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Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of "sliding" window shopping, where people go to stores and look at clothing or jewelry. They describe it as a way to feel alive and achieve personal growth. The speaker also talks about how people are becoming sad and becoming aware of their bodies through social media.
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You know, in the days before, people they used to go window shopping.

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You know window shopping is window shopping is you make yourself feel good.

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By going to a mall, you pass by all the shop outlets, you look inside, you look at it. You look at the jewelry.

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You just imagine that you had it. You feel good about yourself. You look at a certain t shirt or a certain coat that you wanted to buy. You look at it, you try it on, you feel good. You look in the mirror, ah, this looks good to me. But you never buy it.

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And then you can't afford it. You can't afford it. So you don't buy but you do window shopping, which is you go to the mall and you have a nice day, the whole day you spend looking at setting Savannah, some of you like feeling a bit confused. The ones that last know what I'm talking about.

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Because they don't do it these days, right people people do different types of window shopping people go to Amazon, people go to online shopping to do the window shopping now. Right? You feel good about it, but you don't actually get it. And the thing is, with the smartphone, there's a lot of this going on.

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People are browsing for what?

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Tell me this, you browse on Instagram, and you start seeing the next man who has the next car. The next woman that has the jewelry, the next you know beautiful face out there. The person who's just got these the Pentagon, the latest trainers, the latest sneakers, they've got that oh, you go through, oh, that person has the holiday. You look at that. And wow. And you browsing and you're browsing and you're browsing. You know what meanwhile it makes you feel in the end. And no one told me put your hands up. But what does it make you feel like feel that you feel you feel down? You feel low? You know why? Because you don't have it.

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You want it? You don't have it? You saw browsing all these pages, or all these beautiful people beautiful houses beautiful things that they have. I tell you secret in all those people are smiling on Instagram. And they're very sad people

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who ever tell me this? Which human Have you seen always smiling?

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Except for someone who's mad?

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Nobody smiles forever. But every Instagram photo you look at, they look perfect. You know why they're perfect. Because they smile for the occasion. There was no like this. phone camera, hey,

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And then back to normal again.

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Those people not always fun. And not only that, they've enhanced their face through the different Photoshop to make themselves look better. All those little dots in their faces. They've automatically gone away. Because that a Samsung phone and I'm saying like you know those you know those ladies cameras, you don't even need to do anything. You take a photo, the photo looks better than you.

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the photo makes you look better the guy looks the fourth thing. Wow, I look so good. No, you don't, bro. You don't, don't try to fake it. And people become sad after that. They look at the look in the mirror. The mirror image is not as good as the photo image that they have.

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And I'm keeping up people are getting into this. And then what they do is they upload it. When they upload one they uploaded another one though, that is showing all of this to others, but they don't live those lives. There's a lot of people on Instagram, who have gone on credit. They buy stuff on credit, just to live a life of fake life. They want to show others there are others looking at those lives and feeling bad about themselves. And the whole thing whole thing is fake. The whole thing is fake.

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And if you want to make a sell sell to better, then you shouldn't be looking at those images. I'll tell you why. Because I probably sell Allah has been told us the cure to this. He said a person is a Hadith of Buhari.

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He said whosoever looks at someone in this world that has God more than them in terms of this world.

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Then they will feel inside. Less appreciative of what Allah has given them. And they will feel that they have less support and patience with the trials that Allah has put them in

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