Haitham al-Haddad – Standing Strong – Calls out Muslims for Rafah, Palestine

Haitham al-Haddad
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the devastation of the town of centers of Spain and the region of Lhasa, where millions of Muslims are living. The region is currently facing restrictions on aid and the region is seeing a decline in their own rights and freedom. The segment also mentions the importance of strong leadership and strong faith in Islam to fight against racism and racism.
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I would like to remind myself and my brothers and sisters to continue making dua for our brothers and sisters in Palestine in Gaza.

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Obviously, I am sure you are following the news regarding the the Rafa district and there is a possibility of an attack against Farah Rafa district and actually, it did happen or it did start yesterday. Rafa is a very, very small area, you can say that it is maybe one mile by less than two miles. And it is they said that the with the camps around it, it is like three miles by maybe four miles. And in that area, imagine three something plus or minus miles and miles 4.5 miles plus or

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minus, there are one point or that is 1.4 million Palestinians who have been displaced from their main cities, north of Gaza, middle of Gaza, and even south of Gaza to this place, and they are coordinate because there is the sea from the

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west and there is the the wall, the wall that was built, unfortunately by the authorities on the Egyptian side, and so they are coordinate and the United Nation, even America, which is okay surprising.

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They said that any attack on on that area, that region, at this moment will become will lead to heavy

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deaths casualties, it will lead to a catastrophe or real catastrophe.

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It did start last night or yesterday on a smaller scale. And so, anyway, their situation is devastating. Even brothers and sisters, if we leave the war or deaths out of killing out of you know, bombing NGO or out of airstrikes, the WTO, the W H O, the World Health Organization,

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a few days ago, they say that

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there might be

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you know, diseases there in that area and in Gaza and maybe the number of people who may die out of there, those diseases will exceed the number of people who die out of you know, bombing or airstrikes, etc. Because imagine there is no sewage system, there are no hospitals, there is no medicine, there is no you know, personal hygiene

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needs for women, okay, for even with children, for women who are giving birth, etc. So, the situation there is beyond imagination, let alone that there is famine, real famine, because there are no

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you know, aid that is

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getting there.

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Yesterday and today. They said that there was some aid that was going there, but that aid doesn't even suffice. We 1% of the total needs in rasa.

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So, make dua make dua for them, my dear brothers and sisters and those who are involved in in political activism, they should continue putting pressure so we might see a ceasefire.

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We might see this is the most important thing that aid Yeah, that aid goes to Lhasa. It is really

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shame, shameful

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moments and shameful period of history that Muslims are you

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You know,

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been suffering from a blockade for so many years, some people say 17 years, some people say even more than 17 years.

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And everything that goes to them is very controlled, whether electricity, water, food, supplies, medical supplies, it is very controlled. And

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they have been living in that situation for these many years. And despite that,

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next to them, there is a Muslim country that is an Arab country

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that is not passing or allowing even enough aid to go to them.

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And, and, and even that area is surrounded by many Muslim countries, many Arab countries Wallahi it is very devastating. And I don't know, when people may be 20 years later, 30 years later, when they read this period of history, how they are going to read it. Yeah, when they read it, how are they going to see what is how can they imagine that this could have happened to 2.4 or three millions of Muslims under blockade surrounded by by by at least two that what they themselves describe as their

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enemies? And the everything that goes to them is controlled and they are living in this blockade. Yeah. And

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the whole Muslim Ummah, is watching this, of course, as individuals Alhamdulillah that individuals are doing

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as much as they can.

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Maybe it is not enough. Maybe they need maybe we need brainstorms to see what else can be done.

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But, but the leadership of the Muslim ummah is letting those people down. So it is really a very sad moment of our history. However, we all have our trust in Allah, Allah, Allah and the people there in Gaza. They have their trust in Allah, Allah, Allah and they are still resisting and they are still

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standing for their rights for their freedom. And they want to continue the journey of struggle until they get their own rights.

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May Allah Allah Allah help them please, please brothers, sisters, don't forget to them. Don't forget them don't say well, it has been more than four months now. 129 days. So what can we do and then we forget them.

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