The Power of Patience – Enduring Trials with Resilience

Haifaa Younis


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When you think you can do which animal when you think you don't have enough strength I have, that's who I am. And you are fine. But what do I do your law don't give up.

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Never, ever give up. In any trial, you go through letter N on the one we are coming through, but expected staying over slavery was so I'm going to write a prescription number one.

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Be patient.

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Now, so

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this is really important. This is not the time that I am going to do my two seconds.

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This is not the time I am going to do my set out when I have time. This is not the time I was so happy when I saw this most beautiful a Sudan, Sudan, Sudan time the messenger Jamar photo ratio and the DUA that you are seen stayin all the sudden you are practicing Subhan Allah is with him. That's what he's seen in Milan masala.

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Whenever Are you feeling better? And this when I meet somebody I say to Allah, Ya Allah, this is very difficult, but you're gonna make me sober. You're gonna make me patient because I you know, you're seeing it.

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You're seeing it. You're hearing it. You're allowing it. Nothing happens in this world without the permission of Allah