserve itself and propagate itself. And you see this even in the context of the dollar, for example, take America, the number of Muslims that become Muslim in America are the same number that leaves Islam. This, according to Pew Research is a nonpartisan fact tank that published the research in 2017. And one of the reasons for that is because there's an ideological frame, and we see that the Quran deals with the ideological frame of the time with the ship with the polytheism, with the infanticide with being an injustice with, you know, not treating the orphan

02:02:55 --> 02:03:39

well with one of these polytheistic ideas, this paganism and the irrationality of paganism. They the Quran is dealing with those ideas, not only from a layman perspective, but also the influential so there isn't, there is a sense of dealing with the influentials holding on to that worldview. Likewise, we'd like that data here, especially the general data in the West is great though we go to, you know, developing world we give Dawa, you can also shahada is fantastic and much needed. You go to the streets, and you have dollar stores, and we focus on online work as well. But something that we're missing out on that maybe one would argue maybe more important, is dealing with the

02:03:39 --> 02:04:19

ideological frame because these ideologies ideology is actually preventing from us going beyond Net Zero. Yeah, net gain is zero. We want to go beyond that. We want more Muslims staying Muslim, becoming Muslim, and those who leave Islam. And the key responsibility of that is actually the ideological framing. This is so key and so important, which I would argue the Quranic approach, you know, Surah Al Furqan, verse 52, Allah says, do not yield to those who reject the truth but strive with it with the Quran, Jihad and Kaviraj. A great striving and striving using arguments of the Quran and arguments of the Quran were used against the leaders and the influential of the time, and

02:04:19 --> 02:04:26

to the general masses, for sure, but that's why it's so important that we take this seriously because if you look at it holistically and look at the big picture,

02:04:28 --> 02:04:59

it's an ideological game. And we need to also have institutions, influences are different structures of society and our own Sapiens won't do all itself. We have a particular focus, developing others and organ and individual organizations, we have to share some academically intellectually, we can't do all because you need media. That's why you should fully support the likes of five pillars. You need to involve people in different structures of society. We can't do it all but we're doing something that's very important within that, and that's why it's very key for you to support look at them.

02:05:00 --> 02:05:16

Big Picture, in actual fact, follow the Sunnah, if it hasn't, the underdosing scholar, he analyzes the life of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasalam. And he argues that one of the primary forms of jihad primary forms of struggle was strategic thinking in times of danger, this be strategic with our thinking.

02:05:17 --> 02:05:54

The world is not going to change with just like just focusing on grassroots or just focusing on media. It's also going to change if you focus on the ideological framing, because that is the dominant frame that prevents the masses from moving towards Islam. So how do we engage with that? It starts with ideas, it starts with the intellectual thought process. It starts with Jihad and Kabira using the Quranic arguments against people. So hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah, may Allah bless every single one of us donated so far. I know, you know, we'll keep this video up as well, in order for you guys to be hopefully touchmove inspired to create some thinking, and food to support this much

02:05:54 --> 02:06:00

needed work, my dear brothers and sisters. So hamdulillah we'll be going for over two hours.

02:06:01 --> 02:06:24

Doctors find the teeth, wanting to end it for us nicely. Talk to the audience, talk to the brothers and sisters. And then we'll close it. And then I do believe we'll reach the rest of the target. When this goes up. People watch it, because there's a lot that was said a lot that could provoke thinking as well. And may Allah got flawless individually and collectively, and doctors will achieve this villa.

02:06:27 --> 02:06:30

Your mute mute smuggler's

02:06:31 --> 02:07:16

hamdulillah handlers are one of the focus areas, in fact, in our courses is not to neglect the importance of spiritual renewal and purification. And it's something of course, where we tap into particularly in this month of Ramadan because it's a heightened concern for all of us. So, you know, when our courses for example, on last April, no doubt, in my recent book on characteristics of the DUA, even on being human, I focus on this point, because there's something that we should not neglect alone for is saying that man, of course, achieves his fullness of potential, not just because of one dimension, not just because of enhancing the productivity of, of a person's

02:07:16 --> 02:07:59

intelligence, or muscular strength, but in fact, in the wholeness, completeness, of a person. And the most important of all of these things, in fact, is a heart. The Prophet of Allah said that there is a lump of flesh in the body, if it sound, the whole body sound, if it's crypto but is corrupt, Allah will cope indeed, that is a heart. And so it is in the harnessing of the heart that the whole human spirit is enhanced, including, of course, the mental state of a person and all of his being. So therefore, person's outlook in life, his worldview is shaped transformed, based upon the correctness of his of his heart position. And that's something that Allah remains in the Quran that

02:07:59 --> 02:08:47

fella Meza who, as Avaloq khulumani turned away Allah tender hearts away. So man's man dysfunctions in himself because his heart goes straight and man functions and so because his heart goes, goes right, you know. And so, you know, when it comes to the last year for Imam Al monastery, in his in his very majestic book, that I read whatever heap warnings and incentives, his whole opening section is like that away, but like incentive for a class and warning against Ria, and so you would think like compendium of 1000s and 1000s of Hadith, but it starts with that, because it's almost like saying that that's the most important primary attribute essential trait for a person to have, if he

02:08:47 --> 02:09:01

has it and everything else is, is makes a lot of sense because it's going to be by Allah's Mercy acceptable, but if he lacks in that and what is the meaning of everything else, so that should always come first in the mullah Malbin yard.

02:09:02 --> 02:09:30

No way in his opening Hadith actions are by intention. So your intention of course, is your intention stems from your state of heart your class. So, as a reminder for all of us, therefore, in the field of Tao, particularly also for us as Sapiens, you know, to be very mindful of our morning evening as car very key for us. Again, emphasize in our courses on the causal no doubt one of our chapters on spiritual purification.

02:09:31 --> 02:09:43

To make sure one of the dwarfs by the way for a loss, the Prophet of Allah would say that you read mourning three times and he means three times alone many elder beggar and they still can be going out of them was technically Malayalam, all I seek

02:09:44 --> 02:09:46

refuge with you, that I

02:09:47 --> 02:10:00

that I commit surely can I know and that I do that I don't know. So this is described in a hadith as Schickel happy as the discreet hidden form of Shrek like the black or black

02:10:00 --> 02:10:17

The black ants on a black rock, it's very hard to detect very subtle, and Alama. They say that even if a person realizes in himself that he is falling prey to this during an action, then he can, of course, recite the DUA all the time, as a protection for us. So therefore,

02:10:19 --> 02:10:56

that really ingrained within us the importance of always being in a conscious state of being more or less of being sincere in all things that we do. And so remember, therefore, that the work of Sapiens tabs in Sharla seems to tap into all these different areas. You know, so we speak about worldviews and ideologies, people going astray, we have, of course, these texts to push back against deviations, remind them of the, of the supremacy of Islamic call. But also, when it comes to like, for example, mentoring, sometime we find that we find this quite often that a person could have,

02:10:57 --> 02:11:40

like, a deviation or moving away from Islam. But sometimes, in fact, it's actually a lack of spiritual focus, that's resulting in that person's state. Sometimes a person is not choosing atheism, because you've learned something new about atheism, sometime, in fact, a lot of the time, it's not to do with that is to do with the fact that maybe it's a kind of a sin that's kind of keeping them away from Allah, or a lack of spiritual focus, or all of these kinds of things. This is why we have to take the wholeness of the whole picture, to understand the human condition. So I want to thank all of you for your amazing support SubhanAllah. And remind you, of course, that this is a

02:11:40 --> 02:12:13

team effort. This is all of us partaking in this, that, you know, we are all helping each other. And all of you all everyone who has family has children, nephews, we have mentoring calls where we have to speak to parents, because the children have chosen to leave Islam, we have to speak to the children and the parents. Sometimes we forget that, you know, these are kids of our community, our nephews or nieces, our children, people are within the streets. And what mentoring provides is that it provides

02:12:14 --> 02:12:55

a person to speak to a mentor, without being judged, not having an external party. They're not having a because sometimes they feel embarrassed to speak with the with the parents of their Imam, but having an outsider speak to them, they feel comfortable addressing their problems with us. And and Hamdulillah you know, why? Allah's Mercy many people have come back to Islam, like that, through conversation and dialogue, and this and that. And so, this is our work without work. I mean, you know, we're all part of this. So by supporting this, you're supporting the work, you're aiding in the work, you're helping the work, you're allowing this to grow, by Allah's permission, and for

02:12:55 --> 02:13:26

Allah to use you for that task. It's a big blessing. That whenever you whenever you do a good deed, we think of it like Allah has out of his grace allowed me to do that thing, because Allah favored me to do anything. And so there's anything like Salah like liquor, like sadaqa, like any good deed, always think of yourself, Allah, by His grace has favored me to that thing. So therefore, it's not because of anything else, except the divine favor of Allah subhanaw taala so I would ask all of you,

02:13:27 --> 02:14:04

you know, to continue supporting the cause be part of those defenders. Be one of them. And may Allah may Allah bless all of you and increase all of you in events goodness alarm, I mean sokola care doctor one may Allah bless you, Brother sisters zoglair for tuning in Mashallah. We've had some really interesting conversations going on in the chat section as well. We didn't get any questions today but inshallah The next one is going to be on the 26th which is in a couple of days in about four days, five days time inshallah so definitely join us then as well brothers and sisters. Couple of shout outs mashallah Ragnar has been very active in the comments may Allah bless him chocolate

02:14:04 --> 02:14:25

Wallah we've seen your comments and your suggestions may Allah bless you. We're definitely going to implement some of those things we've actually been discussing some of those things as well back end about you know, getting some of the testimonials doctors mind from our lighthouse mentoring in Sharla some of the brothers and sisters have benefited to come on and share the experience in Sharla I think that's a different dimension to the whole discussion as well it makes it real for people even more so inshallah

02:14:26 --> 02:14:34

czar loads of color hair. Everyone else has joined May Allah bless you guys, please keep sharing this live stream we're gonna go offline now but please keep sharing this

02:14:35 --> 02:15:00

so that more people can come across it and support the work inshallah doctors one anything else you'd like to share before we go offline. Inshallah, you know, you just said right now about getting someone on from the mentoring for the metric. You know, I this recently, you know, one sister who had lost faith, she lost like a faith, you know, and so we're talking and I said to I said, you know,

02:15:00 --> 02:15:41

Sometimes this takes about, maybe we're not doing something that we should be doing. You know, I give this example this hadith. I said, you know, when the prophets time a man once came, he said he also Allah, it says that your school costs with the color he was complaining, his heart became hard. His heart had hardened, he was complaining, so it became hot. And the Prophet says to him to Hebrew, Angelina Kalibak, do you want Allah to soften your heart and fulfill your needs? And he said, Yes. He said, Then have mercy on the orphan and wipe over his head in like sympathy and feed him from your food. And Allah will soften your heart and fulfill your need. And she became very emotional.

02:15:41 --> 02:15:43

She said that really, that really hit me

02:15:45 --> 02:16:01

as a because sometimes we actually we might miss something. And maybe the solution isn't that thing and that's how Allah can cure a person's situation. So it's in it's a big plus Oh, profound doctor because sometimes we have these issues, we think we know what the problem is. And we go, you know,

02:16:04 --> 02:16:42

you know, you just that we just mentioned the, in Surah, Doha, we see the same formula. Allah teaches the process Allah when he is in despair and worried his revelation has stopped. You know, what's going on has a lot displeased me Allah one of the things Allah tells you to do is take care of the orphan feed the orphans, Pamela you know, so Subhanallah and you know, when Allah says, Well, I'm a settler for Latin horror, and as soon as one of the old man says what could I do to make westco difficult remember when you went often remember when you were poor, like you know have this sense of empathy? You were once in that state before someone else

02:16:44 --> 02:17:10

may Allah bless you doctors man definitely will definitely speak about I guess and inshallah if you're on the on the 26th Inshallah, we'll definitely speak more about at least your experiences from the lighthouse mentoring, even if we can't get someone on straightaway inshallah we'll aim to get some brothers and sisters on for the last 10 nights because it will take some time organizing inshallah we'll try reach out to them. But may Allah bless you guys just ahead of us, man. May Allah bless you, and they will catch up everyone on the 2016 Shala. She's not gonna curse and I'm gonna go

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