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The speaker discusses a woman who was hesitant to pursue Islam due to her family's negative comments and fear of acceptance in her religion. She also talks about a man named Eddie who wants to practice Islam but felt hesitant due to his faith. The speaker shares his experiences with shak sadly and experiences with shak sadly, as well as his love for religion. He also talks about his desire to pray directly to Jesus and receive a statement of faith, as well as his experiences studying religion and the importance of following instructions. He mentions a downpayment and a new property purchase with no interest, and expresses interest in building a church.

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It was like a dream. And I was kind of hesitating to do it because of how my family and a buddy was gonna look.

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I feel great. You know, you know how they used to say Jesus first and Jesus take the words and, you know, direct confession box, no going to a priest to forgive your sins just to

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actually been very studying for four years, or four years, four years somebody paid you for Hearst, you four years investigator, I didn't even know what to expect, you know, I was in my car for like 20 minutes.

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I was shocked to come in here. And you know, I want to guide you just following

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we have

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Medina, here on Ponciano. Brother here.

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We got in contact about couple of months ago. And he's been commented

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periodically a few times, about Islam. He's been interested in SNAM quite a while now. And mattify for about a month and a half, two months ago, we will hear throughout the afternoon, until the evening, until some said

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he was probably

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very convinced to take the shahada, but for some reason, a lot of best, he was not certain that we said take your time, you know, do some more research, until you see that you are fully

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convinced and convicted about Islam. And then when a couple of months went by, and we we chatted or over phones, and finally

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yesterday, he calls me and it was you know, he's very,

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I was very happy

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for him, because, as we all know,

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this moves us greatly whenever we know someone to come to follow Islam, because this is something that is no greater gift than Allah SWANA that the word some somebody would Islam.

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today, inshallah we decided

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to meet after Duma tonight

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here at the masjid in Devon put

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in front of the brothers here and I have here

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quite a few brothers in our presence. And inshallah we will start with a declaration of faith in solid, which states that is, there is no God worthy of worship, except

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the one true God, which is Allah. And I bear witness that

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Prophet Muhammad

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is the

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Messenger of God.

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And I bear witness also that Jesus, the son of Marian, Jesus Christ, is also the messenger of God. And this declaration is that you enter the photos.

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Now we're going to start with

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a shadow, a shadow, a shadow, shadow, and there ilaha illallah, in

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a shadow, shadow, and now, Muhammad Muhammad Rasulullah

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and they witness bear witness, there is no there is no true god to God except Allah, Allah and they witness or witness that is that Muhammad, Muhammad peace be upon him.

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Is the Messenger of Allah, the Messenger of Allah, a messenger of Allah, Allah, what a shadow a shadow.

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And, and Isa, Isa evening Marian in

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Rasul Allah, rasool Allah, and that they witness a bear witness Jesus Christ Jesus, the son of Mary, Mary's, the Messenger of God, our messenger of God.

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Hola, gratulations Thank you, man. You feel so great. Um, Eddie, your ad is Sir Eddie ad? Pretty close. Yeah. So tell me how was it? What was it that just in a few words, what was it that led you to really contemplating or thinking about the purpose of life that led you actually from all the different religions? You chose Islam? Man, to be honest, I was a born Catholic. I was, I was born into a Catholic family. So

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just growing up, I wasn't really understanding what I was paying to, you know, there was telling me there was three gods, you know, I wasn't really sure what I was doing. So, you know, growing up, I was just doing my research, just myself. I had a couple friends who used to take the religion super serious. But, you know, I was a Catholic, so I didn't really see like that. So, after I got into it, after I got into it and stuff, you know, I just, I just thought that it was a reason for me to be here. You know, cuz it was just, it was just out of nowhere, that I was just like, you know, what, I want to I want to practice the Islamic religion. I don't know where I just came here. And like I

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said, like, I was like, it was like a dream. Literally, like a dream. I just came to my head just came to my head of becoming a muslim.

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You know,

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I'm here. And I was kind of hesitating to do it because of how my family and a buddy was gonna look at me. My family don't even know I'm here. You know, and

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I feel great and and I'll feel like they will feel happy for me to do that. So your background is from the Dominican Republic Yes, sir. There's a lot of Spanish people from all parts of Latin community Spanish community that we're seeing as the influx of Hispanics coming to Islam for the exactly the same reason you know, they are having a hard time identify with the Trinity Jesus being God part of a tree but when it comes to Islam to pure monotheism, you really connect with their heart oneness the pure oneness of the loves it was that something that really captivated you Yes. And I want to be able to you know

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you know prayed prayed some pray to my god you know prayed so my God only not just you know, you know how they used to say Jesus first and Jesus take the words and and this you know, this Yeah, I want to I want to be directly towards him, you know, pray to him so he can hear me how I really feel no confession box no going to a priest to forgive your sins just to the One God Almighty Elsa directly. This is what I'm concerned knows. We we always his kids, we always, uh, you know, daughters and sons. So why why wouldn't we be able to pray to Him, you know, directly sound like to have you not be metaphoric. Yes. But we know now you learn coming to Islam. That's the beautiful

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thing when you, for instance, you learned that God doesn't have children, daughters, sons. He's nothing like his creation. And this is the way of the fifth of natural ways you want to congratulate us, you know, for coming in. Except, you know, this is a beautiful day taking your shahada magotteaux My luck, continue to bless you. Thank you, and we would welcome into the community and the community, not just here, but close to 2 billion all over the world. Yes, sir. Yes, super happy to be here, man. Like I say, I actually been best studying for four years. But four years, four years since I was like 15 years old. I actually started you know, doing some research on it. But

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yes, but like I said, I just never took the step was kind of afraid of, you know, you know, like the people around me and stuff I would look at me, you know, I was young, you know, so, but thank God I'm here. You know, I didn't get laws. Allah guided me here. You know, somebody paid you cursed you for years investigating this using your mind praying directly to God Almighty. So you did your homework and you concluded that indeed, this is the way of life from the Creator of the heavens on Earth. Yes, sir. And the way the wages how, you know, the Muslim community just, you know, maneuver the way they they take the religion so serious and in how they always tried to do, like, good, like

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good things, you know, like they avoid bad things, you know, I mean, always, you know, and I feel like that's great. You know, I mean,

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mean, I can't I can't wait to you know, I can learn everything. And one last thing, how did you feel from shake sadly and the rest of the community, you know, the love

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You know, how did you feel being accepted into the ministers day ones as they won, they supported me since I came here. Like, you can even ask them I was super shy when I first came here. I was in the corner over there and I didn't even know what to expect. You know, I was in my car for like 20 minutes at the you know, like, I was sad to come in here, you know, but when I came in, you know, the Grammy come over here, sit down with us. Since day one, they show me love, man. And that's why you guys are great people, all you guys and like I said, I can't wait, can't wait to really be me come here, and really do what I have to do and what I've been waiting for. Because, you know, it's

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really a dream coming true, to be honest. And I'm glad I was here to witness that. You guys also if you'd like to read the book also that convinced him to head all the evidences approves you get your free copy of the Quran at the D show.com. And if you have any questions you want to learn, call us at 1-800-662-4752 100 Islam. We'll see you next time. Sharla SonicWALL Peace be with you.

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And one more thing that I say.

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Okay, so, everybody ohm just do what your heart tells you don't let nobody tells you want to do

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a follow I want to guide you here. Just follow him. Like I won't be the wrong light. I'll probably be the best the best decision you guys can make. Don't let people around you tell you what to do.

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Make sure you know on you know what you're doing. mean like you make the right decision on what you're doing.

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Just be safe guys. Thank you. Thank you for sharing that with us.

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I Salam Alaikum brothers and sisters. This is your brother Eddie from the D show and I have some amazing news for you. We just made a downpayment and are in contract to purchase this 35,000 square foot facility with over four acres to make it the Dean center of Hungary Law The project includes a masjid and a flooded facility ally studio for recording the de show and Tao outreach programs. And as you've known I've been looking for a no interest owner financing and Alhamdulillah I found this church property for 2.5 million that will do all of it. I've given $100,000 downpayment to enter into the contract and $1 million will be paid over 36 months inshallah with no interest and 100

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Illa. Right now we need 1.4 million to close on this property brothers and sisters helped us purchase this property to build the dissenter, donate right now. May God Almighty Allah reward all of you brothers and sisters