Haitham al-Haddad – Comments on Sh ‘Abdul ‘Aziz Al Tarefe’s Tweet

Haitham al-Haddad
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a Twitter thread from a high court judge about a young man who killed police officers and is now attempting to protect young people. The judge discusses the importance of avoiding violence and being careful not to fall in victim mode. The segment also touches on the negative impact of police brutality on society.
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We have read recently, a Twitter from one chair. He's Mashallah young Chief, but he's really escolar ambulances now preserve and protect him. And he has very beautiful contemplations, and he commented on the judgment given by the High Court. I think it is the High Court in Egypt regarding fleeing hasini. Mubarak, the ex president of Egypt from killing the protesters. Yeah.

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yeah, he's free. I mean, the those people were killed, how maybe there were some different creatures came from the heavens and they killed the protesters. No one killed No, no one from the redeem killed them. Okay.

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Anyway, so

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he said, it's your storage fee. He said Otherwise, the Nevada drug fair

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and was happy that he is what a chasing loser and he will get rid of Moosa. He will capture Moosa. So the oppressor sometimes becomes so blind, and he follows a path. He's thinking that, well, this is my joy. This is the way that I will be safe. This is the way I will return or I will regain my power. And my mind. Yes, and this is the way that I will get rid of those young people. I can get rid of them this way. So I want to drag her out

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to the middle of the sea. And he said, yellow literacy, what are you going to do? So he was drowned in the sea, in the middle of his army because he was what? He was surrounded by his army, and not only by his army, Allah, Allah, Allah showed him that the people the oppressed, people are looking at him. Yes, in order for him to have more grief, that these are the people that are used to chase and are used to oppress but supanova It seems that the the the fairgrounds in Egypt will never come to an end. Yeah, maybe by this the Father of our Lord, Allah, Allah.

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And people don't, don't, don't listen, don't read what the Quran says about Titans, and about oppression about the world. They don't read this. My dear brothers forget about them. We, as individuals have to be careful not to fall in any kind of wool.

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Because one, yes, injustice, especially against human beings, is one of the worst sins that cannot be forgiven. Even our the learner does not forgive one. Yes, again, it's the human beings because he will forgive his right and he will ask the human beings who were oppressed to forgive the oppressors. And if they say we don't want your Allah, Allah will not do that. Yes, allow enough do that because a lot is just okay.

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