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Spit out hamdulillah or Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Welcome back to embracing Koran and we're still looking at sort of the scene.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala continued mentioning the art, the science, and what are the signs for in verse number 32? Allah Subhana Allah says we're in kulula, Jimmy, Allah, Dana, hello, all of them are going to be resurrected before us, all of them are going to be recollected before, before us, all of them are going to be presented before us and this, Allah Subhana Allah, for the purposes of proving this a lot brings a number of science. So he brings the sign that people will be resurrected because Allah subhanaw taala has the capacity to take a barren land and bring it back to life. Allah subhanho wa Taala tells you that he takes the night and he makes it a day and he takes the day and

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he makes it into night. Allah subhanaw taala shows you the sign also of of the sun and the moon. So all of these are signs of the power and the strength of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now Allah gives another sign. And Allah says to the people of the world, that if you think about Noah, if you think about no Halle, Sarah, and no Holly Salam is a man who lived a very long life. And he was missed a lot of people. A lot of those people, they ended up dying, but Allah says we're here to learn, and hammer in their home. filfil kill mushroom, and other sign that they could have is that we took their offspring and we put them into the ship that was filled up. Okay. Now, there's a couple of

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things going on over here. Firstly, Allah Subhana. Allah says, we took their three year we took their offspring whose offspring Allah subhanaw taala is speaking to the kuffaar of crush the pagans and of Arabia. So the question is, are they

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these pagans of Arabia?

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Are the people at the time of no Halle Salaam, the offsprings of the people of Arabia? The answer is obviously not. Because the entirety of the humanity is from the offspring of the people who are with no honey said, I'm on that ship. So it's not the other way around that the people who knew how they said, I'm carried, they were the offsprings. It's rather In fact, the people who came afterwards like us who happened to be the offspring of those people who got the opportunity to live when Allah subhanaw taala sent the flood, and everything was destroyed except whoever was new with new Howdy, Sarah. So why does Allah subhanaw taala refer to them as the re Yeah, this is very important. And

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that is that this is one of those words which is known as a dad the opposites. So a word has a meaning and the opposite of that meaning within that same word. So when the word re is used, throughout the Quran, in many places in the Koran refers to offsprings. But in this place, and in one other place, it doesn't refer necessarily to offspring is referring to people who have blood ties in general. Okay. And that's because the word the Ria, it comes from the word Zara, which means to create. So it says, If Allah created, Allah created us from them, and Allah use them to create us. So both of us are a reader for the other person. We're both related to one another. We've both

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been created from each other. And that's what the word Ria means over here, even though in many translations, the word Ria is in fact translated as an offspring. But that is not an accurate translation. The accurate translation is that what I have to learn, and Hamilton as reggaeton filfil King mushroom, and another sign for them is that we carry the relatives in the field of ship. And that was a ship of no hurry, Sarah. Well, halep nyla, whom, now Allah Subhana Allah says, Well, hello panella whom Mr. De Majorca Boone and we created for them as well.

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We created for them of its likes as well that they end up using and that they end up writing as well. So Allah Subhana Allah created the ship of no hurry Salaam and Allah subhanho wa Taala is now saying that it wasn't just a gift that I gave to nor that you had a ship that was flowing on top of water, rather, it's something that is a talent that I gave to humanity. Well hold up now lahoma missiny heemeyer cabin. And this is very important because Allah is considering any ship that will come afterwards to be assigned because if you really think about boats and the way they flow on top of water, the way they float on top of water and ships the way they float on top of water, they're

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carrying hundreds of 1000s of pounds of weight, but Allah subhana wa tada allows this ship to be able to

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Stand on top of water. And, and and be very strong and, and cross entire oceans with a lot of, you know containers nowadays for instance. So that is something that Allah subhanho wa Taala has allowed for, for water to do, despite the fact that normally if you put something in water drowns right away, but if you put the ship, the way it's been made, the weights been created, and the fact that Allah gave the human mind the talent and ability to discover how to make a ship float as well, that's also a sign and that's also a gift from Allah. So Allah is reminding humanity of that. And then in here, you could also think about the fact that it's not just those types of ships that were

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there during the time of no holiday said, I'm Allah saying Mythili he from the likes of that, not exactly the same as that, but from the likes of that because now we have motor boats, and we have an array of different things. And we have planes as well, that are amphibian, you can have a plane that's working as a boat and then suddenly starts to fly. These are all signs from Allah subhanaw taala, what inertia novacom and Allah says, if you don't see the sign, let me spell it out for you. If we really wanted, we could have made them all drown fonasa the Hello home, and sometimes Allah does as well. Because sometimes people human beings, use this gift from Allah subhanho wa Taala and

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abuse it.

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And Allah subhana wa Taala can test who he wills when he wills, how he wills. So there are people who drowned as well. But Allah says, generally, if Allah wished he could make everybody who goes on the water drowned, what in the schatten over IP home, and if we wished we could have made them drown, fell off sorry, hello home, there'll be no one to respond to them. Now the word Sunny, it's a it's a word. That's also one of those words that has one another meaning as well. So Sunny, if is a responder to the call. And so this is also the caller himself as well. So Allah subhanho wa Taala. By choosing this word, he's trying to bring both meanings to light. He's saying that there will be

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so far in the water, they will be so deep into the water body, that there will be no one who will be able to observe them so that he starts calling out help help help, because there's no one there to see them drowning. And if there were to be someone to call because obviously these people are drowning, they might say help help help or drowning. There will be no one to hear that call as well find out sunny Hello home and Natalie center home when I was still returned home, there is no person who's going to be able to help them and there's no person who will be able to make a call out for them as well. But outside ihana home and had to add salt to wound and fuel to fire. Allah subhanho

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wa Taala says well our home Yun kozun. And even if there was to be a call, even if there was to be a caller, and even if there were to be someone who could hear that call, they would still not be saved. Why not? holmium

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they would never be able to be saved in meta min. Woman and Isla hin except as a Rajma from us one metre and ilahi in What's this? What's this mercy that's coming from Allah. And what's this provision that's also to a certain appointed time from Allah subhana wa Tada. Allah is saying that the only reason why I didn't end up drowning them is because of My Mercy. And I did so also madonnina hain so that I may provide them to a certain period. So this is a temporary provision. It's a further test, Allah Subhana Allah is granting them some more responses and some more time to see if they're going to change their ways. And now the finish. Now, all of the signs have been

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mentioned by Allah subhanaw taala. Allah Subhana Allah is done giving the signs for the fact that the proofs and evidences for the fact that they will be resurrected before Allah, and that they will be standing before Allah and that after Allah subhanho wa Taala destroys them, they will be all gathered and recollected before Allah. Allah has told them that didn't you look at the land that was barren and I made it come back to life just like that you're also going to come back to life. Allah subhanaw taala told them that Didn't you see the night the night completely disappears when morning comes but when I when Allah wants the night to come back to life, Allah subhanho wa Taala makes the

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morning disappear as well. And similarly when the morning disappears, it's pitch darkness outside. But when Allah subhanaw taala wishes the morning to come back and comes back again as well. So that's a sign if Allah can take that huge creation of his the darkness that envelops the entirety of humanity and world. If Allah can take that and unlock and can completely expel that from the from the horizon and bring light there in then Allah subhana wa tada has the capability to take any opposite and make that opposite leave and the other opposite arise income so if you've died, Allah can bring you back to life. That's the point again, Allah subhanho wa Taala says look

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Get all these huge creations of mine the creatures to the sun and the moon and, and how when the morning comes, you have the sun, and that sun disappears from the horizon and then the moon comes as well and that cycle continues and Allah makes one disappeared for the other to come. If Allah has the capability, the capacity, the strength, the power, the ability, the dominance, the dominion, to be able to do that, then who are you, you're just a little being a luck and bring you back to life as well. And now Allah says, all of these people who were there during the time of no know how they set up during the time of Noah, all of them die. And it's only new Halle, Solomon, whoever Allah

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allowed north to bring along with him on the ship. They're the only ones who remained, if Allah has the power to destroy all of humanity in a flood, and make people remain and then recreate from those people, millions of people like you and I, and all of humanity today in every part of the world. If Allah can do that, from just a few people that are in one chip, then obviously Allah has all capacity to create. So it's not hard for a lot to recreate us and bring us back to life. And now Allah says what either the nela home now it's another segment of the surah Allah says what either appealed at home, it double Nabina ad comb woman alphacam the Allah come to her moon now you've

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gotten all the signs guys, when it said to them fear whatever is before you it double my VEDA, a deacon. Well, mahalo, fecund. Now Allah come to the moon and whatever is after you as well. Perhaps Allah will give you mercy.

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When it's said to them, that you should be afraid of whatever is to come, as in the day of judgment and all the calamities of the Day of Judgment, and the difficulties and trials of the Day of Judgment, and also whatever's after the day of judgment and that's either Blitz or fire. So when it is said to them that fear this one my halifa, calm and also whatever was before as well. Now I like him to her moon, perhaps you will be given Rockman from Allah azza wa jal, perhaps you'll be given mercy from Allah azza wa jal, they don't listen, that's the point. Allah doesn't even respond, meaning Allah Subhana Allah doesn't even mention the outcome. Right? He says, when it is said to

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them, that you should be fearful or whatever is before you and whatever is after you. Perhaps you may have the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. He doesn't say what they do, whether they accept the nausea or not, whether they accept the advice and counsel or not, because it's obvious from the context of the sutra that these people are not willing to accept. They've been granted so many signs, but they're still not listening. Allah says wema de him in 18 min iottie or beat him in Ghana and her more ElDeen. Not a single sign from the signs of Allah come to such people, except that they completely turn their faces away from that sign. It's not just that they reject the sign. They

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believe the sign is not even worthy of their conversation. Okay. So it's not like they've just they've literally manned up to the conversation and said, You know what, I like what you're saying, but I don't accept it. It's more like, they believe that the signs are so pathetic, even though they're so powerful, but their arrogance has taken full hold of them. They believe that these signs are so pathetic that they're not even worthy of their conversation. So through their immense arrogance, they just turn away. Allah says in lakanto Anna Maria de and they completely turn themselves away from these signs, what either the Nana Hoon, and whenever it's said to them, and

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fickle mimar Rosa kumala spend from whatever you have been granted by Allah subhana wa tada Allah levina kuffaar only Latina armano an author a Mormon Lucia Allahu apama into Illa few dollar movie now they're mocking the resulting to mockery. It Allah is talking about their mockery here, because this mockery is the bigger problem and not feeding to people or not feeding people is a smaller issue. Okay? Look at what Allah subhanaw taala says about these people, whenever it's said to them, that you people you should you've gotten all this wealth from Allah. Allah has granted you so much wealth, and Allah subhanaw taala has granted you so much rather than sustenance. So you should be

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taking some of that sustenance and giving it to people, the people who disbelieve they say to those who believe specifically notice all of this.

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They say to who they say specifically to the ones who believe that should we be feeding people that if Allah wish to feed them, he would have fed them already.

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Because they're not not feeding because they're disbelievers. There are a lot of people who disbelieve in God but they feed the needy.

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A lot of people who happen to be this believers in God, they know that they have a few days in this life.

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They're living in a transitory life, if they've made $100 billion, or $50 billion, they know they're not going to be able to deplete all of that money within their lifetimes. But

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what do they do with that money when they come to that recognition that I've already grown into my 50s, I've already grown into my 60s, I've already grown into my 70s, they take that money, they make a foundation, and they put the 20 billion or 30 billion in there, and they let people benefit from that money, right? A lot of people do that. So disbelief doesn't mean they're not going to be spending on human beings or they're not going to be feeding people. Allah subhanaw taala is not trying to make that conclusion over here, because Allah knows. And we know also through the human experience, that there are a lot of charitable people out there who also disbelieve in God, but

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Allah Subhana, Allah is talking about their rhetoric and the way they're speaking, and the way they're mocking those who believe. Allah says, whenever you say to them, that you've got to be feeding people God has gifted you, and God has granted to you fall in love in a cafo ruling Lavina Arman are those who people, those people who've disbelieved. They're saying to the believers, should we feed those people who God if he so wished himself would have fed them already?

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I mean, are we better than God? God didn't wish to feed these people. And you guys believe in a god. Right? So if God didn't feed them, why should I feed them?

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And that's a problem that's that's arrogance at its Epitome now. Now, they're not only stopping at disbelieving in God, there marking the believers in God as well.

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In into in the field on early Mobius. And they use this opportunity to try to prove their point, and to try to ridicule the people of the belief as well. And they say you people are just unbelievable moving. You people are just completely lost. You're losers, basically. You're completely deeply mistaken. Why are poor no no matter? What I do in quantum saw the team. And they also say, when is this promise of God that you So speak of in quantum saw the team, if you happen to be truthful, if you happen to be truthful, and that's also not a complete sentence, because there needs to be that job chuffed as well. So what's the job shop? But the answer of incoterm sadati? Well, the answer

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there is that if you are truthful, then produce this promise of God. You guys keep telling us of a day of judgment, and you guys keep telling us of a wrath that is eminent and it's coming from God, then why don't you produce it in quantum for the team, look at the level of arrogance they have.

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How many cities are there in the world that we know from humanists history, and through excavations and archaeological findings, which have been completely destroyed, even within our lifetimes? We have cities that were completely destroyed or burnt down or completely, you know, annihilated through a flood, like a tsunami, or like a forest fire. There's a lot of those, even within our lifetimes we know of that. And these people, when they're told of these stories, they think they're just the fables of the past.

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And so they are so arrogant that they're asking the messengers in quantum saw the green, if you happen to be truthful, then bring those promises and destroy us and show us the Wrath of Allah.

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Because they have lost all direction, they've lost all compass of humility before God, there,

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very emboldened by the monetary wealth that they have. And Allah tells us of this in the Quran as well that whenever a human being is sterner, whenever he sees himself, stepping out whenever he sees himself, being completely self sufficient, he starts to become very, very arrogant and he starts to become very, you know, in an insane alejado he starts to become oppressive and repressive, he starts to become a very arrogant human being if he feels that he has been granted by God. So these people they feel they've been granted by God and that's why they're making a mockery of those people are asking them to feed the needy Mayan Verona lol So he had an wahida that Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,

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Simone. And we'll stop here, be the light to Allah and we'll carry on with the Tafseer of surah Yaseen ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant us the trophy to practice to convey Zakouma love and for listening or something Allahu Allah say EDM Hamad It was early he was so heavy here too many