Poem a Day – Dont Be Mad If You Meet the Same Equation

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Speaker 2 discusses their opinion that they do not want to be associated with public criticism and that they do not want to be associated with English language advertising. They also mention a business scene involving a woman named Amina Toby and a Frenchman named Emery Farah.

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Shafi Rahim Allah said, speak to me privately if you want to advise me and spare me from public recommendations for public criticism is a type of censure that is not of my persuasion and if you disobey me and defy my words, don't be mad if you meet the same equation.

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And I know somebody's gonna ask about the Arabic so it goes to imagine a business hacker from Filardi. What do you need me Nasi Hatoful Gemma, so in a must have been a nurse you know, Amina Toby, or the steamer so in her left any water that Emery Farah attaches them to Ottawa fireman I need a fire emoji for that one.