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Many, many brothers and sisters do ask about Zika let me make it very simple for you, my dear brothers and sisters decide one day in Ramadan, most people give their Zakah in Ramadan, we are talking about Zika today man, we are not talking about the fifth pillar or the cattle setup, there are two things the cattle and the cattle, the cattle Shepherd, it is an amount of food that should be given few days before eat. And it is linked to the individuals, the cattle man it is linked to the wealth of the person now, simply decide a day. Yes, don't worry about whether you pass the threshold or not. Okay, decide a date and look at the gold and silver that you have

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the money that you have, okay, this is the second thing the money that you have in each currency in any currency, the money that you have now in your bank account. And thirdly, if you are if you have stocks or shares, if you were to sell them now, how much you will get if you are buying them to benefit from the increase and the decrease of the prices of stocks and shares because they become commercial commodities by themselves. And the fourth thing is the commercial commodities, commercial commodities that you have, if you have any, it's check the stock of the commercial commodities that you have the price of it if you were to sell it on the day you are giving your Zakah these are the

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four things most people have these days. And then add to it any money that you are going to receive within the coming 12 months money that people are you subtracted from this money that you owe to people which means the money that you are going to give to people within the coming 12 months means a debt that you have to clear within the coming 12 months. And then the total take 2.5% of it and give it and this is your Zika your third pillar of Islam