Why Marriages Fail? Part 4

Haitham al-Haddad


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The Scale of the Problem


AI: Summary © The UK has a "ma'am problem" where women are pressured into marriage, causing problems for their partners. The root causes of the problems are not major problems that can be solved, and the segment touches on the Prophet sallahu alayhi wa sallam study on the topic of marriage breakdown between the man and his wife. The discussion touches on the idea of "has economic impact" on relationships, and how it may affect future relationships.
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During the Vietnam Muhammad Allah and he was on the Advanced

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the respected brothers and sisters salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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In this lecture,

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which is taking place in the fifth of

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May, Roger,

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and the 28th of

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1920, study 2009. So in this lecture, we will be talking about a very important subject related to marriage and divorce. And I'm really very happy that the brothers chosen this topic, because if we look at the situation of the Muslims in the UK, and unfortunately, the situation of Muslims all over the world, we will see that there is a huge problem in terms of marriage to break down. And believe me, from my experience, okay, I'm not speak about this topic, from a very academic point of view, but rather, to speak about it from an experience point of view.

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Okay, being a member of the Islamic Sharia Council and being a member, okay, of the Federal committee, and having a line receiving the complaints and the problems of the people.

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So I can tell you, brothers and sisters, that the problem of marital breakdown in the UK is a very huge problem. There are some statistics about marriage breakdown outside the UK from the Muslim countries, but these are of no use for us. But from the UK perspective, I can tell you that almost 50% of the marriages in the UK are going through problems, and many of them are ending up with a breakdown. Once we talk about 50% Okay, we are talking about a huge percentage means one out of two, okay, in terms of, if any one of you look at the people around him, he will see among his friends, okay. Many of them are going through marriage problems, and many of them are going through marriage

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breakdown, complete marriage breakdown. And this is the reality. And I do remember that one of the sisters in one of the universities, she forward the question and she said she has allowed for me not to get married at all. And

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I asked her why she said, because of what we hear of these marriage problems and marital breakdown, etc. And the first people to suffer from this marriage breakdown is the children of course, and we are leaving our children to the streets and the streets are taking care of our children. And then all of us are wondering why we have so many

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gang problems among within the Muslim community. Even maybe, you know, I don't know that you know, you don't you know, there is a prostitution problem, there are some sisters who are involved in prostitution within the Muslim community and within or in the Muslim areas.

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So it is really a problem. So we need to look at this problem. Okay, so, it is a huge problem, we need to look at the root causes of the problem in order to rectify the problem. And from my experience in the Islamic Sharia Council, many of those problems can be solved, they are not really major problems that cannot be solved, many of them can be solved. Let us look at some of those problems. First of all, just before looking at those problems, you know that marriage breakdown is one of the evil things and that's why the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said that they shaytan put his throne on the seat and he will send the shout out in the small carrier team to do the job to work

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for him. And the nearest a town to him means that gear is shaved down to him is the one who is causing the most corruption and then the champion come to him and every one of them is telling him then I did this I do that I influenced this person to do that I made which was for this person to do to commit to this mafia etc etc. And he's telling them you have to

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done nothing you have done nothing until a fan comes to him and he is telling him that Listen, I left him after I broke his marriage. He said you are the dearest shape on to me, okay? Because this means that he caused the biggest corruption the biggest facade the biggest Miss cheap, this shape on who broke the relationship between this person and his wife.

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And you know Allah Allah Allah says in the Quran is sort of a bucket or whatever method we share, email me to Selena Wanaka Selena what athanasia even unnecessary Hello nssl Mountains you can refer to how we can all know when I didn't even I didn't have to hold on to Fela tektro

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una de una de la memory it was empty, and so on.

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And so Allah, Allah, Allah Allah Allah mentioned that studies of the two of

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the two angles and

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the whatever method to share here is Elena, the the champion that teaches some people magician, and they are watching earlier said that the first thing that they have been taught those magicians is to what

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it was, okay, what cause problems of friction and marriage breakdown, okay, between the man and his wife. And, you know, the study on the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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On he received the revelation. Yeah, you interviewed him at

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this time. And a lot of guys read the story. The story is a very long history a very nice to study, if an ambassador of the aloka and we'll ask them what, what is the reason for the revelation of that?

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data? Say, I used to have a friendship with one of the unsolved and we used to convey the message or the teachings of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to each other. And one time we were at a certain time we're expecting the sound, the sound is at right near and Medina to attack a Medina. And we were afraid that the sound will come and attack us. So one time my friend came to me and he said, he was shouting at me and he said something major has happened. And then I said, What is it rasa means the tribe before Sam came and attacked us, he said worse than that. He said, what was done with the sun attacking the Muslim Jew from Medina. So he said, I came out and they said, What

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is happening? He said, the profits are low, and he was saying them divorce his wives.

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Okay, that in the eyes of the Sahaba, what was worse than less than that, right? attacking Medina? Then they walk out and he said, Are you going to the message and also the people crying, weeping? And I said to them, is it true that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam divorced his wife, they said, We don't know. Then he said, I'm going to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and I asked him, Have you divorced your wives and then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, No, and the story continues, which means, okay, that the manager break down is in even from a shadowy perspective, leave alone the consequences that might happen. Okay, for Michelle and prospective is an evil thing. That's why the

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Prophet sallallahu wasallam said lays a minimum Hubba Gomorrah tantalizing jihad, it is not among us, the one who is causing a wife to hate her husband. That's why again, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said lattice I will not lie I use I use a module to feed my burrata, okay, it gives me another ID

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that our man should not be questioned why he, okay his one, because this is something between them, leave them alone, they sort out they can sort out their mothers among themselves. And even they say that the husband and father of a daughter, she was married to a man, he should not ask his daughter, why you had you been beaten or hit by your husband. Why? Because and Islam is looking for the bigger picture in order to keep the relationship between husband and wife together. And we will see that one of the main reasons behind medical breakdown within the within the Muslim community or within the Muslim community is the influence from other people and other people are being involved in the

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relationship between the husband and wife.

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Anyway, in conclusion, this is an introduction to reflect that marriage breakdown.

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from Nigeria perspective is a very bad thing and Sharia is very keen to keep the matrimonial relationship the marriage relationship intact.