Imam Shafi read the Quran 60x in Ramadan

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The conversation is difficult to follow and appears disjointed. The speakers discuss various topics including a visitor to the UK, a desert reading, a member of a Arabic language group, and a announcement made by Jesus. The language is not clear what they are discussing.

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I remember I gave

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I remind that in Ramadan, the first year I came as a visitor actually to the UK what that was maybe 19 either 1993 or 1996. And I mentioned you know, not knowing the situation here I mentioned that Imam Shafi used to complete all and 60 times in the month of Ramadan.

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Yeah, maybe I should not have mentioned this because people cannot comprehend, okay, or cannot. So a person came to me after that. And he said,

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Chef, yeah, I mean, with all due respect, how come by

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me I said, Well, it is possible. He said, No, I don't think maybe this is among the exaggerations. Then I said to him Subhanallah I just clicked in my mind I said read. Okay. And I just opened the last 30 days of the Quran randomly. I don't remember which part of the Quran he read. Okay, read imagine any sort I don't remember exactly what surah he read. For example, what the hell? Yeah, just

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and I remember he was reading something like this. What do ha Well, noi the sudo ma

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Buka something like this. Okay, I'm trying to imitate him.

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Now, I said obviously if you read like this, it will take you three hours to complete one desert.

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Yeah, and you will be tired. Obviously, you cannot imagine that there is a person who will complete the Quran in one day

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yes or no? Is that true or not?

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Is that Well not okay. But the one who reads fluently okay. He will just read and don't think that he doesn't understand what he's reading he will just read it. Okay. As you read you and you saw that in fact you absolutely

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cannot do something like this just Yanni. Easy on his tongue. When are the assembler Khurana? Ludvika Valmy Medaka. So if he is familiar with the Arabic language, then he will read it easily. Yes, yeah, brothers, so please, please all of you put attention to read Quran Allah revealed it. Okay, Dalek are hyena in a Quran

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wow I be here.

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Later on there are no put on okay. After that Allah Allah Allah Allah mentioned