How many fasts do I need to make up – Ramadan Q and A

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If you If a brother or sister they have some fast that they haven't

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made up before someone starts, then they should add those to the end do those often on? Yes. But there was a part of the question that said, What if you can't remember exactly how, okay, if you can't remember then estimate. Okay. Yeah, then estimates have no other option but to estimate like for example some sisters said that they had the period okay that period when they were young they were embarrassed to tell their parents or they don't they they they never thought that they are obliged. Okay too fast the month of Ramadan so they don't know whether they missed one year or two years or three years or so. We say estimate. Yeah, what do you mean go with a higher and if you

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doubt it, okay, go with the likelihood if you can't, yeah, go with that. The safest Okay, yeah.