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The speaker discusses the importance of learning to accept and value actions in life, including mistakes and actions of worship. They emphasize the need to practice these actions and remind oneself of them to avoid regret and fear. The speaker also mentions the importance of being mindful of actions and relationships in life.

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So this will learn how to know so that was one of those who left one early use of video. Loma Linda Maya pronoun final Yuma antenna in semiology. We do, lovingly

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rely on

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single letters bla

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bla hublin amulet and

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obese rocky Sabri recently only water all the time in this journey of gold. I mean, what you see in front of you is actually a two hour or so however, the companions used to do it six months before,

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six months before, not two weeks, not one week, not one day. allama Bernardo, Milan, new these have candle your door when you get into that means v companions. They used to supplicate Tomas pantalla, six months that they will that he a lot when you make them living, to see all along. And in it also you believe that also he will make us live to see it, to live it properly to the most popular ones meaning do give it its due right. And six months after Ramadan supplicate are not acceptable. And this is one thing we really have to learn. And it is actually one of the teachings of saving Brahim in the Quran and your own daughters when he was building here and say this, right? We're building a

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cabin, what were they doing Robin?

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In the contest.

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They were building the garden, and in what's more honorable thing you do, right. And in spite of this in his most beloved place, most beloved place on Earth, building his house they were not accepting it from and that's why they were making it into and so part of the Sahaba teaching and practice is what before is whenever you do any random act of worship, don't be so sure. The way you did it is that's the way I was pantalla wanted, or that's the best way it is done. And that I always have to have this one that will accept it for me or not. So that's why one of the reasons and I'm just going to ask this to make you a little bit wake up when we want what's the first thing you do

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when you're finished? Well, what do you say?

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writing stuff with a lot of stuff a lot of stuff all of a sudden and why you just finished slow was beautiful.

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Exactly. Because you are acknowledging in the way you're not saying your law, maybe I didn't do it the best I probably made a mistake you're you're doing it in a much more beautiful way already. echnology is not if for sure I have done not done it the best way. Because you didn't say a lot forgive me if you're seeing stuff or stuff, not stuff. That means I didn't do it the best way or maybe I made a minor mistakes or I wasn't most of us, I wasn't there fully with my with myself. So for them six months, not one time, six months after they turn to money offered us a young boy accept forms, and six months before your lawmakers live to see so they used to say the whole year were

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between hoping and hoping to be accepted. That's the first thing you all have to put down and look at it your accept flaws and your love make me live to see it I hope you're feeling what I am saying. Imagine now overseas imagine mother's you have a son who was a study in California and for the whole last year he didn't come Washington income, whatever the reasons to busy any of these things, no time at too many things to do. And then he texted me today and says Mom Mom coming into this. What's going to happen? Firstly,

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absolutely happy. Right? smiley, happy. Next thing. We look at your schedule, and you're gonna remove I'm not doing this. Your if you were invited next week, you're going to tell your friends I'm sorry, I can't come please forgive me. My son is coming. And your friend will say absolutely doca Your son is going good. Enjoy it. You see my point? Maybe the guests that's coming to you the visitor that's coming to you or know the value of him or her you love him or her and you want to give them the due right question for you and me where is Oman? Do I look at from Amman as the honorable guests and I am waiting for my opportunity to be having special moments with a lot with

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all the beauty of Ramadan. So if you don't make it, fake it till you make it, do it. Tell I need it. You know keep reminding yourself mentally, mentally that this is an amazing opportunity in two weeks and something in it as well.

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The big deal about I'm going to be hungry for 16 hours and then I'm going to stand for two hours and I'm not going to sleep in, you know all the shape on tools, and you're going to respond and then you can remind yourself what we will learn.