A War of Civilisations

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The conflict between theics and theinking Empire is between a war between theics and theinking Empire, with theics hoping for peace and theinking Empire hoping for peace. The conflict is impossible to achieve and is between those who believe in divine and human values and those who believe in political values of the West, leading to conflict between those who believe in the spiritual values of Islam and those who believe in the political values of the West, leading to conflict between those who believe in the spiritual values of Islam and those who believe in the political values of the West, leading to conflict between those who believe in the spiritual values of Islam and those who believe in the political values of the West.

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See the conflict? It is a conflict of civilizations. It is not a conflict between the Palestinians and the Israelis. So we're coming up to around three weeks into this new war, some people are calling the Palestinian war of liberation. What is the future of this conflict? Yeah. Okay.

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This is a good question. And let us start by addressing this question. Let us not get into much details, because then we will lose focus and we will lose understanding the bigger picture.

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I think. And it is evident that the Israelis, the Israeli terrorists, they have, they have set for themselves two goals, or targets, as some people said, the first one is to a free all the captives or all the prisoners of war that were taken by the Palestinians, or by Hamas, as they say. And the second one is to destroy Hamas completely.

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I believe. Yeah. And I think everyone believes and even maybe they believe and the X or the Yeah, the previous defense minister, he also believes in this, many, many commentators believe that these targets are impossible, but they don't talk about it openly, because they don't want to put the Israeli occupation in a very difficult situation, let us imagine, okay, let us imagine that they have achieved these targets. Yeah, let us imagine firstly, that they have achieved these targets.

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And the second,

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the second scenario, it is let us imagine that they cannot achieve those targets. So, let us start, first of all, with the bigger possibility that they cannot achieve those targets.

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For the Israelis, anything below these two targets, is considered to be a defeat a defeat in front of their people, or defeat in front of the, as they say, the international community, a defeat in front of America in front of Europe, because all we are one of the superpowers we have the fourth strongest army in the world, and we were defeated,

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defeated by just 1000s of unarmed

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people, not even in front of an army, okay. And in front of Gaza, that may be the area of Gaza is just one quarter of London. Okay.

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So they will be defeated.

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The second,

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if they come across as defeated, then hummus and the Palestinians will have the upper hand. They have the captives. And they have the public opinion in almost the entire world. Yeah, even in America, there were reports that there was a shift in the public opinion in England in Europe. So Hamas will have the upper hand, because it will come across us if they were victorious, and they have the captives, and now then they can negotiate with the occupation on what to get for the

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Now, let us imagine, yeah, this in brief means that so far, the Palestinians are winning the war,

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okay, according to this interpretation, or this narrative, or this option, or this scenario, sorry. Now, let us go for the second scenario, which is almost impossible, that Israel destroys Hamas completely. This and destroys Huzur completely, maybe let us go too far and say, kill all the Palestinians which is impossible, and they managed to free their prisoners of war. What will happen?

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They got rid of hummus.

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But the core belief of hummus this is what they don't want to understand.

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It is shared by millions of Muslims actually shared by 2.2 billion Muslims. What is their belief that Al Aqsa is dead land? Al Aqsa is a hollyland AFSA is central in the Islamic al Qaeda. Allah Jalla Allah mentioned

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In the Quran Subhanallah dslrBooth de la de minimis be there Kalani, Elan mystery de la casa and the holy and Palestine is a land of Baraka, Allah, the baraka holder who and many prophets were buried there. Many Sahaba were martyred there. So it is part of the Islamic al Qaeda and Islamic history. Do they think that Muslims will forget that especially what they have done actually reminded all Muslims? Yeah, we have seen it. We have seen it in the last two weeks that now almost all Muslims

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know about Palestine. Almost all Muslims know about the status of Al Aqsa, almost all Muslims, secular Muslims, the liberal Muslims. Muslims from the east of Muslims are from the south, even Chinese Muslims, African Muslims, Muslims in America everywhere. They were united for Al Aqsa for Palestine for HERSA. So actually, they cannot eradicate Hamas or the likes of Hamas. Gaza was the match that ignited the whole ummah. Yeah, exactly ignited the whole OMA the entire Oma. In fact, I

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am worried that if they were to get rid of hummus, then there will be real extreme groups, they're

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worse than Hannah's, then they will even suffer more. Arguably, that's what they want. Because they want to create some cartoon villain, some bogeyman that they can then show like the propaganda they're using against the existing resistance. Yeah, maybe that can happen. But then it will be another, maybe another narrative that we need to talk about it. But the issue is,

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they cannot get rid of the ideology that Muslims share

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a nuclear bomb, even if they drop

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a nuclear bomb on Gaza or on entire Palestine, okay.

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if they achieve these goals, will they achieve security?

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Because they will be surrounded by and they know that by 2.2 billion Muslims who are making dua, supplication to Allah day and night to see them destroyed. So they will continue living in fear, they will never have peace, they will never have security. So, so what are they going to achieve? So this means that's why I conclude that actually, the more time goes and the Palestinian, this is the key thing. The Palestinians do not surrender. They are victorious.

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You know, in some wars,

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don't fight, someone who doesn't have anything to lose. And they are fighting the Palestinians after they cornered them. So they don't have anything to lose. So the Palestinians will fight will continue fighting until all of them die.

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if you fight a person, or if you find, if you fight a country or whatever, a group like this, definitely you aren't going to lose. And by the way, we all know, you know, The Art of War by Sun Tzu. He mentioned something like this, okay, that when you don't leave

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a space for your enemy, then your enemy will just go mad and will destroy you and destroy himself.

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And actually, this is another point. If we look at the losses, they said are really terrorists are suffering from Yeah. Now more public opinion is going against Netanyahu and Defense Minister.

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Reports are confirming between 120,000 and up to 300,000 of their people have been living as as as refugees now displaced. Okay, from

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surrounding Russia and South of Lebanon, illegal settlements. Yeah. And also, they said that the economy is down because there is no schools, no businesses, big businesses are shutting down, even airports, okay. Most of them are not operating as they used to be. Now that the the credit rating of the Israeli entity now Yes, yes. To be downgraded. Yes. In fact, in fact, in fact,

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As they're shaking their currency is now 30 to 35% less than before okay. So, the point is, they are suffering, how long are they are able to manage later on now there are many reports about their army and especially the reserved army, they are unable to continue because they've been waiting for the ground offensive and they are unable to do it basically in a conflict like this. The Palestinians merely existing is enough resistance and so that is the point that is that is the conclusion the sub

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Subhanallah as Allah Allah Allah says yeah, you know, spirit was there what what type Allah Allah Allah whom tofu and as they used to say, in the masa, bro, na, na na na Surah sabrosa just by continuing resisting without surrendering at the end, you will win Okay, in situations like this, as you said, okay, the the Now, let us imagine that they want let us imagine the worst scenario, okay, they wiped, because they wiped hammers they want, we need to look at something else. What is the

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future of the relationship between West, the West and Islam?

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How do you see this conflict. So, now, see, in fact, the way I see the conflict, it is a conflict of civilizations. It is not a conflict between the Palestinians and the Israelis, the Israelis who are supported by the entire world by didn't want and his for the minister one and whoever went and they, they send to the to the two biggest aircraft. And then after that Macron went,

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Rishi Sunak went, and many other countries sent their delegates and showed their support. Canada, some countries, even even India,

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the US allies, US allies, and even some of them, I don't know whether there were allies or not. But anyway, they were showing their support to the Israelis, they are globalizing this and they are making it as a global conflict. And it is a global conflict, because it is not just about the Gaza, it is about those people who their values is just their interest, their own interest, and they don't mind in oppressing any nation, they don't mind in carrying any massacres, any ethnic cleansing,

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because what they are doing in Gaza is an ethnic cleansing, cleansing because of their own interest, because of their own Illa item. And it turns out that Allahu Allah, who, but for Muslims, there, Allah is Allah, Allah, Allah, they have a set of values, those values, those values are divine values. So actually, the conflict is between those who believe in divine values, and those who believe in human values.

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And of course, here we are not talking about human rights, because all of these values have fell down, but the human values, their values, that they have fabricated

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their interest, their own interest, okay with a mainly economy etc. So there is a conflict here, between civilizations, who is going to win, definitely without a shadow of a doubt, the civilization that is based on morality, because it suits the nature of the human beings, we don't have time to discuss that in total in details, it suits the fitrah. So this civilization will win, let alone I'm talking about it from

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a pure rational perspective, let alone that Allah Allah Allah confirmed to us and He took upon himself to preserve this Deen until the day of resurrection in anachronism, Africa, we're in Allahu Allah. Hi, everyone. I want also

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to say that they need to now just this point, they need an hour to think about the future of the West and the worst Islam relationship, because it has been damaged completely. This also leads to another important damage or damages that took place now in Muslim countries Muslims now. So who are their real enemies, and they will view the worst as their enemies now. They will view their leaders the Muslim political leaders

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part of their enemies they

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because they are they they were silent watching this picture this mythic ethnic cleansing taking place. And they didn't do except just talking, maybe the best of them has talked. So I don't think the world after seventh of October will be the same as the world before seventh of October. This is a great opportunity for Islam and Muslims and dua to fill the vacuum. Because no ideology will be accepted by Muslims except the Islamic ideology. They will abandon secularism, liberalism, all that

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ism, they see they have seen that all these ideologies fell down, and the only ideology that is winning, and that is true, and that can answer their questions and that can stand in front of oppression is the Islamic ideology, and that in of itself, will be a victory for the Muslim ummah. So even if it wins the battle, I think, yeah, they have lost the war and the Muslim ummah will flourish even more and more after this, even non Muslims have been, I've seen on social media, so

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impressed by the calmness and the values of the Palestinian Subhanallah they've actually looked into the Quran and people are becoming Muslim now. Yah, yah, yah, subhanAllah so many reports. Today, one brother sent me a YouTuber, a young YouTuber, and he said, Look, they sent me an award or 50,000, or a sponsorship of $50,000. Yeah, the the, the, the Israeli terrorists and whoever is supporting them in America. Yeah, just taught to change the narrative in favor of the Israeli terrorists. And he

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said, I am not going to do that. So now many people are waking up to know who are the true terrorists, and then that will motivate them to look at Islam, to read about Islam, and to see why the Palestinians are so strong, so resilient, and they are accepting whatever is happening to them.

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So yeah, this is just an a quick overview of how I see that conflict now.

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me, yeah, goody akurdi