Ramadan Series Day 24 – The Month of Returning to Allah

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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a segment of a transcript where a woman talks about her desire to return to Allah and her desire to practice it in her daily life. She emphasizes the importance of practicing and returning to Allah to build a strong relationship with him.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Aldo, Milan has another name. In fact, this is the 24th knee, it's shuffle Inaba, the month that we return to Allah.

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We return to Allah and Abba and in Abba

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to return to Allah is actually an order that Allah subhanho wa Taala told us to Allah said inshallah to Zoomer

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groups what I need to

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return to your Lord when he would not have become was the moolah who will probably a year to colada both attend to mulatos on

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it colada boom Allah to return to your Lord and submit to Him before punishment comes in and you will have no one to come to your rescue. So what is the month of return? And what is the return? What is returning to Allah subhana wa Tada. She wouldn't understand that well. Let's look at who Allah subhana wa Taala described in the Quran as someone who always returned to Allah saved Ebrahim Subhanallah Ibrahim Allah described him in Ibrahim halimun a well when money but hurrying forbearing Ibrahim, Allah described in Surah Toad, Ibrahim karna halimun a wire money but hareem forbearing our a lot of forgiveness to Allah pantalla money, he returned to Allah and what is Inaba? What does it

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mean? What does it mean I returned to Allah, and why Ramadan is the month of Allah. Let's look at ourselves before Ramadan. And now specially this last last 10 days, how often in my daily life outside Ramadan, I am doing things constantly during the day for Allah only.

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While I'm still doing my usual work in general, not the majority of my time. Let's look at our mobile what I am doing. Most of us most most Muslims, Salah is on time or at least they are doing five shout out what they are fasting whole day. Why? For Allah, God, the Koran, it's amazing, amazing, phenomenal. How you see Muslims, and you see this even more clearer when you live in Muslim countries. panela I live there and I did see it. Everyone holding their Quran, the receptionist in the hospital, the God in the door of the hospital sitting and holding the Koran returning to Allah is his book, it's his words. So reading Quran standing up in the night, these nights specially,

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right 1020 some people more, I normally pray only five times a day and I make it quickly in Ramadan. I'm doing much more longer my Doha and asking Allah pantalla my desire to look and really find out where is which night is the night of power, I need to make sure I do my best in it. What is all these, these are actions of returning to Allah subhanho wa Taala and when I returned to Allah subhanho wa Taala to be called a person who returned to Allah, right? That is a three character enemy, I need to work on it as I am practicing it in the month of Ramadan number one, I need to train myself as I am doing it. Now, when I leave from Ramadan, let us not be the people who only

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return to Allah in Ramallah. And either continuously we need to ask Allah pantalla your lucky person the same way.

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The person who returned to Allah number one, that person, always, always all rush in a rush to do things to please Him. Whenever there is an opportunity to do an Act to please Allah, that person is number one. Number two, the person who is returning to Allah all the time is the person who turned to Allah in everything. Meaning when I am giving something I like things are beautiful, everything is the way I want. I'm always grateful. And when things doesn't go the right way, or I'm being tested, I'm also returning to Allah by by asking Allah to make me patient by asking Allah for forgiveness. And the third sign that I am a muneeb I am somebody who is returning to Allah and I

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practice the Ramadan in sha Allah. I'll take it with me number three. I put

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What a lot loves number one over anything else, and we practiced it in normal life. I put the words a lot loves over my food and drink. I put what Allah loves over my sleep. I put what Allah loves over my usual comfort zone. If I was able to do it in Ramadan, I need to ask Allah specially in these blessing nights You're lucky me the same and make it easy for me when I leave. And the more I turn to Allah spawn Tyler, the more he will show me my weaknesses and he's a strength, the more he is going to show me how much I need him and how much he is there for me so Hannah, and he also going to show me the more I turned to him, how beautiful relationship can be with a lust pantalla were

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just too busy for that. Or Milan explain this and like expose this. This is one of the beauty of Ramadan It teaches me my not only weakness, but also my strength and also teach me the beauty of being connected with our last pantalla each one of us let us remember that moment specially in the night when we have put our end up asking Allah for something regardless of what that thing is, how beautiful it was. How did I feel? What peace what Serenity? Let us be keep practicing this as

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in this effort excuse me in these days that left from row one but more importantly, that I asked Allah and your Allah as you made it easy for me to do these things and return to you and think of you and ask you in Ramadan. Your Allah make me continue to do this. Let us learn from the month of Inaba, the month of returning to Allah that all our months will become the months that were returned to Allah your biani or salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato Baraka