You will say, Ya Allah! Send me back!

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The speaker advises the audience to think of themselves and not waste their time in a busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy. They encourage the audience to use the "whole female" analogy and not to waste their time in a long process. The speaker also advises the audience to use the "whole female" analogy and not to waste their time in a long process.

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I'm going to scare you, but towards beautiful Think of yourself and degree.

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Then you're going to turn toward one says you Robert, Joan.

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Natalie, Armand was slightly hung up matter of fact, gonna say to Allah, he sent me back. It's in the Quran. So two more we know the believers, Allah send me back. I'll do a good deed. Kenya name Allah says now Kadima to the whole apart you know, this is what is on the tip of the tongue.

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Your time, my time Our time is the biggest investment.

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There's nothing more

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bring fruits, or the other way around than time.

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We woman and I said we, I didn't say you

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guilty of

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wasting time.

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If you are a student with us in the year of knowledge, some of you I see you here.

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You will know when you memorize this for me. So I always ask them to do ask questions and answers at the end of the class. If the if the question is the three lines, you're wasting your time, I don't listen anymore.

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We keep on and on and on. That's wasting time.

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To the point.

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Every breath we take we will be asked about Shabaab Boko Haram have now or more a whole female now what did he or she do with her time?

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There is nothing called on board in Islam.

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There is nothing in this now called I don't know what to do.

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Then you're missing all the opportunities. Allah Oberoi to stop procrastinating. Think of the grave. And think of every moment that this is your last moment.

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Is it possible?

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Is it possible?

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Right, the day you fall off

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literally, just before we got this new was in our community, huge accident the daughter was killed the cousin in critical condition. I don't know if the mother is still alive.

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These are young people probably getting ready for a tomorrow.

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The best way of stop procrastinating number one, think of death. Number two, be with people who use their time efficiently.

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Anything. And this is actually one of the first thing I learned from my male teacher. Anything that takes five minutes average five minutes to be done. And you're doing what's in seven minutes. You're wasting your time. And you are disobeying Allah. That's the last thing I will say. Because wasting time, wastefulness in Islam in general is haram, I use the word haram forbidden Willa to sleep in your head when we're sleeping, don't waste he does not play with those who are wasteful waste to energy, waste, time, waste, food, waste, even breath.

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When I am so cautious about my time

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that I am obeying Allah. I'll give you an example. How many of you go? What's the average time of shopping? And you go for shopping?

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No answer. I just

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you want to not waste your time in shopping, you go 30 minutes before that mall is closed, or 30 minutes before the store is closed. You don't have time to look and you'll go pick it up, pay and leave.

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Help yourself to not waste and

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help yourself and be with people who are very efficient.

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And that's how you can do many things in one time.

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And ask Allah always in every question I get, I have to put this in the beginning and at the end, ask Allah to put Baraka in your time. One of the beautiful to her, I will hurt again from a lecture back there when I was studying and she says Cooney mobile raka in our country, make sure your blessing. Blessed wherever you are. Wherever you go, there's higher goodness coming.

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But don't waste time. Don't sit on that TV for four or five hours.

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Just because you have nothing else to do. I'll be asked about these five hours, let alone if what I am seeing is how long that's another issue.