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Said I'm already come up with a lucky

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Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim wa Salatu was Salam O Allah O suta and Karim rubbish Rahi Saudi were Siddeley MD, Dr. melissani Yakubu Kali, Allah with Maggie Colby was sadly signing what suits him at akorbi amin europen Arlene inshallah we will continue with our study of Sudoku puzzles. And today inshallah, we will begin from verse number 33.

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In the previous verses, we learnt about how when will sorry, he said, I'm completed the term that he agreed to complete in in Medan meaning the commitment that he had made with his father in law. After that, he traveled with his family. And we learned about how when he saw the fire, he went in order to get some coal or burning embers from there in order that, you know, his family might, you know, may feel warm, or he went in order to enquire about, about the he know their whereabouts as to which direction to go into. But when he got to the fire, he he actually received Prophethood, he went in search of finding something to assist his family. And Allah subhanaw taala gave him something so

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much better, that now he was not just going to assist and protect his family, he was actually going to become a means of saving an entire nation when he is ill. So, there we learned that when Allah subhanaw taala gave him the miracles were mozzarella, his Sam was told to throw his stick and his his stick turned into a snake. And then his hand when he would put it in his, in the opening of his chest, or rather his shirt, it came out glowing, and he was also taught what to do when he felt extreme fear. Now we learn about the response of Musa alayhis salam to this. So in ayah, number 33, Allah subhanaw taala says all our be in the cartel to men whom Knutsen for a half an acre to Loon.

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He said, oh my lord in the attempt to min homosalate salon set or indeed I killed of them, of who of the people are fit on Knutsen a person, meaning I accidentally killed a person among them for a harmful and you have to learn so I am afraid that they're going to kill me. You see Musashi Salam had fled from Egypt, he left Egypt why? because of the fear that fit our own and his people would kill him. Because Masonic Islam we learned, you know how he accidentally killed it typically. And the no fit our own and his people there. We're not going to give Musashi Sam a fair trial. They were basically looking for an excuse to get rid of him, a reason to kill him. So now they had a reason.

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So Mossad is Sam had to leave Egypt in order to save his life. And now he was commanded to go back to Egypt and go and speak to fit our own. So he was really afraid. He said that I actually killed a person among them so I'm afraid that they're going to kill me. He was he was genuinely afraid that fit our own was going to have him killed. And he said what he how Lulu and my brother how Boone was early Assam this shows us very clearly that he had a brother. And earlier we learned in the story about how he also had a sister. So he said that my brother how Boone who are upset human nearly son, he truly is more eloquent than me in in his language in his speech. My brother is far more eloquent

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than I am

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He would do a far better job than me in conveying the message to film. And then he said for Osen humara your reader and you saw decani so send him with me as an aide as an assistant so that he confirms me why because in the harmful and you can the wound I am afraid that fit our own and his people are actually going to reject me that they're going to call me a liar. Now there's a couple of things we see over here first of all, the statement of musar and his salon that what he how Whoo hoo hoo mini lesson was on Islam is saying that my brother is more eloquent than me in speech. Now, the word of sahoo officer who is actually from the root fell sod how and fossil her is to clean and

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purify something from what is mixed with it. So, first is when something becomes clear, when something becomes clean of what was mixed with it. So for example, fossa, her lemon, lemon milk, fossa, meaning the cream was removed from it. So when you remove it, now, the milk is clear, right, in the sense that there's nothing mixed with it. So, when this word is used to describe someone's speech, it means that they have no unnecessary or extra words that make the speech burden some annoying or unclear or less impactful. So, for So, how is eloquence, it is clear speech, clear expression, when someone is able to speak precisely and clearly in a very, you know, expressive way

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at the same time, because sometimes people are very clear and to the point, but they also sound very boring, right the speech is very dry.

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And sometimes people are extremely eloquent that the language is so flowery and you know, difficult to comprehend. So for Saha is, is the middle way, right? Where there are no extra words that make the speech boring, or difficult to comprehend, difficult to pay attention to, but at the same time, clear and beautiful. Also, this word is used for when someone's dialect, meaning the language, their vocabulary, their style of speech, is, is very clear. Because especially you know, where people have been traveling back and forth, or they have been raised in different places in different environments. You know, their, their language, even their mother tongue is not as clear anymore.

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They're not able to express themselves very clearly. And we'll start I said, I'm think about it, he was actually, you know, and it struck me, right, he was from the bunny israa in, but he was raised in the palace of funeral home. And the his, you know, his initial years he had actually spent with his mother. So, there we have, you know, most artists and I'm being raised in, in two places, basically. So his language was not as clear as that off how long early his center, and then we see the most artists had spent at least eight to 10 years in Meridian. So he was living in a foreign land. So definitely, he his his language or his expression was not at this point was not as clear

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and eloquent as that of his brother. So he said that my brother is more eloquent than me. And what he meant to say by this was that sent him instead, right, that sent him as a messenger instead. And we learned about this in sort of the sharada I have 12 to 15 where the last panel Tara mentions, that mozzarella is unanswered cannot be any harmful and you can be born he said, Oh my Lord, I am afraid that we're our own and his people are going to call me a liar. Why illegal suddenly, and my chest feels constricted. He is uncomfortable. I'm very afraid to go and do this. Well, I am politically Sani. And my tongue is not very fluent. For Odyssey Isla Harun therefore send, Harun

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meaning sent Harun as a messenger, instead of me, this, this is what most artists Alam had initially requested. Now, some of us You don't say that the reason why moosari salaams tongue was not that eloquent is because

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he, he had, you know, had an injury when he was little, that he had put a call, you know, a burning Ember in his mouth and because of that his tongue was not very fluent. Now, along with Arlen, whether that happened or not, there is no mention of that in Hadith, or Quran. But this is something that is, you know, that has been narrated Allahu RLM. But regardless of what the reason was, musala is Salaam was very well aware that he was not as eloquent as other people.

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And that his his ability to speak clearly, you know, or very eloquently was not, you know, perhaps where it should have been for a person who has to go speak to fit. So most artists and I was very self aware. So we learned that Allah subhanaw taala responded it we learned in sort of the shore Allah, that Allah killer, Allah subhanaw taala said killer No way, meaning you must go You have to go find her Bobby IR Tina, so both of you go with our science, our miracles. So at this point, what happened is that most artists alarmed and requested that one artist and then be sent with him along with him as a messenger in order to be his aid. So, that is what is mentioned over here, that he

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said for autoseal humare are read and use a deccani that Oh, my Lord send Harun with me as a read as an aid as as a supporter, who will use a dear Cooney who will confirm me Now the word reader and is very interesting, but it is actually used for a prop or you know, a piece of wood or something like that with which a wall is strengthened and supported. Now, you may have seen, you know, it especially in, you know, in, you know, structures or buildings of the past, you can see in images and even in, you know, certain

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structures of certain eras, that you will notice how these props are actually made very beautiful, right? They're almost made to look like arches, right? Why are they made, they're not just for, you know, for for the purposes of of beautification, they're actually there in order to strengthen and support the wall. Right. So so this is what it did is, it is also said that read is actually a burden that balances another burden on the side of an animal. So for example, on a donkey if a person were to, you know, put something, and and that bag, for example, is hanging on to one side, that donkey is not going to be able to walk easily. Right? So what do people do they divide the

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burden, right? They put equal a burden on on either side. So this is called ridden. Why because the burden that is put on the on the other side becomes an aide or a is support. Right? So this is the concept of rhythm. So Masonic is Sam said that for Allison, who Maria read and send him meaning how long with me as a reader and as a supporter, who will especially you said, Dear Connie, who will confirm me who will verify me, the word you saw decoding sadaqa usado is to confirm the truthfulness of someone. Right? Meaning you called someone truthful, you say that they are speaking the truth, right? And we see that Abu Bakar radi Allahu anhu. He was called a foot deep. And what is the reason

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for that? The reason is that he confirmed the truthfulness of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam every single time. Right? We learned about how when the Prophet sallallahu or his son and went on, on the israa and Mirage, and Abubakar de la who aren't who did not even know about all of the details, right? He confirmed it, right? He believed in it. So this is this is what this leak is that you you say that yes, someone is speaking the truth. They are truthful. So Musashi Salaam said, that send Harun with me as a supporter, who would verify me because when you know that there is at least one person, there's even one person who is siding with you, who is supporting you, you you have more

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confidence, right? So Mossad has sent him in he was afraid that fit our own and his people, everybody was going to reject him. So he asked Allah subhanaw taala for a supporter, and he gave the reason that in the harmful and you can live on I fear that they're going to deny me You can be boonie this is from technique because thereby you can nibble technique that VB is to call someone a liar to belie right. And this is from the root calf that avec Cathy is to lie, and the clip is to call someone a liar. So he said I'm afraid that they're going to call me a liar. Now, first of all we see in these two verses that Masada is Salaam

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He admitted guilt, right? He's he confessed, he admitted before Allah subhanaw taala that I actually killed a person of of the people of our own, so I'm afraid that they're going to kill me. Secondly, he acknowledged his weakness, right? Where he said that I am not as fluent and eloquent in speech as my brother is. Thirdly, he asked for something that would aid him. Right. He said, Send my brother along with me so that he confirms me. And fourthly, we see that he expressed his fear, right, or the reason why he was so hesitant. He said in the ahafo, and you can be booed earlier, he said, that I'm afraid that they're going to kill me for a half hour, Dr. Looney, he, he expressed his fears. So the

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first lesson that we can take from this is that admitting guilt, admitting guilt of a sin of an offense is not something that makes you less of a person. This doesn't mean that you have to go on confessing before people know, because when Allah subhanaw, taala assateague, when he has concealed our sins, then we must let them remain concealed. Right, we must not go on and and expose them. But sometimes any, the nature of an action is such that at least some people, you know, they find out or or they must, you know, no, given, you know, the particular matter that that concerns them.

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But what we see over here is that most artists and m is admitting guilt before who before Allah subhanaw taala. He's admitting his sin before Allah subhanaw taala. So remember, that admitting acknowledging one's mistakes, whether they were committed in ignorance, or they were committed by accident, as most artists salon and he he killed that person by accident, any acknowledging one's mistake is not something that makes them any less of a person. Why? Because all human beings are flawed, right? All of us have our errors, we have our mistakes. None of us are perfect, as we learn in a Hadith, that all of that all of the children of Adam are hapa right that there are those who

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commit mistakes, but the best of those who commit mistakes are those who seek forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala right. And insert for upon is 68 to 71 Allah subhanaw taala describes the Baba Rahman Riba, the rock man meaning the servants of the Most Merciful, Allah, soprano, Tatas, special slaves, or his special worshipers. And one of the things that our last panel thought I mentioned regarding them is that when levena loja de una Marilla, Ilan, aha, that they are those who do not associate another god with Allah meaning they don't worship anyone along with Allah, they worship only Allah, they don't commit any ship. While I have to Luna nafsa, Lottie had Rama, long elaborate Hulk, and

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they do not commit murder basically. And thirdly, when I is new, and they do not commit Zina, so three major sins are mentioned over here schicke associating partners with Allah. Secondly, Qatar murder and thirdly, zinna illegal sexual intercourse, so they don't commit these major sins. And then it is sad when my year for our velyka yelapa therma and whoever should do that will meet a penalty, meaning there will certainly be consequences for these sins because these sins are major. And then it is said you barfleur hula dobbiamo piano t v mohana. That multiplied for him as the punishment on the Day of Resurrection and he will abide there in humiliated and then it is said in

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mantova except for those who repent in you repent from what from these major sins. They because they're not perfect or that the man are not perfect. They don't have a very beautiful, perfect history or past. No, they're their past is filled with mistakes and errors and shortcomings and even major sins because they're human and they're weak, but the difference is that they have repented. So in Lamin taba, where I'm an hour amela I'm alongside the hand for hula, aka you but did Allah who say you at him has enough except for the people who repent and believe and do good then Allah subhanaw taala will convert their sins into

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Good deeds.

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Imagine the amount of, of our sins is converted into good deeds. So now they're not going to be punished for what they did. They're actually could be rewarded. Why? Because that sin has been replaced by a good deed. How because of doba because of repentance. So it is said woman tabouleh I mean a sunny hand for India who You Tuber Illallah Hema taba. And he who repents and does righteousness does indeed turn to a love with accepted repentance. And how do you know that your repentance has been accepted, when a person has changed their their course of action, they have, they have repented from their sin, and they have replaced, you know, you know, their deeds with with

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Righteous One their sins with righteous ones. So this means that now there are changed person. So the thing is that sometimes we are so stuck in our pasts that we are not able to forgive ourselves. This doesn't mean that we that we should not feel any remorse or any guilt for the wrongs that we did in the past. No, we acknowledge that. We accept that we admit that you're wrong, I was so foolish, you're wrong. I was so you know, into my desires, I was blinded by my desires. I have no one to blame except myself, or, or Europe, that was an accident. I don't know what I was thinking. I was truly in mature, you know, you admit your guilt, you acknowledge your sins, your mistakes before

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Allah subhanaw taala. But please, don't, don't shackle yourself with your past getti Learn to move on, learn to move forward, it doesn't mean that you have to forget about the sins that you committed know, every time that you think about them. And those feelings of guilt, you know, consume you that they overwhelm you, you, you, you you convert that energy into his default into seeking forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala and cry before a lot and Yeah, well, but, you know, I, I did, I truly made a mistake, I should not have done that. But I did it. And I seek forgiveness from you. So musala has so now, he he said that he had committed a sin he had committed murder. Right. And this is true that

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our past mistakes, you know, they keep haunting us. They they kind of shackle us sometimes we are the ones who don't forgive ourselves, so we don't allow ourselves to move forward. But other times, really, our past mistakes are such that they continue to haunt us, they continue to create, you know, obstacles for us. So, in that case, again, have hope in the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala. You know, this is so amazing that musala has since left Egypt because of this accident, right? This accidental murder, but Allah subhanaw taala made him return to Egypt. And we see that Allah subhanaw taala protected him. So most artists Anna was not killed, in return for you know that that

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accidental murder. So remember, Allah subhanaw taala is a fool. And he's not just a food, he is a farm. And he he forgives sins repeatedly over and over again. And one of the meanings of molfetta is actually to shield to protect, to cover. In other word metaphor is from the same root and Milford is a helmet. Why is the helmet worn in order to protect the head? Right? That that if you are, you know, in a case where for example, you're falling, your head is is safe. So just like that, our mistakes our sins of the past, they continue to, you know, sort of bring us you know, harm. They continue to bring the suffering, but Allah subhanaw taala when he forgives someone, this means that

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Allah subhanaw taala protects them from the consequences of their sins. So, so learn to move forward from your past mistakes, and you don't shackle yourself because of them and where you feel that your past mistakes are still haunting you. They're still destroying you, you know, the guilt is eating you up from inside. ask Allah Subhana Allah for forgiveness and ask him for even more forgiveness. Every time that that fear you know, come

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inside of you ask Allah subhanaw taala for forgiveness, so moosari Sunnah, he admitted guilt. And we see that acknowledging, you know, once mistake is not something that makes them a less of a person. Secondly, we see over here that most already send me another lesson we can take from these verses is that most artists acknowledged his weakness before Allah. Right that he said that I am not able to speak very eloquently, my tongue is not in my language is not that clear? I'm not that you know, in a very eloquent, he admitted his weakness, his inability, and again, acknowledging your weakness and your inability does not make you any less of a person. When you acknowledge your weakness, your

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inability, this shows that you are self aware. And this, this shows that you are honest with yourself and you are honest with others. And if a person is pretending, right, they are being fake, aware, you know, they have certain weaknesses, but they pretend like they don't, right, they're not qualified, that they're not, you know, able, but they pretend like they're perfect, then this is something that actually inhibits growth. Because a person is fooling themselves a person is constantly lying to themselves, a person is not allowing themselves to learn, right to improve to become better. So, and we learn that you know about the hypocrites, that will you have Buddha

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yoshimatsu be my lumea for you, that they love to be praised for what they have not done any, they don't actually do any good, but they but they want all that praise, right? They want all that acknowledgement and special treatment from people. So

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masayoshi son, I'm actually acknowledged his weakness over here. And this shows that he was so self aware. And when a person is self aware, and they acknowledge their weaknesses, then only they're able to seek the help that they are in need of right, how that they that they will actually seek help from Allah subhanaw taala they will seek help from you know, people who are actually able to aid them right. And they're able to use their means to improve their condition. Right meaning when a person is aware that they are in need, they need to fix something right? Then only can they improve their condition. So Mozart has said I'm acknowledge that I am not as eloquent and this is why we

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learn in another place in the Quran. That Mozart he said I made Da Vinci haha we learn he said Kala rubbish Rahi suddenly he said oh my lord is roughly soldering expand for me my chest way a Sidley Emery and make my task easy for me was non rock data melissani and untie the knot of my tongue any unleash or release my tongue so that so that I'm able to speak clearly I'm able to express myself easily you have to hopefully so that the people understand what I'm saying. And he said what your hourly was zero mean actually and make for me as a helper and aid from my family and that would be how long have he my brother How long? We still should be as real as ecoffee every so mozzarella Sam

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acknowledged his weakness he asked the last panel Tata for help. And what happened he got the help that he needed. So in the next aisle we learn our last panel Tata responded, corner center should do our outdoor deca be a faker? Almost Pandora said Santa should do we will strengthen this is from shinda shinda doll and shinda is you know intensity of something. So we will intensify meaning we will make stronger. What is it that we will strengthen our blue Decker? Your arm your upper arm? How is it that we're going to strengthen your upper arm be a FECA with your brother through your brother? Now what does it mean by this that we're going to strengthen your upper arm with your

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brother You see the word are all good. Yes, literally it means upper arm, but it is also used for aid for for some for someone who aids you someone who assists you. Why because your upper arm any it is the with the strength which lies in your upper arm that you're able to lift heavy things, right? You're able to you know move heavy things in

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etc. So your upper arm is is a is an aide for you, it is a supporter for you. So when someone is, you know a helper to someone when someone is an assistant to another than they're called their aboute. So center should do our outdo that could be a weaker, meaning we will aid you, we will assist you by your brother. And so it was that Mossad SLM did not have to go in the court of their own alone all by himself. He had his brother with him. And this was a last panel Todd has promised to him son I should do I'll Boudicca be a faker. Now, this word although this very interesting, there is a beautiful Hadith in which we learn unnecessarily the Longhorn who said that whenever the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you know, when he would return from an expedition,

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or he would go on an expedition, meaning in order to fight an enemy, he would say Allahumma, enter aboudi won a CD, because a Hulu will become a Zulu will become a party, that Allah under aboudi, you are my onboard any upper arm in the sense that you are my supporter, you are my aid, when a CD and you are my helper, bigger, a Hulu were bigger or solo with your help it is that I move that I reach you know, somewhere, we're bigger or cartel. And it is with your aid that I fight, meaning it is with your age, your support your help, that I am able to do anything on my own, I'm not able to do all of this. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam expressed, you know his dependency on Allah

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subhanaw taala. And then also through these words, he also expressed gratitude to Allah subhanaw taala You know, he expressed his to what call that I entirely rely on you. And then he was also in thinking of that it is with your aid, that I am able to move I'm able to reach you know, any place that I'm able to fight any enemy. And we should, in use similar words to express our reliance upon Allah subhanaw taala to seek his help, and also to show gratitude to Allah subhanaw taala when we accomplish something, so Allah subhanaw taala said Cena should do our although there could be a hiko we're going to strengthen your arm through your brother. So we learned that lusardi salaam he, he

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had his brother held Woon as a helper in sort of medium, I have 53 This has mentioned what will happen Allahumma raha mattina, who held woonona be here, that We bestowed on him through our mercy because of our mercy, his brother Harun as a prophet any, how long are you said I was not just you know, a supporter, like a follower to musala he was actually in ob Haruna is an M was granted Prophethood he was granted Prophethood so most artists and M would not be the only prophet any he had the support of his brother in this way. Then we see in Surah through con i have 35 of us prime authority says well, Athena Mazel kita and certainly we gave most artists around the book what

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Gianna Mara who aha who have no was zero and we made with him his brother had one and an assistant anyhow room was made, was appointed as an assistant to Masada his center. So the thing is, that as much as we think that you know, we want to work independently, we you know, we should be self reliant and we should be able to do our work ourselves. Remember that human beings are weak, right, will only call in Sunbury for the human being has been created weak, the prophet of Allah moosari his center, he understood he knew that this was a job that one person alone could not do. Right. So one person on their own is alone, right, they're weak, but when they have, you know, even one more

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person to assist them to aid them, two together are much stronger. The prophets Allah Who are the who was setting them, we see that at the beginning of the prophethood he had the support of his wife for the journal de la Mancha, instantly, right instantly, and that was a source of great strength for

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Where the Prophet sallallahu arethusa was doubting himself, right? Where he he was, you know, afraid. He was worried that that something bad was gonna happen to him. He he couldn't comprehend as to how to process what what had happened. Khadija de la Mancha is the one who assured him, right she is the one who, who believed in him, even before he was able to, you know, accept what had happened. And Khadija de la Mora has, you know, support and help was a source of great strength for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and then we see that Abubakar Ile de la Mourinho, and he, he also believed in him, and he was there to confirm him every step of the way. So,

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you know, realize, acknowledge that I am not, you know, perfect, I am not able to do this on my own. And then ask Allah subhanaw taala for help and support and ask Allah subhanaw taala to give you people who can support you, who can help you, it who can assist you in your work, because Yak and arwu were a yak monastery, it is only you that we seek help from, and part of seeking help from Allah subhanaw taala is to seek helpers from him also. Because remember that people cannot help us they cannot, you know, cooperate with us, unless Allah subhanaw taala enables them.

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And unless Allah subhanaw taala, you know, changes their heart, meaning that Allah subhanaw taala inspires them to help you. Right? Because at times, we see that, you know, there are individuals who are perfectly capable, right of, of helping you of working with you, but what happens, they're too busy, right? They are unavailable, or they forget, right? Or sometimes, you know, they just don't want to help you. They'd rather be doing something else, or they just don't want to work with you. So, helpers, remember, they also come from Allah. So, any kind of work that you are struggling with any kind of work, whether it is worldly or religious, whether it is something to do with Reba or it

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has something to do with your, you know, your your house or your work your studies, you cannot find a good teacher, you cannot find you know, a good program you cannot find you know something to help you with the day to day work, any any kind of assistance you need. Right? Any kind of help you need. Turn to Allah ask Allah that He or Allah, you help me Yeah, Allah use and supporters. Our problem is that we started looking at people and we start expecting from them. But But the fact is that they're not able to help us unless and until Allah subhanaw taala enables them so also panatela gave me Sorry, Sam, the the assistance that he needed, and he said Cena should do our I'll do there can be a

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faker. And then one ajar Lula coma soltana will start he said, he expressed his fear, right? He said, I am afraid that they're going to kill me, I am afraid that they're going to call me a liar. Right? So Allah subhanaw taala comforted him that Niger Akuma. So plan and we're going to grant you both soupon. So plant supremacy, you see, so fun is actually power or control okay. And a person can have power and control how because of their status, right because of the authority that they have. So, a leader of a people like for example, a king is called a soupon why because he has authority, he has power over people. And so any person can have power control. How through evidence also, that

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for example, if there is an argument, and one person brings clear evidence, right, clear proof, then they have power over that matter in the sense that they, they're going to win, right. So,

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from the same root is a word study from the root seeing lamp for Selenium is actually used for oil. Why? Because you use oil, to, to, to, to light a lamp. Right? And and through that you have light. So So pollen is used for very clear evidence, right? Very clear evidence, because when you have that clear evidence, it clarifies the matter. Right, just like light clarifies the situation.

00:40:00--> 00:40:03

And so, thumb is a is

00:40:04--> 00:40:22

also used for dominance, right because when someone has power they have authority, it means that they will prevail, they will have supremacy. So whenever I Lula Kuma Sultan and what does this means, this means that we are going to grant you both

00:40:24--> 00:41:20

dominance, meaning that you will always have the upper hand against film. You don't need to be afraid of our own because fit our own cannot win against you and He will not prevail over you. You rather most artists Suleiman Harun, you will have dominance and prevalence and supremacy, they will over fit on how how was that possible? When most and how long, both of them early on was sent out? There were just two people who came from a nation who had been enslaved and fit our own, and he had his Mullah. He had his entire, you know, people who were the elite people of power in that society and they had abundant resources and also armies. So how is it that most artists would prevail

00:41:20--> 00:42:12

against film for two reasons? First of all, when a journal Akuma soltana How will you have have some fun, because you have clear, I bet, you have clear evidences from a loss of parameter that will make you prevail in every argument. And also in every, you could say competition. So for example, when Musashi Sam came and spoke to fit our own, fit our own asked him some very tough questions, very difficult questions. And most are Acela answered every single one of them, every single one of them. So when it comes to the discussion that happened over there, we see that Musab al Islam clearly won Mossad Islam defeated fifth round in argument and this is the reason why for our own said, Okay, do

00:42:12--> 00:43:01

you have any proof any evidence and then most artists and I'm sure your miracles, and when most artists and I'm showing him the miracles, the the glowing hand and the stick that turned into a snake film called all of that magic and he said fine, you bring this magic, we will, we will defeat your magic and so, he he sent for his expert magicians, right? And he had everybody come and then what happened all those magicians versus most artists, it was most artists and who prevailed. Right? So, most already salon in he he was given Sultan in this way. Secondly, so thought over here also means that that Allah subhanaw taala gave Mousavi Salaam haber, however any are in the sense that

00:43:01--> 00:43:55

fit our own was always afraid and hesitant to kill moosari hustler and you think about a fit our own had so many people killed it. Well, it was not difficult for him to get people killed any he didn't have any moral compass that you know that that inner voice that told him Oh, this is wrong. Don't do this. Right. He was a tyrant. He was someone who truly did not care. Right? And he he he was someone who had babies many many babies killed any this man didn't have any, any morality you could say yet he was not able to kill Musashi Suleiman How long are these? Are they the center? Right? He was not able to harm them. Why? Because Because Allah subhanaw taala had granted. Musa and Harun Anakin was

00:43:55--> 00:44:49

Salam soupon, any dominance supremacy because of which fit our own was afraid. So we learn for example, in sort of the Lafayette I have 26 that will call a fit our own or the Rooney opportune Moosa that fron said, let me be leave me so that I can kill Moosa any who was stopping him. Technically, nobody was stopping him. But still he said to his people, his Mullah that you leave me, you let me be you. Let me kill Moosa. Right as if he's saying that you guys are stopping me, you guys are preventing me, whereas nobody was preventing him any will fit our own. He made the final call, right? He He was a man of power, right. But still, he was not able to kill most artists

00:44:49--> 00:44:59

because he was afraid of his heart. He was a coward. And we see that the prophets of Allah were given this orb right. That that there

00:45:00--> 00:45:50

Enemies feared them. So we see that the Prophet sallallahu earlier sent him also said no slated to be robe that I have been helped by robe, meaning my enemies are afraid of me. Right as Allah subhanaw taala says Snoopy few kulu Billa Dena cafaro roba that we're going to cast fear into the hearts of those who disbelief in need, they're going to be afraid of you, so they're not going to be able to harm you. So, when that your alula coma soltana was our listener was afraid. And Allah subhanaw taala said, we are going to grant you both supremacy in you are going to prevail. You have the evidences that will that will make you prevail in every argument. And secondly, when addressing

00:45:50--> 00:46:46

local muscle tone and meaning, because of this power, you're going to be safe, so your enemy is not going to be able to harm you and that it is further clarified Fela Yearsley Luna la Kuma so they will not reach you to lie Asli Luna usually known as from Walsall, Walsall is to connect to reach so they are not going to be able to reach you, meaning with harmed they're not going to be able to harm you. So you will be in Allah's protection. And Subhanallah This is something amazing, because the enemy for our own was who he he had so many resources, and he had so many soldiers and people and supporters. But still with all of that he was not able to harm lusardi Center. Right. So what does

00:46:46--> 00:47:33

this show? This shows us? You know what the prophet sallallahu already said and said, that you should know that if all of the people were to gather together, right, the oma and all of the people weren't the entire nation were to gather together to harm you. They would not be able to harm you with anything except what Allah subhanaw taala has written for you any, they cannot harm you, except with what Allah subhanaw taala has already written for you. And what Allah subhanaw taala has not written for you. Right? Meaning if Allah subhanaw taala has decided that you're going to be safe, then they're not going to be able to harm you at all. So follow your say Luna la cama. This is what

00:47:33--> 00:47:55

frees us from fear. Right. And if we keep thinking that people might harm us, people might harm us, they have the power to harm us, then we will be, we will be in fear constantly. Our fear will go away when we realize that people cannot harm us except by the will of Allah. So ultimately, the control is with Allah.

00:47:57--> 00:48:47

And then it is said, Be a ye Tina, through our ayat, through our science. I remember that the word if it's the Yes, it's the plural of Aya. And it is generally used in two ways. One is a miracle, a sign, and secondly, a verse. So remember that I asked of Allah are of two kinds, right? I add Kony and I add chattery I add Kony, these are the signs, meaning tangible visible signs that point to the power of Allah, the oneness of Allah. The fact that He alone is God He alone is worthy of worship. And then I add the shutter re are the revealed verses right. Or you could say the verses that are supposed to be recited the verses which Allah subhanaw taala has revealed.

00:48:49--> 00:49:37

So that because they also point to the power, the greatness the oneness of Allah subhanaw taala. So here I am, is referring to the miracles that musala his Sunnah was given, right? And these were given to him by Allah. So be a attina. Now what does it mean by this through our science, this can be understood in three ways. The first way we can understand this is that this is connected directly with what was mentioned before it meaningful now you'll see Luna la Kuma bi atina they will not be able to harm you because of our ayat, meaning our AI acts, these signs these miracles that have been given to you. They will be a means of safety and protection for you.

00:49:39--> 00:49:59

They will be a means of safety and protection for you. And this is something amazing truly, we see that when musar is set up. He he threw the stick and it turned into a snake and this happened in front of it our own. We wrote in sort of two nazjatar that fit our own. He He turned and he ran away right

00:50:00--> 00:50:34

He turned and he ran away at why because he was afraid. And he got scared of that stick turning into a snake. And that snake was not something small, it was something huge. So if there was afraid he ran away, alright, and if it was not able to harm musala his center. And then we see that when most artists that I'm left Egypt with the bunny is slightly and they reach the water and fit our own was right behind them. What happened most artists and I'm through the stick into the water, as you know,

00:50:36--> 00:51:35

because of the command of Allah. And what happened, the water parted, right? And mousai snam and the Bani Israel they were able to, you know, escape. So, through these miracles, what happened musala salaam was granted safety. And how old are you Sam? Both of them were granted safety and protection. So these are Yeah, these miracles were not just, you know, amazing to look at. Right? No, they were also a means of safety for them. So be a Yeah, Tina, it is our ayat that will suffice you meaning our if our stronger, then then an army, they are better than many resources Subhana Allah and this is true for all Ayat of Allah, even the verses of the Quran, they are a means of protection. Right?

00:51:35--> 00:52:25

And then secondly, be it No, this means that this is connected with what is coming next, that be it that unto my woman, it tabarrok human Holly Boone, that it is through our signs that you and those who follow you will be the predominant meaning it is through our ayat that you will be victorious. How? Because it is these I act that will prove your truthfulness. And they will defeat anyone who comes to challenge them. And we see that the magicians in a when they came with all of their magic to compete with these miracles, what happened their magic was destroyed. Right. And it is these ayat that made them surrender that made them you know, humble, that led them to believe because, you

00:52:25--> 00:53:19

know, they realized the truth of Masada his setup. So moosari Sam, had victory. How through the is that Allah subhanaw taala gave him And then thirdly, be Tina, this is connected with what was mentioned at the beginning of the idea that one of your alula coma soltana that we're going to give you some time, how bi atina meaning it is through our is that you will have soupon you will have the upper hand you will prevail. Right You will have dominance. Meaning you cannot have the upper hand with anything else you will have the upper hand through our ayat, any Subhana Allah will sorry, listen, I was just given two miracles over here, right? where his stick turns into a snake in his

00:53:19--> 00:54:15

hand begins to go. And he's told go and speak to Pharaoh. It doesn't seem like on the surface, it seems like most artists and is not equipped at all right on the surface. It seems like he needs much more he needs an army, he needs you know, many resources, he needs a lot of wealth, etc, etc, etc. It seems like he needs a lot. But we see that these two IR weren't enough. These two IR were enough for his safety. These two IR were enough to lead him to success. These two if it were enough to give him the upper hand to cause him to prevail. Subhan Allah, any what do we think about the Ayat of Allah? Do we truly believe that the Ayat of Allah are perfect, and that they are complete? And that

00:54:15--> 00:54:29

they are enough? Or is it that even when we have the Ayat of Allah, we keep looking right and left and we keep seeking, you know worldly things, etc, because we think that they are much more effective than the Ayat of Allah.

00:54:30--> 00:54:59

This is something that we need to reflect upon. Most already said I was not given an army over here. He was not given golden silver over here. He was not given horses and camels etc and weapons over here. No musar Listen, I was given a yet to I were enough to bring fit our own and his entire, you know, nation down sopran Allah and the Quran that almost a predator gave to his

00:55:00--> 00:55:50

messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what is that? That is miracle and message in one, it is the eternal miracle. And, and, you know, we, we don't give the Quran, the status that it deserves. We think that the Quran is just a holy book, it is just sacred words that are not to be recited unless you are perfectly pure and clean, that are not to be touched, unless you are perfectly pure and clean, that are not to be read and understood. Unless you are a great scholar. You know, we, we think that the Quran is too sacred, that we cannot even access it. And, and even if we have some of the Quran, you know, in our heart We memorized it, or we we know some of it in meaning. We don't

00:55:50--> 00:56:42

think that it is enough. Whereas the words of Allah are perfect. were taught to say a rule to be Kelly Mattila, he Tamati any word that were taught to seek refuge safety protection, How? Through the most perfect and complete words of Allah, and the words of Allah, the Quran is Allah speech, it is it is the qalam of Allah. It is perfect, it is complete. It is guidance. It is knowledge, it is evidence, it is a source of strength. It is a source of healing. Kenny it is it is so much but we think it is just words to be recited. We think it is just words to be memorized. And that's it. We don't understand the the treasure that Allah subhanaw taala has given us and we're truly doing it

00:56:42--> 00:57:07

you know, ourselves a disservice. Allah subhana wa tada has given us a mu Bartok book, a book that is filled with Baraka filled with blessing in it, meaning it's goodness is unlimited. But what we take from the Quran is so limited because of our misconception, right? We think that the Quran doesn't have a lot to offer, but it has,

00:57:08--> 00:57:54

it has so much to offer more than what we can take from it. Any isn't it that it is through the Quran that Allah subhanaw taala gave his messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam success and victory? Isn't it through the Quran? Allah subhanaw taala give honor to people like or model doula who aren't who in Abu Bakar guilloche Mourinho isn't it through the Quran that Allah subhanaw taala gave so much honor to that entire nation? Then why is it that we look down on the Quran? And sadly we do. You know, if, for example, if we have certain doubts or certain questions, and you know, we want clarity, and somebody advises, learn the Quran, we say, Yeah, but tell me something else. What else

00:57:54--> 00:58:45

can I do? Right? If we are unwell, right, and we know that the Quran is Shiva, we give preference to, you know, Tylenol, then then the Quran, I'm not saying do not take medication take that. But why is it that our belief in medication is stronger than our belief in the Quran? Why, you know, Allah subhanaw taala has not just given us physical means tangible means to accomplish our goals, he is also given intangible means, right? And the Quran is that, that it is, it is, you know, it brings us what we are seeking, but but we need to be able to benefit from the Quran. So I would encourage all of you who are listening, right now inshallah, in in January, at the Institute, we're starting a new

00:58:45--> 00:59:37

program 30 will put on the next course is beginning. And this is just a program of a year and a half. It's a full time program, but in this program in sha Allah, students will be going through the entire Quran. It's recitation, and it's the seed word for word translation. And this is something that that you, you know, you owe yourself, I strongly believe that every, every Muslim should do this, that you know, we must, we cannot reach our full potential. We cannot do more in life, unless and until we learn what Allah subhanaw taala has revealed. And I'm not saying that this program is, you know, the end all be all you needs perfect. And once you do this, then you know, you will become

00:59:37--> 00:59:59

perfect, no, it's just an opportunity for you to, to better connect with the book of Allah, to understand the book of Allah to recite the book of Allah, and to, you know, be able to reflect on it and derive blessing from it in sha Allah. So it's it's a program that is especially for sisters, by sisters. So I encourage

01:00:00--> 01:00:50

You know, share this, you know with your friends and family and and encourage young women to enroll in the program in Sharla finally at the end of the year it is said and tumour woman, tuber akumal Holly Boone, you, you too both of you, woman into our coma and whoever follows you, meaning you and your followers will be an hollyburn you will be the predominant Ali Moon is a plural of volume. In e This is Allah soprano. Todos promise that you will be victorious. This is a promise that Allah subhanaw taala made with Mousavi Salaam at this moment and musar lisanna was alone. Standing in that valley. He was alone. How to realize not even was not with him. Nobody was with him. And he's given

01:00:50--> 01:01:32

such a huge mission. But Allah subhanaw taala promises him victory Allah subhanaw taala gave him good news that he would have followers he will not be alone and that he will be successful. Allah subhanaw taala will grant him a victory, but that success will come how through the eyes of Allah. May Allah subhanaw taala give us the ability to connect with his idea to better to understand them better, to strengthen our belief in them to benefit from them. And your last panel thought of grant is success in whatever that we are doing through his ayat. inshallah we will conclude over here. So panicle lahoma would be handed a shadow Allah ilaha illa Anta astell Furukawa autoboot la cosa Salam

01:01:32--> 01:01:34

alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh