The Masjid Has a Dress Code

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And I remember the single footsie da Aisha

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you know what she said after our Swati? Santosa? She said, Your for Roswaal. Inside to Sarah. So the woman

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these days not now hers.

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These days he would have prevented them from coming to the masjid.

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Can you believe it? How do we feel when you go to a Muslim there is no place for a woman to pray.

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You feel so sad? discriminated. You're looked at lower, which is true.

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But at the same time, how I am coming to the masjid.

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Yeah. And as Daniel what we are seeing these days is beyond my imagination.

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I come to the masjid as if I am going to Walmart

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and this is the house of my creator. And this is the house of my Creator who puts requirement.

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And I always ask him, if you have this role in your home? Where do you want everyone that they come? They take off your shoes

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and somebody doesn't do it? What do you do?

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How upset you will be

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very upset, especially if they see the shoes are all outside and you put a special place? Nope. You insist on getting in? What do you invite her again?

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How Rahim is Allah subhanaw taala.

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And he'd give us this beautiful massage. And we come in here and we are not covered.

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And I you know what I say the Queen of England. When she went to as hell. She was covered.

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She covered her hair. She's not Muslim, she's not acquired, but out of respect to us. And to our creator in here I am Muslim, come in here as if literally I am outside.

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Subhanallah this is becoming a phenomena in massage. And what I see these days I was like I couldn't believe it. What happened to the woman? What's happened to us is the house of mine, Lord, my Creator.

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And he told me there's a dress code. You don't want to do it outside. As I said, get ready for answers when you're in front of him. That's a choice you made. But when you come to this masjid, it's not a choice is absolutely not a choice. Even some massage, it puts things outside. And women refuse to do and they get so offended. Why? You're not doing it for me. You're doing it for yourself.

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So please, all of you pay attention to these and teach the youth that they are coming to the masjid. This is the house of Allah. It's a sanctuary. It has its own borders. Why do we take our shoes but we don't cover our hair.

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What is this? Why?

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For makeup?

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False eyelashes with the hair is like that. And I'm in his house.

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And he's still feed me and he's still he gives me everything will lighten hula curry.

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I bear witness Allah is generous. If this you and me

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I will teach her how to respect my house. Don't we do that? And people come to us like it's okay. She maybe she doesn't know she knows very well.

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Subhanallah and then when you come to the house of Allah I don't know Babe, you don't know people tell you and you get offended.

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There is orders from Allah subhanahu wa Tada. And there's hate when I come to his house. I hate to say anybody don't come Subhan Allah who I am. is so painful when I see it. And I literally make dua for everyone's like y'all Allah who brought her, your Allah make her dressed the way that pleases you. Because when you come to the masjid, and you're not dressed properly, it's not you. You're affecting others. This young 11 or 12 year old with all the bombardment outside, she looks at you and says, Oh, she looks beautiful. She comes in and becomes a domino effect.

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And finally, if you are going to admonish somebody, then make sure you admonish them nicely.

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And you talk to her nicely.

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And the best way is, if there is which I'm sure in all the misogyny that is usually put a skirt and a haircut just go and give it to her.

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Hollis and in front of Allah, Allah who did it and if she didn't do what you don't if you don't know her, don't talk or do you can say you look beautiful, but I'm sure you will look even more beautiful in front of Allah. If you dress that say it in ice in a gentle way. May Allah Santana teachers of this era be me and may Allah subhanaw taala not only teaches us but give us literally the

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ability the strength the resolve to do it and to continue to do it you're beyond me