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1hr ‘Iddah of a Pregnant Divorcee!

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Haitham al-Haddad

Channel: Haitham al-Haddad

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pregnant and she knew that he will give birth.

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And then she told her husband that listen I had an old and

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that you that I need to be divorced from you and giving birth now and please give me a divorce. Okay, give me a divorce just for me to feel satisfied. And then take me back. So he said, Okay, no problem. So he gave her a divorce.

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And then

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he went and he forget to bring her back. She gets that immediately. He came back, he found that there is a child. And she said to him, that was a hater. Because I did not want you and I knew that you will give birth. So you divorce me and you did not take me back. Yeah. So it's done.

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Yeah. So I mentioned this some scholars mentioned this within that divorce is valid or invalid because it was heated cetera Yeah, it is likely that it is valid.

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Although she lied or whatever, but it is valid. Why did he divorce Okay, so the

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idea lohana