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A doctor from the Saudi Arabia Jana Institute discusses her experience attending a level three class and how she felt comfortable in the group. She also talks about her positive experiences with her students and how she hopes to continue learning from them.

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chronometer lab, Ricardo, my name is Robina. I'm a doctor, I'm an Indian working in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, the first thing I would like to tell my institute, Jana Institute is that

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it's a big blessing that I'm part of this prestigious Institute. The reason why I would like to continue with my three, level three, there are a couple of reasons, but I like to emphasize on a few of them, as I'm a working woman, the first thing which helped me is in the timing, because my, my schedule is busy and this level three class and even level two also

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is being held on a Tuesday evening for me, and I'm free, and I'm free at that time. So that was the first reason and the second reason is the very first day when I attend the class, as a shyster made me feel that I know her since many, many years. I mean, she made me feel so comfortable that I, I was never ever felt that I'm a newcomer to the group. And even my, my group mates my same thing, you know, I felt that I have been known to the group, and the way I received the welcome the very first minute I entered the class, I have no words to express. But I can only say that I was blessed, I was chosen. And I'm lucky to be a student of this very, very,

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I don't have words to say, but I think I'm just trying to give you the best words, a very ancient angelic group. I mean, if I may be allowed to say that an angelic group, truly, honestly, and I mean it from the bottom of my heart, I come tired after my work, but the moment I sit in my class, I, you know, it just that I forget everything, and I'm so engrossed, everybody working so hard. It only it only taught me that age is not the limit. Age is not the limit for myself first. And second is the teacher who's teaching something as serious as touch with. And, as you know, and it's not easy for us, you know, especially as non Arabs to, to get the grip, but the way she makes it easy for us, I

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have no words to express, you know, so that encouraged me to carry on with the course that we do, I even enrolled for the revision, and now I inshallah touch with Level Three also, and a little word about nostalgia shy. So that's why I address her. But I think

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she really deserves all the encouragement and support as she's doing a brilliant job. Maybe the institute people will not be able to analyze. But, you know, being a student, I can only say that she's a gem of a teacher. The first thing what I learned from her is to care and love your student, irrespective of the age, you know, it does not mean that she, she has to have

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offline session to show her tender loving care for each student. But I think, you know, we are ways apart, but her smile and her her caring attitude towards her students

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brings down this mile to just a smile on my face the moment I have, I see her truly and honestly, we are miles apart. But she's able to bring a smile on everyone's face, even the mistakes we make. I have gone through a lot of training and you know, in reading the Quran, but every teacher doesn't take up my mistake, the way she takes it up. She says it's okay. And she's always encouraging and motivating. I would tell my Jana Institute, even if there's one student and asked as a shyster, please don't ever think of closing the session, or saying that they are less attendees, because I'll be very honest in what I'm saying.

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You have to believe me that the best thing you're doing to the society is to continue the classes, especially with Astanza shyster, trust me since I've been learning from her, I know that the teachers are excellent, but my heart would never want to change my my group, nor would I want to change my styles also. And now I'm wondering, you know, after touch with three after I finished my course what next because I don't want to be left alone by myself, you know, not seeing my group for the two hours. We have fun, we talk about our problems, and we learn from our seniors who are in the group. So it is nothing but you know, you may be just adding a drop in the ocean. But remember, that

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drop makes a big difference to somebody's life. And I'm I'm here enrolling for the geometry, so please do not even think of

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It is in this class, this group from the course. I hope I've made you know, I hope I have said what I wanted to say Forgive me if I over exaggerated, but I am meaning but I truly and honestly mean every word of what I have said to Zack Allah Heron for giving me this opportunity as Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh