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out of alignment to sit on the rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali. He also had remain our beloved brothers and sisters As Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Alhamdulilah Bill Alaminos. And first we'll begin with the praise and the worship of Allah Masha Allah Allah Allah Allah will testify that isn't worthy of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala and we send our love and greetings salutations to beloved Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam with spice in his pure family, his companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. May Allah bless us to be amongst them, Amin, amin, Hamdulillah, Al Hamdulillah. For all the accountants, we thank You for this public holiday, the day of reconciliation hamdulillah it's an accounting joke. And

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the hamlet today, we invited, it's an open Jumar, where we want to share

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a Joomla experience with our non Muslim friends and neighbors. Some of them are online, there's a few that might be here, but also for those of us and the majority of us, as Muslims in a very, as a tiny minority. It's good to understand how do we share this beautiful Deen with our neighbors? And how do we share Islam with those around us, it's become very awkward to talk about religion, very politically incorrect to discuss religion, but it's part of who we are, and for us to to coexist in harmony. So part of this day of reconciliation is that in spite of our differences, in spite of us coming from different backgrounds, different beliefs, some of us may believe completely

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contradictory things, we should still be able to live in harmony and be able to work and as friends and neighbors and Allah subhanho wa Taala he celebrates and he encourages diversity when he says yeah, you are nice, oh people, all of mankind in a HELOC and alchemy, indicating that all of you, all of you, irrespective of your belief, irrespective of your color, you all come from one father, one mother or Jana come sure Obon Wakaba Elita are often and very diversified you into many different tribes and nations and cultures, so that you may engage with one another, interact with one another, so that you may understand each other a little later out of who that you may act kindly

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towards one another. Not that you should be hostile, And Alhamdulillah as Muslims, as a tiny, tiny Muslim minority, in a country which we know is predominantly Christian. We have been very fortunate amongst all the minorities in the world of Hamlet, we are very fortunate in the freedoms in which we can practice our faith in the freedoms in which we can be Muslims. And Allah says in the Quran, you would find that the nearest of all people was not Quran. Allah says that the the people that are Aqaba, whom our death in love and affection to the Muslims, are those who say in nyanissara Christians, you'll find Allah says that the Christians have amongst them they are those who are the

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people that are kissy seen and abandoned. They are priests and monks who are deeply devout and humble, and they are people that are affectionate to the believers. And so we think we can testify that our Christian friends and neighbors have always lived in peace and harmony with us and given us the opportunity to practice our religion freely. So this is opportunity for us to share as well our religion with them. As Muslims. We know a lot about Christianity.

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Abdullah because we live in a Christian country, but perhaps very few people know about Islam. And there's a lot of mystery around Islam. What do you guys do in the mosque? Every Friday you guys go you disappear for a few hours you come back maybe the Salome but I don't know what happens in the in that time period, you know

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let's start with what is Islam and this is for all of you brothers you know you all of us all of us have friends, neighbors, colleagues, family members that are don't know much about Islam and it's your duty to share with them. First thing is What is Islam? What is the word Islam mean? Islam means is Islam it means submission. It means to submit it means to surrender. When you surrender, you don't fight anymore. You surrender. It is you surrender yourself to your Lord. That is what Islam is. And when you do Islam, when you surrender to your Creator, you get Salam, you get peace as salaam alaikum. When these peace officer in the normal fighting, so when you surrender yourself to

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Allah, there is no more conflict, there is no more sadness when anxiety, you're completely at peace and harmony with your Lord, and the Muslim. A Muslim is the one who surrenders I have submitted myself to my Lord. And so when a person fully submits to his creator, and he lives a life as his creator wanted him to live, or she should live, when he becomes a Muslim. Now, Islam, when did it begin? Who is the founder of this religion? Some might say, Mohamed Salah Salem is the founder of the religion, we say no.

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Did Jesus Abraham Moses, did they not submit and surrender to the Creator? We say yes. So perhaps Adam, the first man was the first Muslim, that say, No, the sun, the moon, the stars, the angels, all of the creatures in creation, submits and surrenders to the creator, the religion of the universe, the religion of the sand, the religion of the stars, all of it is Islam, because Islam is you obey and you follow the command of your Creator. And so it is the way of all creatures living and inanimate. And Allah says to SubhanaHu, Smls, to sobro, while our domain Mumfie, when Allah says that every single thing in the seven heavens and the earth praises him, every grain of sand, every

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drop in the ocean, every atom in creation, glorifies and praises Allah subhanaw taala. And there's not a single thing Allah says in existence that praises him, except that you people don't understand the version of sada the version of prey. And Allah says about himself, one najem was Shegerian student, and constantly the trees, the stars, and the trees are in prostration, to Allah subhanaw taala. And so you are part of this universal religion, this universal way of life that follows the decree and the commandment of its creator. The sun rises exactly when it was meant to rise, not one second more, what not one second late, the moon comes and goes, as Allah had decreed, the wind, the

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stars, everything obeys the motion of its creator.

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What is our origin? And what is our purpose, we had an Hamdulillah, my class that graduated computer for art is amongst them, graduated our training program. And they the reason why we have this today is because they inspired me because they had a Islam info session. And they invited a bunch of groups of non Muslims to come in and discuss Islam. And one of the profound questions that was asked in the class was, does the Quran tell you the purpose of your life? The list is to ask, does the Quran give you the meaning of life? Where do we come from? What are we supposed to do? And where are we gonna go such an intelligent question? And I said yes, in sha Allah, if you open the Quran, the

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very first the very first story in Surah Baqarah, Allah Subhana Allah has a conversation with the angels, the creator, and for those who are new when I say Allah will use the word creator, because everyone understands the creator, the one who made the sun made the moon, who made me who made you who made everything is the same one will call him the Creator. So the first story in the Quran you find the Creator, saying to the angels in the Jain fill out of the Khalifa, he says to His angels, I intend to place on the earth, a new creation, people and this creature, they are unique, they are special, how they have the ability to disobey me, they have free will, they can choose to reject me,

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they can choose to deny Me and the angels and this is a side note here, the angels the most pious, most God fearing of creatures, they question Allah. Therefore you are allowed to ask with respect questions why Allah so they ask Allah why, why would you do this doesn't make sense. Nana said behind according to luck, we are here worshiping you night and day and these creatures that are going to shed blood and they're going to cause mischief in the land. Why are you doing this Allah? So Allah says to them, don't worry in the Allah Mata alimony I know what you don't know. I am the God I am the creator. I understand all things and you don't understand you can't understand this

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yet. This is at your level. And so Allah as we know the story very similar to the Bible, Allah creates a man Adam from clay and he spends time in paradise with the angels and then an examination a test

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problem occurs, and the angels are unable to solve this problem. And then Allah asks Adam says to Adam, you go and attempt at solving this problem, and Adam is able to do what the angels cannot. Adam is able to get to a level of enlightenment, and a level of understanding that angels cannot. Why? Because when we worship Allah, it is out of choice. When we turn away from haram, it's because we choose to do so we understand pain and hunger and sacrifice and desire. The angels don't know those things. So our understanding of Allah is far deeper than the angels are able to reach. And so then Allah says to the angels, they are not telling you, or didn't give the answer to them in the

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beginning, he said, You see, now, I told you, there's something special about these, these these creatures. And then of course, the angels bowed before either.

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We know when the story continues, and Adam and his wife or Mother, how are they committed mistake, and they will send to the earth. And Allah say to him, Well, that was the plan all along. Remember the beginning of the story in Niger in Florida, I'm going to place on earth people, you will never mean to stay in heaven forever. Your job is to get back to heaven. And now the purpose of life of Islam begins. The purpose of life is, we come from Allah, we come from heaven, we were made in heaven. We were put on this earth for a few years. And the objective is to return to Allah to get back to where we belong. And we go through 50 6070 years of life doing good on the earth, so that we

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may be in admittance to Allah subhanaw taala as mankind came to earth, Allah did not leave them without any guidance. But Allah called Adam and Robbie kalimat, Adam received the revelation from his Lord, he became a prophet. And Allah guided him how to live his life, what to do, what not to do, navigating all the things he needed for life. And the ultimate objective, Allah said to Adam, and to all his offspring, the most important thing you need is to have a relationship with me. Have a relationship with me, be conscious of me, worship me. And when you die, you will return to Me in Paradise. That's it, whether you are rich or poor, whatever color you are, that's not important, but

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have a heart that is connected to me, that is what counts. But of course, mankind forgot. And they were those forces and elements that turned us away. And eventually Allah was forgotten completely. People had left the Creator altogether. And so Allah sent Ibrahim alayhis salam, the father of monotheism to revive the religion of Islam, Islam almost became extinct. Mankind completely rejected Islam. And so Allah sins a new prophet Ibrahim to bring pls salaam back to the original the religion of the universe, and his people as we know used to worship many things stars, moon, idols, graves, all kinds of things they worship. And Abby Ibrahim says all of this is not for me. Sidenote, his dad

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was the idol maker. And for him as a young boy, it was strange. My dad is making a statue, which on the floor in the workshop, and tomorrow, it's in the middle of the center and people are crying. Give me a child Give me food. How is it possible my dad made that thing called comic sense. And so he rejected his people's idol worship. And so they asked him, okay, Ibrahim, you don't want to worship the idols. You don't want to worship the stars. You don't want to worship the sun, the moon, what is it that you worship? Who do you worship? Who is your God? So he says, Nabil Brahim, and this geometry Muslimeen is what Islam is all about. This is what really Islam comes down to. Yes, Islam

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speaks of a lot of things hijab and stingy and halal and all that sort of things. But in essence, it comes down to this very, very simple thing. Now Abraham says to his people, do you want to know who it is that I worship? And who is my God? Allah Rehana? Connie, for your deen the one who made me someone made me that one who made me and watches over me that is my road. One Love you Who are you to Emoni when you screen, that he is the one that feeds me and give me drink while either married to and when I become sick. But with your screen, he's the one that kills me when I'm sick. Well let the yummy you mean to me to my brain, and he's the one that will cause me to die. And I will be

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restricted unto him again, one or the other among all of the atma Angel FIRA de corte Yachty Yoma Dean, and he is the one.

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He is the one that I hope when I die, and I returned to Him, He will have mercy upon me. Now, if anybody asks you Muslims, would you worship Allah? And

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who is this Allah? We say, simply, we worship the one who made me who made you are the one who controls the universe, the one who watches over the universe, the one who feeds us and drinks and grants us drink. And when we die, we all believe we're going back to him. That is the one that I worship. Surely these none in the universe La hawla wala Quwata illa biLlah there's none in the universe that can help you assist you harm you except him. He has all power and control. So isn't it does it not make sense to worship Him alone, to ask of Him alone to bow down to him alone? That is my love my lord. Call him Allah.

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William Lord, whatever, the creator of all of creations, so we sell Hamdulillah this is what our religion is all about. Now we open the Quran, and we say, tell me more about this Allah, what does he look like? What is his nature? What is his attitude? What is he? We know he's powerful. We know he's all knowing what is his characteristics? And perhaps without kids in particular, when we ask them, What do you think when you think of Allah? What do you think in your mind? What is the personality of Allah, you open the Quran, very first sentence of the Quran, Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem in the name of Allah Who is Allah or Rahman Al Rahim, the Most Merciful, the most

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affectionate, the Most Compassionate, The all kind. This is what he wants you to know about the first sentence in the Quran. The first thing if you took one thing about Allah, He wants you to know he's a Lord, that is kind, a load that is loving a lord that is merciful. Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen. All praise be unto the creator on the sustainer of the universe. Ar Rahman Rahim, the one who when he watches over His creation was with Rama and with Can you repeat it again? And for us we all know that the word Rahim Rahim comes from the Rahim the uterus. The uterus of a mother is called Rahim. So Allah has taken this name the uterus and made a name out of it. Because like the mother of

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Allah and Muhammad Allah, we don't give Allah any analogies. But like the mother, who covers her baby with love and affection and care and concern from all angles, that's what the uterus is. Allah envelops his creation with His love and His mercy and His kindness. Allah says, well, Rama T was the Aquila che, that My Mercy encompasses all of my creation. Every single person in creation has a portion of my of my mercy, Allah subhanho wa Taala once all of mankind to know that he is the oft forgiving, most merciful most kind that ever comes to him walking Allah comes to you running that will ever forget Allah you spent years and years and years away from him. And now you want to return

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the doors of repentance are always open. Allah subhanho wa Taala does not look at the external but he looks at the heart. He says in the Quran in so many places that say to the one who has committed sin and transgression Allah Tekna to mean Rahmatullah. Don't ever lose hope in Allah, don't ever lose hope in having a relationship with him. Never feel whoever you are, that you're too far and distant and too sinful to speak to him. What he has given mankind. The gift is that you raise your hand wherever you are in the world, wherever whatever situation you say, My Lord who made me help me and He will help you. He is correct. He says in the Quran, you wanna know where I am, I am close. I

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am near to you. And I respond to you whenever you speak to me, that is who are Allah subhanaw taala is an exchange, what is you ask that you worship La ilaha illa worship Him alone turned to him in your time of need, turned to him in your time of difficulty speak to him, You do not need an intermediary or intercessor or a middleman between you and him. You are directly connected to your Lord any time of day, any place, no matter how rich or poor, how educated or uneducated you are, you raise your hands, and He is your Lord. And that recognizes in all things you are included in that mercy. So this is what Allah subhana and we can spend years and years talking about who Allah

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subhanaw taala is and his attributes and its nature and his nature within the Quran, but this attribute of Rama is the overriding attributes of Allah subhanaw taala.

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Most of non Muslims will understand this, and they will have a similar understanding between you of the Creator and what what Allah is, but where there is a bit of a disconnect. They would say, I don't understand your Quran. And I don't understand Muhammad who How does Muhammad peace be upon him fit in the picture? I understand Abraham and Moses and Adam that we agree, but the Quran and Muhammad that's new for me, what is the Quran, and who is the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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We mentioned before that when Allah created Nabi Adam, he did not leave mankind unattended. He had a part of his obligation to mankind, Allah subhanaw taala, the Lord the Creator, He sent down the revelation, and he selected special people, to receive guidance from Him so that that those people may be a means of guidance to all of mankind. And throughout the ages, they were many, many prophets. In fact, Allah says in the Quran, that to every nation, whether it's the Aborigines in Australia, the Inuit in Alaska, the koi Sanya in South Africa, every single nation was sent a guide, a prophet, a messenger, not just the Middle East, not just Jerusalem, all of mankind is owed by from

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Allah guidance. And so Allah sent to every nation, a prophet, hundreds of 1000s of them, but only a handful of them are mentioned by name in the Quran. Only a handful of them are mentioned by name in Quran and many of them as we know from the biblical stories, Adam, Noah, Noah Sudima and Tao wood and then

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to some of these prophets, they received books. They received scriptures, Nabi Musa, perhaps the most famous of all the prophets. He stands in the middle of the desert at night can't see anything and he sees this bush burning, and he comes closer and he hears the voice calling, oh Musa come forward, in and Allah that from the bush, a voice, visually I am Allah, I am the Lord, the Creator, La ilaha illa Anna, that I alone deserves to be worshipped to worship me. And listen, pay attention or Musa, I'm going to reveal a scripture to you. So Nabi Musa is a prophet, a prophet. And amongst after him, many, many other prophets came that the received scriptures and the revelation, those

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revelations have all been lost. Those scriptures have disappeared, but original ones, or they've changed. When Allah subhanaw taala sent the Messiah, Jesus Christ, Isa, Isa, the son of Marian Elisa salaam, may Allah have mercy and blessings upon both of them. We believe, of course, that we ISA is a messenger like Moses and Abraham, that he is the Messiah born without a father, that by the permission of Allah, He resurrected the dead and killed the blind, and he will come back a second time to defeat the Antichrist, and he will rule the world in peace and harmony. This is what we believe, of the visa. But after his people had not followed his message, the children of Israel had

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not followed his message, he left to come again. And 600 years would pass where mankind was in darkness. In fact, Harvard University, you know, during COVID, people ask the question, Are We Living in the worst time in human history COVID, where we living in the worst time in human history, and so Harvard University did a study, to look at when was mankind at its lowest. And they concluded the year 570, which is the sixth century was when mankind was the absolute lowest. And this is the same few years in which Mohamed Salah Salem was born. When mankind was at its darkest, most last, Allah sent His final messenger, this is the last chance of people. The last time I'm going to say,

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I've seen hundreds of 1000s of Prophets. Now I'm going to send my final prophet, and my final scripture, and my final revelation. After that, that's it. If this message gets lost, and this prophet gets denied, there is nothing but the day of judgment. And so he sent the Quran the Quran means the river, the recitation, it is the first, the oldest book in the Arabic language, it was revealed to the Prophet SAW Salem, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, via the angel Jibreel, the same angel that has come to Moses and Jesus and Abraham the same angel, that that from the beginning of time spoke to Allah about the creation, I'm gonna be Adam, this angel comes and he brings a

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revelation to the Prophet peace upon him. The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, as we know, was a man from the Arabian Peninsula, lived in the desert, and he received revelation from Allah subhanaw taala. Some interesting facts about the Quran, it is the only scripture on earth that is still intact in its original form, not to a letter, has it been changed or altered? The same book that you have in front of you today is the one that was revealed 1500 years. And if you go to China or America, you will not find any two versions of it in any mosque on Earth. Exactly. We have one version Alhamdulillah it is not the words of scholars, no scholar has put a The No Is it

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the word of Mohamed Salah Salem he himself put up put a single thing in it or take the thing out, but it is the words of the Creator Himself, the speech of Allah reciting it, you reciting the words of Allah subhanaw taala. And so, the Prophet peace be upon him at the age of 40. Living in a sort of civilization or backward people given to all kinds of immorality, he has given this very, very difficult task of coding these people back to the way of Islam to call his people away from killing and bloodshed and violence, calling his people away from idol worship, and all the wrongs that was happening. He had that same mission as Moses had to go to Pharaoh, as Abraham had to go to his

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people, Mohamed Salah to speak to not just his people, but all of mankind, because he was the last of the him no more messengers. And so for 23 years, he preached his message, he delivered the Quran, and the first man in history to unite all of Arabia under the banner of Islam. And with that, that message spread throughout men throughout the world, until today, you're in the tip of Africa, we can have the sermon Alhamdulillah.

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And so, this is what Islam is in a nutshell. And if someone were to say, what exactly you've spoken to me about a creator and submitting to him about Revelation and prophets and books, what ultimately if I want to join this faith, what is required of me, what do I have to do to be a Muslim?

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We have a very interesting narration, an interesting tradition of the Prophet peace be upon him. The Prophet SAW Salem, Mohammed Salam was in the mosque like this. It was fooled many, many people certainly 70 companions, and it's one of the most famous

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incidences in the history in the life of the prophet peace regarding a strange man walks into the mosque. Stranger no one knows who he is. The city was very tiny. Everyone knew everybody. So this was an odd person. And he comes in strikingly beautiful, a beautiful looking men.

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fine white clothing, not a speck of dust on his clothes. And he's he is glistening black, and even looks at Wooster sky. He walks in, he doesn't sit at the back he walks and he sits face to face with the Prophet SAW Salem so close that his knees are touching the needs of the Prophet Salaam. And the strange man says, oh, Mohammed, tell me what is Islam? If I want to be a Muslim, what should I do? So the Prophet peace be upon him says to the strange man, if you want to be a Muslim, if you want to follow Islam, you must do five things. There are five things you need to do. You need to testify with you verbally. You need to say with your tongue, that there is none worthy of worship besides my

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Creator Allah him alone deserves worship, and that I'm Hamid salsa is the final IV servant, the slave and His messenger. Number two, if you want to be a Muslim, you want to be part of this religion. You need to pray five times a day, as you find in all the scriptures, Jesus and Moses and Abraham, they prayed, how did they pray? By falling on the face by making suit, you need to pray five times a day and not a single day should go by where you do not worship your Creator. Five times a day you need to pray make Salah number three if you're wealthy and you can afford it, you need to give charity to the poor cannot be a Muslim. If you do not give charity to the poor, two and a half

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percent only or more if you wish to do more. Number four, you need to fast in the month of Ramadan. One month in the year you should abstain from eating and drinking sexual intercourse during the day. And number five once in your life if you can, if you're able to afford it. You should go to Mecca, Mecca and perform pilgrimage. These are the five things you need to do as a Muslim. I know sidenote, when we talk to our boss when we talk to non Muslims, about Islam. So yeah, you got the job. And this this thing called stranger and this halal food and those things are insignia, those those are those are the fundamentals. These are the five things you do this, the others will come. The others

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will come but this is what you need to do. So when the Prophet said these are the five things you need to do, the man said the man said the stranger said so ducked. Correct. And the Sahaba got shocked. What kind of person asks them a question and then says correct. When the man asks the prophets of salaam what is Eman? What is faith? What do I need to believe inside to be a Muslim, I need to do this on the outside these five things inside what must I believe? So the prophets of salaam said you need to believe in six things. You need to believe that there is one God Creator, He does not have partners. He does not have children. He does not have spouses he alone Allah is One,

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you need to believe in one, one, Lord, you need to believe that Lord has angels, you can't see them, but they are there. You need to believe that Lord sent down books to mankind, and he sent prophets to carry those books. Number five, you need to believe when you die, you will be resurrected, and is a day of judgment, where the good will be rewarded, and the wicked will be will have to account for the sins. And then you also have to believe in free will and this kadakkal that you need to believe in predestination, which basically means that everything in creation happens with the power and the world and the decree of the Creator. Nothing happens without his without his knowledge and without

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his will be six things you must believe. If you believe that the Euro Muslim, so the man the man's man said to the Prophet Sadhak, correct. You have spoken through and again, the crowd gets shocked. So the Prophet was asked two questions. What is Islam? What is Iman, even was asked a third question, what is your son, your son? Now? Son means perfection, if someone means to be perfect. The first two questions were about what is the entry level, basic Muslim? What is the non negotiables? You can't? You can't do less than the five pillars. You can't say, Look, I'll do all of that except fasting that I can't say no, no, then it's a deal breaker, these five other non negotiables the five

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pillars that you must do externally, and the six pillars of what you need to believe inside. That's the entry level. Everything else comes after that. But now the man or if that's the basics, what is the height, the pinnacle son? What is the best level of faith? So the prophets of salaam says it your son, your son is to live your life, to speak to your wife to go to work to sit in traffic to do every aspect of your life. As if you could see Allah looking at you. How would we interact with each other? What would we scroll at night if we knew Allah if we could see Allah watching us? So it is to live your life as if though you could see Allah but if you cannot see your Creator, then always

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remember he sees you. He's always watching you. He's always present. And so the man says that correct? The man then asked a fourth question. Tell me the date time place of the Day of Judgment. When is the life of the date happening? So the man the prophecy is neither you nor I have any knowledge when this is gonna happen above our pay grade.

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The man says predict good answer. But tell me some signs when give me some are there any hints as to when this will happen? So the Prophet peace be upon him said yes, two signs, one when slavery comes to an enormous slavery, and number two, when the HuFa tune or or tune the naked Beethoven's that we see in the desert, Utah we're gonna fill dunya and union, they compete in building skyscrapers. When that happens, the Day of Judgment is close.

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So, the man says, correct. And so the stranger got up and leave and the Sahaba the Companions, the disciples, were completely dumbfounded, shocked to what just happened. And the prophet sees the amazement on the faces. And he says, Do you know who that man was? We are a sort of law said that was Gibreel, the angel Gabriel, who had come to teach you about your religion, this is what your religion is all about. And so this little this narration, small, profound is, in a nutshell what it means to be a Muslim, if you can do those five pillars, and you believe in those six faith, articles of faith, that you're a Muslim, anything else, if someone we aspire to be better, we aspire to be

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the best versions of ourselves as we journey towards Allah subhanaw taala

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Islam and we coming to the end of the presentation now Islam is not just about worshipping Allah, or whatever other Islam is all about worshiping Allah, but the worship of Allah is not just about the rituals. It's not just about the masala and that has to be how you worship the Creator. Listen to this, you worship the Creator, in how you treat the creation. How you treat your wife is part of your belief in Allah, how you do your homework and you sit in class and T and T to teachers, how you treat your customers, your neighbors Muslim or non Muslim. That is what is the measure of your Eman? And so the prophets of Allah says, The Best of all believers, not the one who makes the most agit

00:31:51--> 00:32:29

the most pray. The best of all believers in faith is the one with the best character to other people who treats people the best and treats their family in particular and their wife in particular the best. The prophecy says, You cannot be a believer until you love for the others what you love for yourself. Your faith is not complete until you love humanity. Charity does not decrease your wealth. No one forgives another person so to do the reconciliation think of all the people that harmed you hurt you stole from you, forgive them, let it go. You cannot be a true believer until you let go of your hatred for others. None of you forgives except that ALLAH will forgive you and honor you and no

00:32:29--> 00:33:07

one humbles himself. You will literally not be little but you lower yourself for the sake of Allah except that he will raise you in status. The Prophet says oh people your Lord is one. Your father is Adam and your mother is Hawa there is no superiority of an Arab Oba, non Arab, no a black person over a white person. The best of you in faith is the one who has the deepest connection with Allah. And then to lastly and to conclude on this, the Prophet says to the Companions, should I not tell you should I not tell you what is better when fasting a lot of extra fast and to give a lot of millions of charity and to pray night and day extra? What is better than all of that? What is better

00:33:07--> 00:33:43

than all of that is to reconcile between people you see people fighting people are sad, people are not working together. You be the glue that brings people together that is what it means to be a Muslim you worship your Lord directly and you're good to the creation around you and that is what Islam is in a nutshell mela Bliss has to be on the path of mystery there has to be of those who follow and submit Inshallah, just for those who are on here. We will now we're new to the masjid. The English lecture ends now and then we're going to have a short break and then we'll have an Arabic sermon that translation will be on the screen and then we'll have a short play you can make

00:33:43--> 00:34:04

if you would like to observe you can observe and then after after the pre after the Salah. We will then have an open q&a session and we encourage any anyone that can stay in and ask any questions you want. And to do if you do that you get acne if you don't do that you can't get acne. So if you want to stay in you'll get acne in trouble. Because ocular fade was Allah Muhammad wa salam saline thank you so much As Salam Alikum Mutharika

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In the

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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mother was

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right in Alhamdulillah namah Dakota Do you want to stay in hookah? Want to steal food? Oh come on a tubal, like one with me I like a Hydra. Kula Nash Furukawa anak fluoroquinolone trachoma you have Juru Allahumma IACA. Now what are what I want to show you Allah Allah, Allah Machado and Mohammed Abdullah sudo or cielo Hadiya Nova Shira WADA un with the lie was Raja Munira Salah Allah here I think you are early also having to Sleeman Kathira

00:40:43--> 00:41:02

Allahu cecum when FC Vita kala Bacala Jana Jana, you will Adina Calaca Ducati he will Atomo tuna Illa one to Misty Moon Bacala to Allah in a chroma Komenda la hiya Coco Akula kolyada wa stockfeed hola Holly welcome Lisa usually mean I mean call them Mr Fierro who in a hula hula Rahim.

00:41:18--> 00:41:22

He was really he was he was very worthy of love

00:41:28--> 00:42:02

and hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah I mean we'll be able to do with subpoena whenever they want to in a lowball I mean we should have Allah Allah Allah Allah we should one number Hamburgo Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Sleeman Kathira bad yeah, but Allah, Allah what Taku yo man to geography illa Allah wa Namo stickle Hadith the Kitab Allah Muhammad Allah howdy howdy Mohamed Salah are sending them which are more than a kilometer 13 vida Tibidabo la vida tindora Kula dollars Dippenaar wa Salatu was Salam o Allah Hadith one Nabil Mustafa. Well have you been montado come out on what Allah Tada a college algebra in Allah Houma la Iike who you saw Lunarlon maybe

00:42:02--> 00:42:38

yeah, you will live in Amman or Salah he was selling with this Lima Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala Sayyidina Muhammad was however it was Salim Allahumma is an Islam and one Muslim in Allah who marries Islam one Muslim and Allah Azza Islam on histamine one Nasir Jemaine Allah Humann Saudi one and the Mujahideen Alamosa. Dafina equally MCCA and Yahama Raha mean Robina Kolomna Asana were in Lambton Finland water hang on Hakuna in the middle ha serene Allahu mushy mode Ivana what her mo Tana Robina Arjuna for dunya hashanah Filati hasenhuttl Joaquina Radha Banagher while the female gender terminal abroad yeah as easily of a four year Oberon amoeba de la Rahim locked in the

00:42:38--> 00:42:52

Light Movement Adela, your son or eater in Kuba when handled Russia and Mongolia we're lucky enough to come to the karoun for the cooloola highas curriculum wash guru who are a net Matias is one of the crew Allahu Akbar Allah Allah matters now one will claim is Salah.

00:43:03--> 00:43:06

Please straight in the lines stand shoulder to shoulder

00:43:23--> 00:43:24

going above

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all Cubone

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim

00:44:05--> 00:44:10

Al Hamdulillah Europe with me in

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our Rothman your Rahi

00:44:15--> 00:44:19

Maliki oming Dean.

00:44:20--> 00:44:26

II Yaga hon dua II, Ghana stying.

00:44:28--> 00:44:32

Then also wrong. Most stumpy

00:44:34--> 00:44:36

see your auto lady in

00:44:38--> 00:44:43

dire lame avoided do we I lay him

00:44:44--> 00:44:50

all early mean?

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Your money or Rahim will also be in Santa Fe who's

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in Lavina

00:45:14--> 00:45:22

Wyoming and also Ali had the word well so be happy well so I'm always sambal

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Sammy along with iman Hamming

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hola hola como

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be Smith Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim

00:46:19--> 00:46:33

Al hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen or Rothman your Rahim, Maliki Yomi. The

00:46:34--> 00:46:40

E Gunnebo. Dubois II Ghana starring

00:46:41--> 00:46:45

in the now so you're all tall most stumpy

00:46:46--> 00:46:52

so you're all done the unknown dialing him behind

00:46:53--> 00:47:02

the door behind him on all li in

00:47:10--> 00:47:30

Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim Paul who along are hander along was Sarmad LEM ye leader while you were well? Yeah go low go for one hand

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00:47:39--> 00:47:43

Sammy Oh Neiman hammy down

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along como

00:48:39--> 00:49:01

As Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah all, as salam aleikum wa rahmatullah home stopped for long I still feel alone and still get along even when we went to watch a lady nine now on how young Can you want to like one

00:49:03--> 00:49:05

woman who went to

00:49:08--> 00:49:21

Manuel Rahimi alone and Salem are coming because the bottom Dan that agenda and he will crawl some IANA on for on going but why don't you

00:49:27--> 00:49:27

call on

00:49:29--> 00:49:54

the nation Cody along Malema and Yanni mouth so you don't want anyone we're not doing Oh Danny mom called into a young fella that gender alone my knee Allah they couldn't come when she couldn't go on her snare Ivan I think ye now when we learn why do la isla in Ramadan Rahim Allah Allah Allah wallhanging coin you

00:49:57--> 00:49:59

know Loma Vista sama want

00:50:00--> 00:50:15

You want to man? The Asheville wind Oh in the evening, here on level MoBay Navy mormo confer Humala you're hanging gonna be shame in I'll be it'll be Masha was he outdoors he was

00:50:17--> 00:50:21

wala year old Warhammer, Roma well hold on you

00:50:22--> 00:50:41

know Rahim Al hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen I'm also gonna do on Salah Juana Shadowfell Ambia even more serene se ina whenever you know my own Warhammer, anyone, any whatsoever be a gem mining, Alomar on Bonanza Obon minnows Allah Jenna

00:50:42--> 00:50:59

Guana wants to do dinner when Jeremy Molina alone Madame overwhelming Nell Khaleel was really getting to grips with that was Rob Bernardino dunya has an adult Roger has an adult

00:51:00--> 00:51:03

but now what other criminal Jannetty

00:51:04--> 00:51:08

we're all busy is you know of

00:51:10--> 00:51:17

being all alone Diana Dinah no more

00:51:21--> 00:51:28

eager Jo user on island NaVi

00:51:32--> 00:51:40

a yawn Naveen nos on on a was a Nemo Jensen Lima,

00:51:41--> 00:51:46

long muslin, Samina Mohammed

00:51:48--> 00:51:52

is a Veena more money was having

00:51:57--> 00:51:58


00:52:06--> 00:52:11

on ah oh my word hands

00:52:20--> 00:52:21


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00:53:19--> 00:53:19


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talking about

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00:56:01--> 00:56:02

Salam Alaikum

00:56:03--> 00:56:22

so for those who would like to remain for the q&a, we can start it's a very informal question answers and this is the objective is obviously just for anyone who had any questions around Islam or wanted to know more and we can just share Inshallah, and then this arcanist afterwards, afterwards.

00:56:23--> 00:56:29

Okay, so we'd like to go first Smilla any question inshallah inequation ladies

00:56:31--> 00:56:34

any question from the ladies obeyed is anything online?

00:56:37--> 00:56:38

Do you have a question? Moon?

00:56:40--> 00:56:43

So always take someone to, to start. Question.

00:56:45--> 00:56:46

No questions

00:56:47--> 00:56:48

is Bismillah.

00:56:51--> 00:56:53

Commissioned Officer, yes.

00:56:55--> 00:56:55


00:57:03--> 00:57:04


00:57:06--> 00:57:08

an explanation for the region of

00:57:12--> 00:57:17

Al Hamdulillah. So the brother asks, What is the mission and the vision of Islam?

00:57:19--> 00:58:00

Well, for my understanding what is the essence or the theme of Islam? If you look at surah? No, if you look way in Surah, No, Allah subhanaw taala tells you, we're into this people we seen this prophet, and to add, we send that Prophet and to ThermoWood we sent to every nation we send a prophet, look at what they begin with, what did these every Prophet, they said the same thing? Oh my people, La ilaha illa Allah, our message is that there is none worthy of worship besides your Creator. That is what Islam is all about. That is the crux of the fundamental of this religion is that you worship one Creator, He has no partners. He has no barriers between there's nothing unto

00:58:00--> 00:58:20

Him. That is what Islam is all about in a nutshell, if you were to take the whole Quran from the beginning to the end, and you say what is the one? One extract one Listen, La ilaha illa Allah if you open the Quran from the beginning, and he begins about mankind the first command oh people worship your Lord that created you so that's what Islam is all about to worship Allah alone.

00:58:22--> 00:58:22

Zakat Okay,

00:58:24--> 00:58:27

any other questions? Or follow up? Yes. The same

00:58:31--> 00:58:32


00:58:41--> 00:58:41


00:58:46--> 00:58:47


00:58:49--> 00:58:50


00:58:51--> 00:58:51

All right

00:59:02--> 00:59:02


00:59:03--> 00:59:41

so that's the mosque a very quick question. She says, Okay, if I have a friend who wants to be a Muslim, they want to embrace Islam is also important. We don't use though you'd find Mr. Stone, use the word convert, we use the word revert. Because we believe that everything that is created is based is created on what we call the fitrah. This is a natural link with your Creator. Everything begins as a Muslim, every baby that is born, is connected to its creator. And then you make the choices. And sometimes those choices take you away from the fitrah and sometimes you wish to come back. So if you want to revert, how do I enter where I want to enter Islam? Very, very simple. You

00:59:41--> 00:59:59

just have to genuinely believe that there is none worthy of worship besides you creator is one Creator. You must believe as we said these elements of the prophets and believe in Muhammad peace be upon him, and then you need to articulate it verbally. If you believe it in your heart that's between you and your Creator. We don't know. But once you say it's like me standing up and saying today

01:00:00--> 01:00:30

I signed my name I am a Muslim. So all you have to do is to say what you call the Shahada. It is your declaration of faith. No one needs to see no one needs to be it's between you and your Creator. But people they would like to make it known that I'm a Muslim that from now on certain things are going to different you know, if I pass away I'd like to be buried as a Muslim so those things become important but very, very simple. You into Islam with you and your connection, your covenant what is like a covenant with you and your Creator and that's it.

01:00:31--> 01:00:32

Have one

01:00:34--> 01:00:34

is Brother

01:00:36--> 01:00:37


01:00:40--> 01:00:43

persecution. recently? Yes.

01:00:45--> 01:00:47

A strict Christian, definitely.

01:00:48--> 01:00:51

But I found that a lot of Christians people are like me this

01:00:52--> 01:01:02

is this is that appreciate that detector. So this is once again, echoes all the time. This happened to me as well some OFAC list

01:01:03--> 01:01:09

was Eyespace this month. So I'm not sure what to do about it. But how do I handle that?

01:01:11--> 01:01:13

Additional demands the Muslim environment?

01:01:16--> 01:01:54

rejection, oh, subhanAllah, deep question and a very, very difficult one. So brother says, I embrace Islam and welcome Alhamdulillah to the faith, after you know, a couple of months and naturally is found that is, you know, family and friends might be acting in a different way, perhaps even cutting him off. And that is the case, you know, when one moves from one religion to another, it's very difficult on the entire family. It says if you've rejected our ways, you've rejected our forefathers you've rejected our customs. So it's, I think, also begin by understanding the hurt that is coming from them, we understand why you are, you know, if religion mean something to them, it would hurt

01:01:54--> 01:02:31

them, you know, so it's not just I choose a different flavor of ice cream. This is like you fundamentally changed with, you know, our beliefs. And in the if you look at the Quran and the Bible, this is always the case when people convert or they return to Allah subhanaw taala they are those who would fight there will be a level of animosity, how do we engage with the ones who either reject us or oppose us as Muslims, we know from the from the Bible, you turn the other cheek from the Sunnah of gonna be so solemn, you Oh, you only give good in return. So with, you know, your mother stays your mother, even if she does not accept Islam, your neighbor is still your neighbor,

01:02:31--> 01:03:10

even if that neighbor is a Muslim, Islam doesn't say you need to be good to be the best your parents, your Muslim parents, it says Be the best son and daughter to your parents. And specifically mentioned scenario, where you have a parent who forces you to give up your religion, Allah says, then don't obey them in whatever they come on, you have sin, but give them the best companionship and lower your wing of have mercy to them, kill them with kindness. And what you should do is that Islam should manifest in your character, that look, before I was a Muslim, I used to do all these kinds of naughty things. Now my life is better. You know, even if they say I don't accept your

01:03:10--> 01:03:49

belief, I don't accept your religion, your customs, but I can see it is good in your life, you're a better father, you're a better husband, you're working with that in sha Allah has appeared and you would like to see your life moving forward. So it hurts and the pain that you are experiencing is your jihad, your struggle. And that is what the disciples of all the prophets went through the very special that's why our evil brothers, it's a very lonely path. You know, they had to genuinely choose between one life and a different life. For many of us, we got it for free, or Hammurabi born with it. It'll be in we just Muslim by Alhamdulillah, by by chance, by the mercy of Allah, but for

01:03:49--> 01:04:26

those who chose and they made that pledge, and they made the sacrifice that Eman is different. And so whatever difficulty you get, Allah will repay it in some other form and use it as a means and you'll make dua for your parents, now be the best son, the best brother, be a better person to your family than even if they are harmful to towards you. And remember, you are also the ambassador of Islam, will you the way you interact could put them off Islam completely. So no matter how much personal hurt you receive, remember, I want to have my brother and sister and my family with me in Jannah. So I need to make that effort never ever be broken down by that. But also it's important for

01:04:26--> 01:04:58

us, I think, as a broader community to be more in touch with our evil brothers and sisters, because they left one community religion is a a social thing. You don't want to be you know, a Muslim Allah when you make Salah and Jama and congregation. And so I think for our events, we need to raise a discussion we need to have in terms of building a community of reverts that go through the same kind of trauma and difficulties that melody would you and make dua for us. panela. The difficulties you go through is really admirable we'd I would never understand that. I've never experienced that. So my last salary would you for that sacrifice, probably. I mean,

01:04:59--> 01:04:59

your sister

01:05:02--> 01:05:03

So now

01:05:11--> 01:05:15

you spoke about the individual community. Yes. And

01:05:16--> 01:05:17

I'm alone.

01:05:18--> 01:05:26

And it's like further education about what it means to be a Muslim in the African tradition.

01:05:27--> 01:05:40

There is an element of burial. How does one navigate the element of burial when, as Africans, we have brothers and sisters and relatives, living in different parts of

01:05:42--> 01:05:46

the country, taking off the world by the country, we have brothers and sisters

01:05:48--> 01:05:48

on the

01:05:50--> 01:05:54

Eastern Cape, and up against that fellow

01:05:56--> 01:05:57

disposable passes away.

01:05:59--> 01:06:00

And understanding

01:06:02--> 01:06:05

the tradition of Yes,

01:06:06--> 01:06:13

I think that is very critical. How does one navigate that? Do we ask for the family members? to forfeit?

01:06:16--> 01:06:18

Okay, my sister

01:06:19--> 01:06:55

is asking about the community aspect, the people aspect of religion. And in fact, we know when we talk about the community, we use this word called Uma, OMA own means mother. So you are all from one mother, we an alma. That's where the word Alma comes from. So religion is not just you and your creators, we said, it's part of how you interact with your fellow men. And one of the aspects of community that comes out is video. Because when you die, you convey yourself, you can wash yourself, and that's almost an indication of the life you love, how people will react on the day you die, what are they going to say about us the conversations? How would they care for you, and at last, those

01:06:55--> 01:07:26

very vulnerable moments. Now in all religions, burial is, or the funeral is a very spiritual, and it's a religious component. So when we pass away in Islam, there are certainly religious requirements needed, the body needs to be washed, and needs to be perfumed and needs to be shrouded with very simple plain towels. And then there's a final funeral pay the congregation we pray for that person's acceptance and forgiveness. And then you're buried very, very quickly. In Islamic

01:07:28--> 01:07:37

law, you are encouraged to bury the person the same day, because that person is waiting to meet the Lord. And so you, you do it quickly. Now, of course, when you come from a certain culture,

01:07:38--> 01:08:12

and a certain tradition might be different to Islam, that might be the tension. So we take I don't know if there are any enthusiasm. For example, if you come from a family that are Hindus, and they do cremation, that is, of course not in line with the Islamic tradition of burial. And so what should happen, and this should happen before death, you should have those kinds of conversations we, you have to incorporate the family. These are people they love the brothers they're not they're not the same faith, but this is still my brother, my father, and Islam does not want you to break those bonds, you still honor the family, you still honor the traditions, so long as it does not conflict

01:08:12--> 01:08:51

with with a religious practice. And so, for example, many Muslims asked when I go to visit a colleague who passed away they feel what can I do? Yes, you can go to the church. Yes, you can show your respect. Yes, you can sympathize with the family. But obviously when it comes to praise and worship, that you need to exclude yourself and you worship in your own way, and that is what is required. It's a level of maturity. But definitely if someone passes away include the family of all faiths and let the religious leaders navigate what is okay not okay. And to manage that very sensitive period of the answer the question, thank you so much. Excellent. Very good question. Good

01:08:51--> 01:08:51


01:08:53--> 01:08:57

Any last questions you know you can ask all day or anyone else have a question?

01:08:59--> 01:09:03

Sisters Brothers? No. Yes, I should have the customer

01:09:13--> 01:09:13


01:09:19--> 01:09:20


01:09:24--> 01:09:59

okay, so I'm gonna ask him asked in a in a unique scenario where someone passes away as a Muslim and he doesn't get buried as a Muslim either the family doesn't allow it. You're not held accountable obviously for something you can't control and it will not take away at all with your video, your grave all of that, you know, you're not going to be any less accepted by Allah because someone puts you in a cemetery isn't in a Muslim cemetery is not in your control. But it is something that if you are away, if you need and that's why we all need to think about our funeral may ask all of us, who's going to sue you

01:10:00--> 01:10:36

Who's going to pull me now? I mean, we never think about that. Who is going, where am I going to be buried? Now all of us, we don't want that to happen. When we pass away and our family to run around and scramble for that we want to make that situation easy. So we prepare as well, it's a very morbid conversation. But you need to, especially if it's, you must ask you what happens when I pass away, who will take care of my body, and my affairs, who's going to look, you know, my wealth needs to go Islamic inheritance. So all those conversations, Islam encourages you to always have a rasiya always have your will and testament intact, because you never know when it comes. But also on that point,

01:10:36--> 01:11:12

with the calcium, we have this thing called for insulin for this, what is obligatory, there is a follow up on you as a person, you have to care for your children. But there's also something called a foreign key fire, an obligation on the entire community. One of the most important ones is when someone dies, it is the duty of the entire community to ensure that person is dignified and buried with you know, with the dignity they deserve, if that person, so so if you find that sometimes people their bodies come to the morgue, and on my left mercy on them, no one knows who they are no ID, but they somehow it's an indication Muslim. If that message goes out, and we don't care for that

01:11:12--> 01:11:26

body, we are all sinful. Because we owe that person. The contract you have when you take the claim. And when you say I'm a Muslim, it means that every single one of you if something happens to me, I pass away, you need to make sure that I'm buried in the best way possible. From the

01:11:28--> 01:11:41

Yes, any mercy that I can use out on top the ladies really have the arcanist couldn't wait. Okay, any last any questions? You can ask more if you'd like by any questions online? To see what any from the

01:11:44--> 01:11:47

yes, you may ask more than one

01:11:49--> 01:11:51

asked to leave in the

01:12:01--> 01:12:03

mouth of the devil in the

01:12:06--> 01:12:07

beginning of the eyes

01:12:16--> 01:12:55

okay, so The brother asked the isas that we have seen messengers with the book to establish the MISA and Amazon is the scale to judge mankind with justice. And that's the interpretation. Well, that's the translation of the IR. And so what do we understand from this IR? Well, very basically off the face of it. And of course, there's a Deaf seed you need to go in depth, that the religion and as this speaks to what we've said that Islam is not just about what you do in the mosque, or what you do at home, it's a way of life, and that the world, how you interact with the world and engage with it. You and I as Muslims, what happens to the environment is our problem. What happens in any part

01:12:55--> 01:13:31

of the world of oppression is our problems. So we should be people of justice, we shouldn't be people to establish what's right. If you in your company, you see someone is harming someone else, someone exploiting, you don't say, Look, that's the problem. I make my salah and that's it. No, it becomes your problem as a Muslim, that the prophets were sent to establish Yes, the worship of Allah, but also to ensure that there is fairness, just justice on the earth. And that is why Alhamdulillah one of the reasons we see the fruits of it, why Alhamdulillah Muslims have this freedom in our country. Now, when we saw apartheid happening, we didn't say this is a non Muslim

01:13:31--> 01:14:09

government oppressing non Muslim people. Now this is the issue, they fight, we make our Brioni and make Salah and that's not our fight. We said this is our problem. But if there's corruption on the earth, Pharaoh was not just evil to the children of Israel, he was a tyrant to all of mankind and so we stand up for the little guy, even when the Tyrant is a Muslim. And the one being a priest, a non Muslim we stand against the oppressor and resources support the oppressed and the oppressor irrespective of their religion. So the companion said okay, we understand support the oppressed How do I support the oppressor the Prophet was said by stopping him by preventing him you're saving him

01:14:10--> 01:14:21

and so in that idea, and there's a lot a lot of tough scenes in that I but the very face value of it, we are we are meant to be agents of change and of goodness in this world. Inshallah

01:14:23--> 01:14:23

Yes brother.

01:14:34--> 01:15:00

Know, so if a person look if a person dies as a non Muslim, when they are buried, according to the belief, so, if you die as a Christian and you you should be buried as a Christian, and if you pass away as a Hindu and you follow those rights, and so a person who passes away outside of Islam, we cannot perform the janazah Salah we cannot do the praise, but it's very important to remember you can always show condolences, then, you know, you were sitting with them

01:15:00--> 01:15:33

penne is very famous Hadith. And a funeral procession comes by, and he stands up to show his respects. And the Companions is also that man isn't a Muslim, that's a Jewish person. So what is gonna be some say to them? Was he not a human being? The sort of person is he wasn't a Muslim, but it's still a human being the he still has children are crying for him, parents that are crying for him, you can show sympathy doesn't cost you anything to show kindness and sympathy, and to emphasize with the with the family, and so you can show that, but of course, as we said, when it comes to praise and worship, be careful about what is permissible.

01:15:35--> 01:15:35


01:15:38--> 01:15:39

So by chakra,

01:15:41--> 01:15:42

suicide, and how do we deal with

01:15:45--> 01:16:25

this deep, deep question? So we had a whole you know, there's a whole there's a whole series that we did on suicide and if you want to know more about it, there's a lecture that we gave on suicide, look suicide is, it's forbidden to harm people and yourself. That's the Islamic ruling, suicide is not permissible. It's a sin. But Islam also understands, if someone, you know, strangles themselves from Allah have mercy. What mental state was that person in? And so it looks at your mental state. If you were so unaware, you didn't know how many tablets you took. Allah is Most Merciful. And it's a very beautiful narration. As I said, the reason the default is suicide is not permissible, and

01:16:25--> 01:16:59

that there is punishment Allah protect for those who commit suicide. And there's no you have to count I was gonna ask you, what did you do with this body I gave you. You are healthy. There are people who can walk you could walk people who can't see your eyes, you killed yourself, what did you do, but this also narrations way to companions embraced Islam they visit then they go back to the tribe, the one committed suicide, one cactus and then commit suicide. The one who didn't commit suicide, he had a dream of his friend. And in the dream, he sees this band who committed suicide, smiling, shining, he's in a good space. And so, brothers, Hey, what happened to you, you committed

01:16:59--> 01:17:36

suicide? What's going on with you on that side? So he says, No, my Lord forgave me. Because I did some good deeds. Allah forgave my suicide, except that my hand his hand was in a bandage. Allah said, I won't fix that. What you broke, I'm not going to fix so his punishment was that wound remained. So the men rushed to the Prophet and said this to the set I dreamed about my friend. Is he okay, Rosa. Yes, he's okay. Allah forgave him because he became a Muslim. He left his family made Ijarah. So even his suicide, ALLAH forgive it. But that wound Allah something as little as a punishment to him for a period of time. So the ruling of suicide is impermissible. Haram. If you do

01:17:36--> 01:17:52

it, your situation is with Allah, Allah will decide what mental state you're in. We don't need to judge but very importantly, you are not taken out of Islam. The important people think that if you're a Muslim and you're committed suicide, we can't bat the sky we can't make Jeunesse now he's a Muslim.

01:17:53--> 01:18:26

You're a Muslim, you get Muslims who drink alcohol, you get Muslims who lie Muslims that come into we all Muslims that sin. Sin doesn't necessarily take you out of Islam, unless you willfully reject the faith. So suicide is a serious sin like murder, but still we make dua for that person may Allah forgive you, Allah have mercy on you, you made a mistake, bad very bad mistake, but we hope for his forgiveness that's what that means in the case of suicide that answered the question which is the another one online we encourage the online people to send through the questions

01:18:27--> 01:18:29

maybe 123 Yes Mashallah.

01:18:41--> 01:18:41


01:18:43--> 01:19:20

also the now a very deep conversation on inheritance and so this the the laws of inheritance as well is specific to religion. And so as Muslims we have a specific ratios you know, the mother gets a certain amount of door tickets certain amount, so that only applies within an Islamic context. So, religiously speaking, they will not be inheritance, but also remember, and I want everyone to know that you live in a secular South African society, if your will is not compiled in a certain way, the South African law will take charge and so you must always remember that when we the tax authority takes the cup before before your mother can get her she so remember those those things as well you

01:19:20--> 01:19:21

live with in a secular environment.

01:19:23--> 01:19:23


01:19:24--> 01:19:25


01:19:28--> 01:19:32

Very efficient lady, and she demands Christian and vice versa.

01:19:35--> 01:20:00

So, in sort of my era, in the last panel, it says that the annual Kitab the ladies that are Jewish and our Christian men may marry them. Men may marry Christian and Jewish woman. And he's a discussion of the people the Jews and Christians today the same Jews and Christians and with the 1500 years ago. The Christians in the Quran believe that Allah is a trinity, the Christians 1000

01:20:00--> 01:20:37

For 500 years believe that Allah as a son, Allah, Jesus was the Son. So believing in the Trinity, believing that Jesus is the Son of God still meant that they want to get up. And so the classical, the most authentic, correct Inshallah, answer is, yes, it's permissible for a Muslim man to marry a Christian with Jewish woman not recommended for many, many reasons, and she can remain on her faith. In fact, the Islamic tradition says, If you marry a Christian woman, you cannot stop her from going to church on a Sunday. You cannot stop her from eating and drinking what she wants. That's her religion. You can't stop that. But you should always encourage her look, says my wife, I love you. I

01:20:37--> 01:20:40

also want you to be with me and Jana and so you're always giving her Dawa.

01:20:42--> 01:21:03

As for the vice versa, that is not acceptable. A Muslim woman may only marry a muslim man, and that is by unanimous consent. We read the Quran cover to cover you read all the traditions, whether it is whatever group or sect, whatever interpretation, whatever scholem. And this comes up quite regularly. Ladies, you know, you you fall in love, you don't know where you fall in love with. You fall in love with someone who isn't a Muslim, what do I do now?

01:21:04--> 01:21:15

I say look, let us go through the Quran together, let us look at all the if I can find any narration that helps you I don't want to make your life difficult. If the religion allows you to marry a person, then go for it.

01:21:17--> 01:21:46

But there is not a single scholar on Earth that has read the Quran that has concluded that is permissible. It is impermissible. And so for our sisters, you are only meant to marry Muslim men? And what is the wisdom? What matters? What is the wisdom within Islam, there is this concept of a rally where a woman is to be cared for and protected by a male guardian once she gets married, the same rights. And so let me give a practical example. In Islam when a woman earns money to her money

01:21:47--> 01:22:02

100 years ago throughout the world, this was not the case a woman's money belonged to her husband, and he could do with it was whether Europe and America those are the cases was about 150 years ago, in Islam. Now a woman gets a dowry, you can harm or you can hurt you can so all those things.

01:22:03--> 01:22:33

It only applies if the man actually agrees with it, that he conforms with that modality. So he said to the sisters, don't put yourself in that situation where you marry someone who doesn't agree with those models. And therefore you should only marry a muslim man. And your dad will say look, I can only give you that to another man to marry you someone who can treat you better than I can. And so that's really the concept of marriage. Oh, that was a long story. Short answer was the man can marry a Christian Jewish woman but not vice versa. Okay.

01:22:35--> 01:23:04

Anything else? So last side note, you know, we try we have this meeting treaty at Quran where we get single men and single women so many lovely single people looking for husbands and wives. Now Hamdulillah you must if you're single, let us know. Before you look too far outside there's plenty of fish in the in the halal sea. So just you know, look, let us know and inshallah we'll try and sort you out with the law. So I think that's it right or good. Then we use the Brioni

01:23:06--> 01:23:07

are these

01:23:09--> 01:23:16

Okay, so enjoy the Brianna and have a wonderful holiday and be safe inshallah shukran Salah Cena Mohammed Well, I'm listening. I'm not gonna go to

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tech report writing, oh.

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Calling the

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teacher is available for you as you go.

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Time to think for putting into practice sheet. Names are translations of the Quran that you can come

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