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There is only one God in

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the sky who knows all the answers to why there is only one God

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I've seen the perfection of all creation and every creature and Lee and I don't understand any woman who denies the ones who believe there is only one God

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from the Lila mother who want to start you know who want to start film when I mean surely fusina woman say Amina Maria de la hufa la mobile la la mejor blin Fela ha Viola wa shadow Allah, Allah illallah wa the hula Sheree Kala shadow anessa udana wanna Vienna Mohammed Abdullah he rasuluh brothers and sisters in Islam as Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome again to the best of stories from the Quran. Brothers and sisters in Islam. One of the characteristics of the stories that Allah subhana wa Taala narrated to us in the Quran, that they are events that actually happened. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, After killing the story of Allah Emraan in Surah, Allah

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Emraan in Allah who will cause us will have this is a true story. Allah subhanho wa Taala said in Sorrento Caf when he talks about the companions of the cave. Na na po soiree Canada humble hopko indeed we are telling you all Mohammed, their story, what happened exactly, Allah subhana wa tada said about the Pharaoh and Moosa NetFlow Allah caminada he moves our Tirana will help God through story through stories is not fabricated is not made up.

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Allah subhana wa tada commanded us to narrate the stories to relate the stories. Of course, he is commanding the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and we inherited that command fracasso Silva salsa, oh, Mohammed relate the story, La La homeopathic karoun so that they may reflect upon it. Why do we reflect upon the stories brothers and sisters in Islam, to reach some benefits, things that can benefit us. And these benefits brothers and sisters in Islam accommodate us once we go through calamities, once we go through hardships.

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And this is what we call test Leah.

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Once you see someone else who endued what you are enduring, this will make you

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and especially if you see that the person who endued what you are enduring was someone who is better than you in rank, a prophet or a messenger.

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The story of today, brothers and sisters in Islam, I want to relate it to those who are afflicted with children who are not righteous and pious,

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in spite of them,

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doing their very best

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to help the children to be pious and righteous. They send them to good Islamic schools. They care so much about their Islamic education. They were good role models. They did their best, but yet their children ended up to be not righteous and pious.

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What an affliction This is what a heartbreaking hardship distress. This is. You know why?

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Because that child, you end up losing him or her in this world.

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They will not be beautiful to you.

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A corrupt child will actually Subhanallah harm you. Navy Salatu Salam kamati Sahih al Bukhari Khalid Abdullah have nominated us. He said one day it is one of the major

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Since when Aquarian covered a lot of jewelry the

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honor of what you do Why did he that a person curses his own parents? The companion severe Rasul Allah, ke fire Super radula ke fire Super rajawali How can a person curses his own parents called a super rajguru about radula

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boom. A corrupt child will end up cursing other children and these children will curse his parents.

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Even after the

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Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, either metal incense or ignore Adam Carolla is a Muslim, when the son of Adam dies, or when the human being dies in Kata 11 says that his deeds, the righteous deeds will stop except from three sources. The first one is what? Well I do solid hanyalah if the child is not righteous and pious, so after he leaves this world is not going to need God for you.

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The third loss in the day for his erection Subhan Allah, Allah subhanaw taala commanded the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Cole, say to them oh Mohammed polytonal ha syrena the true losers, those who are really losers alladhina hassio fusa Hua Li him, yo malkia those who will lose themselves and their children in the day for the reduction because there is another side to this upon Allah. When Medina Amman What about whom do Ria to whom the man in? And how can I be him the reata whom Allah Allah homina homina himanshi khulumani mP maka Saba, hey, you know, if you die as righteous person as a believer as a Muslim, and you implemented your Islam, and your offspring followed you with

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Islam and the implementation of Islam, with Enoch with Eman you will be joining together in general. So, what a calamity This is that a person ends up having a son who is not righteous or pious, in spite of doing the work. I understand that if you did not do the work, that is understandable, but the fact that you did your best, and yet your child ended up to be not righteous. It's a heartbreaking experience. And that is why I want to share the story of Noah and his son with you today. Don't doubt know that he did not reform his son. Luke was sent to his people. And you know how long he spent calling them to righteousness and piety. 950 years what are called the autosol nan

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Oh hon Isla de vida de taffy him and fascinating Illa from Siena, Yala, 950 years calling his people to Islam, calling his people to righteousness and piety, the people what about his own child? He did that.

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At the end, Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed to Prophet no Holly Salaam.

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What? ILA

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mean, I mean tomika.

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Tabitha is Bhima

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falloon. It was revealed to know that no one else will believe.

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Only those who believed they are done

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no one no more believers you will have

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don't display

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a message to the brothers who say Allah subhanaw taala did not tell him compromise the religion a little bit Nick the religion modify the religion a little bit no show that people will get more clients. No. Like those people. Let's make Islam a little bit easier on people. Let's introduce a modern Islam. A new Islam.

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Never, ever never, ever, ever never ever compromise the message. No, no, Allah Allah does not know did not command No. Okay, make the message easier for them a little bit No, so they can fully know. That's the

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wassenaar in full Kavita. Hi wassenaar. Gabby, are you Nina joaquina wala to haughley de fille the Nevada move in mobile acun. Now I want you all know to construct an ark, a ship and we're going to show you how to do it. And don't speak to me about those who drowned

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about those who did not believe because they will drown.

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Why else now? Furukawa kulana Murali mala

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kung fu min. Yeah, Allah, deconstructing that arc that chip in the desert. Of course Allah told prophet no la Salam that all of earth will become a sea will become an ocean because all of earth will flood. So it makes sense that you could build a ship on the desert. Because normally for the person who does not know what no Hi, Sam knows that you need to build the ship on the shore of the Sea so that it can start sailing. But the people would not realize that all of earth will flood.

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Here is that so they started mocking him. Look at this man. He's building a ship in the business man.

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We can find out of Madison. What was his reaction? All in this room in a in a nice homey

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touch home. Sung fatahna Muna Maja TZ wiaa

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booty if you are mocking us we're mocking you too. You will find out who would be punished.

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I'm Mona was no milfy humming coolin je ne ne ne wah

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wah laka

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sada calm Cali Hill coloman man, one

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man ah whoo Illa Callie. When the time is up, Allah subhanho wa Taala told prophet no hurry Salah to get on the ship. And to that take the believers with you and take from everything, peers to peers on the ark.

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Allah subhanaw taala destined for the chip to sail.

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We'll call our Caribou Coffee bismil imagery.

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In the love of Hulu

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and say no honey, Sarah told his people that people who believe get on the ship. Let's say Allah subhanho wa Taala will make it sale. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving, Allah is merciful.

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There was somebody who was supposed to be on the ship with no Holly Santa.

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Because Allah Subhana Allah promised no Holly Salaam to save his son to save his family, all of his family to spare them.

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So Satan no Holly Salam looked into the ship.

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He did not see one of his sons. He did not get on the ship, because he did not believe

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the ship is sailing and profit. No Holly salon spotted his son.

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And he started talking to him.

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Let's find out what he told him

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and how his son reacted and how the whole thing ended. The sneaker short break and come back to the best of stories.

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There is only one God, the

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Lord about the earthen sky who knows all the answers to why there is only one God law

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