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Now, that important advertisement there is

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an event regarding about Bangladesh. Yeah, the brothers in

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the brothers are organizing. Yeah. An event in water lily, next Sunday from four o'clock to six o'clock is it from four o'clock?

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Sorry, this Sunday. Yeah.

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from 630, from 630. Yeah, from 630 and important event about what is happening in Bangladesh, many speakers will be attending in sha Allah, as we said, in water lily, the brothers who are organizing this, they want to, to present an Islamic view regarding what is happening in Bangladesh. And it is very sad that this huge Muslim country is going through this difficulty. And as you know, we have mentioned it a number of times, that Allah, Allah, Allah is being insulted and suffered a lot of them by a number of people who belong to this country belong to the some parties that are supported by the government of this country, and let alone that today, I gave condolences to one of the

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Bangladeshi brothers because his mother passed away. I said, didn't you go there? He said, If I go there, they will immediately arrest me from the airport, okay. And let alone if they have if they, if they may be, just ask me, maybe they will just kill me or do something. So that's why my mother passed away. He said that his mother passed away without being able to go and to attend her janazah. So the situation that is really very bad. And we need to be aware of what is happening there. And we need to support any cause to relieve this pressure. And as we said, we need we had the Arab Spring, maybe we need to have the subcontinent is praying or maybe we need to see an Islamic spring in sha

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Allah so make sure that you attend in sha Allah does Akuma la Hara roboticle of equal