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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a woman named Sophia who was found by her father as a woman of a Jewish woman and their Swati site. Sophia was later married to a woman named Beniousha, who was also a woman of a Jewish woman. The couple had a romantic relationship, but the marriage was reconciled before the day before the three months in the same place. The woman died at age fifty and was fasting, leading to a disastrous marriage.
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Today in sha Allah we are continuing with the legacy and the life of Cena Hafsa. She actually was described like her father, witty, so she was a little bit jealous of the other wife, which is say that Sophia,

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which is the Jewish wife or for our Swati site or Sam cedar, Sophia was very beautiful. So she Rasul Allah is thought was Sudan entered and found the Seder, Sofia crying, and he said, why you're crying? And she said to him, and he saw to Sudan, he also said to me, You're the daughter of a Jewish and our Swati saw to Assam said and why you're crying, say to her,

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my father is a prophet. He's referring to say, you know, Musa, my uncle is a prophet referring to say no Harun, and my husband is a prophet, referring to our Roswaal Sr, to Sarah. So why you think you're better than me? And then he said, to have sought it, tequila Hafsa Hafsa be Allah conscious meaning is not something very nice to be said. SubhanAllah. When you read these, you feel that human beings are human beings and woman or woman, feelings, jealousy, but at the same time, whenever they were reminded of Allah subhanho wa taala. They stop right away. Subhana one off her uniqueness is that verses of the Quran was revealed because of incidents related to her. And these are the first

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four verses of Surah two time chapter 66. And there is more than one narration on the commentaries of the surah. But one of them is that she became very close to say Dasia and Roswaal, a salatu salam used to spend time equal between his wives before he spent the night with a wife. That is her time for that day. They both noticed that he's spending a little bit longer time with a si designer, Ben Josh, as we said, She was very beautiful. So both became little bit jealous. And they made a plan.

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And say that I shouldn't say the house, I decided that when a la soiree, salatu salam come to any one of them first, after he spend time with a sea designer, we're going to tell him that we smell not very good smell from you. What did you eat of the house of Zainab? And then they did. And the first one he entered was to say to Hafsa, so she asked him, there's a smell coming, what did you eat? And he said, honey, and then he wanted next to say de ICERs house as the same question. And he said, the same thing. And he said, That's it. I am not going to eat honey anymore. And Allah has revealed. Yeah, you want to be able to hurry mama, hallelujah hula, why do you make things are

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lawful, because you want to please your wives. And then Allah has revealed that this was actually a plan between the two wives, and Allah gave them the option if you can repent, then your hearts will be cleaned. Otherwise, he may divorce them. Or he may divorce you, as the verse said, also one of the unique incident and you can see how many uniqueness in the life of this woman that in the books of Sierra and in the books of Tafseer commentary on the Quran. There is a mentioned that a soiree salatu salam either planned to divorce a Seder have sought or he actually divorced her. There isn't a details about why, however, the marriage was reconciled before the day before the three months in

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one of the incidences that say that Omar was really unhappy, and he actually talked with her about it. What a test. You're the daughter of say no more, the wife of Ross, Swati salatu Sinha, and that was what he saw to us and I want to divorce you, what will be the talk of the town? What a test. However, this woman is very well known for her piety that she used to be as she actually described a Salama Tonkawa. She always fast. And she is constantly in night prayer that she died and she was fasting. She actually died at age 59 At the time of Malawi, and she was actually buried also in any Baqia the same genital bucket that God didn't have a bucket next to the prophets are a salatu salam

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mosque and the janazah was led by the governor of Medina. Marijuana have not come. May Allah be pleased with her

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