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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the benefits of sports, including increasing energy and reducing fatigue, and how it is a source of knowledge. They also recommend reading and spending time with friends to increase one's knowledge and interest. The speaker emphasizes the importance of creativity and being flexible in painting.
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What are some productive ways to spend my free time?

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He didn't say fun

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Subhanallah I always say number one is sports and this age at 14 lets the youth play sports and go hiking and swimming for the girls in, in a girl's setting, bicycling, sports, play basketball, play football, or play soccer. In general, sports is the best way to spend your time. Because it will get out the energy makes you feel good and makes you feel tired and you don't have time. For others. I see a lot of the mothers complaint I take them from one practice to the other, or to their hamdulillah

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Al Hamdulillah. Because if they have a lot of free time, and they are on that phone, it can go completely number one. Number two, reading.

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Reading is really helpful. And it doesn't have to be something serious reading is a very good one actually, it's really any read anything you like, as long as it's within your stomach boundary. Because again, you don't want to read something affect you negatively. Definitely make part of the reading is the Quran. Read about, for example, read about when you see mountain in front of you read about x expand your knowledge. And the more knowledge you have, especially as a woman, especially as a woman, you absolutely you will be looked at differently. And people will respect you more because she's a woman of knowledge. And knowledge is a strength for us as a Muslim. So reading is another

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one. Spend time with friends.

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person not texting, because this texting thing doesn't have the rule. The spirit of it lets her go out with her friends. We all spend our time with friends, free time productive. For example, somebody was the other day saying how long did he put the pictures? They said I don't give my children I think 1415 I don't give them very limited time for the internet and phone. And then she showed pictures what they do Subhanallah painting some parts of the house doing any creative things. The creativity will will be I remember I'm not 1415 I love to paint so I used to paint something that will make you combine happy and productive