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The Surah is a powerful message that can be used in various ways, including reading the Quran and writing in Arabic. The language used in Islam is not a proof of development, and there is variation in the creation of languages. The use of "will" in relation to a situation is also discussed, as it is used to indicate whether something is happening or a potential damage it could cause. The transcript describes various interpretations of the language and its meaning, including "naughty," "naughty," "naughty," "naughty," "naughty," "naughty," "naughty," "naughty," "naughty," "naughty," "naughty," "naughty," "naughty," "naughty," "naughty," "naughty," "naughty," "naughty,

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Sooner or harder human hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa he also a big man. Let us continue the Tafseer of soul of this Surah Surah Tarun

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we have spoken a lot previously about the main themes of the Surah or the main theme of the surah. And we said that this is a murky surah and the murky Surahs normally aim to establish the man in Allah, Allah Allah in the hearts of believers or in the heart, in the hearts of people in general. And this is one of the sewer that achieves this. And it is it achieves this in a very miraculous way. It talks about the balance of power, it talks about the reality of the one who owns the power and it describes many number of facts regarding the Hulk the creation, in order to confirm that it is there is only one one who remains on top of everything at any time and he is the one who remains

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the highest and he is the one who creates everything and everything is created everyone he is the one who originates everything and he is the one that he remains not to be changed and affected by any kind of a change. In this I am that we are going to read we are going to read a very powerful Iowa Hold'em nothing will either

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be somehow it will elope well, who will as easily okay.

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There were the parable. The highest Paragon belongs to him jell O Allah. Well, what is the highest possible that nothing is like him? Nothing at all is like him.

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He is unique.

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This is one

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in some other amorphous city and said well hold my fellow Allah is the fact that he is the only god

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yes, all they said well the whole methylone Allahu CIFA told earlier Lucifer told earlier he has the attribute that is considered to be the highest and there is no one who owns any attribute that is similar to his attributes or this particular attribute which is what that he is the highest Dilwara

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My dear brothers and sisters, the one who reads For us he feels empowered

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and that's why one of the qualities of the believer that he doesn't have feel

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Alia Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. Himalaya homea has no

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clue. What can we tackle? The one who lives away from the Quran, he is always afraid and he is always panicking. And anything will disturb his life. But the one who lives with the Quran, especially if he understands the basic meanings of the Quran. First of all, the Quran, my dear brothers has a very

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unmeasurable and tangible effect on the person. You don't know how Quran affects you and empowers you. How the Quran gives you mighty strength, let alone that Quran gives you happiness and tranquility. You don't know just by reading Quran. As I always say reading Quran means reading what Allah Allah Allah revealed which is Quran and Allah Ian Rayleigh the Arabic

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in a loud voice in order to let the Quran to affect the entire body of you the entire even atmosphere around you and that's why they've been Tamia Rahim Allah Allah said in one beautiful statement. Now we get to unfasten

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ah hire Ron men EDA met in Nevada he tabula I haven't seen anything useful for the human being than continuous looking at the book of Allah. Allah Allah means continuous What did he do for modular manual of the set of set I'll be too late he Jaco Yokota ofI Quran when the Quran is recited in one house frequently Bay to Baraka

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is a house of what is a house of Baraka.

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So, my dear brothers, I urge myself and yourself to continuously to read Quran and I always like to see myself my children, my family, everyone around you

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Developing an intimate relationship with the Quran means he feels that the Quran is his own friend, his his special friend, his special companion. He has a unique relationship with the Quran, as if their relationship is different from the relationship with anyone else.

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And once the person develops that relationship, he will be living in a different world, which is Alma Rakuten, Allah, the world of Allah Dilwara.

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Yes, my dear brothers

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and sisters,

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Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah in the beginning of the surah is spoke about, as we said, the balance of powers and he mentioned what happened to the Romans, they were defeated, they will defeat then Allah, Allah Allah spoke started to speak about his glory

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and His magnificence, and he started to glorify him yourself. Jello Allah, then Allah Jalla Allah in those iOttie started to speak about his signs, and in particular, his Kodaira his quality or his ability to create he started this by saying warming it and halacha coming to Robin from Ada and timber Shannon 20 Sharon, warming it and hello Paula Coleman and fusuma zwaar gently Tuscano Ilya all the way in a commode that Rama in a feeder and he can call me a de facto, this is the second

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week explain this. And the third one woman IRD how for somehow it will work the last one sanity come what Allah and you come in a fee Danica Yatim little admin and this is the start of this, the start of this lesson among his sons, among his science, how was somewhat you allowed that he created heavens and earth, and as we always say that the word Allah Allah mentioned a semi

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plural and the old one.

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This is the the norm in the Quran. It is only in one place where Allah Allah Allah said Wamena rd Mithila Han

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fella communist formalities are normal and out of the

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concept as Mr. Watson Hello cassava as Mr. Watson one minute out of the myth lagoon yet and as the loan Amro beno Wamena out of the myth, the Hon. Yanni from there are several as well. But this is an indirect one

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that confirms that there are seven out of the seven types of Earth but always Allah, Allah Allah explicitly or not always, in many cases Allah Allah Allah confirmed that there are semi what and it is a clear, as we have seen in hadith is that there are seven heavens, yeah, seven heaven heavens. So among His Signs that Allah Allah Allah created the seven heavens and the earth

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and then what the law falls on Cinetic Omalu Anika and they're very variation of your tongues and you will colors. Yeah, Allah Allah Allah Allah is still talking about what Hello.

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I will help as we said that the word Allah Allah challenges everyone with this quality, yes with this attribute because no one can claim that he can create anything. Yeah.

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What's the last one synthetic and what are

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the differences between you and your tongues and synthetic tongues that was translated? Yeah. This caller said that it can have two meanings either your languages

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or your voices,

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your languages, that people tend to speak different languages. Yeah, Arabic, English, Aramaic, Hebrew etc. Yeah. Although originally they came from Adam and Eve.

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But how the language is developed into different languages, how? Yeah, whatever explanation you give,

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it will be it will not be really very convincing.

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It will not really be very convincing, why? Because at least at least there will be much similarities between them between the languages. If all the languages for example, belong to one family, then we can understand that the language is just developed like this. Ya know,

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natural development as they say, Okay, if for example, most of the languages are like

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Anglo Saxon languages or maybe

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Greek languages, then you can say all of them came from Greece or the all of them belong to the Greek family. But

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if you look at for example, Arabic and Chinese, they are totally different. How? Why? That was the will of Allah, Allah Allah, that was the will of Allah, Allah Allah and this is one of the signs of Allah, Allah Allah. Okay.

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The the

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the very strange thing, the very strange thing regarding this evolution is evolution, theory and everything. The evolution theory, the essence of it, is to

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delete the existence of God from the life of people

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in order to say that everything developed naturally,

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organically, this is the norm of this life. So we don't need to prove that there was a creator who caused this to change or heal who created something to start with no need everything just a small cell

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Big Bang Theory brought a small cell and then

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trillions of people came in from a small cell how it is over billions of years. Okay, and the human being before being a human being he was a donkey Yeah, sorry, he was a monkey Yeah, monkey or donkey doesn't matter. Yeah. But if he was a monkey

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apes, all of us die why is still there are some monkeys in the world? Why didn't they develop to become human beings? And what is our future?

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Because I need to know how what I will be in the future. Yeah, am I going to the human beings are there going to to be like this as a human beings or according to the evolution theory? We will what we should develop? And maybe will tend to be

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maybe monkeys or donkeys? Or I don't know, but maybe same thing with languages no need for creator Yeah. Language is developed, the Chinese developed and have developed how Okay, what about the language just before the Chinese? What about the language just before Arabic?

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Yeah, what is the source of Arabic the source of Arabic is our mic, okay, any evolution takes place through stages. So, there was a Romeike how it developed is slowly slowly Yeah. So there has to be stages where it is not pure Arabic it is nearly Arabic.

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So what is that stage? Are you following me? Yeah, like we should have discovered the human being who is nearly human being and we should not find one. Because one time I was discussing it with a person he said they found in I don't know in

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Alaska or something, that there was a human being who is not complete a human being I said, okay, one

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how many human beings were there on this earth? Millions? Where are they? So let us see them. Let us see the NIDA, skeletons of them. Don't find one and oh, wow, this proves that the evolution theory is a fact we should have millions of them not only that, we should still find minions of

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beings who are nearly human beings that they have not yet developed. Because there are monkeys that have not yet been developed. Same thing, we should see Jonnie Ultra monkeys or monkeys who have developed and then the second stages of monkeys and then the third is and then a human being minus something, we should see them which is impossible that all of them developed completely. And the monkeys on the other side have not developed completely. Yeah, doesn't make sense. Anyway, same thing with languages. What is where is the language that is nearly a Chinese? Yeah,

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And that is nearly Arabic and that is nearly English and that is nearly French. What is it? There has to be some development. Anyway. This is among the signs of Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah wanted this, okay? I'm not saying that there might be no development in the social science or languages of people there might be some development, but in essence in essence, there is variation in the creation by the will of Allah, Allah Allah because Allah Allah Allah wanted it to be like this. Yeah, as we said,

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Woman it I'm Hala Coco mentor Robin Zuma either untung Verschuren 10 cashew rune. Yeah, he is the one who wants us to be scattered all over the universe. And same thing, when Allah Allah Allah, Allah says, Walk the love on Sina, Tecmo, Allah Anicon we should believe that it is Allah Allah, Allah, Allah who caused this. Maybe I'm not denying that there might be some kind of what of development in the languages of people be careful because someone might say that this is not a proof that there is no development. Are you following me? Yeah, someone might argue that this is not a proof that there is no development and the languages of people we say yes, but this is also a few

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believe in it. This is also a proof that what

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a proof that what?

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Allah is the one who caused it to be like this. So maybe without the Quadra of Allah, it could not have been like this. It could have just stayed as it was originated. Yeah. But Allah, Allahu Allah is the one who caused it to be like this. I hope that this point is clear. Yeah, because He intended it was the last one synthetical will wanna come he wanted it to be like this. So he created it in a way that can be developed like this, or He is the One who created the languages as they are with maybe little development. Is it clear? Yeah, so the Arabic was created as Arabic, the, the, I don't know about the English but some other languages were created as them. And this is one of the opinion

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of some scholars. Why because they said that Allah, Allah, Allah said to Adam, what were Allama, the melasma Akula.

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Are you following? He teaches them the names of everything. So he is the one who taught them. You call this you call this?

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Some scholars said, what was the language is the language that Allah Allah, Allah taught Adam, some of them said Arabic, some of them said something else. So if for example, we go for that, that Allah Allah, Allah taught them Arabic, so Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah has taught them that you you call a module. This sky is called Asana. This is called Argh. Yeah. And this is called, for example, a horse and this is called puram. Yeah, this is Hassan. Yeah. And that's why this is one of the opinions of the scholars that Magda Aloha Tito Teef.

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Yeah, they lot were created with Adam, Allah, Allah, Allah says, Allah Allah devil as well Kula even if we do not, if we go for the other opinion, yep. That Allah Allah, Allah, Allah taught Adam one language and then maybe there was kind of development. Yeah. And the language that Adam was taught was very limited. Yeah, and then language is developed. But it was the order of Allah Allah Allah to develop it in this a numerous way. Yeah. And this that we see languages that do not belong to one family. Okay. Bye.

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This is one explanation or one interpretation of

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Workday. Laffel l Cinetic. There is another interpretation of what's the law for Alsina take home which is work data for what

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your tone so some people have very nice voice some people have very deep voice some people have very strong voice, soft voice, etc. Yeah, this the other the other meaning

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floxie Laffel l Cinetic comm one L one equal. Also there are variations in the colors of people. Yeah, some of them white, some of them a little bit darker. Some of them are black, some of them red, some of them brown, and so on. Yeah. It was dilla fall Cinetic como Anwar Nico indeed. In the V Danika. IRT lil Elliman, indeed there are signs for a Lally mean and Allah, lemon

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allottee mean Is this a dissertation of half's

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and all the other Quora Reddit Allah learning.

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This is Yanni strange helps is the only one who did it what Allah limit and all the other research researchers recited it Allah learning what is the difference between an iron limine and the lemon

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Alhamdulillah Hera Bill

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Alhamdulillah Hara Bill Alameen

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Yeah, what doesn't have the level of blood I mean

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Alhamdulillah he the Lord of all all worlds, all types? Yes. Of Creation Allah here Yes. In a fidelity Can I add in Linda al Amin means there are signs for everyone all types of What have people.

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And if we say in the reader, Nicola iOttie. Lila Lee mean, Lee mean from limb, those indeed there are Signs for those who what? Who know the law early mean, this is the duck era of who have health. Then Allah Allah Allah said, warming it up warming it mana McCombie lady one I heard he was at law OH COME IN fugly in a fidelity Can I attend? They call me as well and this is the third the fourth one? Yeah, well, I mean it he among His Signs, mana Muqaam Maha Muqaam you're asleep? Yeah.

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most of the all the Quran read it continuously among His Signs. You're asleep at night. Madame Combi lady

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and yes.

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Is you're asleep by night.

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By night or at night.

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What is the best translation

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by night or at night?

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Okay. Oh by night or at night? Yes. Among His Signs is your sleep by night and by day.

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Okay, well I mean I team and

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you're asleep at night or by night and by the

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Multnomah County lady on the hurry and warming it among His Signs avtr or common family that you seek Yes. of His Bounty

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Okay. And you see kiss bounties

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Yeah. What beauty of Hong Kong meme family or you see his provision okay. Now, this idea

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it can be understood that among His Signs That You sleep by day and why unite full stop and among his

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among His Signs That You look for your provision and you will see crisp, seek the bounties of Allah de la. Yes.

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Okay. This is one interpretation. Another interpretation

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is the following. Among His Signs that you sleep at night.

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Okay, one hurry.

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Uh huh.

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They say there is duck deep water.

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You Yeah.

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reversing the order. So among the signs that you sleep at night, and you see Q risk at the date,

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is it clear? So this is another interpretation, the first interpretation among His Signs That You sleep in the day and the night and another sign is that you see Chris Amin it Manabu, Camilla, and you wonder how you

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To sleep at night and

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at the daytime as well and also among His Signs That You seek his wrist. Okay? However the second interpretation is warming it among His Signs that you sleep at night. And then there is a reverse and reverse order. And you see Chris art what?

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An AHA at the daytime. Okay? Allahu Allah, okay. Both can be acceptable. And then at the end Allah, Allah Allah says, Indeed there are Signs for those who what? who listen, some of them have sad in like a pothead have an actual and a Razzie and others. They were trying to understand why Allah, Allah Allah say then the first idea, sorry, the second area

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in the FY Delica it in the Ahlmann

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yet of a karoun This is the conclusion of what or this is the prefix or end of which area

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that he created from yourselves, mate. Indeed there are Signs for those who don't think yet ever karoon the eye after that warming it that he created the heavens and earth. Yes. And he created you in different languages or different voice tones and different colors. Indeed there are Ayat for who

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for everyone or for the people of knowledge

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this is a woman it him and I'm a combi lady one of our common fugly. What was the end of the if?

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Indeed there are Signs for those who what?

00:26:58--> 00:27:01

For those who listen, why

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are you following? Yeah, why?

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They have different answers by some of them are linguistic some of them are related to the meaning they are a bit

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a bit difficult to be honest with you. I was not convinced with any one of them. There was no solid answer Allah Allah, maybe in the future will find by Yanni or we will read something that we were not aware of. Why Allah, Allah Allah chose in this particular

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this particular end and so on, but definitely there is what

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there is a benefit out of it because Allah de la Allah doesn't do anything. Yeah, for nothing, let alone his Quran. Everything in the Quran is a miracle.

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Okay, warming it and then Allah Allah Allah said, Woman TV, among His Signs that he What unique formula or how fun works and he shows you what, I'll bunk. What is bark.

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alberca is sander. Yeah. And among His Signs is that he shows you lightning or the Thunder by Yeah, I'll bump

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how fun Wattana

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sometimes this bulk of this lightning or thunder that comes up in the sky can be house. And he started with how? Because it's a threatening for you, especially if the language if the if the if the noise is so high. And that is Subhanallah sometimes it's scary. Yeah, very scary. And the light, you know the light. What is the light? They say? Because two skies? Yeah, each one is charged with certain electric electrical charges and passed by another sky and one is positive and the other one is negative. So there was discharge between both of them. And they say that if that sender were to touch any, anything it would destroy I think at that time, they said,

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I don't know this big building in in the state because of the amount of electricity from that. And sometimes you can hear the noise. Yeah, so loudly. Uh huh. So this is how this is what have bi

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and PAMA it might be what a source of rain.

00:29:55--> 00:29:58

Yeah, so the thunder is might be a source of rain.

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We mentioned previously that when the prophets Allah Allah Allah Salah

00:30:04--> 00:30:06

sees that the sky

00:30:07--> 00:30:20

has changed the color and maybe there is wind, especially if it is strong the Prophet sallallahu wasallam moves goes, yeah and go goes

00:30:21--> 00:30:34

back and forth out of worry about the Allahu Taala and said, What is this year rasool Allah maybe there is Hi pal no having to read what Allah Allah Allah said about bad

00:30:36--> 00:30:43

fella Mara whom you Mustafa Dillon outdating Powell who had Tirana, they thought that it is what

00:30:45--> 00:30:52

that this is Hi. Then Allah Allah Allah Allah said no it is what we had here on either when le

00:30:54--> 00:30:59

ya know in it so that is what there is adapt any

00:31:00--> 00:31:42

RIA Humphrey has there been any? Yeah, there is adapt name so that's why the prophesize LM used to be worried more than what hoping and here Allah Allah Allah started with what how far and then automata there might be what apama This might be a source of rain and definitely the rain and the water is a source of hype for human beings. Wamena Yachty recommendable cow for Tama one unit zero in a summer. This is a separate idea that he sends water. Yes. For you from what from this guy? Yeah.

00:31:44--> 00:32:36

What will happen for you he will order by the motya in the fidelity in the coalmine. You have to own the land after it is what it is after it is completely dead. completely dead because of the water that Allah Allah sent from this guy. It will be what? life again? So Allah Allah Allah Allah gives it life after it was if it was that, yeah, and there. So Allah Allah Allah Allah revives the earth after it has been dead or after his death valley in that are indeed signs for the people who understand the Omiya. Then the last either of those signs, Allah, Allah Allah said, warming it and Takuma Santa will be amazing

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to me that the outcome that our terminal or the either unto the holy do, this is a very powerful, very massive idea to conclude the those signs, warming IoT And among His Signs that the heavens and earth and Takoma summer will be angry, that the heavens and earth is turned by His Command, what does it stand by his command? means it is standing by his will.

00:33:07--> 00:33:31

Without His will, they will be collapsing they cannot function properly. Yeah, this is the main meaning another meaning some scholars mentioned it or it can be understood from what other scholars said that a woman at an Takoma summer will be Amory. Yes, they are ready for his commandments.

00:33:33--> 00:33:44

They are ready for any command and Takuma sama will also be AMRI. Yeah, they are ready for any command. That's why Uh huh.

00:33:48--> 00:33:54

So many that outcome data, it is mentioned after that, if he were to call you for anything,

00:33:56--> 00:34:48

yes, you will be answering his call. Because the heavens and earth are established are are established because of his commandments or are ready to fulfill to adhere to His commandment? And he both meanings anyway, are close to each other. Is it clear? So I mean it and Tacoma sama will obey me. And look here, Allah Allah Allah mentioned it here as verb while the verses before that were mentioned as a noun. What does that mean? It might be difficult for you if you read the first one. Uh huh. Woman it he called us somehow it i mean i t mana Combi lately. Yeah. So these are nouns. Then Allah Allah Allah

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changed the noun to what verbs were mean it Yuriko.

00:34:57--> 00:34:59

Because the verb it means what

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If it happens now and then

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okay, now on then and warming it under Obama summer will Arlo be angry he? What does it mean? Why it started with a verb and Takoma that they stand

00:35:22--> 00:35:24

by his word

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by His commandment, they stand so verb is not warming Yachty Hill kriya Musa at Asana you will already be angry.

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Did you notice the difference? Yeah Not how like the previous area or manner. Yeah, the previous I had no and and Tahoma and Tacoma okay means that they are ready they are in a standing position and Tacoma Santa Fe Amedee. By and because they already

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this is one possibility, the other possibility because Allah Allah Allah wants to say that without him they could fall

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so Allah Allah Allah Allah did not give them the name The name which shows that they are stable

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okay that's why in Surah Tabarak

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Allah Allah Allah

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what Pyro software what is the beginning of

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Yes, what's the beginning of the idea?

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Yeah, I let me by default calm SOF to this is what

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now? Yeah, means that the original case is that they are what soft fat?

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Because it is what noun or muster soft fat? Yeah. This is most of what they were building. So this is verb which means that sometimes they do it. So the Acela is what they are stable and the on the when they fly Yeah, with this wings like this and sometimes they couldn't they fold their wings. Yeah, here and Takuma Nakayama and Takuma did means that it is about to what not to stand, but because Allah Allah Allah Allah let it to stand it is it standing otherwise it does not have this table. What is table status? Okay, Allah Allah, this can be said Wamena Yachty and Tacoma sama will also be Emery.

00:37:56--> 00:38:54

It is standing by Emery as we said, there are two interpretations. The word Amory, it can have two interpretations. Amore means his affair or Ahmed can mean can also mean what orders so it is because of the affair of Allah Allah Allah Allah because of him jello Allah they are what they are standing. Yeah, or the second interpretation. So it was the first interpretation, that sorry, the second sorry, the second interpretation, that they are ready for any commandment of Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, they stood up because of the commandment of Allah, Allah, Allah and they are ready to fulfill any commandment of Allah, Allah. Is it a clear? Yeah, it is. Only the first one it is because of the

00:38:54--> 00:39:55

affair of Allah, Allah, Allah Allah. Yes, because of his other, they are standing up or if we say be angry, he means his order, he commanded them to be what? To be ready and to stood up, to stand up and they are going to work to adhere to any commandment of Allah. Allah Allah. Yeah, the emery so many that are come that wait a minute, are they either and Tom who if he were to call you to reserach to you mineral or you will come you will come out of this earth. You will be resurrected. Yeah. And then Allah Allah Allah concluded this and this will be inshallah the last ayah wala homomorphism our tea well are the cooloola who corny tune and He it is Who sorry, and him to him

00:39:55--> 00:39:59

sorry. And To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and earth.

00:40:00--> 00:40:04

We all are obedient to Him.

00:40:09--> 00:40:09


00:40:11--> 00:40:16

to Allah Allah Allah Allah to Allah, Allah Allah. Yeah belongs what?

00:40:17--> 00:40:36

To Allah Allah Allah Allah belongs what wala who Memphis sama what you will? Everything that is in heaven and the heavens and in the earth. Hear the word man. As you know sometimes Allah, Allah Allah says what math is somewhat and sometimes he says what? Men

00:40:37--> 00:40:42

generally speaking ma refers to what Lamola

00:40:43--> 00:40:55

for the non human beings, and man refers to what? Human beings? Yeah, lemony happen, but sometimes, there were Demand refers to both.

00:40:56--> 00:41:34

Yeah, so here, while a whole month is summer, what you will, everything, it means everything, what belongs to Allah, Allah, Allah, everything in the heavens. Everything in the earth belongs to Allah, Allah, Allah. No one has anything in the creation of Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, he's the creator of everything, everything belongs to him. And then Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah says, What could learn law who on the tune, all of them are what? humbled to Allah, Allah, Allah, obedient to Allah, Allah, Allah. Yet

00:41:35--> 00:41:45

believers, this believers, human beings, animals, mountains, Sky,

00:41:46--> 00:41:47


00:41:48--> 00:41:53

the ground trees, everything is what

00:41:54--> 00:42:50

is cognate lillahi della, the word carnitine Elijah Allah Allah is not only obedient, but with humbleness. That's why I'll connote for Salah means what? Long dua with humbleness, this the original of Knut by a man who are counted on Erna alive yeah, means that he is praying long prayer with humbleness and he is showing full obedience to Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah for Salah how to earn a titan means they are what obedient. So, the origin of it or the essence of it is obedience, but more than obedience, or there is something more extra, yeah, the above obedience which is what, which is humbleness, everything in the heavens and earth is what obedient to Allah, Allah, Allah and

00:42:50--> 00:42:53

humbled to Allah, Allah. My dear brothers.

00:42:55--> 00:42:59

Believe me, or let me ask you a question when you read those I act.

00:43:00--> 00:43:24

When you read those if and just think little bit about them, think little bit about the magnificence of Allah, Allah Allah, the greatness of Allah azza wa jal while and think of what Allah Allah Allah says, To him, belongs everything unto him. Yes, returns everything and everything is obedient to him.

00:43:26--> 00:43:32

Does that fill your heart with iman? And Taleem and the glorifying of Allah? Allah Allah Allah?

00:43:34--> 00:44:03

Of course, yes, of course. Yes. And this what should be, this should be the impact of the Quran on our hearts, my dear brothers and sisters, that's why I said Quran empowers the person, fills his Iman with, with fills his heart with iman. And also gives him a sense of freedom because he knows that he is worth the slave of Allah, Allah and to Allah He, it will give him a sense of honor he

00:44:04--> 00:44:25

might and honor that work. He is among those who do not reject what Allah Allah Allah says and He is the first one to say yes, your Allah Yes, yeah, Allah, I am cognate for you, I am obedient to you. And this also shows him that whatever happens in the world, yeah.

00:44:26--> 00:45:00

If whatever the enemies of Allah, whatever they try to do, at the end of the day, they don't do anything except with the will of Allah, Allah, Allah and Allah then Allah Allah is above them, all of them are servants to Allah Dylon. No one can go beyond His will or out of his well. No one can go against the will of Allah Allah. So what does that mean? What does

00:45:00--> 00:45:53

Does that mean? It means that the person should have confidence in what Allah Allah Allah said, in what Allah the Lord Allah promised? And this gives the person tranquility. Yes, gives the person feel of peace, that at the end of the day, could Luna be amarilla everything is in the hands of Allah Allah, Allah Allah. And those are the challenges that we face my dear brothers and sisters, those Allah Allah Allah Allah wanted them to happen in order to what Lea Allah Allahu Manian Salah who Waru Sudha who believe Allah wants to see you who is helping his deed in order for them. Those people who help the deen of Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah to be elevated on Yeoman Tiama.

00:45:54--> 00:46:44

So Allah Allah, Allah, Allah is honoring us, my dear brothers and sisters with those challenges that we see. It is true that Allah, Allah, Allah the Prophet SAW said and said, Let us Allah Allah, Allah, Allah do. Don't ask Allah, Allah Allah to meet your enemies, but if it happened, that you put in a situation of in a confrontational situation, or in a situation of a challenge, yes, then what any kind of a challenge or a delicate ideological challenge or physical challenge, then remain firm. If it happened, then remain firm don't wish to have it but if it happened, it is the mother of Allah, Allah Allah be strong, and they remain firm. And Allah did not promise that while I am Solon,

00:46:44--> 00:47:04

Allah who may yield sort of Allah, Allah Allah will give victory to those who give victory to the tune of Allah, Allah Allah, masala la cena Mubarak and Anna Vienna Muhammad Ali also have the advantage as they said to you shall not be there in the coming maybe two or three weeks but make sure please brothers to

00:47:05--> 00:47:13

continue coming in sha Allah to attend other lessons in sha Allah DISA con la Hara Baraka la Pico, Santa Monica, Monica de la