Stories of the Qur’an Why are there so many and why are they repeated?

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I actually thought of this topic. So how long was it to my mind when I was in monka asked me why suddenly I don't even recall I was reading the Quran or maybe I was reviewing. And suddenly the question came to my mind, how long how many times the same story is repeated and

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and it's like something came to mind was like this is something I'm sure a lot of people ask the same question. And why do we have stories to start with? And why do they are repeated and why some stories are much longer than the other and why the same story one part of the Koran is one word on one line. And in other parts of the client, it's the whole page or sometimes the whole surah is about so how do I have a blind man there's books written about this.

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I found only one book in English it's actually the best scholar who wrote about the humanities in cities. And a lot of people don't know that they know his stuff sealed but actually he has a huge book volumes about the stories of the Quran, then it was summarized and it translated the similar the summarized one. So for you, if you want to go into the detail, that's a good thing for the children, the best bedtime story, instead of reading Bambi and, and reading all these things, honestly, especially if you read it in a nice way. I mean, you read it as a story is not like a preaching. And then the children will learn a lot. But I want to start with a story. Also not from

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the Quran, actually, it's about the Quran and the story. Some of you may or may not. So the story starts like this, it's the scenario is actually in Makkah. This is of course, after a sweaty fortress around was became the prophet and he was sitting alone in around the cabin. And the normal believers were sitting, watching him. And then they in between they were talking and one of them said, Go and talk to him. Maybe he will change his mind.

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And one of them was his uncle. And he said, with the roof sitting there, like imagine you're sitting there and says, You know what, this is a good time, they'll go and talk to him. So they send it. And we have animalia, who is one of the leaders of voice. And he is extremely rich, is not rich, extremely rich. They say what he has that time can fill the space between lacquer and ball of mud concours is one hour drive a little bit more

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thoughtful. Some walked through. Remember when he went to buy, so his wealth was that much. And he had nine children? Nine funds. One of them the most famous one is hard memories. Yeah, this is his father. So he came Saraswati sorcerer, and I'm just taking the story short, because I want you to feel how much stories make an idea or a surah or a part of the Quran much easier, and to reflect and to learn. So he came to him and he said, and I'm just rephrasing what it will take to make you stop doing this.

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You want money will give you what you want. You want to be the leader, we will make you the leader. You want something, you name it, and we will do it.

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I saw the thought was Sam did not answer.

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And then he kept talking and he said Are you done? This is one of the things you learn when somebody is talking to you listen, he said Are you done? He said yes, I am. So sorry for to cinna recited to him.

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He didn't answer. He just recited Paul Anka.

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there is a there's a I don't recall exactly which one he read.

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was not a legend.

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Yeah, now it's not coming to meet your life would come anyway. So what is it? Now remember that time? Like No, these days, you say Shakespearean English, right? They all lived in Shakespearean Arabic. And I'm just rephrasing the level of the Arabic If you read the poetry, not the Quran, to read the poetry, you read the book six points. So he was reciting for anthem, and you could see, the story says, that's the face of a lowly woman. mobila changed.

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And his heart became softer.

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And then he said, okay, and went back to his people. He was lucky for a solid photo. So I'm sitting here and they were there. When they when he came back, they looked at each other and says he changed.

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His heart became softer. Right? And then they said, What did he tell you?

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And then he described the choir and this is what I want to do. Because when I tell you the story, when you read the call is different because of the story of what it does. And you put it in a beautiful lobby and I gonna do my best to translate. He said, his words is neither poetry that we know more if the written things we normally write. And then he started describing he said, the way he speaks, meaning the words not the way the words he speaks, has so much beauty usually in the only ie the Hello. So sweet. We're in la de la palabra. Of course, he has to speak in a very eloquent Arabic, so you can all know it. twines Allah is actually the upper layer of something we use a lot

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when you think the outer sites called follow. Follow me on top of OTC it has more sweetness and grace. It's very attractive what he's saying. And it brings the fruit although I don't see a fruit and it's like a flood when it comes out of his mouth as if there is a flooding coming out. This is how I felt.

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And then they said What does that mean?

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Because now they are very worried that he is going to be a Muslim. And if he became a Muslim, he's one of the leaders. So Abu Jamal immediately he said you say this to your family, you say this to your people

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and see what will happen to you. So he retracted and said okay, okay, okay. Let me think. They asked me what I am going to say. So he changed his mind he didn't become lost when he died. And this is one of the miracles of the Quran because I'm going to refer to the IRS about the system. And then he said, You know what?

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I think this is imagine the magic

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is a magician, but he's a good one. And a lot revealed

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the need to

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adapt to the human world I mean,

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leave me a lasting this Saraswati thought he didn't believe. So immediately I was almost pantalla Saraswati slaughter center. Leave him and Allah saying Leave him to me. Among haluk to Haider I created him alone.

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Well, I'm dead to the Humala very woman HELOC to wahida. Which is to the Humala ma'am Duda and I gave him an endless amount of wealth, while Bernina shoe holder and man voice children's voice and that time he had nine one of them is hard to read. Well, the Nina's rude to my Optima I wanna read then he wants more color.

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I am going to punish him in a way so one of the punishments like as you go up and up and up and you get tired and you're going to keep going up and up and up. So

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now comes this is exactly describing the story in Norfolk curl.

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He thought about

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it for under meaning whoa on him.

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How did he think? Meaning Why didn't you think the lightweight for kotula case I've done a lot repeated again to makuti the case of a dog

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to my algebra. Then he turned away and says in how the lessor for news this is not the words of the human This is not this is not this is words of a human being is actually a magician and this is one of the proves that the Quran is the words of Allah because scholars argue

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avaliable mobila died and he was not a believer.

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If this was said by someone else, it could have easily changed and but when this was revealed he could have changed later on. This was not revealed after he died. Did you get my point? So I say let's assume you I I write and I say you're gonna be living all your life and sinkers. Why can you change your mind in a year and you move or something happens? But he didn't. He did not became a Muslim till he died although this was revealed way earlier. Sort of both are disturbing most

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stories in general in the Quran, and this is why I captured your attention once I say story. That's exactly what a lot wants us to do.

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Having stories in the Koran it's one of the ways to bring our attention and there's three kinds of stories in the Quran.

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Three kinds

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Stories of the prophets. That's why when you read books, you can read stories of the Quran or stories of the prophets. So one inside the stories of the prophets what is the most common the Communist or the longest? The most frequent prophets story in the Quran is no more Sally Sam. It's very interesting, right? Not of us who are a thoughtless, not saying that Isa, right.

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And then say you need Brahim. So you know and the others so the first group of stories is the process which we all know what is the other stories in the Quran that's not related to the prophets

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not related to promises I'm going to give you just general today and then saw what as if Allah give us life we'll go more into that some of the students

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for example the colonies think of 40 cows that's the easiest point because you have there at least three stories not related to profits although some says it's four because we say the moose is also

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in the most probably correct way he's not a prophet also. So the colony

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people of the cave look on and say nilkamal and he was also not a prophet.

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People of the garden martial law right also in South Africa

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so many there's like 20 Plus we only the right

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these are the profits. That's the profits. Remember I told you when you look at the stories, there's a profit so you name them. St. Lucia save they brought him and he saw some more glue rules. All these

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Bula have is not a story I Bula had his his his name in the Koran team. Not as a story came as a warning to him. Stories

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Subbu Subbu Subbu Did you always remember this white suburb? What about the Hood Hood? The bird was a missile a man say nurseryman Andy the other animal

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why these are all stories now most of the stories is a true stories meaning it's it's happened or sometimes it's stories without details without names. For example one you all know because you know for what you're seeing very well. Why right why I'm an awesome idea to Roger lunia sir, from the end of the village A man came in walking cookie you're only selling

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believe them. So what you're seeing it's a story but one of the interesting about the stories of the Quran, especially when it is related to the profits there is no name

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for what you're seeing there is no name. It's a man right? So the puzzles the same story but the other way around jell o Raja lumen XL Medina Amman came from the following said Moosa leave they're gonna kill you Who is this man?

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Third saw the offer maybe some of you know this right a called movement when you leave around the man who believed from the people of your house, no name two pages about him in the Quran. No Name. So Paolo, go to for the offer. So that's that's a second part of the stories of the Quran. There is more sauce in what Allah has on Lot's wife, the the man who had the donkey, no name, right. The man who argued with Sidney Brahim about a loss pantalla wife

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by lute, Angelou

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also an Al Baqarah What about the sons of Adam?

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So you go and you go through the Quran Actually, I tried to figure out exactly how much of the Quran is real stories, it comes to almost about half of it.

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If you combine all the third kind of the stories, his stories about us what he saw to us,

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especially the expeditions. So if you resort earlier in Milan, the name of is not mentioned. But about five to 10 pages of it Mr. is about that battle. And not the battle itself. That's very important. The story is not the battle is what's happened. And what's happened to meaning how they disobeyed the last pantile what happened to them, in order to answer is better.

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Sometimes the expedition mentioned by name who name taboo

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So the stories are three kinds. When we don't limited to the stories of the prophets only, actually the other stories are even more interesting one surah of the Quran, all over it about the story.

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Use Elisa. And once we're in the Quran, two thirds of it about the story

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of the Vasa de Lucia, the only time when Allah pantalla talked about Satan and Moosa, when he was a baby, when he told his mother, what breastfeed him, throw him in the ring river, don't worry, we'll bring him back to you. This is baby breastfeeding. So he became a man, Prophet. And then he made the mistake and killed the man. And then he left, then he got married, then he became a prophet then went to St. Louis to fill out all the stories.

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So sometimes you see one name, sometimes a whole pages, things for us as Muslims to know about the stories of the Quran. And this is very important for all of us, especially when you talk to children. Number one,

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and this is all what Allah said about stories in the Quran. Number one, the best story is the stories of the Quran

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is not because we are Muslims, and we are bragging about it, but because the creator of you and me, and the words is what he said in his book. That's what he said, What did he say, is also

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not possible.

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So now

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we are going to resign, we're going to tell you, we don't know the story. But imagine you're reading the Quran for the first time. And you're reading so choose a second if we are so we are talking, we're going to tell you the best story and some scholars teaches you and me that when you say Hey, hey, I'm going to tell you the best story ever you heard. No, we all say this. They say this is lack of a ticket with a loss pantalla

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because the best story is the stories of the Quran, and especially the story of Satan I use number one best stories ever. Number two, the most truthful story there is no doubt about them. And the details of the stories is all true. is all true. Number three why there is a stories in the

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martial lots about martial art, lots of other cover. Why there are the stories in

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the skin one by one. So we all have to think when thing called you and me if and I started with a story to bring to blues this summer.

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The best way to explain it is by either parable, example or a story. For example, you want to tell your child, son or daughter, right? Or a younger brother, you're the older you graduate from college and he or she is going to college. You want to tell them don't make mistakes.

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Right? What do you say if you can tell them don't make mistakes that nobody will listen? Right? So what do you normally do? You bring the story, right, we're gonna say you know what that means. Let me tell you my first the story of my first day in college. Let me tell you after a year, when I decided to share the room with someone, if you want to try to tell him not share, or you want to tell him share my point. Stories always bring the point easier.

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And why there is a stories in the Koran not only to bring it easier, but to explain it to us and to make us more fun, more fun, and a lot of this sort of swallow a thought to a sinner if you go to Fort Hood. So rude is all about the stories of the prophets from the beginning till the end, except almost the last page

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as the end of surah tude Allah say this Torah Swati sought to a sinner. Like you say why why all these histories he says we're Quinlan, a Florida acre, minimum value roeselii man was happy to be here for an hour translate. We're quillin every one. Now also reciting the story on a cartoon. That's what he thought was mulumba emotion from the previous prophets, stories. You and me says like why are you selling us? Right on you? Like what I'm gonna learn from the story of ad comes to us, honestly, comes to us like okay, yeah, and then metal. He's telling you said b2b for others to stay firm.

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I'll give you one example. Right? And this is for us woman. The story which woman in the Quran that's her story. So close to everyone.

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Maria said that she heard her stories not mentioned in the Quran.

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Yes, who said that Pharaoh's wife murasaki around, her name is not mentioned. And it's only one higher, and the sort of the high one is

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well below her method. And this is actually a parable. And it's a true story together in one area, Allah give the parable to the believers. You want me? The wife of Farah, no name. It's kind of you know her name Asya from the Sierra, from there, whatever saw a thought or some thought. But in the Quran, there is no name. What does that tell me, doesn't matter what my name is, and who I am, is what I am doing. Because even the wife of Satan and and the wife will save a lot. And she the wife of a few rounds, no name, the only one. Her name mentioned afterward is Marian, then the fourth Italian for a woman. And this beautiful discussion last week with one of the ladies I was like,

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woman in the Koran we really just don't know it very well, one page on the Quran for a woman or mentioned one after the other. So the wife of Iran, and a lot of the two lines, what makes every Muslim woman that she thinks her husband is not

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religious, you know, is not making her practice. You know how we blame others. And sometimes it's an obstacle. And sometimes maybe it is not really the whole obstacle. The story of this woman in this three lines teach me the following. And a lot I will recite to the eye a lot of Allahumma, Medina, Iran, Allah gave the example of the wife of Iran. The words filled with Pharaoh, what does make you feel? What is Pharaoh? tiring, right? unjust mightiness killing ruthlessness you name it all comes to why elegance Absolutely. So though, Allah said This is the story of his wife. Right? So two lines, and the whole story is clear. Scarlet, she said, are a big Navy in the Kurdistan Region.

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You're alone Allah build it for me. house next to you in paradise. Even it's collagen it's a very nice linguistic

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beauty that she chose the neighbor before the neighborhood

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Did you get the point she chose the neighbor before the neighborhood because she said do Allah build the house for me with you?

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Not engine with you.

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So number one, she made a dwell but then what's the story of what I'm going to learn Okay, I'm going to go and make this draw. The next line is what it is for you and me as a storyteller, when a genie means you're the owner what Emily saves me from fear and not for the home and what he's doing.

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And not sure on only one engineer now call me a volley me. Get me out of this piece of

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wood three lines story or when you read this, like, okay, who's your who's the wife of Iran?

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Obviously, she was married to fill out and turn around for the Quran, you will love Thailand, what did she knew she was patient to change said steadfast. And Allah gave her house engine. Every woman This is a simple story applies to every woman that she thinks this or all of these. And I'm not talking necessarily a matter of a woman, the surroundings is way,

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obstacle for her. And she says I cannot get better. I cannot do this. I cannot get closer to Allah, because of my family, my job, my work, my husband, whatever, they all are pulling me away. And I always say to just go and do this.

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And then once you read the iron, you're gonna have more interest in who is figure out what did he do to her? Then you're gonna say, well,

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well, so the stories of the class, especially for us, sometimes one, one line or two line, the most beloved news stories for me in the Quran is actually sadness when a man with the end

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with the end.

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And this is a story that also applies to all of us how many bounties we have,

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how many volunteers we have? Well, one line that we're loving if we start counting, we're not ever going to be able to even in our limited ability Still, we

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Forget things right? So say you message a man which you all know on his site with his all interest official release a man and you know all the soldiers will see a man walking and he sees this

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no one is seeing her no one is hearing her write quality

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she's the leader

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when we get together when you read the commentary on this it's a whole they say army how to plan to save your your nation read what is the number lesson number one, don't panic. Don't panic as a leader, your number. Oh as a total mistake enough to give them the order right away, get inside.

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And then you have to explain why they have no concern a man will do. So a man will crush you.

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And the word itself is in a jazz its

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scientific, medical and Docker. Right? So Sulaiman heard it. Now this look at the story. beautiful story you need. If you're to know like, every time you see an ad, don't panic, remember sadness?

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So what would you say to someone he heard her? He was the only one because that's what Allah gave him. He understood Allah gave him the ability to understand what animals so he understood. And he smiled. There was still a boy hexanucleotide smile and his two like teeth, teeth were able to be seen. So what did he say? smart and all

00:26:38--> 00:26:41

we need to learn from him. Or what does

00:26:42--> 00:27:36

he immediately immediately immediately said Oh, Bo zanni an ash cornea emetic, coleccion. I'm telling y'all a law immediately. Make me grateful to the nearmap to the bounties that you gave me which bounty? He didn't mention. Obviously in this case is the bounty that Allah chose him alone. From all his creation to understand what the answer so each one of us in this room, each one of us doesn't have a bounty that Allah chose you. We have common bounties and there's a bounty and sometimes you only know within Allah knows it, it's immediately What did he say? He may turn to Allah? Oh, Allah Please help me. Meaning I can do it alone because we are usually not grateful for

00:27:36--> 00:27:46

the Roman I valia Shaco very few of my servants are grateful make me grateful to y'all. That the bounty you gave me not only me

00:27:48--> 00:28:06

and my parents was in high school no matter collision, Ontario, Walla Walla Walla, ama for the hunter robot helped me to show give me you help me to do a good deed that pleases you. And look at the last one, this last one is the goal of the story. Well,

00:28:07--> 00:28:22

we are a hermetically sealed a vertical soldering Satanists with a man, the prophet, and you helped me to enter by your mercy with your righteous people, with the righteous people. So what is he?

00:28:23--> 00:28:46

What is he necessary, as a prophet is a prophet. But because the humbleness so this is story simple, it's an ad, and there's so many things, but for us, every time you read the story, in the Quran, what you need to do is, what does it do to me? What is going to teach us? So when I say this to the man, or when I read the wife of,

00:28:47--> 00:29:04

of Iran, and there's many, many, many more, especially, I'm not talking about the social MBA, we'll come to a place of shout loudly to one another. Hello. But I'm talking about the non profit stories as hub region for the

00:29:06--> 00:29:14

29th of a part of the Quran. So the people who have the garden by the group, what did they say? What did they say?

00:29:15--> 00:29:25

They say, we're going to go, we have a beautiful garden, we're not going to give it to anybody. And we're going to take all the fruits and we're not giving it to anybody, you work very hard for it.

00:29:26--> 00:29:28

Immediately Allah

00:29:29--> 00:29:36

vanished it was gone. Gone overnight. They came in the morning there was nothing and

00:29:37--> 00:29:59

then they start saying all we are not grateful. What does this teaches me? Again, this was the stories of the Quran. The idea is not to read a story. The idea is what is the story telling you Me? Me, you, US 2019 living in this day and age that's a lost part either or

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What we have homes, children, wealth, beauty, education status can take in

00:30:10--> 00:30:33

a minute, in a minute. I mean, so Pamela, how many times a lot of content especially this year that you guys showed us with the weather? how things can change in a minute. Your ally always remember the size of olive lelo and the half the times they a night, but one will see it yesterday morning. If you are up in the morning.

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What is this thing? So every story in the Quran is actually truth. The best ever, and the goal is always lofty. Sometimes you see people carrying a book and you say why you're reading? It's an ISIS story.

00:30:52--> 00:31:19

And you say, so what is it all about? I don't know. It's a silly thing, but it's just significant. Right? And sometimes, no, it's a beautiful story. It has really good goal. I learned a lot and sometimes the story is all suspense. And I was like, I know what is going to happen. Who's gonna die who's gonna live, right? Who's gonna marry Who? So different stories of the Quran, one of their characters, they always have lofty goals.

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Every time you read a story is two things you will say to yourself. I want to be like this. Or I don't want to be like this.

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I want to be like Satanists. Really, man. I want to be like the wife of fettle. I want to be like Satan, Ibrahim. I don't want to be like that. And then Allah Subhana Allah puts me when I was about to drown, then I now I believe. So every time you read the story is lofty. The goal? And it's truthful, and it's the best ever. One of the stories also in the Quran that is not related to the prophets. Can you think of any anyone else that you know?

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not related to father? Yeah, it's not about the profits, not the stories of the profit. Today, we're going to cover the non profit.

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What about the board? And also save nacirema? Right, same thing in select. So this is also what's in them, right? What is the bird? Every time you see a bird, I heard the word. Every time you see a bird. Look at this. Remember this, right? sameness, Lima had an entourage of people, animals of every kind,

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and then he missed the bird

00:32:42--> 00:32:56

as well as the word. He said to everybody. What is the word? He disappeared? I am going to torture him. I am going to kill him. What he better come up with a good reason why he's not here. That's exactly autism.

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Or Amalia Allah, Allah who Dude, I'm kinda middle or I've been, that was a behind the band. mahadasha didn't, I will? Well, it was a behind now. Oh, he

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never any of him. Either. I'm going to torture him or kill him, or you better kill without good with a good reason. While you're awake

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as a marketer hierbei I want you to imagine this. Every time I see words, I especially if it is, like similar to that one. I think of this story. He stood up with a distance from Selena. He didn't shy away. And he said I brought you look at the confidence. I brought you with a story with a news actually. Right?

00:33:42--> 00:33:46

It took me several years. I came to you with a

00:33:48--> 00:33:51

story with a new true

00:33:52--> 00:34:03

name. I didn't say What? Who are you? Listen. And then he said I found a queen. She has an amazing throne. amazing place, but they don't believe in Allah.

00:34:05--> 00:34:06

Look at this. What do I learn from this?

00:34:08--> 00:34:20

Again, stories of the Quran. Just true. It's beautiful, lofty goal. What do I learn from this? How many times children come to you and says, Listen,

00:34:21--> 00:34:23

you know what's happened today in school?

00:34:24--> 00:34:33

This is a board isn't even a baby. It's a bird. What do I learn from this? Number one? Listen, number one, listen.

00:34:34--> 00:34:35

Number two,

00:34:36--> 00:34:37

don't belittle

00:34:38--> 00:34:49

Don't belittle. He told him something. sameness. When a man didn't know. I found a woman a queen, and they are processing to Allah huge. What did he say?

00:34:52--> 00:34:54

Are you saying the truth or you're lying?

00:34:56--> 00:34:59

Take it. This is a letter from me. Give it to their board of

00:35:00--> 00:35:04

Live This is the medical sleeveless with a man who speaks to the animals. Take this book,

00:35:05--> 00:35:09

book alone is the book mean letter, give it to them

00:35:10--> 00:35:15

and allowed me to take us to the next scene. This is story. Next thing and she opens

00:35:16--> 00:35:25

all people I got a letter from Simmons Bismillah R Rahman Rahim, that's the only surah in the Quran with the smell of manga. So it's an image.

00:35:26--> 00:35:46

And he's saying, Let's be Muslims, what do you say? She's the queen says you're the queen, do whatever you want, as well. When people come, and we let them in our place, they will actually torture us. And they usually will spread mischief. I have an idea.

00:35:47--> 00:35:49

Woman, I'm going to send them gifts,

00:35:50--> 00:35:52

meaning Lord of them.

00:35:53--> 00:35:55

And I'm sure they will change their mind

00:35:56--> 00:36:05

with the sameness of a mind if you send me money. This is exactly how Allah says, to me doing anything imagine trying to

00:36:06--> 00:36:08

send me a gift to change my mind.

00:36:09--> 00:36:12

Go back. This is also the board.

00:36:14--> 00:36:15

This is also a bird's

00:36:16--> 00:36:39

eye kind of law. When you read when you read when you look at a bird. Don't just say it's a bird. Oh, it's beautiful. It's a view of what stories immunity comes to your mind. What a bird. What a bird chained whatever a bird brought, hire, what goodness made the whole nation became less than one bird.

00:36:40--> 00:36:48

Because he went back and he told them Suleiman says you will become a Muslim or he will destroy you. She came

00:36:49--> 00:36:50


00:36:52--> 00:36:52

we don't know.

00:36:53--> 00:37:02

We don't know if we really go back to them. And tell them we don't coming. We're coming with an r&b and we're gonna crush you

00:37:04--> 00:37:10

what's at the end of the story she became a Muslim in some of the things that you've been meditating on Selena aboard and

00:37:11--> 00:37:40

what does that teaches me? Nothing is impossible. It's a lot from the stories, especially for example, this one Allah made me remember, nothing is impossible. You rely on a line everything happens. And when you rely on a lot with certainty, it's going to happen. Don't belittle any mean. A bird can do what human beings cannot do. birds don't compromise easily.

00:37:42--> 00:37:46

Money should not change us jobs should not change me. Wells should not change me.

00:38:55--> 00:38:55


00:39:13--> 00:39:13

alright guys.

00:39:59--> 00:39:59

So I'm going to end

00:40:00--> 00:40:51

up with giving you 10 reasons why the stories in the Quran has been repeated to the same story is repeated and this applies especially to the stories of the prophets that was repeated sometimes as I said in details, sometimes short number one, when you repeat the thing, that means you are making your point and you are pressing upon it. That means it's something very important that I'm gonna repeat and repeat and repeat number one. Number two, not a single story of the Quran of Cesar Moosa. For example, we'll say evening Brahim, meaning the same story never have been repeated the same way at all, even if it is the same scenario, and I'll give you one example. I don't have the number of

00:40:51--> 00:40:55

the idea but just go and do it for you. Go to swore to our off

00:40:57--> 00:41:03

and hello to show off and I are off on a shoreline almost the same page on the left side of the Quran.

00:41:04--> 00:41:08

And it is the scene where Sedna Moosa is with Pharaoh

00:41:09--> 00:41:52

and telling him believe in Allah, you know the story that you all know believe in Allah and then they and then he brought the his the signs and throw the stick and all this is exactly the same scenario. Very few words are different. Those of you who are memorized the Quran memorizing one of them, one that you mix with, some are special inshallah one or two words is extra in the sentence. And the meaning is different, in one way, or the meaning is more clear. And another way in one word, and this is one of the scientific medical, not scientific Merkel actually linguistic vertical.

00:41:53--> 00:42:32

So when you repeat the story, is you're making the point again, and again and again. And explaining it one of the scholars said, It's exactly like when you take a picture of someone sitting, and you say, I'm taking this picture, then just a second, turn that over to the left, the saucer thing, and I'll take it this way, and I'm gonna take it this way, and you're just making it different, but you're the same person. But it's, it's just like, Oh, this looks this way, that way. So that's the second one. The third one is, the story comes in it sometimes the same part of the story. Most of the time, it's not the same part of the story. So you know why him one time is with his father, one

00:42:32--> 00:42:42

time is with his people. One time is with a loss pantalla one time he's alone and so part of the stories the same as I said the same

00:42:43--> 00:42:43


00:42:45--> 00:42:46

must continue to exchange