Tahir Wyatt – Du’aa in Ramadan – Introduction

Tahir Wyatt
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the use of the Prophet sallavi wa Adana during the month ofFinancial, with some of the news being revealed to the public. The interviewer suggests that people should be keen to make glad they mentioned the Prophet's statement about sex and that they should be keen to make glad. The interviewer also mentions that people should be keen to learn new things and make new eyes.
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in English in English in English

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when I asked you a question I want you to think about this before you answer how many times

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in the Quran does Allah subhana wa Adana specifically speak about the month of Ramadan?

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Yeah, once, that's correct, the ads that deal with fasting all kung fu soda tillbaka

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there's an interesting point. And that is that the first three is a last minute data talks about how the fasting was prescribed for the previous nations, and it has been prescribed for us. He mentioned some of the rulings for those who are sick, or those who are traveling.

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He then says the shadow Madonna lady who's in the field for the month of Ramadan, it was super iron was revealed to the end of that I

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then there's a fourth eye

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and then Allah that doesn't talk directly about fasting. And then also kind of what's added goes back to the subject of fasting. And he says, Hello, let him lay, that's a cm above what we learned, he say come to the end of the I the it is permitted for you to go to your wives intimately during the nights of fasting.

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That fourth ayah

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Allah subhanaw taala talks about something very important than it is at

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calling upon Allah subhanaw taala invoking him supplicating to him subhanho wa Taala so Eliza Joe says what he does son okay Eva Do I need for in the party? If my servants ask you about me know that I am nearing I am close, I am pretty big Buddha today either an answer the call of the one who calls upon me when he calls upon

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fell yesterday he will he will you mean to be? So let them seek the answer from me, let them call upon me and seek that answer. And let them believe in me lie along your shadow so that they can be guided to the straight path so that they can be guided along a straight way. The scholars of Tafseer mentioned that there's a very fine subtle point. In mentioning do I in the middle of these I ended up talking about the rulings of fasting. And that is because the month of Ramadan should be a month of God.

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The person who is fasting as the prophets of the lie that was Sunnah mentioned authentic Heidi, that there are three categories of people three types of people whose do I who supplication and whose invocations are not rejected. And from a monster is the fastest person when he breaks as fast and in another narration, until he breaks his fast. So the person who was fascinating should be keen to make glad I mentioned that point. As a reminder, that in this month of Ramadan, you should be very keen to make glass as much as possible and learn new glass learn to do as the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to me. Because there is no doubt that there is no one who called upon the Lord better

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than the prophet SAW the light it was some of there's nothing that you can say that is better

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than what the prophet is allowed to sit in himself said.

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So some people make personal blauwe which is fine, and they make God for whatever it is that is concerning them or for their family members. But recognize that the Do I have the Prophet is salatu salam was very comprehensive and inclusive of most of the things that we're asking the last candidates either for more specific

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so you ask Allah subhana wa tada for a good job, and a salary raise and a nice car and a beautiful house in a nice family. All of this Have you just set up an antenna for dunya Hashanah. All of this including Allah give us the good of this life. The job is from the good of this life. Nice homes from the

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of this life, beautiful spouse nice children different this is from the good of this life. Except that is more inclusive because it includes that and everything else that is from the good at this life if you just set off the 19 everything you

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will ask him if he has an illness the good of the hereafter we want gender. We don't want to be punished

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Burkina Davina enough save us on the punishment of the Fire. So those three

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those three statements would have been have included everything that and you could have thought to ask for that is no harm of course and asking for anything that you want.

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And as a matter of fact, it used to come some of the companions and those who follow them.

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They used to ask the last panel to either for things that we may look at as being insignificant. If the * their sandal broke they would ask allies with Joe to aid them in repairing you know for the little things.

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Either Santa Clara verde and if anybody my service asked me about me know that I am near. So what I'm going to do with the land, what I plan to do and I asked Allah subhanaw taala to aid me in this is that every day, every day that we have class.

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Here we're going to learn

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it from the comprehensive

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do eyes that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to make

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and if you take this as a souvenir for yourself in Ramadan, every Ramadan every day, you learn a new and you're going to learn 29 or 30 new eyes every year

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or after 10 year period you have 300 inshallah,

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and you can make them all of the time

There are four ayaat in the Qur’an directly pertinent to Ramadan, and they are mentioned in one passage in Surah al-Baqarah. In the middle of these ayaat that talk about the rulings of fasting, there is an ayah that encourages us to call upon Allah. The significance of that ayah and the importance of making du’aa in this blessed month of Ramadan is examined in this clip.

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