Ramadan Motivations #03 – The Story of Talut

Ali Albarghouthi


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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the history and importance of Islam, including its implementation and use of military force. They emphasize the need for people to stay behind and not drink from the river, as well as the importance of patientism and staying away from negative behavior. The speakers also encourage people to use their own experiences and experiences to make themselves stronger and become more aware of their actions.
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smooth it out when Ryan salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato in shallow sutra

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smilla rahmanir rahim Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah who want to cut off. We ask a little bit and I mean on camera he mean, to less this day for us to bless this night for us to bless and hold on for us to lowest indeed and intention, solicit in the data that we make the on that we read, the food that we eat, to bless it, in terms of forgiveness of sins, mean and to bless it in terms of release and freedom from hellfire. We ask Allah to grant us Jenna, and the highest levels of gender and timika. So those who live as Muslims die as Muslims and resurrect us as Muslims, upon the synovus Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam as promised in sha Allah, but and I mean, we've said that we will

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do one area, or one story from the Quran and then also one Hadith. So yesterday we did a hadith and hamdulillah and today we're focusing on a story from the Quran. And that story comes from Salton Baccarat. And this is the story of Thor root

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and the story of dilute where Allah as it says in the Quran,

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and this is relevant to Pamela to us, not only individually, but collectively and as an oma. Well Eliza begins at by saying, and until I even met even Benny, it's like eat I mean, but at the Moosa, he said, Have you seen, or this is the story of Ben, he saw he, after the time of Mossad he set out when they went to a profit of theirs. And that profit is a neat

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and they said to him, sent to us a king, under whom we can unite and fight in the cause of Allah Zilla did. So send us a king. So it means that they did not have a king that had united all of them that they could unite behind, to find their enemies. They were fragmented, and something else that happened to them, it's going to come.

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So their prophet who knew them very well. He said, perhaps that when fighting is obligated on you, you're not going to fight, meaning you're going to run away, you will turn away, you will be cowards, you will lose patience and determination. Maybe that will happen to you. Then they said to him, why would we not fight for the sake of Allah as a job? Why would we not fight

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and we have been driven away from our lamps and separated from our children.

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So we understand through these simple statements, that what had happened to when it was about eight after Masha Allah said I'm after Subhan Allah, we don't know how many generations that their enemies became more powerful than they were.

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Before Previous to that, then we saw even more powerful because they had the prophets of Allah and they had a man with them. But now progressively, they become weaker and weaker. And some of their lands were taken and some of their children were taken captives and enslaved. So when they were looking at this situation, lands taken, children taken and they are captive slaves in another land, under the control of their enemies. They say we want to fight to retrieve our land and rescue our children. So send us a king.

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But then profit as we get there, Prophet said perhaps you will flee and you will run away. They said, No, how could we flee while all this had happened to us? But Allah azza wa jal says, Fela Kuti Bala human que todo lo illa calida Minho, Houma la even with Vani. Nene, it says, but when finding was obligated on them, as they requested, they came requesting this one was obligated on them as they requested.

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They fled, they fled, and they ran away, except few among them. And Allah knows well, the people have been meaning that they were a people of volume, and that is a reason why they fled. And you will notice and you will see why they did what they did. And there are lessons in all of that for all of us, as I said, not only as an oma but also as individuals as well.

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The Prophet comes back and he says that Allah zildjian had appointed for root as a king for you at chosen for loot as a king for you.

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Now, instead of them and they came to the Prophet, and they asked him to bring them a king, instead of them saying yes to this, what do they say? How could he be a king over us? And he's not worthy of that position, meaning they're saying his lineage is far too inferior to be a king. That's one and you

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He's not rich as well. Meaning what qualifications does he have in lineage wise and money wise, he does not have abundance of each.

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But then their Prophet says in the last of our alikum, Allah selected you above, selected him above you.

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And that is Subhanallah implicit in this is that you should have listened to Allah as though did where you were came to ask him for that appointment. Why do you object to him? Did I choose him? When did Allah choose him? Why do you object to him, and as far as qualification are concerned, he said was that the who Buster configure enemy or just an Allah gave them abundance, in body and in knowledge, meaning he's strong and he's wise. And that those are the two qualities that you need to perform any task especially to become a king.

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So he has what you do not have.

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And then he told them, that in addition to a tickin, from this in your mind and into conformance in your hearts, that they will be assigned that he's assigned that he's a king, Allah will send a definite sign that he's a king, at the root, kind of like a wooden box, that they kept with them and they kept in it remnants, few things from Moosa and how on earth he was sent out things that belong to Moosa and belong to have on he said their enemies have gone hope brand so strong, that they captured that but would inbox and they transferred it elsewhere. And berners Lee lived without that box, imagine having something so panela all the way from Musashi center, and all the way from how

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old it is.

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And in its panela, there is tranquility in it, Allah zildjian there is tranquility in it, maybe maybe there is something miraculous in it or that when they saw it, they had Sakina tranquility that Allah is with us. Anyway, he said that the sign of his kingship is that the angels will carry it and bring it all the way back to you. That is a definite sign.

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So now fatherhood is the King. And now all of them want to fight. And they come out from the city marching to fight. And they said they were 1000s allow them how many they were, but they were 1000s.

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farnood says in the law home Tony convenor ha, Allah is going to test you with a river.

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That is as you are marching.

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And as it gets harder and harder, and you get tired and even more tired, you're going to pass by a river, you are not allowed to drink from it. You're not allowed to drink from it. If you drink from it, you cannot march with me. You have to stay back. Only those who will not drink from it. Will it continue to be with me, except those the exception is if you just take some water with your hand, just a little bit of water with you, man no more. If you drink more you have to stay behind you're not part of my army. If you do not bring from it or only take a little bit you can continue with me.

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Allah as soldiers, especially women, who will have karela me know they all drank from it except few among them. It is said Allahu Allah and that for many 1000s that came out, only 313 stayed with followed

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only 313 and the Sahaba of the prophets Allah Allah audio was sitting I'm sitting Hakuna nano had that we were told that our numbers in the band a little better were like the numbers of the people that always followed.

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The people have better 313 we're like the number with the people with the people have tattooed.

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So they marched.

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Now when they saw and they came close to dilute jello is the enemy, the king on the other side, and his people and his soldiers. The people when they witnessed the multitude, how many the enemy was and how few they are and who they were? What are they? What did they say? How do la putana leiomyoma be diluted? You know, he says we have no power over gender with and his shoulders, meaning Look how many they are and how few we are

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following the DNA of aluna. And normally According to him, those who believe

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that they will meet Allah xojo we can say that those are the people of knowledge people of EMA and people of toccoa. They say how many few have defeated many, that even don't look at our numbers, and how little we have this we are marching with a command from Allah zildjian it's kind of a mandate from Allah zildjian. And if Allah had declared that we should, we should. So don't look at your numbers and their numbers. How many small army has defeated bigger armies

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and the significant part here a very significant part of the area is what

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Allahumma sabreen Allah is with those who are patient.

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Then they said what a MOBA was only Janu to call

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an inner sobre he says when they met Jaya lute and his soldiers they met each other physically visible to each other they said yeah Allah poor patients upon us, like make patients rain upon us with a bit of damage and establish our feet and give us victory against the non believers the disbelievers that Allah says fair has a more home be the Nila. They defeated them with a permission with the command of Allah subhanho wa Taala the hoodoo and Voodoo la senang kill Jonathan Dawood was in the army of dilute he was not the king. We don't know or we don't know if he was a prophet then or not yet. But that would la cena killed journaled. And then Allah says Allah, Allah gave him

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kingship, he became king, and it gave him hikma given prophet to it. So it's likely that Allah azza wa jal gave them both afterwards.

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But other but before that he was a soldier in the army of Quaalude, but that shows you his bravery alayhis salam, that he went all the way and he killed the king of the enemies.

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Now, look at the benefit of this story for us. And for us as an Omar also as, as as individuals.

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That in the middle of the story, Allah Isobel tested them with fasting.

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You see that, in the middle of the story, Allah tested them that river he tested them with fasting. And those of you who can fast and continue to fast despite temptations are those who will carry the command of Allah xojo forward those who will be told, obey and they will be, but those who were failing this task will fail in the second task, those who will drink and this will be Allah zoldan will this obey when a greater Command of Allah azza wa jal comes and you will understand that this particular test from Allah Zordon something that we are similarly going through in Ramadan prepares you for something greater than letting go of food and drink, saying no to food and drink, because if

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you are insha, Allah strong enough, that when you still can encounter that temptation, when you encounter that difficulty, and you continue to obey Allah azza wa jal, and you say no to certain things, you can say no to other things that are stronger, greater temptations in life.

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So this fasting is a test, but it's also preparation for the obedience of Allah zoji if you let go, and if you stay away from what you like, for the sake of Allah zodion you can continue to do this with other things in our lives. And remember this kind of eternal statement that Allah is putting right there in the story. Well, lahoma sabreen, Allah is with those who are patient, as long as you are patient saying no to certain things that Allah hates. And yes, there are certain things that Allah loves despite your own weakness, Allah is with you and He will assist you don't rely in fasting or in any other thing on yourself as they did in the beginning, why we will not fight and

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this and that happened to us meaning that because it's happened to us because the these things were taken away We will fight it will not run away. Whereas those who had amen later on, they didn't rely on on their selves. But they said Africa in a Sabra Yeah, Allah give us patience. Yeah, Allah be with us. Yeah, Allah cistus. So in anything in life, if you want to be patient, don't think that you can be patient on your own. Don't think you have power on your own. Allah zoton is the one who gives you power to fast, to stay away from how long to give sick how to pray, to pray at night to read the Quran on your own. We knew I knew we can't do any of these things. But if you ask Allah for it,

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Allah azza wa jal can give it to you. So don't rely on your own strength or intelligence or skill or know how to rely on Allah zoji or three vanina Sabra poor patients upon us and stead make our make a steadfast establish our feet

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and give us victory against those who are against to your Allah, then Allah will be with you. And even then if you don't have power, you don't have the strength. You don't have the numbers you don't have the knowledge, but Allah is with you. You will have power and you will be victorious bit of ninja whether it is against your own temptation against your own internal enemy or against an external enemy. And look at the old Mohammed Salah hottie you it was in them today we are very much like the people of dilute lands were taken children were killed.

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resources are seized, and we're looking around to find a way out.

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But if we want to do this simply because our land was taken, and national, a nationalistic project,

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simply because we want to retrieve resources or lands or you know money if we want to just simply do it for that, for honor, we're not going to be able to win. But if we do it for the sake of Allah zildjian know that this requires patience, and requires tequila, and we will have to undergo a test where we grow our email and grow our tequila. And when our email grows, then we can withstand the following tests and Allah will be with us then it doesn't matter how little we have, and how much our enemy has. What matters is Allah is with us and if Allah with you in the unsub como bajo further Valley bellicon If Allah gives you a victory, no one can defeat you as individuals and as an oma. So

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we ask Allah but Allah media but I mean, teach us in Ramadan, to have patience, patience against our weaknesses, patients against sin patients against our own shortcomings, patients so that we will do what you love, you're a lot more than what we love. And stay away from what you love. If you hate it. You're but alanine teach us in Ramadan, that if we champion you, that you will champion us that if we give chatter if we give victory to your deen to your Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that you will give victory to us. Teach us in Ramadan, to rise above our weaknesses, to favor you and to put you before ourselves. Teach us in Ramadan to love you more than we love ourselves to love you

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more than we love the dunya to love the earth era more than we love the dounia who has not been alanine or hamara he mean, to grant us the Peace and blessings of Ramadan, to grant us the tranquility of Ramadan to grant us the wisdom that we can glean from this month. Well, she allowed me to grow and increase our patients in it. Increase our taco in Ramadan increase that we love that we have for you, and the love that we have for your Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, increase our commitment to Islam, increase our commitment and consciousness for the hereafter and make us be you get ready for the hereafter more than the commitment that we have for this dunya allow us to

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love you more than the dunya I love the Jenna more than we love our dunya was your pal Allah mean to grant us forgiveness of sin? To grant us protection from error grant us from deviation production from the fitness of the shavon we asked you all but I mean to make us out of the people of Jenna and to protect us from Hellfire yeah Allah protect us and our parents, our children, our spouses, our families, and they'll Mohammed solo and he was in them from deviation and from Hellfire and grant us only are open on any agenda and grant us all the highest levels of gender make us worthy of the highest levels of Jenna worthy agenda to those who are hamara Hemi allow us in Ramadan era but allow

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me to make use of those who continuously remember you with tongue and with heart and with body to make us of those who read the Quran often and learn its wisdom and apply its lessons last year but Allah need to make us of those who fast amen and what the server and prayer pm email and with the server and stay away from sin and populate and inhabit their time with what pleases you I don't but I need to set them all up in sha Allah We will meet to be vanilla xojo tomorrow in sha Allah with a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam escolar Bella and the mean to bless you all and make fasting easy for you and fruitful for all of us. barakallahu li conjures up on lo fi Allah

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Subhana Allah will be handing a shadow under ina Hale and as the Furukawa to go in I will have the the dialogue in an amine was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh