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The speaker discusses the protection of the dams and windows of work by the Prophet Alayhi Salatu. The protection is complete and is proportional to one's EMA. The greater one's protection means that it is a matter of one's EMA, and the greater one's protection means that it is a matter of one's satisfaction. The loss of the dams and windows of work means that people are contented with their current situation, but it is not the model that they have today.

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Yanni either Fidel Baba chauvelin Feed dunya Fattah halacha abueva and okra he says if you open a door of work in the dunya or distractions let's call it a distraction distraction, this distracting door of the dunya it opens other distracting doors. Wherever you go into in the dunya. You open one door it leads to another. So Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran in Allah udev here I need Medina Ehrman, Allah defends the believers Allah defends the believers and Allah has defense and protection is complete. The defense and protection of Allah azza wa jal is completely out if you think of an insurance policy or body guards or whatever, who can only partially protect you. But Allah's

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protection is complete and is proportional to one's EMA.

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So the greater your iman,

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the graders Allah's protection. So for us all Allah is Allah Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam. In the beginning, in Medina, he had guards.

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And it makes sense for him to be protected right with guards, right?

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Until Allah azza wa jal says, Will La Jolla Similkameen a nurse and Allah will protect you from people.

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And Allah will protect you from people. So the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam right? To kind of open the door or that curtain actually he just kind of remove the curtain and spoke to the guard outside and he says go,

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meaning I don't need you anymore. What is that protection come from? Allah azza wa jal. So the greater your Eman, the greater Allah's defense, it descends and it surrounds and it's complete, physical and non physical. So Allah azza wa jal protects you from a lot of harm. Ones that you notice and ones that you don't notice Lahoma off the bat to mean by any day you I mean healthy following a home in amarilla. Meaning they Allah as it says that you have markedly bad meaning you have an angel ahead, and an angel behind protecting you with the command of Allah Azza that Allah sends you that protection, and you have it with you at all time.

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And there are a lot of harm that Allah protects you from physically things that you know and things you do not know. And Allah also defends you emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, just think of the fact that you have the Quran to ground you in understanding that whatever happened is destined, and whatever LOST can be compensated, and that you could rely on Allah azza wa jal all the time and you can talk to him all the time. So Allah azza wa jal when he sends Eman patients to what called forgiveness,

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generosity to your heart, love between you and the believers, that is all Allah's protection.

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And part of that protection that Allah wants from you or for you, is protection from the dunya. As soon as too much of it will pollute you too much. Of it will take away your iman can either for that Ababa, shoveling feed, dunya, Fattah Halacha, guava and okra it says if you open a door of work in the dunya or distractions, let's call it a distraction, distraction, this distracting door of the dunya it opens other distracting doors, whatever you go into in the dunya you open one door it leads to another not only one several, you open one of them it leads to several others and it doesn't stop. The more money you have, the more that you have to worry about it. The more that you have to

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spend time protecting it, the more you have to you have to start to spend time defending yourself because of it. The less you have, the more time that you have to Allah azza wa jal. Now does that preclude being rich, you could be rich, but you don't be preoccupied with the dunya you could be rich, meaning that I could have it I could lose it. I have it for Allah azza wa jal, and I spent it for Allah azza wa jal, but it's not dominant in my heart. It does not make me and it does not break me. Then yeah, you could be rich, some of the Sahaba they were rich, but you understand how they were rich, and it's not the model that we have today. So for most people, that is very difficult and

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dunya is very contaminating and very polluting.

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So but if we understand that having less of it, as the Hadith indicates that having less of it could mean or be interpreted as a love of Allah azote and manifesting itself in your life because he's protecting you from distractions and protecting you from disbelief and from hypocrisy and from being a servant of the dunya. If you interpret that loss

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As Love of Allah azza wa jal, you could really easily be contented with whatever you have, even if you don't have a lot, because what's in place is it is a intense feeling of the love of Allah azza wa jal and his protection and his involvement in your life, guiding it and steering it into the right direction. So if it's between the two Iman and dunya and Allah wants to give you Eman, should you not be content with iman instead of desire more of a thing that will vanish ultimately. So having that in mind is beautiful