Is it correct to refer to Sciences as Secular Knowledge

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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a discussion about science and technology. The speakers discuss the importance of science in shaping human behavior and empowering people, particularly in areas like technology and technology platforms. They also mention the use of technology to create products like iPhone and Samsung, but express confusion about the meaning behind these topics.
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Allah Allah Allah says, Whenever you defer over something, then refer it to Allah and His messenger and Allah, Allah Allah Himself.

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He is the One Who commanded us to work. All Zeros in

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Yes, in a few hope is similar to a lot of the artillery laid

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out in the oil well, Allah Allah, Allah Allah says, yes Jannetty Malou Shatin wa rahma Rocha and Allah, Allah Allah who says, Woman and Natalie, by St. One on One how you will say no and Allah, Allah, Allah is the One Who commanded us to what to ponder here and there and to travel here and there to what to reflect and to discover

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the universe, the science of the universe

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look at the camels, how they were created.

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Someone might look nothing strange about the camels, you know, but if you reflect and look deeply, you will see that there are some strange things about the camera. For example, Allah Allah Allah says yeah, look, look deeply look deeply there is something that will make you reflect and ponder which means that what is known as an annotated

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reflection, and taking lessons from what you reflect over, okay? Science is something that is encouraged by Sharia is something encouraged by Islam.

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Is it clear?

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Yeah. Is it clear or not clear?

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Otherwise, I wouldn't say go under travel Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah who didn't say look at this under Allah, Allah Allah wouldn't describe how the fetus is developed in the womb of the child. Allah, Allah Allah didn't wouldn't say Wolfie unphysical Avila to serum and there are signs in your creation. Don't you think? Don't you see?

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So Allah Allah, Allah wants us to discover

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the universe. Allah Allah, Allah, Allah wants us to know about the science of the universe.

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Why? First of all, because it leads to him.

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Yeah, it leads to him.

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If you reflect upon the creation of heavens, earth, etc, okay.

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That will lead to him. Of course it is in your faith,

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to believe in Allah, Allah Allah. But when you see in the summer what you will argue enough in

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the, in the LDAP

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that will confirm will strengthen the imam in your heart that will work that will show you the greatness of Allah Delilah that will also show you the perfection

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of Allah, Allah Allah that He is the perfect one. And no one is perfect but him Yeah. So therefore when you

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Okay, so this is the first condition the second condition for science is that you do it as far as this science is helpful for human beings.

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as far as this science is helpful for human beings, okay, so Allah, Allah Allah, that's why I'm modulo Allah says that He created everything on earth for us. Kala kala chromaffin Allah Jamia

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for you, for us.

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Okay. And Allah Allah Allah says Angela, Amina Sinha, Uma, apologia, he is the one who sent water for you and He is the One who created these crops for you, everything is for us. So as far as we use science in order to benefit

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then it is praiseworthy.

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Okay, and when we use science, when we use science, Allah Allah Allah says, These scientific theories or conclusions that you come up with you. It is I left it for you.

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You discover it, you decided, you decide.

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Science led you to manufacture something called iPhone. The science led you to manufacture something called Samsung. Yes. Use it. What is better? You decide

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is it

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so that the system in general belongs to what? To who? Allah Allah, Allah, Allah

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and Allah, Allah Allah in power us

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to decide on many matters related to dunya

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is that clear?

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Yeah. So he is the one who what empowered us, because He is the one who empowered us. In reality, the Helcom belongs to who?

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To whom? To him?

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Is that clear?

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Yeah. This is real empowerment. So, this the meaning of this, does that make sense? Is it clear? Yes or No? Everyone?

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Agree, I don't like to call it secular knowledge. The brother is saying, Do we call geography science, biology, chemistry, and so on? Is it right to call them the secular sciences or secular topics?

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This is wrong. Actually secular. If you call them secular topics, it means that you believe in secularism, that there is something called dn and there is something called

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Color literacy stop.

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