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snel Rahim hamdulillah mobile Alameen wa salatu salam ala Nabina Muhammad Ali wasabia Jain we are doing Tafseer of Surah a row.

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Last time

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we explained the first few ayat of the surah. And we said that Allah, Allah Allah, in the Surah mentioned that the Romans have been defeated.

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by who? Allah Allah, Allah, Allah did not mention this, but Allah, Allah, Allah Allah mentioned, after that, that day will also defeat

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which means that Allah, Allah, Allah wants to draw our attention to a reality. What is that reality? The reality is, no matter how powerful you are, one time you will go down. And then no matter how you were weak, one time, you will progress and you will become strong and you will defeat others. This is similar to a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. When he said that happen Allah Allah, it is established upon Allah, Allah took this upon himself, that whatever in this dunya someone become superior, except he will become what inferior. If he one time wins, another time he or it will lose.

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There was a camel for the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam owned by the prophet Iserlohn called a swap. And she used to win any kind of competition and one time

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that camel was defeated. Yes, it lost the competition. Then the Prophet SAW Selim said, How can Allah Allah, it is upon Allah, he took this promise upon himself, that anyone anything, that he wins one time, he or he or she will lose

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this the reality Subhanallah This is one of the Divine laws. This is one of the Divine laws. Why is this because Allah, Allah, Allah wants to give hope to hopeless people. Allah, Allah Allah also wants to remind people that this life is the dunya the lowest, this life is temporary, this life don't think to live in it forever. Yeah, this life even if you will become really happy one time you will lose. Yeah. And moreover, and this point, imagine that if there is a person who is winner all the time,

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what will happen to him? He will become what? Arrogant?

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Yeah, he will become arrogant. And not only that, he will become complacent to the dunya

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Yeah, and that's why even they say the wise people they retire when they are on the peak, because they know that they will the peak will be followed by a decline. Yeah. So they retire when they are on the peak in order to what to in order to retire while they have this glory. Yeah, and this is status, but if they retire after the defeat, yeah, it is meaningless. Subhanallah This is how those who understand and Allah Allah Allah, Allah wants also this divine low helps people helps people to have to have a balance of power. Because you cannot win all the time. No, no one time you will be defeated and the balance of power or the power will be moved to another nation or even another

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individual. It is a balance of power. Also part of this divine law is that Allah Allah Allah created this dunya muda

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muda file, one pulls the other side and one push pushes the other side. Well I will add of Allah hiddenness about long development, the hood the Mazzone Obeah was a lot warmer side you do usually curl or use the corrosive Allah He used to cuddle fee has been like if he had didn't Allah Dillo Allah repelled one another one by the other. Yes. Which means one would push and the other one would resist.

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Yeah, otherwise what would happen? The defeated people will be completely defeated, and the winners will destroy everything. There will be no masajid there will be no synagogues there will be no Temples in which the name of Allah general Allah is mentioned you

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This is Subhanallah that dunya and Subhan Allah at the end of the day, the person knows that superiority, winning all the time, happiness all the time will be where?

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In the gender in the era. Moreover, my dear brothers,

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I don't know Have I mentioned that it will give hope? Yes for those who were defeated, they will not think that they are going to be defeated forever.

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Yeah, one time they will win just unique you need to keep struggling. Anyway this is the balance of of power.

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So this surah is talking that listen, you human being is talking about this reality. Listen, you are a human beings, Allah is superior above you all the time. Whatever you do one time you will be defeated. Allah is Allah Allah.

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Allah is the Creator. He is the only one who controls everyone. That's why we mentioned this surah is talking about

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Allah who have done what you may do well in it I'm Hala Calico Mina and Fuji comas word and it has canola here and so on. Okay, so this was the beginning of the surah. Then Allah, Allah Allah started to glorify himself. Yeah, started to talk about so I started to focus on that otherwise, glorifying Allah, Allah, Allah is always there in the Quran, but Allah Allah, Allah started to talk about his glory, explicitly. So Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah says,

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Allah, whoever that will help us will make your ad Allah is the only one who generates the creation and he is the one who returns the Hulk either returns it in the dunya or he returns the Hulk to him on the day of resurrection then Allah Allah Allah says why oh matter almost to you beliefs will emerge anymore.

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And on the Day of Resurrection or when the hour happens, now, the hour here, why oh my takamasa on the hour is established or starts, okay, the hour when it is mentioned unconditionally, it refers to the Day of Resurrection, which part of the Day of Resurrection, it is not important in general, because the Day of Resurrection is what the Day of Resurrection it takes place in steps, yeah, there will be the saya the blow in the trumpet, the first one, the second one, then the people will be resurrected and then the accountability, all of this from the second side when all of the people some scholars said even from the first so I have from the first blow the trumpet, yeah, is called

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the Day of Resurrection, it is easy anyway. Okay.

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So, in general well Matakohe Musa, when the Day of Resurrection, yeah is established, when the hour is established or the started, you believe almajiri moon yeah, we mentioned last time that there are a number of meanings regarding you bliss with moody moon and Libra as well as dimension five meanings for it, most of them are very close to each other. And most of those meanings revolve around two or three meanings either as as we say that your Alma Wyoming takamasa or your initial muddiman They will lose hope

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this is a eblasts and it will ask and they say also ablaze is the one who lost any kind of hope. A bliss Yeah, this is one meaning so it will ask you to believe so much even though will they will lose hope colors. They don't have any any chance to change their situation. Yes. Obama yo Dolla dolla coverall O'Connell Messina Moon glow cannon Muslimeen if they wish, if they become Muslims, but no more hope

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they lost. That's it, there is another meaning you'll be the sort of material one that they will deeply regret.

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Yeah, they will deeply regret and that kind of regret is the worst is the worst why? Because now, which is linked to the first meaning now they have no chance to change their situation. Okay. And maybe the third meaning is your beliefs will remain they will stand still and shocked in a state of shock. This is the hour we used to deny it, this is the hour now the reality comes now this and that will happen to us. Okay, and as we said last time, I'll move to the moon here, and we'll get him on there.

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Although to the translation the literal translation is the criminals, but here it refers to what the disbelievers yeah and as we said when Allah Allah Allah mentions that up that up for the emoji the moon in the alpha it means the adult for who for in particular in particular, it is the adult for the disbelievers. And Allah Allah Allah confirmed this while Amir Kola home shoulda, woulda, coulda, shoulda him Schufa they do not have or they will not have or they don't have from those whom they used to associate besides Allah, Allah Allah. Anyone is willing to work to intercede for them.

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Yeah, which means that they are what the kuffar the machinery kin, not the criminals who may be the criminals are from the Muslims. This is talking about the disbelievers. Okay, well, I'm here Colombian Shura ism Schufa. And this is, this is the reality. This is the reality of any partner whom used to be worshipped besides Allah, or any person or individual whom use whom the kuffar used to glorify, other than Allah, Allah, Allah. And Wallahi. Yes, my dear brothers and sisters, the person should think, as we said, I think we mentioned that last time that he should think if he were to connect himself to be attached to someone, he should think whether this person or this entity or

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this whatever, is it going to help him on the Day of Resurrection or not?

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Yeah, is this entity going to help this person? Yes, to help him or to help her on the Day of Resurrection or not, this is the key message. This is the key message that we need to be aware of. And this message is the essence of the heat. Why? Because the essence of the hate is to know that no helper for you in the healer, first of all, other than Allah, and when the person when the person thinks of that, and he links himself to Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, He will establish the reality of the hate in his dunya. And that's why even in that hour, to those who have been involved in some share key aspects, yes. And some acts that can be seen as shall

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we say to them, we say to the brothers who are giving those people that hour, make sure that you focus on what helps the person on the Day of Resurrection. And the reminder, those people to think of what they will help them on the Day of Resurrection. And if they were to claim that wow, so onshore ally or al Hassan or ally or al Husayn or Al Hasan, or Abdulkadir Gilani, or anyone is going to help us on the Day of Resurrection, then we say to them, bring any proof and we say to them, don't worry about us, just worry about yourselves. Yeah, worry about yourself, you need to present a proof that to those whom you are moving your heart towards them, and being attached to them

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connected to them in this dunya make sure that they will help you on the Day of Resurrection. That's all what we are saying And subhanAllah in the Quran, we see that Allah Allah Allah Allah focused on this reality is Lavina to be ruminal Medina who will other about Pattabhi, mulus. Bob will call a Latina who unknown and a couple of to infinity. I mean, come come at phenethylamine Hong Kong, Amina carnality, Uri, Allahu Allah who has arrived in LA him. Well, now I'm behind it in a minute now. Yeah, this is inserted Batala remember if tomorrow when the followers will free themselves or ones those who used to be followed? Yeah, they will free themselves from those who used to follow them.

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Yeah, they will say we have nothing to do with you like the shape and wapella shape Angela Merkel they are Amro in Allaha Kumada they want to come fast enough to cook Walmart. Can any ally convince you of Panini Landau to confess them to me, fella Teru Mooney Well, no more Anfisa Kumar

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and to Mimosa in Nika fall to the National Monument. Yeah, they say meaning the Chopin was followed the Chopin will come to those who are going to be thrown in the fire of hell say similarly if double Valentina to Manila dinner table when I will add up when they see the other up. Now those who used to be followed the

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They will say Allah we have nothing to do with us. They have nothing to do with us. We have nothing to do with them. Yeah, we have nothing to do with them. They Chapin will say, Oh guys, I have nothing to do with you. Why we use to worship you? Yes. He said no. Have I forced you to do so? No, I didn't force you to do so. All what I did is I called you to worship me. You blame yourself. Don't blame me. Don't blame me. You need to blame yourself. Same thing. Those who used to be followed with their followers today will say we are free from you. If Tabouleh Dena target Amina Latina Deborah Arawa with a hot bath vimanas Bub all the ASVAB means will be what will be cut off. Yeah. Except

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what Allah Allah Allah Allah will accept on the Day of Resurrection. And this reality is established in many verses in the Quran. Yes, when when we mentioned last time

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the Delta COVID pilot Hola Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola, Luna for rt maddaddam that feminine Nacala de Kooning, Beth, yes, in Surah de la, when the first will free themselves from the last. And then the last, again will free themselves from the false. Everyone will say Oh Allah, we have nothing to do with them. And the first whom used to be accused that they have. They have misguided the later one. They will say to them, by the way, by the way, you will not be better for us don't claim that we are the source of fate enough for you. Both of us will be in the other. Both of us will be in for my cannula Kamala and I'm in front of the federal colada. Yeah. Both of us will be in Dadaab. That's

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why I'll happen. The wise person, my dear brothers and sisters, before this happens to him on the day of resurrection he needs to what he needs to make sure that he is safe in this dunya. Yeah, the dunya is your chance to be safe. And yeah, sometimes even even, you know, for some arrogant people, or even for Jani the other day. The other day one one brother said to me Subhanallah that he was

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talking about his father and his father, he doesn't want to, to pray. Yeah, he's Subhanallah he's from an Arab country. And he believed that all of this prayer and etcetera, is just yearning for the person to become a better person. Otherwise you'll be Muslim. You'll be Christian. You've been Yes, as far as you are not atheists, you will be yes, in a good shape on the Day of Resurrection, and Yanni says stuff for Allah Allah, that Allah doesn't look yeah, I need to this. Yanni. what is Salah and fasting Allah is greater than these things. Yeah, he's saying this. So I said to him, Subhan Allah, and then he said, anyway, anyway, so for Allah, they look when when the person becomes

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Aragon, he says to his son, by the way, you Alhamdulillah you are good. Yes, you are good. And God, God, don't think of God that He is like a star for a lot of the monster. God is merciful. So you are good on the Day of Resurrection. If I am bad, and you are my son, you are good. Allah will place me with you in paradise. Yeah, so don't worry about me. I said Subhan Allah Subhanallah Lamia, Annie, this is Yanni the utmost level of Oregon's by and he already judged himself he already stopped for Allah placed himself. Yeah. In the place of Allah. Allah Allah. I said to the brother Lumia he tell him Allah, you need to tell your father now. If this is the case, and he's 70 or something, yeah,

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tell him no, I'm worried about you. And tell him what law he on the Day of Resurrection. I will not help you.

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Yeah, tell them on the Day of Resurrection. I will not help you. You are not my father on the Day of Resurrection. There is nothing called your my official role not only now he will me he will be it isn't clear in the Quran. When the person flee. flees. Yeah, he runs away. My father I don't care. My mother I don't care my I what I am. I say NFC. NFC. NFC. NFC. We mentioned Hadith. Nkrumah, yes. A statement by academic commenting on this is for all not only nothing you want me to do also have if you have any. He said on the Day of Resurrection, the person will pass by his wife will pass by

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with his son, and now it is the day of resurrection is started and the fire is surrounding the entire humanity. So, the people will see the reality now, and they will see the fire. And now hollows they know either it is this fire or even was forever forever or paradise. So the person will be looking for any single person, my dear brothers and sisters will be looking for every single person. That's why Subhanallah as one of the self said, I imagined myself next to the agenda and now, yes, or I imagined myself in the fire of hell. And then I imagined myself in the Jana and I said to myself, if I am in the fire of hell, what do you want? Then, of course, I will say to

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myself, I will I want to go back to the dunya in order to do some good deeds. Yes, and even if I am in Jannah, you will be delighted that there by the name of Jana, etcetera, then I will say to myself, What do you want? Then I will say to myself, for sure, I want to go back to the dunya in order to do what more good deeds, then he said to himself, I said to myself, and now you are what? Already in the dunya so why don't you do more good deeds? Why don't you do more good deeds. That's why the wise person will not leave any chance but to earn good deeds, any kind of good deeds, either liquor of Allah TSB history for giving sadaqa smiling, giving Dawa being active being

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a charitable person being nice to his parents having good Duflot and if he is not doing anything, he should intent of doing good deeds. Because intending doing good doing good deeds is what is a deed itself? Yeah, when you sleep when you sleep, the main thing in your mind think of what you want to do tomorrow. So think of having good sleep in order to wake up tomorrow to do good deeds tomorrow then your bed or your sleeping time will be what has Yeah, this is a very easy and effective way to make your sleeping time six times six hours or five hours or eight hours or whatever. You are sleeping because you are thinking of tomorrow yeah tomorrow What am I going to do? I'm going to do

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this and that I'm going to work because I need some money in order to send them for to my family or I need to collect someone money to give sadaqa or I need to collect some money to get married so I become Yeah, chess person I need some money in order to keep going because I don't want to beg people think of tomorrow and just think that I am is leaping because of this. Yeah, because of what being able to do good deeds tomorrow this will turn your what sleeping done as a good deed. Same thing with with food etc etc. Even when you have fun. Yeah, when you have fun I want to have fun for a purpose not just for the purpose of fun, I want to have fun because I feel low I feel or I want to

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have fun in for that hour Yeah.

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Or I have I want to have fun with my children for a purpose and that purpose should be a noble purpose. Then this will turn the fun you have the joke yes when you joke it will turn into what it will turn out to be good deeds anyway. This I was going to mention this on Subhan Allah He Athena to Sunova Hina does we're gonna we're gonna do hero Yeah. Anyway, so the wise person will turn all of his life as what

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as a banda because of the if he is thinking of the Day of Resurrection all the time, okay, so Allah Allah Allah Allah then he said well me Akula homie inshallah I am Schufa

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Waukon will be shorter aka in caffeine. They will disbelieve the they will be the first people to disbelieve in their shoulda and their partners

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and their partners. Okay, then Allah, Allah Allah said, Well Matakohe Musa to young woman eating into roku. Yeah, we mentioned last time I think it was a mistake from myself, that you bless means to federal know, your bliss, doesn't mean tomorrow as I have mentioned the three meanings that use the word do bliss is revolving around but tougher rock is mentioned here. Well metta comesa, again, Allah, Allah, Allah mentioned the Day of Resurrection in order to emphasize on what is happening,

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what will happen there on in order

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Got to make the Day of Resurrection live in your mind all of the time. Yes. So you remember the horror of the Day of Resurrection we all met up almost two years oh man II didn't yet have a rock on here why oh my Tacoma sir to and on when the Day of Resurrection happens or when the our comes young man even it is only young woman aged yeah it is only at that time so he repeated the OMA way oh my Tacoma sir When the day or when the hour happens on that time yeah will marry them on that time they will split Yo Ma de la code. Of course. The believers yeah always is played to from the disbelievers. But this is the real split physically, emotionally, everything in terms of destination

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everything how Allah Allah Allah mentioned it for a millennium and Samuel Salah Hardy for home theater, but in your garden, we mentioned this is a clear straightforward for those who used to believe and used to do good deeds family and I'm going to show you how to set home again

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the word home they Yes, it was repeated to emphasize that they and they are the only one yes. So, the translation of this family denominator and middle sila Hardy not fear all button for whom fear all that means then as for those who believed

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and did righteous deeds, such shallots So, the word such such refers to the repetition of For Whom are you following this? Yes, it is different from Sofia, robot Barone in some verses in the Quran it came like this and in some other verses, the emphasis were repeated in order to establish the fact that they are the only one to be receiving this kind of name or delight. Yeah Amala denominado middle side they had the found fear of luck in your Murano he said that Allah roba means like a garden. Yeah, or the middle of garden. You don't mean they are receiving types of delight or they are listening to singing. Yeah, they mentioned some Yanni other forms of delight that they are going

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to enjoy in enjoy with and then Allah Allah Allah said mentioned that the other party well I'm Alladhina amanu Well, I'm sorry, why malaria in Africa for workers that will be hired in our in Africa for Ola it can feel other be McBroom. For those who these who disbelieved and those who denied our iron, as we said, not only disbelieved but today the and I did. Our Ayat are not only that, they also denied meeting us on the Day of Resurrection which means that they denied that they will be what resurrected for hola EPFL Adobe macaroon again for hola Erica, it is like a repetition of a Medina is a shot of Amma Latina hola Erica, not so homesale Other IB hola Erica means another

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emphasis that they are the people they are the only people who will be what, Phil other be more Barun? Yes, most of our own hear the word Phil Adobe Barone, they are they shall be brought from they sorry, they shall be brought forth to the torment. Yeah. The word Maclaurin has two meanings on Yeah, and the similar meanings. In fact, they are going to be brought in general and the other meaning they will be thrown in the punishment.

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The first one they will be just brought forth. Yeah. And then there will be held accountable. Yes. And definitely because they are

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sorry, they will be brought forth and then they will be sent to the punishment. This is one meaning and the other meaning is they are Phil Barone, they are punished in the add up. Yeah. Anyway, the difference is, is minor because the sum is sum of a city and said the word Barun always means because you know the word bara in Arabic

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You know the word bara or hubiera? Yeah, how about means what he came. He was brought. There are means he was brought

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Not necessarily he was brought to be put in the other, but he was just brought. So one meaning is that they were just too broad and then because the word other was mentioned, so they are brought and obviously means that they are going to be thrown in the other. Yeah and the punishment the other meaning of Varun that? No. The some of Assyrian said whenever the word about yeah is mentioned in the Quran means punished. The word itself means punished anyway the difference is not that big, okay, as you said is a minor difference, but the meaning is that those people are going to be punished. Yes, in the torment of jahannam. Then Allah, Allah, Allah after this, after mentioning

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what will happen on the Day of Resurrection, and the people will be split into two parties, the parties or the party of Ghana, and the party of the fire of hell on the other side, all of a sudden look at the miracles of the Quran, all of a sudden he moved to another subject. Yeah, for Subhan, Allah Hina Tsuna, we're here to speak.

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Yeah. And this move although it is move, Yanni, from maybe the east to the west, from the future, because those are what we're talking about what the future the Day of Resurrection from the future to the present. Yeah, you don't feel that there is a break

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with this kind of

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shift shift in terms of the place in terms of time as well, because this one is not talking about gender or not. And also it is not talking about the future. So there is a shift in the place and there is a shift in time for Subhan Allah Hina to him soon our Hina to be home.

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This mean the idea the meaning is simple. So you glorify Allah, yeah, glorify Allah when you come up to the evening and when you enter the morning yes for Subhan Allah Allah Hina tomb Sunova Hina toast

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for Subhana first of all, he said fat Subhanak Sam, WA sa he as he translated it, so

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okay, this is one way of looking at it, okay. And another way of looking at it is as if the kalam linguistic sorry, from our grammar perspective is disconnected okay. And PSA is like a new statement Okay. Sometimes it is used in Arabic as a new statement and the other way to look at it is what? So, therefore, hence, yeah, okay. If we go for the second one, which means so, therefore, and thus

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and thus sube Hana This is fat, super Hana, super Hana. So the HANA is the master off, what does B. We mentioned previously, that a test B is mentioned frequently in the Quran

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Allah, Allah Allah mentioned method and in the beginning of the sutras, we have Subhanallah the SRB de minimis didn't haram

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and then you said the Holy Lahemaa is somewhat you will use a bit hola Hema is somewhat you will out Subhanallah himmat is somewhat you will out? Yeah. So Banila Hema is what you want to fill out. And then we have set behave small or big.

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Yeah, this is all test b What does test B mean? Yeah, five, test B, as we said,

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test B establishing the

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the perfection of Allah, Allah Allah against any shortcoming or any deficiency. Yeah, establishing the perfection of Allah de la vida. And glorifying Allah, Allah Allah, Allah to be the highest. So he is free and above any kind of what an perfection or any kind of deficiency. Yes, this is the meaning of Subhanallah although although it is used when the person is amazed of seeing something, but the actual meaning of Subhana or the word that has been is this Yeah,

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So, now it comes in. It is a verb, set the hell you set the who set their.

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Set the HA means what he established the glory of Allah, Allah Allah and the perfection of Allah Allah Allah subhana it is what allow the use of Bayko is the present Sabir his work is the command super Hana is what is the master what is the master? Yeah What is the Master the Master I don't know what you call it in English anyone knows what we call master

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No, no, no, no, no no no, not so much that in Arabic in grammar is

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no no no no no not source not origin master in

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I don't know whether you have like that in English, but

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we say Khattab Akita button Yeah, Khattab kita button. So Katha is the verb kita button is a master this is the pattern of the world. Yeah, this must be this master either it refers to what is written or the process of Kitab Yeah, Khattab kita oven or kita button a Harada a halogen Akella Aculon. So this master this master, which either refers to what was done or the process Yeah, the process by

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if it refers to what was done, yeah, quarterback a Taliban or Khattab Akita button means he wrote a book. So key tab button here means the object will be what was written. The other possibility of the master or the other. The other possible meaning of the master is what is the process? Yeah, that tab key tab button key tab button means he is what

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writing the process of writing. Similarly, by the way brothers, you know, when we always translate the books are fake and we say Kitab Bahara yeah Kitab the chapter of what Bahara taharah means what?

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See purity, purity means what the state of purity

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I agree, this is the apparent meaning to you, but no, in fact, Kitahara also means the book of the process of purifying.

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So, how to purify yourself, not only the pure things, or the purity, now the process of purifying Is it clear, because Waldo is Tahara will do is Tahara not the state of flow there is the state of Ohio and there is the process, the action of what have wobbu the action itself. Yeah, so this is called as well. Tahara. So it refers to the process or the action. So here, first of Hanna is a master. Yeah, he's a master,

00:38:20--> 00:38:23

that translation here. And

00:38:24--> 00:38:46

so glorify, he said, So glorify, as if Allah Allah Allah said, so make this be but here it doesn't say this. Are you following this? He translated it as what So glorify, is this the only the only translation

00:38:49--> 00:39:13

No, no, no, not active verb. No, no, no, no, no, not No, no, no, don't don't confuse it. But is it clear what I said about the the Ketubah kita button, the process and the actual Yanni the actual outcome? Yeah, here, he said, So glorify, it glorify, when he put it like this, this is

00:39:14--> 00:39:17

as if Allah Allah Allah said Sep bear.

00:39:18--> 00:39:22

Yeah, as if it had as if it is a command, is it clear,

00:39:23--> 00:39:42

but here it is not a command. It is what it is a master Subhana it may refer to what to a command it may refer this is a one possibility. And the other possibility Jonnie Allah Jalla wa Allah said for Subhana means sub there.

00:39:43--> 00:39:59

But the other better meaning is to say that Allah is established His glory and her his perfection. Yeah, his perfection by him. And because he mentioned Yeah,

00:40:00--> 00:40:02

that his glory is established.

00:40:04--> 00:40:13

His glory is established in the morning and in the evening this implies that you need to do it in the morning and in the evening.

00:40:14--> 00:40:33

Yeah. Because when if why Allah Allah Allah said for Subhana wa sunnah in Atos behind not FASEB before Allah in a tomb soon our Hina toes behind anyway yeah and for those who understand Arabic they, they can figure out what I'm trying to say. Yeah by.

00:40:34--> 00:40:40

So the word here for Subhana encompasses more than what

00:40:42--> 00:41:21

than you do okay. It is a fact and it is a reality that Allah okay he is given to us be or that his view of Allah Allah Allah is made. Yes, in the morning, in the evening and in the morning by and because it is a fact and it His glory is being established in the morning and in the evening. You as a human beings need to do it in the morning and in the evening. Is it clear? Yeah. And some scholars said no for Subhana hear me and said

00:41:23--> 00:41:36

yeah, set the hula mizuna. Rihanna was behind as I told you, I believe or maybe the first one is more encompassing. Yeah, for Subhan Allah Hanaa Tim sunnah where Hannah chose to be home

00:41:38--> 00:42:33

by Makita and I really need to finish and live by nine. Okay. Some scholars said some scholars said that this refers to the salah. Yeah, because most of the Salah is what is this be establishing the glory of Allah Allah, Allah, Allah and it is what are the name of Allah? Allah Allah. Yeah, establishing the magnificence of Allah, Allah Allah. Okay. So they said for Subhan Allah Hina tomb sunnah, at refers to Muslim Salah and some of them said it refers to what Maghrib and Isha salah. This is Messiah Hanaa tomb sunnah means when you are entering the evening and during the evening, it refers to all the time, but after the end of the answer. Yeah, this is Hanaa to mizuna.

00:42:34--> 00:42:52

So it refers to solid Alma live under Asia. Yeah. And we're here to speak on when you enter the third year when you enter the morning in Atos behind. When you enter the Saba it refers to what it refers to salatu salam, yeah.

00:42:54--> 00:43:01

This is Yanni Some scholars say this. Some other scholars by said, Hey Anna Tom Suna.

00:43:03--> 00:43:25

Yes, okay. Hey Anna Tom Suna. It delivers to declare Allah, Allah Allah Naka, specifically to Salah it refers to the Quran, Allah, Allah Allah in the morning and in the evening. Okay, then after that Allah Allah Allah said, Well, I will handle this somehow it will only we're actually no Hina to the hero and his

00:43:26--> 00:43:33

his are all praise. And thanks. In the heavens and in the earth. Yes. Yeah.

00:43:34--> 00:43:37

In the afternoon, which is

00:43:38--> 00:43:41

Russia, and when you come up to

00:43:43--> 00:44:44

and when the day begins to decline, which is we're hanging on to the hero Subhanallah that the translation is so far from that you only the beauty of the Arabic language, okay, anyway, hear, here the meaning is and to Allah wa sallahu to Allah belongs all types of praise. Yeah. And as the scholar said, he started with wala hamdu means, the real hammer the full hand, yeah, all types of Hamden, thanking and thanking Allah, Allah, Allah and maybe you can say, praising Allah, Allah, Allah for His bounties. All of this belongs only to him, Well, I will. Yeah. And this, all of this belongs to him, in the heavens, and on the earth, which means that no one to no one deserves to be

00:44:44--> 00:44:59

thanks. In the heavens or in the earth or on the earth except, who accept Allah Allah, Allah Allah, it belongs to him only. Yeah, no one deserves that. Why? Because he is the soul

00:45:00--> 00:45:06

have all types of near and bounties. Yep. And.

00:45:07--> 00:45:11

And then, so in terms of the place

00:45:12--> 00:45:37

in terms of the place fifth center, what we fill out in the heavens and on earth, this is in terms of the place. And in terms of time, we're actually you know, hanging out of Iran, we're Ashiya Ashiya is the beginning of the evening. Yes, this is what actually yeah, this is one meaning of the Ashiya and when you come, how he translated here

00:45:38--> 00:45:54

in the afternoon, yeah, okay, this is the this is the that actually means the time in the beginning of the evening, okay, what he and I told her own working at have a role

00:45:56--> 00:46:36

it is the one of its meaning is when the time of war starts, this is one meaning, another meaning is praise is established, what Allah Allah Allah and thanks is belongs to him in terms of the makan in terms of the place, which is in the heavens and on earth, yeah. And in terms of time, as she according to the other interpretation refers to the darkest point of the night which is what which is starts with Asia, they said the Asia Asia starts when

00:46:38--> 00:47:42

when the Twilight ends, and they said when the Twilight ends, it is the beginning of the real dark, the real dark of the night is that point where there is no possible light coming from the what from the sun. And the further it starts when the light starts to appear, the light of the sun starts to appear, yes, on earth, which starts to appear on the horizon. So this is Russia and failure. So here said why she yeah means in that when the real darkness of the night it starts, we're here not of their own and when you are in the lore, more means in the midst of the day, which is what the lightest, yes point of the day. So, in the darkest point in the night, and in the lightest point in

00:47:42--> 00:47:48

the day, this is like mokaba Yeah, this is adjacent to this.

00:47:49--> 00:47:56

The Sam's gonna say what I will have the V somehow it will have the washi and we're here to the your own it refers to

00:47:57--> 00:48:33

is according to the first interpretation at the first two, select the load and select an answer Yeah. So that the load on solid roster, so for Subhanallah in atoms, you know, Hannah chose me on it in the first two so but and memory validation and what I will have the V center what you will have the watches and are hanging on to their own, it refers to what the whole and acid Yeah, sounds gotta say this. Yeah. So they said this, this is a reference for what for the prior times. Yeah.

00:48:34--> 00:48:58

The other interpretation of actually no hana to the one yes, according to the other interpretation, it follows or it it will become like this for Subhan Allah in terms of in our intercourse with the Messiah, the Messiah refers to refers to Muhammad Salah on Leap Yeah.

00:48:59--> 00:49:35

Why not just behind it refers to somebody Salah according to the other interpretation of the other I hear that of your own is the whole time Yeah, is that the whole time? And that what Ashiya is what is the acid time? Okay, because the start of the evening is the author of done so they cover the five times. Yeah, neither matter is easy and is not really, really a big deal. But it is established that Allah Allah Allah wants his remembers to be what?

00:49:36--> 00:49:39

Ah, to be established all of the time.

00:49:40--> 00:49:59

One point before we dwell into the remembrance of Allah, Allah Allah or maybe because I didn't need to stop here. Some scholars say when after, when Allah General has seen firsthand Allah, me and said before law, yeah, established the perfection of Allah, Allah Allah and

00:50:00--> 00:50:59

exalt Allah, Allah, Allah above any of the imperfection above any kind of imperfection. Allah, Allah Allah after that said, well I wouldn't handle and the hammer belongs to him, thanks belong belongs to him. He wants to say that. Listen, when you make this bit of Allah don't think that Allah needs it. Allah is free for Allah is self sufficient. And in fact, he hand thanking belongs to him. He doesn't need you in doesn t need your test beer. Is it the clear? That's why Allah Allah Allah said fella who will handle and in general, normally test B is what link to what? Aha, that mean? Yeah. And that's why the Prophet SAW Selim said Kelim attorney for FIFA Daniela listen to the technical

00:50:59--> 00:51:33

reason what are they? To Han Allah? Wa mehandi Subhan Allah and I'll be Yeah, and the prophets Allah I said them says, the best of the species what Subhanallah hamdulillah Illa Allah Allah Allahu Akbar. And there are many, many Hadith regarding the focus the virtues of this week of Allah, Allah Allah maybe one time in sha Allah or next time we can mention some of them because I need to stop his desire to allow Hara Baraka lumpy coma, you'd like to take questions but

00:51:34--> 00:51:40

I need to go Yeah, I have another appointment is at the mall Hara for Santa Monica. Bicycle