Ramadan The Month of Love – Day 11

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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of learning from the boss and finding one's own success in life, including finding one's own happiness and success in work. They stress the importance of dressing properly to show one's wealth and knowledge, being mindful of one's health, and showing one's health and wealth in publicity. The speakers also touch on the concept of "ballpark health" and how it is important to show one's wealth and knowledge.
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monokuma rahmatullah wa barakato al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Cara continuing in our journey learning what does a lot love that will grant me the love for las panatela and when Allah subhanaw taala love me and I think we are reminding ourselves every day that when Allah loves me not when I love Allah the norm is we love our last Potala. Let's put it this way, how can we not love a loss pound tied in, in reality in this life, if someone keep doing good for us, even when we don't respond in good or one even we don't ask for it. And he or she still gives us we have to fall in love with them. And we are grateful to them and we like them. So how how about Allah subhanho wa

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Taala who is giving us everything we have. every blessing we have is from Allah subhanaw taala as he said, in the Quran, Allah becoming Emma Ting, Femina, law, worldly, whatever blessing, each blessing you you have, his worldly is from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So my goal and your goal, as the Ramadan is going is actually to learn to do X that Allah subhanho wa Taala will love me. So I will be the special lab, a special servant, that Allah loves her or him among this billions and billions of Muslims and to gain and to qualify for this love. I need to do things, become a person who has criteria and act and conduct herself or himself in the way that Allah loves. And that's what we are

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learning. So yesterday what we learned is that Allah subhanaw taala is beautiful. Allah who Jimmy your boy, Jamal, he loves you beauty. And then when that when does hobby the companion asked of us what he thought was set up. Well, each one of us loves to dress nicely. And is that a kind of arrogance and the rusada sought wassalam responded and he said no, this is not to arrogance. arrogance is actually when you reject the truth. And when you look down at people, so on the contrary he was saying him know Allah is beautiful loves beauty. So today action is related to that. And this is another Hadith saying go for Swati Sato sinner narrated by Amanda tirmidhi. In what he

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said that Allah Suarez salatu wa sallam said in the La Jolla hibou wehrli. Indeed, Allah loves and you're all near ethylone here Mati he, Allah Abdi Allah subhanaw taala loves to see the signs of his capital H. Allah is a blessing on his servant. Basically, Allah loves to see the signs. The effect, or to show then is near Emma on us.

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Interesting. So the first thing I and you need to look at what is blessings, what is blessings, blessings cannot be counted. But I'm going to cover probably three that most of us probably say it when we are asked about the number one is the money, the wealth, so wealth, having wealth, enough for me to live comfortable, even more than my need. That's a blessing from Allah spawn time. And norbornene are a blessing. His knowledge is knowledge, knowledge, in Islamic knowledge in religious knowledge and knowledge in life, to be educated, and we all love to be and we will work on ourselves to be more educated to graduate to have degrees, and we want our children to do the same. And the

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third thing is actually health. Health is absolutely a blessing. If anytime we are valuing more, the value of health is actually now throughout this pandemic. So what does it mean that Allah subhanaw taala wants to show what I love to see the size of these blessings upon me. So let's take knowledge first and let's take Islamic knowledge, education. How does Allah subhanho wa Taala wants to see the size of his knowledge upon me, he gave me knowledge he gave you knowledge, number one, number one is you

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use this knowledge to obey your last pantalla and to worship him properly, emotionally valid. So when I didn't know some things, for example, about fasting, and now I am learning it, my fasting should improve, and Allah will see, that's my fasting has improved, so the knowledge he gave me was beneficial.

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Number two, the knowledge that I learned that Allah gave me will translate into actions, actions in the act of worship itself. So my Salah will become better, my fasting will become better my zeca. And in my dealing with people who are snoring more ama, I will deal and interact with people with excellence, then my knowledge is beneficial, then Allah sees. And actually this is interesting when you study Islamic Studies, especially if you study the traditional way. Meaning you study with a teacher one to one, they usually don't give you exams, and there is no grades. And you always ask, How do I know I learned? And their answer is when you change, when people see you changing, changing

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to the better, closer to Allah more obedient. So Allah loves to see, when he gives me the bounty, the blessing of knowledge that I changed, I'm closer to him, I am more grateful to him, I am more in awe of him. And actually, if you go back to the our series, the beginning, I am going to be more or less than excellence, I am going to be more methodical Allah conscious, all these and the knowledge in dunya in education, Allah wants to see that effect on me by teaching people and that's also in Islamic knowledge. Teaching people not becoming arrogant, and I conduct myself What is suitable to the education. Allah gave me.

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Knowledge, money, wealth, and everyone wants to have wealth Alhamdulillah and it's a blessing. And man walborn would Xena to hire the junior, a lot of this is water calf wealth, and children is the beauty of this life. So Alhamdulillah but how does Allah wants to see this on me. And this actually will be explained Well, when I will share with you this hadith or roswaal risotto center. So a man wearing very old,

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untidy clothes, very old, robbed. And he looked at him and says, Do you have money?

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I do comma. And he said yes. And he said, FEMA, what kind and he said, I have animals and he counted the animals, I've sheeps, I have a

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I have camels, I have I have I have the Nora Swati sought to a Salaam responded in a similar way, that Allah once I love to see the size of his blessings on you. Meaning when I and you have wealth, we need to dress properly, what is

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equal, or parable, or what's suitable to the level of the wealth I have with the surroundings. However, what Allah also loves is when I am in with people who have much less income than I do, he loved to see me dressing properly, what is equal to that situation? So Panama. So number one, externally same thing that where I live, same thing as the car and that time they said a dub, meaning a lot loves to see that I am using his blessings in a way to treat myself properly to show his blessing. Well, that's when make a lot of us very happy. So what is the problem that there's two problems here, and we have to be very careful, especially when it comes to the wealth and material

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things. There's still requirements here. So I will not be moved from the category of Allah love. Number one, with no arrogance. I am not going to be arrogant. And I'm not going to be seeing myself better than people by the way I dress or the car I drive, or the house I live in, or the jewelry, or any of the things that's obviously materialistic. I am not going to feel myself better than others, or get into the competition. They have I have to have better that Allah doesn't love than I am moved from that category. And number two, without hoisting without wastefulness that I am not going to spend too much that is under the category of wastefulness.

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So if the width Allah gave me I look at it number one as a blessing. And I look at it that it's from Allah is not because I work very hard or I am very smart, then I use it in a way, show it on me and my living standards in the way pleasing to Allah without wastefulness, and without making me feel arrogant and better than people, so we have wealth, we have knowledge. And then we have the health, the health, especially these days, number one, it's from Allah, and he wants to see the sign of the health on me. And how is that I'm healthy, I can fast, I am healthy, I can pray more. I am healthy, I can stand up in my salon longer, like, especially these days in taraweeh, the people who are not

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very healthy, maybe it's very difficult for them to pray that long or longer, versus I and you or anyone else who is healthy, may Allah or make us healthy, then I need to show a lot that I am healthy, I can stand up for your love for an hour or two or 30 minutes. So he loves to see this without abusing the health, meaning take care of my health. Don't abuse it. And 100 lateral blank. It's a very beautiful concept that we all need to learn that gaining qualifying to the lot qualifying that to be qualified for the love of a loss partner what I what I really need is I need to show him tapana not people show him that I appreciate what you are giving me I feel this is a

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blessing is not of course I get it. It's an it's from you, you're Allah and I will use it in the way that pleases you. And it will show on me without sinning. Meaning not looking down at people or wastefulness. What a beautiful religion we have. So we live comfortable, and we live and we dress beautiful drive beautiful cars, and then still Allah loves us. What a generous Lord Allah God we have al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen May Allah subhanho wa Taala teach us what is beneficial to us and benefit us from what we are learning salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.