Why Should We Study Islamic Knowledge

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But as the best start for the year of knowledge is why do we study? Why knowledge and I'm going to share with you some few things and almost every book of the skier starts with this key tabula AMI will fugly the chapter of knowledge and its virtues. And I need you to feel this. I just don't want you just to listen. Feel it like now you are opening a book. That's knowledge, what is the virtue of it? Why do I want to learn it? I know. I can learn later. Ah, number one, Allah subhanaw taala said sort of zoom. Call yesterday leadin Ala Moana, Olivia Elia? Are they the same? Those who know? And those who don't know no answer, rhetorical question, because the answer is well known. The answer is

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They are not the same in the sight of Allah.

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But that should not make you arrogant, or make me arrogant. Oh, I am learning. I'm students of knowledge. Don't do that. Every time you learn, you will learn one thing for sure how much you don't know.

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As Imam Shafi he used to say Quilliam as the two element is the terrain man BJ Lee. Every time I learn, I learned more about my ignorance. Look at the beauty. Every time I learn I learned more about my ignorance. So every time you learn, you know a lot lot handler you're teaching me r&b, but how much I still don't know. They are not the same.