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The speakers discuss the concept of Easter, including the importance of living in a "we" way and avoiding confusion. They stress the importance of taking time off to enjoy one's life and not feeling rushed or rushed. They also emphasize the importance of taking advantage of free time before getting busy and not forgetting to use it. The speakers emphasize the need to act like a Muslim and not feel rushed or rushed or. They also discuss the benefits of taking advantage of a sale during a vacation and emphasize the importance of avoiding disrespect and being a good person to avoid negative consequences. Finally, they emphasize the importance of learning and practicing to apply knowledge in everyday life.

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salovaara Kumar from below gonna come to us for now and hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah while he was a woman who had a lot of melanoma and found now one final view Milan center in the Kissimmee on what you would do how long when you're older becoming a million Thor Calvin I have shown I've seen Latisha What do I like the smell of vanilla is appalling when Avada is heading to know hublin amulet and charisma in the country will have probably shortly solder us sadly only washed Lola up the Tamil is on your holy desert Mohit for joining us Hamlet Lego Grameen eight Mubarak w one little bit late last Tuesday was actually the first day of aid May Allah subhanaw

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taala accept from all of us. May Allah pantalla accepted our da May Allah pantalla makers among those who were forgiven on the day of autopart yoruba mean, and May Allah subhanaw taala give us life to live more longer, a see more

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times of hedge and off or run times of opportunity to do good and make us of those who do who do good, do good and make us of those who are lost pantalla accept from them European I hope everybody has enjoyed the raid, have enjoyed with your family have enjoyed in the pleasure of a loss pantalla and still enjoying it. So what we plan to do today's palla, maybe something different, but

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the whole idea of us being Muslims, and Allah Subhana Allah put us on this earth is to live in this earth, and to make every moment as much as possible, a moment of obedience to our last pile, Tyler and a moment of using this moment, to please a lot pantalla but at the same time, living our life. And we have said many times that the concept of worship needs to be changed the way when we heard when we hear the word worship Allah a word need to change our perception because most of us when the word that a ballad comes, usually immediately. All of us think of what we think of fasting, we think we think of Salah, we think of Ramadan, we think of Hajj, we think of zeca we don't think of it in a

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different way.

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And this is one of the ways that will help us live the title of this series this week and next week, basically vacation to live this vacation or summer time in a way that is we understand it, but we change the understanding by changing the meaning or changing the perception or what we understand of a bad let me make it easy for everybody. La vida is irrelevant to me, I have defined it. And once we understand this word, I think everything in life will change. By the grace of Allah de la vida. It must have been 10 year worship. He defined it as the following kulu Mio Hebrew, Allahu Allah, wa everything, everything that Allah loves, and is pleased with so everything that Allah loves, and is

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pleased with from an acquire savings and doings so it's not just something I say, or just something I do. It's something I say, and something I do. Allah loves and pleased with. There's two more elements in this definition of war hero well both in external and internal.

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Let's focus on this because if we will understand even under this definition, vacation for us in summer vacation and summer

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will not change.

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I will still enjoy and do what I need to do. If I only understand this and follow these guidelines. Let's let's look at it as a guidelines. So led by the act of worship is everything. Everything a lot loves, and is pleased with seeing and doing external and internal. And that's why we are created that's what Allah subhanho wa Taala said, well my hand off to Virginia and incidentally Abu I did not create human beings but only for one reason. One reason only, that's what he said the ALA Isla is

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a for Allah and statehood award if you want to use that, that a lot that we use, it's in the Arabic language means everything comes after this is meaning only this. So Allah said I have not created that.

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Humans and the genes but Illa to worship me. So if I understand worship in a limited way, that's okay. I wore my hijab I prayed I fast I went to Hajj, then that's a mistake of evaluate, what about the rest of my life? What about me studying? What about me working? What about me taking vacation? What about me? They have aid, which are days off off? Most of them are almost all the Muslim countries, the days of aid or days off? Where is my rebounder? in these days? Is there even an act of a bother other than going for Sinatra aid? Going for the prayers of them? So that's the first thing, let's all this is why I started here is to re define or remind ourselves, or let's learn in

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case we didn't know, what does anybody mean? What does the act of worship for me as a Muslim mean, every act, every singing, that Allah loves, and pleased with internally and externally?

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That's one second, we need to learn what does vacation mean?

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Whether it's a summer, when we put the summer vacation, because of the time for most of the world, or half of the world, I will say it's summertime, and the norm in summer, people take vacation in some parts of the world, people take about a month vacation, meaning off, and they go somewhere. And some maybe a week or two for students, at least two months vacation. So what is the term vacation mean? Now we learned what's a bad now we're going to learn what's a vacation, and then let's see what we're going to do. And today, actually, I am not going to give any we're not going to discuss guidelines, what should we do, it's going to be next week. Today, we're going to just look into the

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whole subject the whole matter. So vacation, and I actually looked it up in the dictionary. And this is how we learn once we know the definition, then we will look at things differently. Vacation actually, originally is a Latin word. And it means leisure,

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being free from duty,

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freedom, freedom, exemption, or being freed from a duty me or in general, meaning it's a state of being unoccupied. That's another meaning I am in a time or a state or in a day I am not occupied meaning there is nothing scheduled I have to do because when we go to work or we go to school, or I have to do this I have to do this and within a state of vacation vacation is basically a state of being an occupied it's actually also related to the word word vacant. Some is commonly used you see it signs on homes says vacant meaning nobody's living here vacant it is ready for to be rented or to be sold. So vacant. So vacation state of being an occupied suspension of activities or there is a

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time which there is an intermission of usual employment, this is all definition intermission, there is a there is a time in my work. Any work you do, there is in the contract, you sign there is always one to four weeks vacation, they call it for the students their summer vacation or break. And that is winter break. Like this is what we use here in the United States. There is winter break, and there is summer break, and there is Spring Break, break meaning what you're breaking away from the usual. So basically, it's an extended period of leisure and recreation, especially one and this is specifically for vacation specially spent away from home or in traveling. vacation. I am free of my

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usual obligations usually employ my work or my studies. And usually I spend it away from home. Free. This is the word free and we always think I am waiting for my vacation is what we used to say. And another meaning is the act vague vacation is the action of leaving something, someone or a person is being pre occupied or previously occupied.

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Chon free. So let's all of us think of vacation, right? I'm free. I'm just packing and maybe going somewhere or maybe some some of us says I'm not going to go anywhere. I'm just going to stay home and do nothing.

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And we define it

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This way, free, I will sleep as much as I want, I'll eat as much as I want, or the time I want, maybe I will do nothing. Some of us and again, I'm using the terms of use you some of us will be couch potato, meaning I'm going to be on my couch, doing nothing, I just want to be free. And I want to feel relaxed, and relief.

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That's vacation.

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One of the landmark and if you all were following me in what I was saying, the landmark of vacation is that you are, you have free time. Meaning we don't have at eight o'clock I have to be here 10 o'clock, I have to be the one o'clock I have to do this. No, we own the only again, it's a relative time, we own the time, I do whatever I want. When I am on vacation. Normally if I am a student, this time to this time, I'm in a class or I am in the lab, or I am in the research. If I am an employee I am in my office or my desk from this time to this time like in my in my job I have to be in the office or I have to be in the operating room or I have to be in labor and delivery is times when I

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am on vacation. I'm free. I don't have to go to work. And I don't have to go to the hospital someone else covers from so that title again. I'm free. But I have a lot of time. It's a free time I do whatever I want to do with

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what with me now, let's go to Islam. And let's see, what does that mean?

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As I am getting ready for vacation or as I am already in vacation. I am going to remind you and myself a couple of things of our Swati Software Center and a lot number one last pantalla but the sequence will be this way what I am going to share with you what did they teach us about free time

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doing nothing.

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And this one, I really love this 100 Allah swatting salatu salam says

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near metallian mother warned me feed him of madam near metallic I'm sorry Nia and mitanni mother wound she Hema Kafeel meanness and you have it on the screen. True blessings. True blessings. Many people, many people are in a loss with them.

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maumoon and I'm gonna come to it. True blessings. A lot of people Kathy Roman, and NASS. He didn't say

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Muslims. When people in general he used the word and he sought to say, and nasty people can see a majority. Not everybody. majority. Kathy Roman Yes. What is what are they on?

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A Saturday,

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health and free time. That's what vacation is free time. And this actually isn't a hurry.

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So in if I am going to bring the definition of a budget of acts of worship or definition of worship, and definition of vocation, and now I bring this habit of our Swami Serato. Sir, he is reminding me and you that when you have a free time, don't be in a loss. What does that mean? I'm not going to enjoy my time. I'm not going to sleep more. I am not going to eat more and just do nothing.

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We're come to this as we go.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala reminded us of this verse, and this is in Surah. Two Aisha och number six. Yeah, you have in some, in a caddy Han ihlara became a good one for malarkey or human being or mankind. Indeed. Look at the word caddy one you know, rugby can can when you are laboring, labour, working hard toward your Lord for monarchy, and you will meet him.

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You are labeling towards your Lord with a great exertion and you will meet it, you will meet it or you will meet him. It depends how you look at the heart.

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So unless pena hautala told me in this verse, that I am working hard with exertion till I meet a lot.

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But then there is also vacation and time off and there is acts of worship. And there is a blessing called time, how I'm going to combine it.

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How am I going to combine this? Let's look at hard work, hard work for a law. Again, we don't want to have

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The hard work for Allah meaning I'm going to spend my time on only in Salah. Only in fasting. No, this is not it. You can This is beautiful if you want to do, but can I have the right of mine? The right of my family, the right of the people around me and I'm still in active worship? The answer is yes. Let's let's go to this neighborhood or Swati salatu salam, another heavy than Buhari and this is by Abdullah Ahmad, the son of Satan Noma. He said our Swati software Sara took my hand, held my hand, imagine this is you and me held my hand and he said, confident you can actually be in this life as you are a stranger or a traveler.

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And so he nabbed the one Homer commented, and said, not love Norma he used to say,

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when you wake up in the morning, don't think you will live till the evening.

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When you wake up in the morning, don't you think you will live till the evening, what is a smart affiliate and who myself was I'm saved up a lot on probably Saba. And when you go to bed, or when night comes in, don't think you will see the morning.

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And take from your health. Take from your health, or save your health, to the days of sickness and from your death to the from your life to the days of your death. What does that mean? And what does this has to do with vacation, when I have free time,

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when I am off from work, children are off from school. This is a free time. Number one, remember, this is any ama, this is a blessing.

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And I need to be grateful for that grateful for the time. Grateful the fact I'm alive, and truly grateful for the fact that I can take vacation. Not everybody can do that. There's people who cannot. I have seen those people, they don't, maybe every two years, they take a vacation, and some of them even three. So how long continuously working hard to So number one, this is an AMA, I have to feel this is an AMA I am able to take time off. And then time is another neon.

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The fact I am living is an animal what's even our Beloved Muhammad was teaching us that the moment I am living in right now, I don't know, if I am going to be living Joel Salatin, a chef to the to another two hours, I don't nobody can say I know. Nobody can guarantee I am going to be living tonight, or I'm going to be leaving tomorrow morning. None of us can say this about themselves or about anyone else. So the fact I have this time right now, this is an AMA, this is a blessing. We rarely Think of it this way.

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And this blessing, two things, Allah will ask me about it. And I am supposed to be grateful.

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I am supposed to be grateful for this time.

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So the principle what the scholars teaches us, in fact, reality, there is no free time in the life of the machine.

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Don't take me wrong.

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There is no free time. In the life of those things. There is no time what I am going to be doing nothing. What about I'm very tired, and I just want to sit on the couch when I'm not doing anything. But I still can do something please allow us to say something in my mouth. That will please last.

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But I'm extremely tired. I can't even move. And I'm going to ask Allah Subhana Allah to make me strong. Your call we are going the one you are, you will have the strength Make me strong. That's an act of worship. I just said something that is pleasing to Allah Spanner time. So second or third principle we need to learn. Let's let's say it again. So we all stays in our mind. Act of Warships, we need to change the definition. It's anything I say what I do with a lot of laws, and please, externally or internally, vacation is le time of leisure is a free time free from my usual occupy occupied things.

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It's a free time for my usual occupied things. It doesn't mean in this free time. I am not going to apply the acts of worship because I'm free from the others but I still have a free time. That's number two. Number three, I need to go to vacation and say to myself the following. I am a Muslim.

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And this is extremely important for all of us to remember that we keep reminding ourselves

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Not anybody else, that I am a Muslim, and my life on this earth, in every step in every journey, act like a Muslim.

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Think like I was lucky like everybody else. My reason of being on this earth is to serve a loss pantalla and serve his creations. So even my vocation is to serve a loss Pantanal. I'm not saying you're going to go and make Dawa and you're going to start giving lectures. But when I go in this way, and I am in this way, I am solving a loss function.

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I just read something yesterday. And it's it was, there was a picture actually, and the the and of this younger boy, and I don't even know he's almost they will not put this statement. And I'll share it with you. Because that's exactly act of worship, without fasting, without doing sada and I don't even know this person is a Muslim. So she said, we were in a store, a department store. And then she put the picture of all demand, the only thing the picture is from the back. So we don't see the head of the man. And she said this man, his head look like he's a

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person with a sickness that his head is always down, he cannot lift his head, it was so hard for him to buy things.

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She said my nephew was 14 or 15. Now remember, this isn't a department store. Right? This is not in the manager? General. He said it Can I go and help them out? She said, Sure. Go. And they the younger man, the younger man held the hand of this man, older one, and held the courts with him. And he said to me, where do you want to go? Where do you want to go? What do you need? He got in the mindset, I need this, I need that he felt it. Then he took him to the cashier helped the man to pay helped him to go to the car, and then load what he bought in the car and hear the older man gave him a tip. And the voice said, No, no, no, I didn't do this for the money. I just wanted you to be

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happy. That's an act of worship. That's an act of worship is up and singing along love and pleased with external. Can I do this in my vacation, of course I do. So the vacation of doing nothing is not an Islamic concept. taking time off from work from family to region, as we use the word to rejuvenate to learn more to to absolutely have more energy is absolutely an Islamic concept. However, during that vacation time, I am going to be always acting and remembering remembering that I am a Muslim. And I will live by this next heavy, which we have shared this many time many times in this program. And you probably some of you have heard or saw a nice AutoSum said in a hadith that is

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narrated by and how come some says it is life. And some says it is hessen. Good. And also it is thought to us and I'm said the meaning is absolutely

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sound a little enhanced problems. Take advantage of five, before five. When I pack my bag, to travel to go wherever I am going with my things that I am packing, I'm going to pack this Hadeeth

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I'm going to pack this same go for roswaal ASR to take advantage of five before five. Meaning that is five things that is valuable. That is here now maybe not tomorrow, I need to take advantage of it. What is this and he said, Shebaa because of

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your use use time or years before he gets old. Also how to capitalize upon your health before he gets sick, was the NACA of luffa. org. And that you fact you are in a state of richness when you have wealth before you become poor, and what's related to us today. Work for all published public in your free time. Before you get busy. Please pay attention with free time before you get busy. Because when I am in vacation, it's a free time. When I'm going to go back. I am going to be busy because I'm going to be back to what I have to do. Because we defined vacation as free time and he's saying to me and to you what he serratos take advantage of your free time before you get busy.

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And the five the fifth one were higher tech problematic and the fact you are living before you die

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before you die these five things we need to take advantage of a sage one more time so we all short love remember us Shabaab Boko Haram you're young. What does that mean? Shabaab but I have the I can do more than the usual I have more energy. I am not afraid I have more. I'm more enthusiastic and doing things do it. Shabaab Boko Haram number one, so how to capitalize upon your healthy that doesn't doesn't matter how old you are. In fact you're healthy, you can walk you can talk you can see take advantage of it before something change and have an arena Coca Cola. You have one before you will be poorer. What does that mean if I am single I have my money for myself if I get married,

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and I have family now it's not mine. No, I have to take care of other people. So that will be a state of less than before. For all okay, publish all your free time before you get busy to apply to vacation. When I go for vacation to free time before I go back and I am busy. As we sit we say here

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the rat race.

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You look at your schedule, it's full. There's not even a moment in vacation. There's a lot of time. Take advantage of it before you get busy. So what is the word Everton take advantage. Take advantage of is basically this is an opportunity I always remind myself of this concept. It's exactly the concept of sale. And all of us understand this very easy. or coupon the coupon is valid for the next 10 days and what are you gonna say I'm gonna go and get this yet and take advantage of it because after 10 days, I can't use this coupon and I was like what? Why didn't I use or the sale and people will text you and tell you You know what? This is an amazing sale and for us in the United States.

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We get usually sale after Thanksgiving they called Black Friday. And the reason it's a black friday because they put the they lower the prices so much lower that everybody around to buy. Even they don't need it but they say we will need it maybe later on down the road. And why do you want to buy it more expensive, and now they are doing actually online sale day. Take advantage of it. So l l Ron emo Elton is take advantage. It's not wrong. Take advantage and that's the word he uses. So take advantage of the vacation before you get busy.

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So when I am going for vacation, this so far, this is what I'm packing. Next week, we're going to say what, what things I'm going to do. So he had no unpacking I haven't left I am just changing the way I am understanding things, doing things and applying things.

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I need to think as I am going for vacation, I should never forget the following concept. It may be sad. It may be you're gonna say well, sister Eva, we are going for vacation. Why do we need to remember this? Because it's reality.

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It's reality. This life is very short. It's

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not a place where we're going to be living forever. We all know this fact we have said this many times. The only certain fact that we all agree on is that this life that death is coming. Sir tivity and Subhan Allah

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Allah less pantalla said this, the last sort of the last verse of solitaire Haeju Allah said, What up with Rebecca had to carry a pain. I'm going to translate. worship your Lord again worship. Look, remember the word worship we talked about? worship your Lord, till searchability comes to you. I'm translating literally worship your Lord look it up it's unsorted hedger, the last verse in sort of Hindu. It's the sort of video is the first chapter. It's the first surah chapter 14, worship and Allah saying this to roswaal a thought also worship your Lord, till serenity comes to you, and all scholars of Tafseer. All scholars of commentary, say certainty here is this certainty here is the

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sub panel. So when I am going for vacation, this will not take vacation. I don't know. I'm not getting I'm not becoming pessimists.

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I am not I am realistic, because this is reality. Reality. And those of you who are listening with me from sinckler was last Friday, last Friday. After Juma we had children as two funeral prayers. One is a 23 year old boy, young man, May Allah give him genetically for dose, and the other one is 82 year old.

00:30:27--> 00:30:37

Man, May Allah give him genetically those two, same same day, same funeral prayer 23 and 82.

00:30:39--> 00:31:12

didn't wait. The 23 didn't wait. And 82 waited till 82 we I have no idea you are mean where we are going to do? So why would Rebecca Taylor to karaoke when I am going for vacation, I need to keep reminding myself that this is still part of my life. And this time, the death can come anytime. Well, how I'm going to go for vacation, and I am thinking of death. I'm not saying think of that. I think Don't forget that this is one of the realities. One of the realities.

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There's a very beautiful parable. As I was preparing for this today, I came across this parable and they said, life and he gave a parable of life. This is it like a very wise man. And he said, life is very short time. And the human being in this life is like a man or running away from a lion chasing him human being in this life, like a man running. And because he is being chased by a lion. Then he found a branch of a tree. And that's a branch of a tree goes down into a wall. So he held into this branch and went down into the wall. And he became he went to the half of the world, so to do well, but he held to the branch to half of the one. So he ran away from the line. Then he walked back

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down, and he found a snake

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in the bottom of the one and the snake waiting for this man to fall. So he will eat him. And then he looked at the branch that he's helding and he found two rats to mouse eating it.

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All these dangers. Then he looked on one side and he saw honey

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and he started eating the honey. And he forgets about the two mouse's and he forgot about the snake. And as he was eating the the honey, the two mouse's at the branch and he fell, and the sneak took

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that's life.

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reality of the life. All of us we will end up in the end of the world. That's your thing that's death.

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And the two mouse's is the death that is coming closer. We just don't know when one but it's coming. And instead of me thinking of this and this and reality and get ready and prepared, I am enjoying the honey. The honey is this dunya is this life.

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So when I go for vacation, this concept is still here.

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It is still there, it's not going to go away. I need to remind myself

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and if you all remember, do our suffer. What our soul is allowed to say now taught us when we travel.

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And there is a DA they called route step on the supplication of traveling also on a site was sent on to us. So when we are traveling, it's vacation. Right? Always any travel but let's take it because we're talking about vacation. Right? Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Allah. Subhana Allah, the Sahaba luchador oma Punahou corny.

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aliou. When we get into the plane, or the car or the train, or the boat, we say Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, what is the great among the greatest lies the greatest and glorify Allah who has facilitated this for us? We don't know what and we will not be able to do it and Allah and we are returning to Allah and then Allah home then you make the dua, you're traveling, you're going for vacation What are you asking Allah along with me in or in your Allah me I and you look confused suffering are harder and Virata or your Allah, I asked you, I implore you, I beg you, that you give me

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In this travel, a bureau attacker and we're all good deeds, taqwa, your conscious, worrying alarmingly matter of law

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and the deeds that pleases you. Remember, worship when we started our talk, started our talk by defining worship. So here you are, you're traveling. You're asking Allah you just leaving the house after this. You're leaving the house getting into your car, go into the airport or take or go into the station. You're asking Allah Ya Allah I asked you in this travel and bureau with tequila, and beer is good the beer is every good deed excellently in general, or tequila conscious woman and I'm illimitable and that's I do everything in this travel, whatever pleases you. From that I'm a Rhema turbo

00:35:53--> 00:36:09

along mantle Sahib with a separate outline You are the companion and this travel. Imagine if I really feel this, and I'm asking a lot to be my companion in my travel, my vacation will be act of worship, my vacation will be pleasing to Allah.

00:36:10--> 00:36:17

My vacation will be pleasing to Avast pantalla You are my companion along my infrastructure we suffer

00:36:19--> 00:36:54

a lot of mahone Eileen so find your love make your travel easy. What we are now word and make the long distance shorter. What we are not word long Magneto we become in Wazza SEPA Yama. I seek refuge in You from the difficulty in the trouble. Okay, but in Mumbai and seeing things that is not pleasing to the eyes, or short anymore. And returning to worse family when anyone wanted. That's on this vacation, this travel this travel will end up in something.

00:36:55--> 00:36:57

That's why sooner and your sooner.

00:36:58--> 00:37:07

That means traveling and vacation is an Islamic concept. Absolutely. Why did he teach us that is AutoSum.

00:37:08--> 00:37:26

So yes, but memorize this memorize is a humbler, you have it on your screen, memorize this, not only memorize it or just put it in the car, reflect on it and see what was panatela is teaching with roswaal a solid to a center.

00:37:27--> 00:37:43

And that means I am going to visit toggling not to only carry with it or vacation carry with it only difficulties to also carry with it carries with it temptations

00:37:44--> 00:38:44

and weaknesses. And I sleep more. And I eat more. In these two things. Usually in general, I sleep more, I eat more, I talk more, I meet people more interact more. And these four principles of task here to nefs is to do less of these four. to purify myself to get closer to Allah pantalla I need to do the opposite. I need to eat less sleepless, interact with people less and talk less vacations is the opposite. So when I go for vacation, I am more prone to disobeying almost pantalla I'm not talking about major ones in general. Chanel will be late. I may miss salah and I may see things I normally don't say I may go out and look at things I normally don't it's just we're more prone and

00:38:44--> 00:38:45

that's why they do

00:38:46--> 00:39:24

that we just shared with you that you are that we shared with you. What is it you're loving my companion please not long into slack for several one halifa to feel your ally You are the companion in my travel meaning your Lucky's protecting your ally make me remember that I am a servant of yours. in a state of travel like I am assignment of yours in Ramadan and in 200 in the night of the gala to other iron the same servant, I am your servant, your lot protecting.

00:39:25--> 00:40:00

And Allah Subhana Allah taught us also and this concept in the Quran repeated, repeated and it's probably one they say one of the first order of actions after a bad after worship in spirit will Baccarat is actually this verse first vehicle higher right as the vehicle hierarchy or on to do a good deed, festival or on compete now this is the time of the Olympics and I'm sure many people

00:40:00--> 00:40:13

People are watching. So when you see specially when you see the competition in running and the 400 meter and so quick think of this concept is dummy concept as a vehicle or compete or run,

00:40:15--> 00:40:43

to do good deeds, faster vehicle hierarchy or wanting to do our good deeds. So when I am in going for vacation, every opportunity of doing a good deed and again, acts of worship is not only limited to the ones we limit our I value, every good deed, every good word every help every lowering the gaze. Every moment staying away from harm is a good thing.

00:40:44--> 00:40:46

And Allah also taught us

00:40:47--> 00:41:00

this is intellectual heavy Sabu Mo Farah team of the Oran, Oran to their forgiveness of your Lord. So how I'm gonna run to the forgiveness of my Lord and I am invocation.

00:41:02--> 00:41:49

I just said we are more prone to this obey alive during vacations, or run to forgiveness, or run to forgiveness. I looked at something I shouldn't look your love, please forgive me and make keep me stronger. I said something I shouldn't say y'all law, please forgive me. And help me be my companion. And help me not to this or this or that. And the same concept in early and one Allah said we're sorry. Oh, yeah, mafia team. This is in verse 133. Sorry, Oh, this one is a rush, not compete, rush. So I'm not going to wait that everybody is doing with I'm going to be the first one to do Saturday, oh, or rush to the forgiveness of your Lord. And our last pantalla said this beautiful

00:41:49--> 00:42:37

concept and more of a theme. The verse is 26 what for you, Daddy Kaffir yet an absolute and if you swim in this, let them compete in this Meaning what? In this in wanting to do a good deed in wanting to ask Allah for forgiveness, in wanting to be a good human being in wanting to be the fourth runner to be the first one, to do the good deed to be the first one to ask for Allah forgiveness, to be the first one to take advantage and opportunity of every moment. What he did he carefully at an apple segment and officially Allah said this concept go and compete. Actually competition is is an Islamic concept also not competition in dunya.

00:42:38--> 00:43:06

And that's unfortunately what most of us are focusing on that she bought this I'm gonna buy better. He have this call, I'm going to go and get better their children went to this college on my children has to go through better. That's not what Allah wants us to compete with. This is dunia. This is the one I just told you about. This is the honey, this man was eating and he forgot that there is two mouse's eating the rope and the snake is waiting for

00:43:08--> 00:43:49

no compete. When I see somebody fasting Monday and Thursday, and I only fast three days of the month. I was like why I'm not competing with her or him. Or somebody who doesn't fast at all. I'm just giving an example of fast. I was like, why I cannot if he or she can why I cannot. Well, it's hard when they are hard to Well, when I work well they work to an office compete. Again when you watch the Olympics. See how come how fierce competition is there? Ask yourself this question. How fiercely I'm competing for the gold medal in the alpha

00:43:50--> 00:43:56

how fierce fully I am competing for the gold medal for the AFA.

00:43:57--> 00:44:33

And look at these young people and if you read and learn how they live, how disciplined they are, how much they train and how much they give up of their comfort zone to get that medal medal engineer and when these people are I and you go to our grave final abode not final a temporary abode of the of the grave it's not going to come with me and even if it's coming with me it's not benefiting. Why don't I compete and work hard for my gold mother in Africa.

00:44:34--> 00:44:59

Last concept I want to cover him to do the free time. We have talked about free time many times there was a I did a series about time management I think before Ramadan we did it you can go back and listen to it this one on our YouTube channel, gender Institute YouTube channel. The time again, vacation, as we said is a free time and what does time mean for me as

00:45:00--> 00:45:17

Muslim Allah made it many oaths in the Quran. By the time Allah made many oaths in the Quran, by the time in different parts of the time, different times,

00:45:18--> 00:45:48

and I'm going to share some with you shortly if you are familiar, or we all are learning a lot made an oath was a wiltjer. The dawn, Allah made an oath when laying the night, Allah made an oath with one and a half the day, Allah made an oath with what baja the time when the sun comes in it like high up in the sky. And then Allah made an oath with the whole time when last

00:45:50--> 00:45:58

in Santa Luffy hos illa livina Amman, one of the slides, I tell us all the help happy with their losses, by the time

00:45:59--> 00:46:01

by the time

00:46:02--> 00:46:08

and in general, and we all know this concept. When we make an oath of something.

00:46:09--> 00:46:53

There's two things when I say to my child, one lie, when I say the word one lie, when I make an oath, is two things carries coming. I'm saying two things, not one, what I am making the oath with is very valuable. I say well lie, and a las pantallas, the only one who can make an oath in any of his creation, and he made the oath with velocity. That means time, something very valuable. And then what comes after is something also extremely important. When I say to my son or my child, by Allah, if you don't do this, that means what I want him to do is very important. And what he's saying by the time will last

00:46:55--> 00:47:00

in he sounded f equals human being, in general is a clause

00:47:02--> 00:47:21

and I am going for vacation, the surah doesn't change. When I have free time, the sorta doesn't change stays. By the time human being isn't a loss. Another thing I'm going to pack in my suitcase, I'm going to pack to blessings human being.

00:47:23--> 00:48:21

Many of the human being are at loss in it. And that is health and time. That's 100 I'm going to pack number two, I'm going to pack make advantage take advantage of the time before you get busy. I'm going to pack it. I'm going to pack one last insert and a few hosts. Park. That's a loss pantalla made an author by the time time is something I'm going to be asked about. In case you don't know that. Absolutely. And Allah Swati salatu salam said, and this Hadith, lat Zulu, otherworldly Adam engd, obioma, theologian Dobby, the foot or the feet of the child of the Adam will not move. Think of this, we just finished the series about the life after death. The foot of the human being, you

00:48:21--> 00:48:56

and me and everybody will not move away. How long shall not move from or before Allah subhanho wa Taala meaning I am standing in front of Allah pantalla your love, make it easy, my feet will not move away until I am asked about the following. That's what the heavy hitters had to use and had to use on humps until he will be asked about five things again, another five things and you're already he females now. His life. What did he do with

00:48:57--> 00:49:22

his life? Stein in life? What did he do with it? Why should Robbie he FEMA oblah and his youthful days? What did he use it for? family and his wealth, money enough to survive? Where did he earned it from? What he known for? What FEMA? amfa and how did he spend it? And my mother, I'm a FEMA, Adam, and what did he do with his knowledge?

00:49:24--> 00:49:59

The human being foot will not move. Allah make it easy for all of us. Y'all Allah make it easy for all of us. We will not move from that mode, the standing in front of Allah, my feet will not move. Unless I'm asked five things. What did I do with my life? What did I do with my time with life? Meaning of my time, what did I do with my youth? What did I do with my money, where it came from? And how did I spend it? And what did I do with knowledge I gained, I learned and that's not only the Islamic knowledge is

00:50:00--> 00:50:15

In general, the knowledge Allah gave me, what did I do? What did I do with it? I am going to be asked about the time when I am in vacation, as I am going to be asked about the time Ramadan, as I am going to be asked about the 10 days of the hedger that we just finished last week.

00:50:17--> 00:50:25

And I'm going to end up with a few beautiful words from wise and righteous people Subhan Allah

00:50:27--> 00:50:49

and save now Omar used to say, look, Satan Alma, there was a prophet after Roswell is not to sound to have been saved. Now. That's what the most widely sought for Sam said. He. He said about him. He said, I hate to see one of you. He's talking to the people that I hate. I don't like seeing you. Any one of you.

00:50:51--> 00:50:57

He was the worst Subhanallah is he is flown, floating,

00:50:58--> 00:51:03

floating. And he explained what does that mean? He said he is not in

00:51:04--> 00:51:12

doing something beneficial for this life. Or he neither he is doing something beneficial for his

00:51:14--> 00:51:40

uses. I hate. I don't like seeing you sabbatical or floating, doing nothing. Neither you're doing something good for your dunya doing something for dunya. Making the earth better making somebody happy helping someone making somebody's life easy, that's good. That's good, or is using something doing something for the artist. I hate to see this.

00:51:41--> 00:52:10

And so you have to love them. So he said I have never regretted anything. I have never regretted anything managing to another shoe. I've never regretted anything, Nether me much as my regret of the day, that the sunset when the sunset on a day. I am regretful on that day where my life became shorter. However, my deeds did not increase.

00:52:12--> 00:52:14

And that includes when I'm in vacation.

00:52:15--> 00:52:37

I don't want I am so I'll be sad. I'll be regretful when that day of in my vacation. It won't be in my book, that a sunset on that day, I'm in my vacation did nothing, neither good for this life nor good for the affair and my days in this life will be less.

00:52:38--> 00:53:09

And the last thing I am going to end with which is I think it's the same for saying that Hassan was very fiery call very well. He said, son of Adam, today is yours. work for it. Work in it. Please Allah. Please Allah in its son of Adam, you are both days. son of Adam, you are birthdays. Every day goes by. Some of you went by goes by.

00:53:11--> 00:54:07

Every day goes by part of your life goes by, whether I'm on vacation, whether I am working, whether I am in where I am, whether I am somewhere else, every day, the sunset and I'm talking to you and Mazel Tov is in about 20 minutes, the sun is about to set. That day is Tuesday, the 27th of July I will never come back. My life is one day less. And your life is one day less. It will never come back. And I will be so regretful on the day of judgment and you and I and all of us. If when we are in front of a law that day, did not increase my good deeds, rather decreased my good deeds or did not increase it. Make a lot of your time. Y'all will be I mean makers of those who listen to the

00:54:07--> 00:54:41

words of admonition and follow it may Allah subhanaw taala teach us these concepts not only teach us but remind us of these concepts in our daily life. May Allah subhanaw taala help us to apply what we learn today in everyday in our daily life. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make every breath in every moment that we go through is a moment in is a breath when it will make my scale and your scale heavier. you're beginning to panic a lot more we're handing a shadow

00:54:43--> 00:54:51

stuff you'll recall what to really sort of love and sad and hammered on our heels for me to steam and get the result from Ohio said mid commotion to ye