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Okay Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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Alhamdulillah in Hamden get here on Pavan Mubarak continue on with me la la la Kula on a Sunday when Solomon and look at Rock metal in Alameda De La Nina and after a while you may be even more Selena Vietnam Hamad sallallahu alayhi wa it was it was in the map, the Sleeman kathira will resume the roost inshallah the Tafseer all sorts of stuff

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you know that today's 20th of June model a world so the demand authentic of this year 1434

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which is

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30th of April 2035

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We need someone to read

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about yours yet.

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What did we stop

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Oh, me. Yeah, okay.

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Wait for them also the only the only limit una de la Mona and me.

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But I'm miserable as a hot water polo back home. While they?

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Wait, what? What is?

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Yeah, Benny is in a in a. in a in a in a.

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in a in a

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MOBA Sheeran sheron

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sheron sheron sheron Yasuni in this movie.

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making this movie

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movie woman

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woman woman alpha now mommy Manifesto. I don't live in the candy bar.

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Hit him.

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One lady

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who there was

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only one okay.

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Can you read that? English translation?

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There we

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Remember when masa said to his people, oh my people? Why do you hurt me? Well, you know certainly

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talk to you. The one day turned away from the Prophet Allah. Allah turn their hearts away from the wife. And the mother guides not the people who are festival, rebellious.

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And remember when he said, some of Miriam said, Oh children of Israel, I am the messenger of Allah unto you confirming the Torah which came before me, and giving glad tidings of a messenger to come up to me, whose name shall be

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but when he

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came to them with clay proofs, they said this is playing magic.

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And who does more wrong than the one who invents a lie against Allah while he is being invited to Islam and Allah guides not the people who are avoiding polytheist wrongdoers and disbelieving.

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okay, no, no, no, no him and him did a little bit on me. Was Salatu was Salam on Anna Vienna mahamadou other early he was happy he

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This is the continuation of surah. Two soft disagreed surah.

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That, as we have said, that is a murky surah that is targeted with

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sub bahala hemmati. Somehow it will not a lot of people who and as usual Hakeem started with establishing the display of a larger law Allah started with

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establishing that a larger law that is free from any incompetency. Any deficiency, any shortcoming jell O Allah.

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And then we said that this after that, Allah Allah Allah mentioned, or a la de la Allah said, Yeah, you're Latina Molina, taco Luna maleta Fallon, oh, who you believe? Why do you say something and you act, something else? Why do you say something that you don't need to do? Okay, and we mentioned that in details. And then after that, we said that Allah, Allah, Allah confirmed a very important principle, which is what in Allah your ability and opportunities abelia sufen, Ghana homeboy, banana masala, Allah Allah likes those who fight in his cause, as if they are a solid structure,

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then a larger No, and then moved all the way to the history

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all of a sudden, and this is one of the miracles of the poor and that it jumps from one particular topic to another particular to another topic, and there is a link between them, but

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it moves to another direction to another era to another story. Okay. And, and there are many benefits of this. So the person who listens to the Quran will be always awake, will be always awake, and he will be always vigilant, and he's waiting for something something new to happen. And moreover, the uniqueness of the Quran is when the Quran moves from one subject to another subject from one period of time to another period of time, you don't find that this is something odd or there is some deficiency here in the discussion, no, you will find that it is Subhanallah so smooth.

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Moreover, Allah, Allah, Allah wants to link everything together. And he wants to discuss things it from a holistic manner in order to and this teaches us to have the ability to link different things together, different areas together, different stories together,

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because there will be a central point, a common theme behind all of these stories. Now, we said that one of the main themes or one of the main themes of this surah

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as say, kotova Rahim Allah tada mentioned is what is to establish that the whole universe is establishing the sphere of knowledge Allah Allah, the bloated vacation of Allah, Allah, Allah, to establish that Allah, Allah, Allah is the Greatest Allah and Allah is free from any deficiency. And this has started in the, in the beginning of the surah. And then Allah Allah, Allah wants to establish that Musa alayhis salam, one of Poland as women are also established this reason alayhis salaam established this and Mohammed salah and he who it was obvious and then also established that okay, this ayah starts by saying what if Allah moves out? Okay, what if?

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What if, what if what does what if mean, what if

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what if

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Yanni, what is

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normally most of them have a Syrian? Say that it means and remember, it's an emember when? Okay, oh, Mohamed, remember when, remember what they remember? When Musa alayhis salam, we know who Messiah is, okay.

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Musa is one of as we said, All as women are Rasul Allah, Allah, Allah sent him to his people, the followers at that time, they used to call themselves the followers of Judaism. Okay, at that time, and Allah Allah sent to Musa alayhis salam, the Torah, the Torah. Okay?

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So Musa alayhis Salam musante has set up. He is saying Allah Allah Allah is saying to Mohammed Salah Salem remember the story of Musa when Moses said to his people or my people, why are you annoying me? Why are you harming me? Why will you know that I am the Prophet I am a prophet sent to you by Allah Allah Allah and in Surah Allah Allah Allah Allah says yeah you're Latina earn and all you who believe. Lacuna Coil Latina, other Muslim in Pablo Escobar, la homie ma boo con en De La Hoya Jia. Oh, who you believe don't follow this example the example of who the examples of the people of Moosa why they annoyed the most so don't annoy any of the profits and don't know your profit. Yeah, you

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already know. Don't be like alladhina either Moosa those who are annoyed masa. They said, What is Jani? How did they annoy you most of the people of Musa Musa alayhis salam, he used to be a very shy person, although Musa alayhis salam as you know, he was a very strong person, very strong person. And you know the story of Musa Annie his setup, we know no time, no time to get into the story of masala Sarah. Anyway, he used to be a very shy person, the habit at that time that people used to wash themselves or take

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take showers or take baths.

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When naked. masala is Alam doesn't want to do this. So his people said Oh, for sure he has an illness in his skin. And that's why he doesn't wash in a naked status and he doesn't want to show us his body, his skin. Okay. So they started to accuse him of or they started to annoy him by attributing certain sickness that make people go away from him. So Allah, Allah, Allah wants to free him from this accusations from this accusation. And one time musala his salon, he went to take a bath in a river, and he took off his clothes and he put them on a stone and he hid himself and he went to the river to take baths. Then Allah de la wants to show his people that he is a perfect

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person, he has no illness on his and his body in his skin. So what happened? Allah, Allah Allah commanded that stone on which the claws of Moses were put to run some Han Allah and Allah de la and of course, Allah Allah, Allah is able to do anything. So masala is cinnamon, he was taken buff, he saw that

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stone running with his cloth. So masala is that I was worried. So he followed it up a stone until he captured this stone. And he started to act as the prophet SAW Selim said, he started to beat this stone. And he said, You took my cloth, you took my cloth, the privatized and I mentioned this and he smiled and he said one law he By Allah, there are marks in the stone because of the beat of Musa alayhis salam, okay. Then the period of the people of Moosa, so Moosa, so his body that there is nothing wrong in his buddy so Allah Allah Allah mentioned this robot wha hoo Lomi mapa do a Londoner Allah freed him from whatever they have said or whatever they have attributed to him. Allah Allah

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Allah says, Yeah, you already know and don't be like those people who annoyed moose our whole home to Moosa, so don't harm Mohammed Salah la de la do, Sonia, send them don't annoy him hamazon send them don't annoy any of the prophets. So most Allah He said, I'm here here in this ayah of sort of the stuff he says Lima to do in any while you're you annoying me and Subhana Allah look at this in a very gentle way. Way mahalo. Moosa told me he told me Okay, remember when Moses said to his people, oh, my people, okay, Lima to do in any in a very gentle way. Why are you annoying me?

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And you are annoying me and you know that I am the prophet to you from Allah.

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Then Allah, Allah, Allah says

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lm whoo Isaiah hola hola Bom when they turned away, a la de la la turned their hearts. And then on La Jolla concluded this verse by saying and a La Jolla, Allah does not guide

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to him does not guide in general does not lead to him, those who are rebellious SubhanAllah. Even the idea of poverty he mentioned in this area in this verse, that Allah Allah Allah turns the town's away the people from hedaya if they choose to turn away, okay, what does that mean? It means it out. Okay. There is an alpha d side of this a theological discussion here. Okay, as well as a very important lesson for us, my dear respected brothers and sisters, they fill the theological discussion is that

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when a person is misled, it is not that Allah, Allah Allah misled him, and he doesn't see he Daya, this person himself he chose to go on to turn away from the guidance of Allah, Allah Allah and Allah, Allah Allah punished him for this sin by another sin which is what to turn him away from Allah de lo Allah. So, the start is from the person himself, he turns away and the Lord Allah, Allah punishes him by turning him more away from him away more and then if the person does not repent, so he turns away more under law, the law turns him away, more and more until the person becomes what becomes a disbeliever or his heart becomes blocked and does not see that he died. Okay?

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So it doesn't mean that Allah, Allah, Allah wrote misguidance on a person and this person, he was created as a co author. And Allah Allah, Allah punishes him for what he has created him on. This is injustice. Okay. And de la jolla. Allah doesn't do that. Allah Allah Allah says in Medina who and Nadine Yeah, we gave the human being and neji de to both paths, okay, the path of hidayah and the path of misguidance and the person who chooses, but the person originally chose not to be guided so Allah Allah Allah, let him alone and the light Allah Allah punish him for the first sin that he has committed by what by turning him away more as we have said, it is a very subtle point, I hope that

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it is understood. Okay. Now this is the theological discussion part of it. Now, the important lesson that we have to take from this might be respected the brothers and sisters and has an adversity or the allowed data and who said in I mean Allah, allow the law here on the lab Anisha Allah who be ma la de la houfy. So panela Okay, it is among the signs that Allah Jalla Allah has turned away from any of his slaves, that Allah, Allah makes this person engaged in something that is not useful, okay, or engaged in some in something that is of no benefit for him. And that's why the lesson is, my dear respected brothers and sisters, if you see yourself being busy in something useless, then

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turn our turn to your heart. And be careful you will see that a lot yellow Allah is not happy with you is not pleased with you because there is an element of evil thing and you are acting upon that in your heart and you are not showing and you are not displaying to a larger ladder that you want him. So I want you to know Allah, what left you to yourself and that's why you are being busy, engaged involved in something that is of no use for you.

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Okay, and how are you going to rectify this? We have to be very, very careful. How are we going to rectify this show to Allah Allah Allah proved Allah Allah Allah that you want him and

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that's why if you find yourself

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If you find it difficult for yourself to pray, yeah, five times a day, then check your heart you will see that internally you don't like it.

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So force your heart to like it. This is the first step and force yourself to act upon it.

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Okay? If you find yourself whenever you try to do good deeds, ie these needs are not facilitated for you. Okay? accuse yourself first. Check yourself first. Allah Allah Allah says, a man About what?

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What's up ductable Hasina? What? First and we assume who Lin use a lot what a man and bathala was stolen up or could never been personnel first and we assume hulan Oh, salaam. Yes. This is 30 is originally about a Buddha could also do the first part to fit for Imam an hour. He gave as a sidecar. Okay, as a charity. What? internally? He was feeding a lot.

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Yes, I'm an hour taco. And not only this, he believed in the gender he believed in the era. He wants the afro era. Okay, he dedicated himself for the era, then what? Then first, and we assume who will use raw, we will facilitate for him the path to Ghana.

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And on the other hand, yes, the one who holds he doesn't give one hour stuff on it. And he showed a lot a lot of that he does not need a lot a lot and was stubborn, okay? And what kettlebell personnel and he this believed in the agenda, and in the Day of Resurrection, then we will facilitate for him more sins.

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And that's why this is something that we need to be worried about my dear respected brothers and sisters, if you see that, the sins are facilitated for you, then you check your heart, you will see that there is an element of evil things in your heart, evil believes in your heart, and you like those evil things you are trying you would like to act upon that. Okay? So be careful. So what to do in this case, just wake up and try to minimize that evil and show to Allah, Allah Allah that you are fighting that evil element in your heart, okay, and keep jihad against yourself? Will Medina jaha delphina, Luna, Vietnam sabudana those who are making Jihad jihad against themselves. For our sake,

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Allah Allah, Allah will guide them, guide them our ways that will take them to dinner. And that's why they say allama Tim has an ultimate pabulum has an agenda to Banda

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Okay, the sign that your good deed has been accepted is Allah Allah Allah will facilitate another Hashanah for you

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Okay, and they say you are part of the short arm of the CEA the even consequences of the CEA is the Savior the sin will lead to another failure unless you stop yourself and make a step far to lock the learner. And

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my dear respected brothers and sisters, I always try to remind myself okay, of this. I have read it that okay, how easy is the decoder of Allah Allah Allah

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Subhana Allah how big daddy ward of the vicar?

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Ah, enormous. Unbelievable. Unbelievable. Yeah, well, you mentioned that Hadith that the prophet SAW Selim said, the people of Ghana will regret every single minute in which they did not make decoder for La Jolla. And we know this and we mentioned that Nakula Subhana Allah will hamdulillah La la la la la la. La La is better for me than the whole dounia

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tell him attorney, Attorney Allah Allah Sangeeta paid attorney fees on chip analog MD Subhana Allah la de on also we mentioned in the beginning, if you remember, when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Whoever said to panelo, the MD 100 times in the morning and in the evening, no one will come. No one will precede him the Day of Resurrection except a person who does like that or more. So panela now it is very easy. The liquid is very easy. And it doesn't take that much time some analog attendees will handle it. Why don't

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We say it. Why don't we repeat that? We forget. Why do we forget? They said that because Allah, Allah Allah is not placed in your heart, Allah, Allah, Allah does not want him to be placed in your heart and Allah Allah Allah does not want him to be remembered by that tongue of your heart.

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And they said that Allah Allah Allah sees that your heart does not or is not a good place for him and for his Vicar to be placed there. So why Allah Allah, Allah will put his Vicar in your heart. So what to do, you need to purify your heart in order for Allah, Allah Allah to love the better from you. And one sunlight Allah Allah likes, the better from you, Allah the lower Allah will facilitate it for you.

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And this is something really worrying My dear respected brothers and sisters. And that's why when you see that, oh, whenever you go, some people do ask, they say chef, whenever I go, I find mousy easy for me. I said this is you should cry. They are nice because it means that you are evil yourself.

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You are evil yourself and you are not trying to stop this evil element in your heart. And that's why I like Allah Allah left you left you alone. So you will continue doing sins, okay? If they say okay, if that is the case, then how can I turn to Allah Allah Allah, you need to make jihad against yourself. We mentioned capital banana, he said, I continued doing kiama lane for 20 years.

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jihad against myself for 20 years. And then I started to enjoy a family. He started to enjoy the jambalaya after what, after 20 years, we do it once or twice. If we don't do it, they say there's too much we cannot keep doing it, keep doing it. No. Okay. And that's why we among the things that will help the person to a treat this illness is what might be respected brothers and sisters is try to find any way of pleasing Allah delana anyway, especially the hidden deeds, you find that fasting is difficult for you trying to emulate if you find that the emulator is difficult for you try setup hiddenly and secretly, okay, and here, I would like to warn my brothers and sisters who are doing

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the hour if you are doing that, and your connection with a larger lavalla is weak, okay, you are rarely fasting you are rarely doing to emulate you are rarely doing the out you are rarely giving cider and you are happy you say I am busy in doing that. I am afraid that your data is not sincere for the sake of Allah. And the outcome of your data is what will be very, very minimal.

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Okay, because those

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are the main components of Islam. And we see that a lot below Allah, Allah, Allah and His Messenger always encouraged us to do those events that in particular, why? Because of their value and their status in Islam. Okay, just because of time, otherwise we can speak more about this important principle. Allah Allah Allah says, Well lo de until pohlmann faceting then Allah Allah Allah turn to the story of Isa Elisa, and remember the story of Isa. Remember, Isa, Isa is another prophet from only as women are also the P, the prophets of power, the prophets of status Adam Moore Moosa Isa and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, those are only nazmi minerals. So he said, Wait, a second,

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ammonium when he says mentioned normally in the Quran, he is mentioned what as the son of Merriam to establish this fact that he has no father or a father. He says no money I'm not. He said to what you have any is Ryan, all children of Israel? If I am the Prophet of Allah, then no, I know to you, and I am confirming that previous message that has been sent to you to move alayhis salam, okay, that has been sent to Musa alayhis salaam that message is

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Was that all that has been sent to? Musa alayhis salam, okay.

00:30:06--> 00:30:19

Not only this and giving you the glad tidings that there will be a prophet. His name is Ahmed. Okay, his name is Ahmed, this prophet,

00:30:21--> 00:31:04

he will come after me. Okay. Then Allah Allah Allah said, despite this, the people who claim that they follow Isa alayhis salam, when they heard about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they did not believe in him. And they said, this is just a pure magic or a clear magic, okay? Or a plain magic, despite the fact that is Allah, he said, I'm told them there will be a Prophet and his name is mud. Okay. And that's why I like to know and follow this by saying, women have this that means that they have committed

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they have committed a great world a great injustice, to,

00:31:13--> 00:31:23

to to to themselves, because they have denied that clear proof that came to them by Isa Ali his setup. And

00:31:24--> 00:31:37

you know, the story of a Salah his enemies well known again because of time we cannot mention it. But here Subhan Allah, one of the I think they'll be he said Moosa, he said, when the father moves on to who

00:31:39--> 00:31:47

live for me, but the ISA What did he say? He said, pneumonia. What? You have any is right, he did not say you

00:31:48--> 00:31:50

agree. Why?

00:31:51--> 00:31:53

He didn't say oh my people, right?

00:31:55--> 00:31:59

Ah, no, there are people of masa. We're not believers as well.

00:32:04--> 00:32:05


00:32:10--> 00:32:10


00:32:13--> 00:32:17

Nope. Your brother's a lawyer, deca

00:32:18--> 00:32:23

is alehissalaam he has no father. So he cannot belong to that to try.

00:32:27--> 00:32:34

Yeah. So her letter he cannot belong. He cannot say Yo me. They are not his people.

00:32:35--> 00:32:56

Okay. He doesn't belong to them, because he doesn't have a father. But Moosa has a father and he descended from that to try that a Sally Sarah did not descend from that to try. Okay, so kinda, yeah, to go on. Okay, so

00:32:57--> 00:33:11

the miracles of Khurana so this is why we have to find out is Evan ammonium. Yeah, Ben is alive. He's talking to the children of Israel. He's another from Ben Israel. Okay. He doesn't have a father. Okay.

00:33:12--> 00:33:53

So lalani assylum. So he said, Yeah, Venezuela in neera su la heat Aiko, masa de Cali, Medina de todo MOBA, shown below Sunni a demon by this Mohammed, Salah de la Donna Andrew said, that Allah, Allah Allah took the covenant from any prophet that when I that you have to tell your people about the prophet who will come at the last day and his name is Ahmed and you have to take the covenant from your people to believe and this prophet if they if he appeared in them, and you have to follow Him, okay. And we all know that easily his Salaam

00:33:54--> 00:33:57

that is Allah His alarm will descend

00:33:58--> 00:34:24

just before the day of resurrection, and he will follow our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa sallam okay and then he will die and this will be mentioned indirectly in the coming Ayah to panela. There is always a subtle connection between the ayah then after this ayah Allah Allah Allah says, WOMAN OF THE Nemo, main man,

00:34:26--> 00:34:38

woman Avraham woman manifester, Allah him Khadija in Islam, Allahu Allah Yeah, I did not have lighting in and who does more wrong than one who

00:34:39--> 00:34:43

invents ally, okay? he invents ally

00:34:45--> 00:34:59

against Allah, Allah Allah while he is being given vited to Islam. Okay, this is a general idea that came after the story of Isa alayhis salam, as if a large Allah Allah said look at those people who is more one

00:35:00--> 00:35:27

Him who is more wrong doors than those people who have who attribute lies, okay to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, or those who invent lies and they say that Mohammed is just a plain magic, despite the fact they were invited, so no one is more unjust or more front doors than them. And that's why

00:35:28--> 00:35:31

unlike Allah, Allah says, Well law would

00:35:32--> 00:36:18

mean a lot will not guide those who are widely known or wrongdoers, because they have done this Allah Allah Allah will never give them guidance, okay, unless themselves rectify themselves, okay, unless themselves rectify themselves. And this means that the hedaya should come from within. Okay, from within, well, Edina gehouden fi in Atlanta dm the home Sabrina. So, you have to try first we have to try first to turn to Allah. Allah Allah and then Allah Allah Allah will facilitate hedaya for us, okay, then Allah Allah Allah says

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maybe we need Okay, you'll be doing a lot of you will know what Allah he'd be on for him. What la hometeam annuity here or they will carry healthcare to Allah Allah Allah is saying about the disbelievers in general, they intend to put out the light of a larger Lada and look at this expression the light of Allah gelada can the light be put off easily? no light in general Yes, the light in order to put off the to put off the light you need to go to the source of the light otherwise you cannot cover the light okay? And that's why this is a very hard job in general. Let alone that if it is the light to follow jello Allah then Allah Allah Allah says Allah took upon

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himself to establish his what is light and to complete his light. Okay, so his light will cover or will take over any darkness even Okay, that coffee alone will you know that they will not like that. Okay, they will not love that at all. Yeah, but Allah Allah Allah took upon himself that he will establish his life. And as we said in the beginning, I don't know Allah says in the beginning of the solar sub behind the law he Murphy sama what your mother in law making this vehicle for La Jolla, everything in the heavens, everything in the earth, Allah Allah Allah is mentioning this that July to follow the law Allah will cover the whole universe we need to stop here inshallah, we will try to

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finish the remaining of the surah in the

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next Tuesday inshallah. Yeah.

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Desert from Aloha.