New I Ramadan Reminders Series #4 – How Do We Make The Most Of Fasting

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A speaker discusses the importance of fasting in gaining the purpose of fasting, and how it is linked to achieving Islam. They explain that fasting is not a new practice, but rather a necessary part of achieving Islam. The speaker also discusses the importance of fasting in avoiding bad things and engaging in good things.

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Ever my dad

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him the low salatu salam ala Rasulillah abdurraqib We are going good yeah Hamdulillah that I'm sure you know, we are getting a benefit from this discussion. And I'm sure the viewers as well. They are also you know, trying to take this as a reminder for you know, Ramadan to make sure that they spend it effectively in sha Allah. So, if you have any other question, yes, of course, Mashallah. You are with full of questions, Mashallah.

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My fourth question is,

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how do we make the most

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in fasting?

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Wow, Subhan Allah, you know, fasting is, is made obligatory in the month of Ramadan, and also it's one of the pillars of Islam Subhanallah look, so this is something which we just can't miss. Now, what is really important is, we don't need to just fast you know, as a custom or as a ritual, but we need to fast in order to gain the purpose of fasting. You see Allah Almighty when you read the Quran, he mentioned in surah baqarah surah. Number two is number 183. The purpose of fasting and he informed us that the fasting is not a new practice it was there even for the people of the past. Allah Almighty says about fasting that fasting has been prescribed to you Yes, as it was prescribed

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to the people who came before you. And Allah says the reason why we need to fast na Lila contact the goon so that you may gain Taqwa. So, yes, if we are able to gain Taqwa if we become Allah conscious through fasting that means we are achieving the goal of fasting right? So happy to answer your question in short, how do we make the most in fasting is we need to develop the consciousness of Allah subhanaw taala in fasting, if you're able to get that Subhanallah if you are able to become a happy person, I think that is something which you which you can say that you have successfully fast and fasting is just not we know just not you know, avoiding the eating drinking and these things,

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but also to avoid everything that is bad and to engage in that which is good. So this is how you make the most in fasting Inshallah, right

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