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AI: Summary © The title of the Quran is a reminder of the "immature" aspects of Islam, and the book is a reference to the "immature" aspects of Islam. The surah revealed in the Quran is a surah that is part of the "so called war" of the "so called war" of the "so called war" of the "so called war" of the "so called war" of the "so called war" of the "so called war" of the "so called war" of the "so called war" of the "so called war" of the "so called war" of the "so called war" of the "so called war" of the "so called war" of the "so called war" of the "so called war" of the "so called war" of the "so called war" of the "so called war" of the "so called war" of the "so called war" of the "so called
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Having a reliable grounded middle salatu salam ala Nabina Muhammad Vida it was like the rain. We are giving the zero Surah a room chapter number 30

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My dear brothers, I have never been interested to give the Tafseer of any soldier like I've been interested to give themselves so of this.

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It is one of the very amazing soldiers.

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And really if you reflect upon it, you will be amazed that Allah Allah Allah

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any you will be amazed of the ability of Allah, Allah Allah to speak such words

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and you will be really amazed of the power of the Quran. You will be amazed of the power of Allah, Allah Allah Allah that who speaks this kind of words.

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And I swear by Allah had anyone from the disbelievers read this solar with an open heart, he will submit to Allah, Allah Allah and He will surrender to Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah and he will fall upon his knees,

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testifying that there is no God but Allah, Allah is a very powerful Surah very, very powerful tool.

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And it is a journey that takes us through a number of or different types of gardens, and we will be picking from each garden, the best of it. And this is the nature of the Quran in a very fluent and smooth way. And you read and you'd like to read more, you will lay you will read and you will like to move to the second verse to see what the second verse is going to say

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is a very amazing Surah as I said, and wallah you my dear brothers

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and sisters, if you don't taste the Quran, yet you have not taste the reality of the sweetness of this life.

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If you haven't tasted the Quran yet, you should be sure that you have not really tasted the beauty and sweetness of an EMA

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and go back to yourself and check yourself and try to work hard in order to taste the sweet that sweetness of the Quran. And once you taste the sweetness or Quran, you will really start to taste the sweetness of an Eman and once you taste the sweetness over the email, you will taste the real sweetness of this life. And you will start to live in the Jana of this dunya

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take it seriously my dear brothers and sisters and Ally I am so amazed that there will be a Muslim who really thinks that he is confident that he is a Muslim. Yeah. And he is enjoying Islam, and he doesn't really enjoy the beauty of Quran as Allah, Allah Allah revealed it Haoran and Arabi Ian, are you ready?

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Yeah. And I urge you my dear brothers and sisters, to learn Arabic in order to start tasting the power of the Quran. The beauty of the Quran, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah revealed, Allah here, if you listen to this surah and the brother does Allah here, read it in a very beautiful way, if you will just listen to it, that is more than enough for you to reflect upon it, and the meanings the powerful meanings in that surah and it is more than enough many people, my dear brothers and sisters always ask how to purify their hearts, how to soften their hearts, they always complain about their hearts that they have hard hearts and they are asking about the cure for that. And subhanAllah for

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me, the one who is asking about this, it means that this person have not tasted the beauty of the Quran. As Allah, Allah Allah revealed it that this person have not yet enjoyed the Quran that this person have not yet developed a strong relationship between him under Quran because no one can say that he reads Al Quran free quantity. Yes, as Allah Allah Allah Allah revealed it not the English translation

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For Quran, this is another stage but the Firstly, to read the Quran as Allah, Allah Allah revealed it in the Quran and Harrowby as Allah, Allah Allah revealed it and then he will have a hot hot

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it is impossible. It is impossible. Yeah, Allah Allah Allah says low on Xena ha Khurana Allah Jabba Lin la Ito Harsha

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de la there is a powerful meaning in this ayah that had the word Allah Allah revealed the Quran on a mountain, obviously, the mountain will not be able to understand the Quran.

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The mountain is what proxy stones etc. One can understand the Quran, but just by the power of the words of the Quran. Even if you don't understand them, you will work humble yourself and you will just collapse because of the power of the Quran that you need just to read it properly.

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Let alone being able to read it and to understand it.

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I can talk more and more about it. It is just a reminder, my dear brothers and sisters and try it and you will see what I'm talking about.

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Anyway, this surah

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is ama ki Surah that was revealed in the recent or it was revealed just before the migration of the Prophet SAW Selim from Mecca to Medina and most of them have a city and said that it is a Mackay surah and

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very few have a city and said that maybe there is a verse one verse of it that was revealed in Medina, the Maquis sewers are always talking about what talking about the matters of al Qaeda, the matters of believing in Allah de la Allah, this surah is talking about it in a very powerful way, in a very challenging way.

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And in the Surah, Allah, Allah Allah sends different messages. And it seems to me that the core message that Allah Allah Allah is sending to us through this surah is a message related to a room what is a room, the Romans?

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When we talk about the Romans, what do we remember?

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What do we when we talk about romance

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we talk about what strength and what

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strength in terms of quantity and in terms of the quality by and we normally remember Hadith Rasul Allah, they send them the authentic hadith, the blank upon Messiah in our room of thoroughness, they say I will be resurrected or when we start when the Romans are most of the people. So in particular, there is strength in terms of what and comes off the quantity.

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In the Surah, we noticed that Allah Allah Allah talks about what about and how a lot their creation, yeah, Allah then Allah Allah says, warming it and halacha coming to Robin sama ada and to measure on temptation rule And among His Signs that He created you from dust, then you are human beings spreading all over the world. And then after that Allah, Allah Allah says warming yatta yatta Hello, welcome.

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I'm Hala Bala comin on Fuji comas world and the Tuscano Allah Ya Allah Bay in Okinawa data in Nephi, Danika yachting, they found me at a Corona And among His Signs that he created from your spouse's from yourselves espouses so you find tranquility and passion with them. And then you will spread in a fee Daddy get indeed there are Signs for those who reflect. And then when Allah Allah Allah mentioned this creation

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and his power to create

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and to spread people and those people will spread and the way they will become powerful. Allah Allah Allah Allah is telling them that if you do not submit to Allah, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah will replace your power and disconnect by weakness. And Allah de lo Allah will defeat you as he defeated the Romans.

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No matter how strong you are, no matter how you spread on this globe, He is the One who created you and He will make you after you being strong. He will make you weak, and you will be defeated as the Romans will be defeated and who will defeat you

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Those who submit to Allah Allah, Allah Allah.

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This is the theme of the surah.

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It was sent in a very Subhanallah powerful way. I like one tweet from different angles. We read by the end of the surah. That what Allah Allah Allah says Allahu Allah, the Halacha, cumin Veith so medalla members,

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so medalla members, who worked in funnel Shaybah

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Allah created you from weakness, and then he replaced that weakness with his strength and then he why he replaced the weakness, the strength with what weakness Allah, Allah Allah is able to create anything. So although you were created like this, you need to reflect upon this because you might become you might be stronger one time, this is strength will be replaced with what with we Kunis and this is the order of Allah, Allah, Allah Allah and it is up to Allah, Allah, Allah to do whatever he wants to do. This is what this is the end of this surah almost the end of the surah and at the end of the surah Allah, Allah Allah said to Mohammed Salah nation first bill have suburb? Yes. And as we

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will see in the Tafseer of that first bill. Yeah. And he remained firm, upright, steadfast on what Allah Allah Allah commanded you. First bill no Adela helped that the Promise of Allah Allah Allah Allah is true. And the Promise of Allah Allah Allah Allah will never fail and it will be established in no other Allah He helped up and wallah is definitely fun Nicola vnla or they don't. And don't be distracted by those who disbelieve, remain firm on the help and word allah whatever Allah, Allah Allah promised, it will come to you what is the word of Allah, Allah Allah, this, the end of the surah just confirms and

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concludes the beginning of the surah as if it is a life cycle Subhanallah in a very big way, the beginning of the surah is what Alif Lam Meem Wally back to rule three Are they are they were who mean by the holiday himself or the goon word Allah Allah, Allahu Allah kidnapper Nasir

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that the Romans, yes, they have been defeated, and they will defeat the Persians as we will see. Yes. And then Allah, Allah, Allah said, this is the Promise of Allah, Allah Allah, that there is no nation that is strong, except it will be defeated one time and you believers, if you are holding the truth upright for the truth, you will defeat both. And this is the word of Allah, Allah. This is the Promise of Allah Allah Allah. Allah Allah Allah says, What are the Allah Levina M and o Minco? Well I'm you know, slightly heretic layouts definitely some nouns out of the camera stuff left and Levine I'm in Calgary. What are you makin another home Dino Mala Delta Barlaam What are you But Dylan?

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Remember the name? How far? Yeah, we're doing any law you should record a beach.

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This is the Promise of Allah. Allah. That if you worship Allah, Allah Allah. Yes. And you believe in Allah, Allah, Allah and you do the righteous things that Allah Allah, Allah the righteous deeds that Allah, Allah commanded you to do, that Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah will what will establish the state of fear that you used to have with a state of what security and Allah Allah Allah will establish you on this earth? And Allah, Allah Allah will establish the game that he wanted for you, which is your d.

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What is the condition? Yeah, Boo doo in any that they worship Me alone, without associating someone beside me. And this surah is talking about this. They want to follow the law, Allah, the word of Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, again, because this surah is called Surah to room. And the room will always remember the strength, the power of a room, the spread of a room, and what will happen to them, that they will be defeated by the believers if they are truly believers.

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Yeah, this is the story of the surah and this is the theme of this surah. And this theme, as we said that Allah Allah wants to send this message that the disbelievers they might become strong one time, but because of their disability

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If because of their cocoa because of their ship, yes, they are, in fact know nothing about the reality of this life.

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And this is what also was mentioned in the beginning of the surah. Yeah, Ala Moana via here, Amina dunya don't know little about this life all they know what is apparent about this life and they don't know the reality of this life. And those people should reflect upon themselves on them yet if Kuru may be unforeseen, they should reflect upon themselves and themselves upon the creation around them, that there is

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a purpose behind this creation. There is the truth behind this creation. What is that the truth is to worship Allah and Allah, Allah and nothing but Allah, Allah, Allah, if they don't to do this, no matter how powerful they were, or they are, they will be defeated. So this is a message for all types of people that if you want to be victorious, in the dunya, and in the Ophira, you should be worshipping Allah, Allah and submitting to Allah, Allah, Allah Allah. That's why in the in the Surah, we read very powerful verses. When Allah Allah Allah, Allah said

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first Subhan Allah He and attune sunnah were hanging at us behind while the whole handoff is some out you will have the Wi Fi and we're here to reroute your cradle Hi I am in Alma yet where your holy dual my eternal life where you Hill out of the bed among to work harder they get to follow you and Subhanallah here not too soon. Our Halal means glorify Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, establish the lofty status of Allah Allah Allah Allah, the perfection of Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, if you don't do it, it is been established in the morning and in the evening for Subhan Allah Hina tomb soon our Hina does Behold, not only that glory belongs to Allah, Allah Allah, praise belongs to Allah, Allah

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Allah, while a whole hunt, fish somehow you have SubhanaHu wa.

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As I said, My dear brothers and sisters, I always think of what they didn't tell me. Allah, Allah said, when he was on his deathbed, he said that

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I used to refer to 100 tafsir. For every single IRA, I read

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more than 100 tafsir of every single ayat of the Quran. And then now on my deathbed, I regretted that I did not spend enough time with the Quran.

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And how much my dear brothers and sisters how much we spend time with the book of Allah, Allah, Allah, this is a call for all of us to go back to the book of Allah, Allah, Allah and spend more time with the book of Allah, Allah and we don't want that enjoyment of the book of Allah, Allah Allah, just a spiritual enjoyment with no real impact on our life. Okay, let us start just because of time.

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Allah Allah, Allah, Allah started this surah by Alif Lam Meem. Yes, and we have said that those letters that Allah Allah, Allah started number of sutras with them. Yeah, those are disconnected letters.

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We have spoken in length about it, but the conclusion is, those are disconnected letters. And if law mean, so if they have disconnected letters of yesterday, the letters by themselves, they don't build a word, and the word is the smallest. Yeah, is the smallest structure or the smallest structure that might have a meaning. So a letter by itself has no meaning. And this is what

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the meaning of what Sam's gonna say about those letters that they have no meaning it doesn't mean that they could have possibly a meaning, but they have no meaning he have no, they have no meaning means that they could not possibly they could not carry a meaning because they are letters otherwise everything in the book of Allah, Allah, Allah has a meaning and has a purpose. So these because they are disconnected letters. Obviously, their letter has no meaning.

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But they have a purpose. What is the purpose? As we said, that Allah Allah Allah wants to tell the whole of humanity that this book is what formed of those letters. And if Lammi CalFire and Zod Jaime and inflamm ra Alpha

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Meanwhile, oh, those letters. Now, I am challenging you Allah, Allah, Allah is telling the humanity that I am challenging you that this hold on is formed of those letters. Now, can you produce a book like this book from those letters? This is the challenge. And that's why most of these words that start with those letters, there was disconnected letters. They normally start with what with a reference to the book, and if lamina diabolical kita Bula a Buffy and IFLA meme, this is the book reference to this book. And if la meme hola hola, hola. Hola. Hola, yo, yo, Nas Zela la Calcutta Abba will help them also definitely my beignet, they meet and told it will indeed Kitab so there is

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a reference to what to the book and so on. And if lamb memes are deadly phenomena, etc. The scholar said that except the three free sources in the Quran, in which there is no reference to the book. Yes, after those letters, but there is a reference to the book, which is the Quran inside those sewers, that Allah Allah Allah started with the those disconnected letters. And they said, This is one of them. And if Lam Meem all over the room V then an orderly Wahoo member divided by him say a holy book. So there is no direct reference in those verses. Yeah, that came after the disconnected letters. Alif Lam Meem there is no reference to the book to the Quran. Yeah, and if la meme Yeah,

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and Surah 10 Baqarah. Delhi, Calcutta Bella, right Buffy and soret Ali Emraan Alif Lam? Meem Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. Are you? Yeah, but here there is no reference to the book. They say that this is one of them. And the second Torah is so that anyone knows.

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second Surah Surah Maryam Cafe inside the Kuru Rahmatullah began, there was a career in adobo, NIDA and coffee. There is no reference to the Quran directly after the these letters. Cafe and Sadiq Rahmatullah, because there was a career. Yeah, and the third surah is what? Ah, known. Well call me Mama is Tarun No, no, they said Surratt and caribou and if la meme Aha, a husband nurse or neutral Konya, Amana, we're home LA, you've done but in those sewers there are challenges to the disbelievers about the Quran, for example, in Surah, Quran, Allah, Allah Allah said, Yeah, the last ayah or the last

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among the last very few verses, the last few verses of the surah Allah Allah Allah Allah said well upon Robben Island as if he had for earning Colima

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and we have given parables examples to the humanity to the people in this spot on. Yeah, in this call. And if you come to them with a sign, or with a clear verse in front of with a clear sign in front of them other than the Quran, they will still what, they will still reject it,

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they will still reject it and they will not accept it. So there is a difference to the challenge of the Quran in In this surah so Allah, Allah Allah said started this surah with an inflam meme, as you know that there are six sources in the Quran let's start with what Alif Lam Meem Baqarah Imran and

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banker boat, then local man. Laughter anchor boat.

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Aha, this surah by Yeah.

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This surah and after Surah de Rome. Yeah.

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After Surah Tarun Sajida and followed by nakoma Five. So these are six sources that started with with Alif Lam Meem sorry, we said a room lock man and essentially Yeah, so and Bacara earlier Emraan uncovered a room, local man and a Sajida all of them start with what I mean. Okay.

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Allah Allah Allah said Alif Lam Meem holy battle room.

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The room were defeated. Yeah, and this is after ah ha although some of the quarterbacks that have sadism

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Have the books of the Tafseer they said there were after our there was a plethora irrelevant the room they said that is not an authentic there are the authentic is really beautiful. I don't know if some said that that is an authentic will that are available to you know whatever to remove it but the room is what the Rome yeah were defeated

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by let me just Yanni mentioned that the overall meaning of this and we will go in more details. The Rome were defeated fee or the fee agonal already means in the nearest clan to the Arabs land.

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Yeah. Then here is fee and I already added the word Adena Yeah, in Arabic can mean the furthest clan or the closest land. Yeah Delica dinner and you're off now this is closer, that they will not be known or this is likely not to. So there were Adena yeah refers to both or can mean both the identical RV. It doesn't mean in the far this land, no, it is the in the nearest land to the land of the Arabs and wahome embed the Avada be him say a very good and after they were defeated, they will defeat

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the builder is in him in a matter of a few years, between three years and nine years. The builder is in in Lilla Hill AMRAAM in kabru one in back to Allah Allah Allah belong everything yes to Allah Allah Allah Allah with a belonged everything

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sorry bye

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Lila Hillam roaming covered roaming bad fi or the law or the one member the other bit him say goofy bit I seen him Lilla he loved roaming Pablo. I mean bad, that to Allah, Allah Allah belong every thing. And to Allah, Allah Allah is the motto from before they were defeated and after they were defeated. And when they are going when they will defeat then believers will be happy.

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Believers will be happy while many men on Baneasa they love because of the victory that Allah Allah Allah has given the Romans. It was reported in number of books. Yeah, number of narrations and the summary of those narrations that when Muslims were in Makkah,

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when when Muslims were in Makkah, the

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the Persians defeated the Romans.

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The Persians defeated the Romans in a place called as react and the reality is

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just just the borders of Russia. Yeah, just the borders of a sham between the peninsula and a chef. So the Persians defeated the Romans. As you know, during that time, there were two superpowers, the Persians and they used to control the eastern side of maybe the Middle East, including the Iran, parts of India, parts of Pakistan, even parts of maybe the eastern side of Turkey, and maybe some parts of the, what is known as Russia. Now, this is the Persian Empire. And on the other side, there was an inside of the, the Middle East was controlled by what? by the Romans, by the Romans. Yeah, and mainly they were concentrated in, in Byzantine or sorry, they were concentrated in

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Constantinople, Constantinople is what is known. Now as what, as is stumbled by the history of the Romans, I think all of you know the history of the Romans, the Romans, they Some scholars say that they are the they were the cousins of or they were among the or they were the cousins of the children of his help of Bani Israel. Yeah, the far cousins of Bani Israel. We don't want to get into that and the verification of that. Anyway, the Romans, they moved to Italy, maybe 1000. They said 1200 years before or BC, yes, before the crisis. And they established themselves there are

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They built Rome. And then maybe 300 years BC, they were fighting. And then one of the kings there, he gave his he divided his empire between two of his children or

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the between.

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Between his children, there were two. And he gave the western side to one of the children and the eastern side to one of the children. And then those two children they were fighting, etc. And at the end, the Romans were established, mainly in on Constantinople, which is known as Istanbul. Yep. They were established there for more than 1000 years, or maybe more than that. The Romans originally, they were mushriks. And some of the historians even caffeine said that they were worshipping the sun or worshiping the some other stars and they were doing sujood for the North Pole. Anyway, then ASR Alayhis Salam, sorry, then Musa alayhis salam came? Yeah. And then isa Allah He Salam came, and they

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became Christians. And then again, they some of them

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some of their, some of their scholars. Yeah, it changed their religion from toe heat. Yeah, the original message of ACE Ali salaam, which is the heat. And they became, again, Yanni mushriks, although they were known as the people of the book. So they became Jani, they became Christians, and they were non Christians, although their Christianity was a distorted Christianity, but they were known as what the people of the book and Muslims used to refer to them as irrespective whether there are the Eastern room, Romans or the Western Romans, and they used to refer to them as the Romans. And sometimes they would refer to them as the Byzantines. Yeah. Or sometimes they used to refer to

00:32:21--> 00:32:34

them as Bennell Asfa. Many will ask for means what? Those who, Jani the children of the yellow people, yellow people means by not yellow means that they are

00:32:35--> 00:32:41

white with blonde hair. Yeah, so they they used to call them Bennell as far like this.

00:32:43--> 00:33:33

Anyway, we said that they used to follow Christianity. It happened because they were controlling the world at that time, and they were the two superpowers in the world, the Romans and the Persians, the Romans, the Romans, the last king of the Romans was Harold, Dhawan, Heraclitus, the one who is known in history and the one who met abou Sophia. And they said there were reports that Heraclitus accepted Islam. Yeah, even Adam said there were reports that he accepted Islam, and he died as a Muslim, but he hid that, yeah, and the story his story is known. Some people say no, he did not accept Islam.

00:33:35--> 00:33:37

The Persians they were

00:33:38--> 00:34:30

the fire worshippers. So, the Persians, the Persians. They said that that Jani briefly that there was a lady who was known for her wisdom, and she used to give birth to wisely children. So the king of the Persians. One time he said that he wants to fight the Romans, so he wants to her. He asked her who among your children can be the leader of the army? I want to attack the Romans. Yeah, to cut it short. So anyway, so that King, he attacked the Romans. There were a number of Yanni narrations one narration that he attacked the Romans in Constantinople.

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Yeah. And one narration that he attacked to the Romans in Israel out this area. Yeah. Which is closest to the peninsula.

00:34:43--> 00:34:45

And when he attacked them,

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yeah, and again, briefly.

00:34:50--> 00:34:59

He put, cannot stand to pull under siege. And Heraclitus was unable anyway he could not break

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That's it, and Heraclitus refused to surrender to Him.

00:35:05--> 00:35:13

So, Heraclitus was a very clever person he said to him, Okay, listen,

00:35:14--> 00:35:22

let us have a deal, I will surrender and what do you want? Yeah, he said give me this much amount of,

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of wealth properties, etc. He said listen, I don't have it. Now, let me go and visit my countries who used to be loyal to Me and I will collect those properties to you. So, que sera, que sera, the king of the Persians or the leader of the Persians say that is not not a problem, okay? You just leave. So, Heraclitus left,

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he left and the king of the Persians or the leader of the Persians, he was still putting Constantinople under siege here, Oculus left.

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And then he started to gather people around him. Yeah. And then he went to the land of the Persians.

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And he defeated them because all of the power was what all of their armies and men were what were in Constantinople. And they said even he took his girl, his ladies and women as what as the slaves, he took all of them and he went to what the leader of the Persians and he said, You asked me for properties, women and gather this is for you.

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So then canasta this the Persia, Persian leader, he felt so angry about it and he felt that he was defeated. So, he had the commitment that he will defeat that Hara callus, yeah.

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So, Heraclitus again, he could not defend himself and the Persians were very strong. So, again, he plotted another plot, he told his people, let us pass this river or this sea, yeah. And let us pretend that we have drowned in that seat. Yeah, or we passed by that and we lost power. So the Persian leader, he wants he was following them and chasing them, he came to the sea, he saw some of their properties. And he saw he said that they may be they have what they they they have drowned in the sea, or they lost most of their power. So like what surrounded, he passed, he crossed the sea. He wants to change them more. When he crossed the sea. Yeah, the Roman.

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The Hera class, had the plot to come out of some, I don't know, what did he do in the sea, to come out of the sea and to start to kill the, the Persians and he managed to kill them and to defeat them, and they drowned in the sea. So the first defeat of the Romans is what Allah Allah, Allah mentioned here, and then the Romans defeated the Persians. After six years. Yeah. So the emotional acts in Raqqa. The emotion acts in Makkah, there were idol worshipers. And they heard, they heard that there was a fight between the Persians and the Romans, and the Persians defeated the Romans. So they were happy. In one narration, there, there are different variations in one narration, they went

00:38:51--> 00:39:12

to the Muslims, and they say to them, you are worshipping God, like the Roman are worshipping their God, and those are not worshiping the gods and we are not worshiping the gods and those people, the Persians defeated you, people who worship the god.

00:39:14--> 00:39:55

Is it clear? So they said, We are the idol worshipers, and our people, the Persians are idol worshipers, and they defeated those who worship the God. So the Muslims were so too sad because of this day one to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. In one narration said to them, yes, the Romans were defeated, but they will defeat the Persians. Yeah, so the Muslims went back to the machine again, and they told them yes, the Romans well defeated but what by Allah, they will defeat your people or your friends.

00:39:57--> 00:39:58

This is one direction

00:39:59--> 00:39:59


00:40:00--> 00:40:42

I similar narration is that Abu Bakr Siddiq Radi Allahu Allah Allah and who this is the common one. Abu Bakr also definitely Allah Allah and who once had an argument with obey even Ohana and the way you're gonna have said, Abu Bakr, the Romans who worship your God, were defeated by our people who do not worship the God. So, a Baba can also definitely Allah, Allah and who heard this he went to the promises Allah, Allah, Allah Allah revealed and flan name, whatever your room fee are then allowed they were home member divided by him say available. So our Baba can also do one two back to obey. And he told him it is true that the Romans were

00:40:43--> 00:41:19

defeated, but they will defeat the Persians. He said come on Abu Bakr don't tell me this, he said don't tell me that you will friend Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam is telling you this, he said no, he said this and you will see that this is happening. He said Are you are you confident of what you are saying Abu Bakr said yes, I am confident he said okay, let us have a bet. Let us have a bet. So above I can also directly said Okay, five camels, I will be given to you, if you win

00:41:20--> 00:41:33

in this bet. And you will give me five camels. So the day he went to the Prophet, so I said sorry, then obey the motion, he told them go back come in how long?

00:41:34--> 00:41:51

Yeah, what is what is the time period? What is the term for this betting? When are they going to be defeated? He said, Allah, Allah Allah says FIBA is in in the word verb is from three years to nine years. So let us say six years.

00:41:52--> 00:42:45

Yeah, so away said Okay, six years. If I went you will give me five candles. If you win, I'll give you five candles. I'll go back one to the Prophet sallallahu sallam. In one narration. The Prophet SAW Selim was angry with or was not happy with this. On another narration, the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam told him Abu Bakr the word Baba is from three to nine. Why don't you increase it to become seven years? Yeah. So Abu Bakr one to obey and he told him obey. Yeah, obey was happy. He told him a Buddha. Could you change your mind? Yes. He said no, no, let us make it seven years and let us make it 100 camels. So they said okay, let us make it seven years and 100 camels. Then

00:42:46--> 00:43:03

within six years within within that period, within that period, the Romans defeated the Persians. And Abu Bakr also the one that that this caller said that happened before Sherry are prohibited betting or gambling.

00:43:04--> 00:43:16

So a Boba can also do one that there was one narration as well. That Abubakar said they've said six years. Yeah. Then,

00:43:17--> 00:43:19

after six years,

00:43:20--> 00:44:01

after six years, they the Persians were not defeated. So Obi came to Abu Bakr or Obi sent to Abu Bakr Yes. And he told him Abu Bakr, you lost the deal. So send me the five camels. Then Abubakar sent him the five camels, then within one year, Muslims or sorry, within one year, Romans defeated the Persians Abu Bakr sent to obey. And he told him, yeah, give me the camels because they were defeated. Obey by that time was killed in the Battle of hurt, and he took it from his legal heirs.

00:44:03--> 00:44:56

As I told you, there were many narrations, but this is the conclusion. They said that this surah was revealed one year before the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Yeah, and that is the year where the Persians defeated the Romans one year before the hatred of the Prophet SAW Selim from Mecca to Medina six years later, which is during the Battle of the day there according to most of the narrations, and according to some narrations, no, it was it was in the Battle of Bedell Yes, during the Battle of butter or just immediately after the battle, the battle of butter, the Romans defeated the Persians and Abu Bakr one. The deal with obey ImmunoCAP different generations but this

00:44:56--> 00:44:59

is the conclusion the scholar said that Abubakar has it

00:45:00--> 00:45:21

is a bet with obey. This is before of course, the prohibition of betting. There were there was one narration that when Abu Bakr won the deal, he came with the camels to the Prophet SAW Selim the prophesy Selim said this is my loser. This is the Haram money. Okay, just give it as outside the

00:45:22--> 00:46:12

you know, there are some massage and for some scholars said that the Hanafis believe that in doubt will help, you are allowed to bet. Yeah, and this is one of the delille we don't want to get in to this. Yeah, because this is a very weak opinion. And some scholars said that even the Hanafis the established opinion of the Hanafi is to abandon that which is Yanni begging Allah Allah anyway this is not any strong opinion. And even if it is any valid opinion they say that this is in doubt will help that will help is the land in which young people are fighting so people are killing each other. So taking the money obviously will be allowed to because in Donnell, how killing is taking double

00:46:12--> 00:47:01

help means what? The battlefield? This one does, that'll help me. Yeah, but can fill in a battlefield, people are killing each other. And once they kill each other, obviously they will take the wealth of each other. That's why if you if they say in the battlefield, you can take the money peacefully, take it without killing. This is the principle that the some Hanafis use to justify the position that betting or dealing with river is allowed in the oral health anyway, this is a masala we don't want to get into it. And but this is Yanni the reason for the revelation of this surah and if la meme only back to Rome, the Romans were defeated by the Persians Yeah, in the nearest land to

00:47:01--> 00:47:55

you. And within a few years, the Romans will defeat those who defeated them. Yeah, Allah, Allah Allah said Alif Lam Meem only but yeah, Woody but he did not say the Persians defeated the Romans. Yeah. As some people said, Yeah. And he just as a reflection, Allah, Allah, Allah don't want to mention the Persians. They are not worth to be mentioned in the Quran. Yeah, not to say the Persians defeated the Romans. It is not that the Persians are those who defeated the Romans. Yeah. And why Abubakar when the Muslims heard that the Romans defeated the Persians again, because the motional ex, were happy that the Persians defeated the Romans. Why? Because they are what the people of the

00:47:55--> 00:48:48

book and the the the the Sahaba or the Muslims or the people of the book. So when the Romans, who were Yanni seen as the people of the Book close up to the compared to the Muslims defeated the machine again, who are used to be idol worshipers. The Persians, they were happy because at least they said these are the People of the Book. They are far better than what the idol worshippers who are what the, the Persians and that's why Allah, Allah Allah said, Well, my eating here for our whole movement on on that today the believers will be happy with the Nasir with the victory that Allah Allah Allah as he granted Romans, okay, this is the iannetta introduction to the Surah In sha

00:48:48--> 00:49:17

Allah, we will continue the surah again and we will see that the surah is taking us through different important principles. Yeah, philosophy Chol principles, divine rules that we need to be aware of and we need to live in our life especially in this difficult situation that we are going through Jack Ma Hara Salalah Sana Mubarak and nvm Hemudu adios IVIG