Prof. Tariq Ramadan arrested – Sh Dr. speaks out

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah My dear respected brothers and sisters, I think all of us are following what is happening to our brother, Professor Tariq Ramadan. May Allah Allah Allah give him support and May Allah Allah Allah relieve him from the stress and hardship that he is going through. This is a quick message to him to his family to everyone. And we are making dua that Allah Allah Allah, that Allah Allah, Allah shows him justice immediately. And I want all the brothers and sisters despite their disagreements with some of the views of our professors, Ramadan, our beloved brother Tariq Ramadan, to make dua for for him, and to support him maybe to support the

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petition to support that campaign that has been launched by some of our brothers and sisters for the Tariq Ramadan, and to really wish goodness for him. He is our brother, he is one of our scholars. And he is one of the prominent data is all over the world in that in the the international diaries and he has been working tirelessly to support Islam and Muslims and to give Dawa to non Muslims from an academic perspective. from a new perspective. We might agree or disagree with that, but I guess he was sincere in doing that. A lot Allah Allah commanded us to help one another without a little bit of a taqwa. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam commanded us on sort of a haka. volumen out of Luma

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support your brother whether he is oppressed, or whether he is oppressive, let alone a person like our brother, Tariq Ramadan. So my dear respected brothers and sisters, do your best to support this campaign to support any campaign to free our brother parikrama van and we ask Allah, Allah Allah, that this case which has been or it is very clear that it has been politicized, not to cause damage to him nor to his family, nor to the Muslim community, whether in France or in the UK. This is what I want to say. And I think all of you know the details about his case. You can visit the website for Tariq Ramadan, you can go to that.

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You can go to the face book page that has been created. You can sign the petition, and please write to him write letters of support for him. And maybe for his family. Direct Mail O'Hara barakallahu calm Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah