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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the reasons behind marriages and how it can lead to a long-lasting relationship. They explain that most couples meet someone who is already there, and that the pressure of finding someone new is a lot harder than just meeting someone new. The speaker also suggests that finding someone new is the best way to establish a relationship and avoid getting into a new relationship.
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Do I get to know someone for the purposes of marriage without compromising my relationship with a lot?

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Now, here's some bitter facts 68% of marriages that have come through the dating scene, or you know, the conventional kind of way that people kind of get married, where they meet someone and meet someone else and meet someone, and then fall in love and all that kind of stuff. 68% of them end in divorce, less than half of that far less than half of that have traditional kind of arrangements of marriage, where your aunt introduces you to a family or your best friend's husband's brother is introduced to you, those kind of arranged meetings are much, much more likely to continue in success as a marriage into the future. Why is that? Well, there's three important reasons. One, is that the

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people that are arranged to meet you are there, because of that defined purpose, they want a lifelong partner, they're not just there to, you know, see what's out there in the world. So that's number one, there's already a frame of reference and a sincere intent. Number two, most of the vetting is kind of done by your family and friends, they're not going to recommend someone to you, who they know is like, kind of weird, you know, that's the wrong girlfriend, that's the wrong guy for him. And if it happens, you know, it might happen every so often, but it's not the constant. The third thing, I think that's important, and then that makes, you know, those kind of arrangements of

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being introduced to someone is that it takes a lot of pressure off you that if you meet them, there's no obligation that you have to see them again. And again, you could just say to that person who introduced you to them, please kindly just say to them, you know, I'm, I'm good, I'm done with that. I'm not really interested in that. Now, how do we continue from that moment on if once you're introduced, then it becomes a very familiar kind of thing and a relationship is built not just one on one. But with those who introduced you becomes very easy to have more access to one another. So if it's done in those terms, which is the way of the student of the prophets I send them you will

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find a lot more Baraka. So don't step out there until you're ready for marriage. be accepting of people offering you to arrange and to introduce you to others don't look at it as some backward kind of thing. It's actually the best thing that's that can be done. People are doing it now today in the wrong name. You know, they're talking about array speed dating and you meet 2030 people by paying a fee. You don't need to do all that. Just get you know that Auntie Mrs. Patel to help you out, she'll chill lucky. She'll hook you up in sha Allah, may Allah grant us happiness and and bring love and peace in our home.

Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim explains

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