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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of avoiding bleeding during fasting, avoiding sexual activities during the day, and following rules to prevent "16 degrees." They stress the need for strong guidelines to prevent "16 point regards" and suggest avoiding activities that can cause problems. They also mention the use of calendars and the importance of avoiding activities that can cause problems.
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Assalamualaikum and a very warm welcome to the philosophy of fasting Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen. All praise is due to Allah, peace and blessings be upon Muhammad, the last prophet and messenger of Allah. As always, it's my pleasure to welcome Dr. Hatha Mel dad in the studio. Salaam aleikum, wa salam ala had to live on a cliff. Thanks so much for joining us in the studio again today for logic design. So, doctor, we're on a long journey together discussing the philosophy of fasting, and we've picked up last time on the activities we should refrain from. However, I want to spend some time today to discover what we should refrain from. For example, if we

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had sexual intercourse at night with your wife, or your you're a woman and you had a sexual encounter course with your husband, and you didn't manage to wash the goosal wash before 5g What this break your fast

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim o salat wa salam ala Rasulillah a similar incident happened with the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, and it shall be a lockdown and the wife of the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that it would happen that the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam

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wake up on January

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on Jana Alba, without

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Genova out of sexual relation not out of what duty right okay. And federal time it starts and the prophets Allah Allah, Allah has had them take Mosul

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bathe after that, and then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam go to pray and continue his fast, normal, right? So there is no problem. If a person wakes up on a state of Geneva, and he has not finished or completed his whistle, whether the state of Geneva he had because of a wet dream, or because of a sexual relationship, I see it doesn't matter Alhamdulillah that does not break the fast and the fastest will be valid in child support.

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So let's take it further doctor has them and let's discuss no like bleeding. Does this break your fast?

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Okay, if you mean bleeding, the natural bleeding that comes from a woman I think either either either doctor we could mention like if the woman's on there the period or just like somebody cut themselves, okay. Okay. Now, if

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normal bleeding other than the ministration pleating bleeding,

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it does not break the fast right? Generally speaking, simple bleeding. Okay, simple one, it doesn't have to break the fast. I see. However, some scholars said excessive bleeding does break the fast because, you know, the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam and had he been Abbas said the one who

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use cupping yes and he had himself cut. Okay. So he's applying cupping for others, or cupping has been applied on him right has his fast broken. So this is a Hadith of Ibn Abbas.

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The prophesy Selim said after Alhaji mu one module. But however, there is another Hadith where the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam himself had cupping while he was fasting, right? So the scholar said, Does this hadith obligate this hadith or this hadith, obligate the other hadith of which Hadith we go for? And some scholars said no cupping during fasting. Some other scholars said no, you can have cupping during fasting, provided that you do not bleed excessively because the spirit behind it is not to bleed excessively in a way that we can do during fasting definitely. And that's why they said anything equals to cupping, whereby you bleed excessively, such as heavy one. Yes.

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And this breaks fasting otherwise it does not break fast. So we can say that this opinion is a moderate opinion and this opinion really consults between different ahaadeeth we can say that simple bleeding does not break the fast because there is no spirit behind it. I see. And excessive bleeding is equal to cupping hmm and it is it is safe to say that it breaks your fast excessive bleeding excessively it makes the person weak show faster. Yes, for sure. What about Dr. Vomiting?

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The interesting point yeah, this is an interesting point. But I remember a point just if you may allow for vomiting you know,

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taking blood for test, okay, if you had a blood test, okay, blood test. Yeah. But now blood test means a blood will be taken from the show. If it is a small amount, then inshallah doesn't diminish how fast of course always we say if you can do it, after multiple that is better. However, if you can't handle it look like if it is a small amount, yes. But if it is a big amount that makes you weak, then we should consider this as one of the acts that break the fast to be on the safe side show.

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vomiting, the prophets Allah Allah Allah seldom concluded this by saying that

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a sudden vomit does not to break the first right there is a Hadith where the prophets Allah Salam said Mandela who I

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follow Mandela I Fellowship are they the one who had a sudden attack of a vomit right okay. But the one who vomits deliberately woman is the arm then failure awkwardly the one who vomits deliberately he should make it up right. So that is the conclusion and it is a clear hadith of from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa he was talking to us Allah subhanaw taala the person should not deliberately vomit. Now during the fast it breaks his fast, but if it happened, without control, then inshallah it doesn't have to break the fast and that the prophet that What did the Prophet SAW Selim said Subhan Allah to happen, you know, it's an amazing journey that we're facing together. I want to ask

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you, is there any other activities we should refrain from that would help us to keep fast on our way? Ramadan

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Yeah. See,

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these are the main activities that we should refrain from the having the sexual relationship definitely having food having drink yes and deliberate vomit, yes, okay to vomit deliberately. Other than that, there are some other activities that is called as default on them right. Whether they are considered to be options that break the fast or actions that do not break the fast Firstly, we say generally speaking, if it is a matter of disagreement between scholars and there is no clear deal on it, if you can be on the safe side that is okay. Otherwise, the original principle is your fast is not broken. Of course, your fast is not broke definitely. And we need a strong evidence to say or to

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conclude that

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the fast is broken, of course, and you know, that is interesting, Hadith, Hadith hubiera. That the prophets Allah Allah, Allah Selim says,

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The one who eats and drinks mistakenly by mistake, or he forgot that he was fasting, he forgot that he was fasting. Or he thought that the time for Maghreb came.

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So he ate something. And then he discovered that the majority of time did not start, or the person who was eating and drinking out of out of forgetfulness.

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And someone reminded him, the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, that does not to break your fast.

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In fact, this is what Allah provided you in Nama abama, Hula, hula Sokka. Okay. But if, for example,

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during the daytime when we are fasting,

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I saw you eating. Of course, this is a provision from Allah. Yes, but I should not say I should stop you, or I should not remind you. No, I must remind you, of course, because this is like enjoying the good and forbidding the evil. Of course, though, this provision has been provided to you by Allah as the prophets I send them said, but that does not make it legitimate for me, not to remind you, of course, it's definitely a good choice to remind

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everybody if you see people eating in Ramadan or drinking them gently remind them is it not Okay doctor is it not fair to say we can forcibly stop them or just kindly gently remind them of course, these are matters differ on the situation and on the contrary, we are living in, for example, in non Muslim countries, Sharia is not binding, Sharia is not binding, okay. So, you so a Muslim and unfortunately we have seen this, I have seen this in a number of non Muslim countries and in Britain,

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some Muslims, I remember I saw a person he was eating and drinking and he was clear that he was Muslim. So I said, Brother

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I think you are Muslim, I know you are Muslim, you are not fasting, he said no. First thing, you know, I work and it is too difficult for me to fast.

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I said, but this is haram. He said, you're you know, I know, but what can I do? I said, No, what you can do is Don't fall, don't eat and drink, you must of course, of course, this is an obligation. And I reminded him and the obligation of fasting etc. And he said, Okay, there's alcohol, thank you for that. And he accepted the advice. Okay, anyway,

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you should remind people because this is part of enjoying the good and forbidding the evil. However,

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in Muslim countries, because Sharia is binding Hmm. So the law of the land or the the people in charge of the country,

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the people of authority, they can put some rules and regulations to stop people from eating and drinking during the day of fasting official, okay, and they can even impose kind of

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zero, yes, some kind of punishment for people to respect the law of the land and to respect the law of Allah, the law Allah that is implemented in that land inshallah. hamdulillah thanks so much for that doctor. That's all we have time for right now in this part. Stay tuned, we're just going to get quick break. Salam Alaikum Welcome.

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Assalamualaikum and a very warm welcome back. Dr. It before the break, we were discussing the you know, the, the things that we should refrain from, we found out about vomiting such things like this. Now, I want to talk about the timing of the fasting from 5g tomoka ryb. Yes.

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You know, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah says in the Quran,

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eat and drink until the white thread is distinguished from the black thread show. So this means that we can eat and drink during the day, the night until the time of Fudger. Right. And, you know, this.

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This hadith refers to our this is already referred to another Hadith one, one of the sahaba. Do you know how to when he heard this idea when he read this idea? What did he do? He had a white thread and a black thread, and he put them under his pillow. Okay, and he was eating and drinking and looking out to them. With that he will be able to distinguish between the white thread and the black thread. Of course, at that time, there were no lights, no candles, it is dark. You want to be able to distinguish between the white and blood until after fajr Of course, until just the sun is about to rise. So he went to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and he said, Ya rasool Allah, I was doing this.

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So the prophesy cell laughed and he said, No, he said, Decker is an ideal means you have the big pillow means because it covers it covers the darkness of the night and light of the Fajr and you want to be able to distinguish between that and your night will be quite long, of course, then the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, it is the darkness of the night and the white of the soldiers.

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So that is

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that limit,

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which is the third time

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and, you know, the Sharia allowed to having to have the sexual relationship during the night time.

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unabashedly Rohan, you can have a sexual relationship with them during the nighttime. So from this, it is clear that the night time is the time that you can have you can exercise these desires, and the daytime is the time that you need to refrain from all of these things. And the day time is sourced by feathers. Of course, it starts by Fajr and ends by Muhammad. Talk to that brings me to an interesting point that I want to pick up on here, coming from the UK and you know, handling visiting many mosques around the UK, it seems to be a race. Who's going to have 5g First, who's going to have Maghrib first,

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yes, this is an interesting point, it is not a race, they are not competing, but I agree with you.

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Yes, there are different calendars. In in England, of course, there are different calendars.

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Not in England, in fact, it is in many countries see in non Muslim countries, because we do not have a single Islamic authority that decides for these things. What will happen, people differ and massage the different massage, follow different timetables. And

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I think with this will open a worm of

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worm Yes, but anyway.

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See, most of the scholars in the world, most of the scholars in the world, they believe that failure timing, as well as other timings

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can be distinguished when the sun is 18 degrees either above the horizon or below the horizon. Okay, so if it is your time 18 degrees, the sun should be below the horizon say, okay, so they said that this is the beginning of Fajr. And this is the correct way of calculating the federal time, right. However, some other people have different views. For example, they say we should go for 15 degrees, we should go for 12 degrees, we should go for the eyesight, again, where you just rely on what you see, right. But we always say that, if this matter has been discussed by scholars from different backgrounds, and has been confirmed by the vast majority of scholars, then we should not go against

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it. As simple as this. And by the way, the basis of this 18 degrees calculation or timetable. This is not a pure calculation. The basis for this is Moon is citing yes, there's colors in the past used to watch feathers, of course, and they notice that the federal time it starts when the sun is 18 degrees below the horizon. So they say that to them 18 degrees is the criteria that should be observed all of the time, I say. So once we say follow 18 degrees, it doesn't mean that we are saying that follow calculation, of course, we say that 18 degrees itself is based on observatory observatory, would that not be although doctor a great idea, would we respect the 18 degrees in the

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UK as different in Saudi and Egypt for exam Yeah, this is again an interesting point.

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See, we have number of councils where

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in which they discuss this matter and they come up with a conclusion that 18 degrees is the criteria to be followed globally, right. So whether in Saudi Arabia or in Egypt or in England or France, America and so on Indonesia 18 degrees is the criteria right and this matter has been confirmed almost by many scholars that the problem is

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you know now because Ramadan is coming during the summertime, yes. And Federer will become very early.

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You know, during June, end of June and July, so this during end of May, and June and July.

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failure will be too early Of course, you can say that failure starts around 130 in the morning and there is a period

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like around June time in which the share a sign of failure is not visible.

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Because you know once you go north of the what you call the quiet by the equator

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the the the the sun may not disappear during summer and the sun does not appear during winter you know like in the polls, yes the North Pole is okay. So, when when when you go a little bit down to the equator the sun might disappear for a short period of time or might appear for a short period of time. So, I think in Iceland, there is a period of time in summer the sun remains for I think 20 days

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visible all of the time it does not disappear even tonight, the sun tonight you know is starting after there is no mothership because the sun does not go yes below the horizon. So, the sun go go very, very near the horizon until one point as if it is just touching the horizon cause then it goes up again.

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So, there is no mercury

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there is no mercury at that time, what people should do, yes, exactly, the scholars have discussed this in details, but before we discuss this fine, yes, you know, this is Iceland, because it is in the north of okay, the globe, yes. Now, England, for example, is a little bit on the south, but it is still in the north. So, there is a period in England, where the sun is the sum goes below the horizon a little bit below the horizon, of course, not that much. So, the ray of the sun is still visible.

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What does that mean? It means that the Twilight after madlib continues until the fetchers time Yes, because the sun does not go far below the horizon. And you can watch the ray is called the day it's the sunrise or the sunshine, no the rain

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Yeah, the Day of the Sun is still visible from the mother of time because the the sun is hiding just a little bit below the horizon and then it is about to go back again above the horizon. So, the ray of the sun, which makes the Twilight is is still visible, right. And that means that the federal time is linked with the Asia time Subhanallah Okay, the Federal time is linked with the Asia time. Now, this is during the June time Yes, now, before June and after June

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it means that the sun goes a little bit more under the horizon, which means that the night is too short of course, then it is too short. madlib for example, in the UK during June time martyrdom is around nine something Yes. And fragile is around two o'clock or 130 Yes, even 130. So, now, the problem is some people said that this is too difficult for us too fast.

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So, let us go for the other opinion that says the

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the shadow of a sign appears whenever when it is 15 degrees or 12 degree because this makes the night a little bit longer for sure. So the federal time will start at around the three o'clock we say to those people you cannot make he had you cannot make HD hand if it is a clear that the shark is sign appears at this particular point, even if it is difficult, for sure. Well, thank you so much, Doctor, for your thoughts. So that's all we have time for right now on the philosophy of fasting. Well, thanks for watching. Until next time, I'll leave you in the safe care of Allah As salam Alaikum Welcome, my dad.

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