The Crime Of Many Muslim Parents

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At five or 6am depending on the seasons fed you the salah has arrived and is on its way to soon expiring in 100 minutes an hour and a half. In that hour of small blesseth group of Muslims pull themselves out of bed they wash up, head out to the masjid perhaps remembering Allah azza wa jal making this to be perhaps using the sila from the prophetic example, until they arrive at these homes that Allah erected the houses of Allah feeble youth in Evian Allah Who and sort of our youth coffee has small houses he permitted that they be erected for the mention of his name. And they say and they mean Allah has bigger than everything in my life, Allahu Akbar, whereas the massive

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majority of the OMA in that hour is asleep in their beds. And if there is in a home, a mother or a father or both that pray, most likely the older children at the same time are still sleeping in their beds. Phaedra time has now expired, the budget is over. And now it's time for school or work. All of a sudden, the house bursts with life bursts with activity, the alarms are going off like their sirens, like people have to run for the bomb shelters and the hallways get crowded make lines in front of your bathrooms. And even if you go to Muslim countries, even the streets will tell this story a moment ago an hour ago, they were silent graveyards. All of a sudden they're buzzing traffic

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in the streets and people cutting each other off and honking horns and there's coffee lines. These two hours tell a great deal of the story about the condition of the Muslims with regards to their Deen. You know, there are many parents out there many mothers and many fathers that wish that their child their children pray Fudger on time, but that's it. It's just the wishes stops there. If it doesn't happen, nothing changes. But if you compare it on the other hand, if your child were a few minutes late for work or school, it takes place immediately the tensions arise, and you storm over to their bed and you see and you do whatever is necessary to make sure this child gets there on

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time. Question, is it wrong for people to be concerned with their jobs, their careers? Is it wrong to be protective of your child's degree and his and his future? Absolutely not. In fact, it's undeniably Islamic, that you consider it wrong to be a burden on society by choice, right? It is absolutely wrong for you to be a burden on the people. That is clear. But how can it be can it ever be acceptable? That our work our career our schooling that leads up to it are education's is greater in our lives? Then Sultan fidget? I'm not talking about salatu Jana, I pray in congregation. I'm talking about what has never been debated in the Ummah of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as an

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obligation for the past 1500 years. I'm talking about the the super foundation of Islam. I'm talking about what every single scholar in this ummah bar none. There is no scholar you will ever find among humanity or even in the jinn, that has said it is permissible for you to leave salata unfettered until it's time expires. If it's in your hands, if you can do anything about it, so long as you're conscious, and you're not a woman who's on menses or postpartum there's a time for Salah it cannot be deferred beyond it. As a matter of fact, if the husband will play him say all the scholars of Islam will also agree that missing a prayer deliberately until it's mandatory time expires is the

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greatest sin by each man by unanimous agreement greater than murder greater than drinking wine greater than Zina greater than cruelty to your parents. Do we see it that way? In fact, the only thing they debated over is whether or not leaving Salah giving up Salah like this or certain forms of giving up Salah was they invalidate your Islam or not. And so after knowing that please just imagine the scene with me imagine what we do. You get up in the morning if you pray for God and you tell your son fallen Habibi beta whatever Salah if we do that much command Salah lady May Allah guide you get up and that's it. You walk on cool, free of conscience, no guilt and you go on with

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your own personal life. And then an hour later when it's time for school or it's time for them to get to their job. You come in irate you come in angry and the atmosphere gets hostile and you make sure they

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Have to get there. You know as a result of this I live a generation and even those in the generation before me we have people now everywhere that say openly. I have not prayed fetched on time in 10 years. I prefer just before I go to work whenever I get up, have your children ask their friends anonymously. How many of you prefer on time you will find that none of them do. Or maybe one of them or two perhaps that his parents are on top of their case or his blessing wife perhaps is relentless telling him if you don't get your act together if you don't start making Salah with this relationship can't continue. So he pulls himself out of bed. We have people that say ice people that

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set the alarm for work, they set the alarm for school they don't set up the alarm whatsoever for a little fidget what does that say about our commitment to this Dean? How could it help this happen? Wallahi This is betrayal of our children betrayal of ourselves betrayal of Allah he I can't find another word for it. When you with that behavior, you tell them put all your marbles in this, this is what's important. And so later on when they tried to adopt a new habit of Salah it's hard, or they feel that this is what matters. This is success. And this that you keep pointing at with your behavior with your protectiveness of this could end at any moment. It could be impossible, worldly

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success. It could be taken in an instant, and yet they banked on it. Something that can vanish in an instance how how could it be that our school which is the roadway to our career became more important greater in our eyes? Then I moved to Islam the Prophet SAW Selim called it that the central column of Islam because it is that which your Islam collapses without How could it be that my start time at work which determines the impression I put on my boss how my boss looks at me is more important to me than the pillar of Islam that without it I could be disqualifying myself from Islam. How could it be that my sadness when My pay is docked at work? For not showing up for not

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signing in for not giving it the due time that is expected of me not meeting expectations? How could my sadness for being at loss with my money being docked in my pay be greater than my sadness when I miss phygital one day? This is a very painful comparison that we need to make. Because it reveals to us that in reality, our dunya has become greater in our hearts than our deen whereas Salatin Fejn that our afficher This is the most honest hour because it will honestly answer that question is duniya worldly gain more of a priority for me than the