Haitham al-Haddad – Why Marriages Fail? Part 3

Haitham al-Haddad
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the issue of overestimating assumptions during relationships, causing problems for both parties. They mention a variety of reasons for the breakdown, including lack of understanding and divorce, and encourage people to follow a process to minimize their chances of divorce. The speaker also talks about maintaining healthy environments and being a "boogie brow couldn't work."
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Another thing is, let us talk about this issue of over making mistakes. You overlooking a mistake. Now

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I came home my wife didn't make it small. Make it just overlook it

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Don't disappoint the relationship between your wife because of some

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problems. Okay? met

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men they are picking

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very picky people you're not picking people, why is this

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it should not be that cold I told you 100 time not to make it. This hurts me to

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attend that you don't know you will look at your life differently, you will see your life differently, you will enjoy being with you. Okay, there are so many other reasons behind the marriage breakdown from experience perspective. But I wanted I was planning to mention that one of the main reasons many breakdowns if you don't know how to divorce

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okay many people would be surprised how come you are talking about keeping marriage not matrimonial relationship and then you are talking about proper process for divorcing Yes, lack of understanding how to divorce you like you would end up with complete absolute knowledge and break down because you don't you know that there is a process Have you followed that process that will minimize that possibility of divorce or it will minimize the possibility of absolute absurdity, divorce okay. Because of time we cannot speak about this maybe inshallah, in another lecture we can speak about it We ask Allah Allah Allah to help us to maintain good relationship with our wives to help us to

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a good matrimonial

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to talk with families, we asked a lot of Allah also to give us the ability to raise up today's our children in a very good environment in a very healthy environment.

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he O'Shea boo ki k Verma

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anti heavy t and t.

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T Heavy.

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in Liberty

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to leave at low K to K.

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Tea or

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a man devotee

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Tama county

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gente me

Quit Nagging

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