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To Feel Happy Every Day – Islamic Psychology

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The speaker explains that happiness is dependent on three things, including one's interrupted circumstances, one's habits, and their genetic makeup. They encourage people to learn how to develop their characteristics and values to achieve their the success they desire. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of surrounding themselves with positive the success they desire and feeling their hearts.

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Your level of happiness is dependent on three things. One is your genes. The second is your your circumstances. And then third are your habits. Now, genes, we don't have much control over that it's whatever we're given. And what's interesting is that they've done studies, they've done studies on twins. And they have found that our genes contributed to about 50% of our baseline, our baseline of happiness. So there is a baseline that we have, and it is dependent on who our parents who are and what our genes are. And it does set the point, but it only contributes for 50%. Now that 50, the other 50%, we are in control of. And if we learn what to do, then we can change that prediction, not

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the second thing of circumstances that people become enslaved by their circumstances, they feel victimized, they feel that it is because they did not have the same opportunities. Maybe there was poverty, maybe there was abuse, they had a bad marriage. And they blamed everything on their circumstances. You know what research says, research indicates that circumstances only contribute to 10% of what you're experiencing. So this puts it into perspective. And this is what I like to help my clients to understand that it's not necessarily the circumstances because there are so many people I have seen have horrible circumstances, but because they take control, and they change the

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way they view things, they change the way they behave. It totally blows everything away, and it makes them have so much more stability, happiness and success. Now, the third point is your habits, you have 100% control over your habits. These are the things that you can learn, to cultivate, to establish. And even if you didn't learn good habits from childhood, this is the time to learn how to develop powerful habits that will give meaning to your life that will give you peace and serenity. So if you want to learn how to develop those habits, if you want to have the right mindset, if you want to learn the other two very important equations about the happiness, join me on the mindful

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hearts, we're closing registration, and don't search for it on Facebook. Okay, so people are getting confused. It is the mindful I do a live lesson. And it is powerful information. It is really groundbreaking information, things that will completely transform your perspective, your personality, your life, and you can read all about it you can read about the stories of the sisters who have been changing their lives and they are happier mashallah than ever and it is attainable. You know, many times we look at happiness as something that is trivial. And it is just a side product. After you achieve things, it is actually pretty vital. And it is a non negotiable. And when

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you have happiness to contentment, the rhythm in your heart, then you can be a true worshipper of Allah. And when you have that rhythm, it will show on your face it will show in your behavior. There are too many people going around, you know, saying the word of half the love, but they don't show that they're truly happy with the other Ebola. And we want to establish that in our life. We want to learn how to be our best how to develop our characteristic and live our life in a way that is pleasing to Allah to live our life with meaning and with a higher purpose. And I really am so excited hundreds of new sisters signing up and being a part of this amazing sisterhood that is

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filled with encouragement, support, love everything good. So you can come in and get a dosage of that positivity. Learn the information, the lessons are life changing period. Okay, this is not something you do alone. It is self paced, but you have a group of sisters who will support you, you don't have to be miserable. You don't have to be stuck, and you don't have to do it alone. We're here to support you and help you. I know it has been tough times. But you can get through this. And the only way is by learning a new methodology is by surrounding yourself by positive influence. And by actually making those changes step by step and you will be blown away in sha Allah. So join me on

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the mindful hearts. Remember that your happiness your well being is based on genes, circumstances and your habit. The genes you have no control over but it only determines 50% Circumstances only 10% of what has happened to you. It's really about learning how to react to it.

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And that's not going to come naturally. Just someone telling you how Sobor SR have to look what and you don't know how to do that you're not going to achieve it. You've got to know the step by step. You gotta have the strategy. You have to know the psychology. You got to feel it. You got to do the internal work. I want to help you fly because as a believer, we should love for our sister What we love for ourselves and I want you to fly I want you to have that feeling of serenity. I want you to have the good relationships. And I want you to have an amazing life in sha Allah