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similar hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah ah Marian we get the name of Allah All Praise and Glory be to Allah and my science peace and blessings be upon us messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and his family in his companions and all those which are at his path. We ask Allah to make this gathering this virtual gathering and all of our skills and make us among those about whom the prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam said no people gathered together in the house of Allah and we were intending, were it not for COVID to be in the house of Allah right now. There are no people who get together in the house of Allah reciting the book of Allah and studying it together. Except that

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he explained that four things happened to Lama Hatha, he was alone.

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He said that a lot of Zoa Jen

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causes Sakeena tranquility descend upon them, and mercy Rama to blanket to them, and the angels to surround them and Allah azza wa jal to mention them in the highest company that is with him subhanho wa taala. And so we pray that this gathering is among those gatherings by virtue of our intentions and our

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dedication to his book every Friday night. So we welcome everyone back to the 14th session now on the discussion of the best of stories, the story of use of Allah Islam,

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in particular, and we are concluding now the discussion that took place behind bars, use of Alehissalaam with the other two inmates that approached him regarding the interpretation of their dream. Last week, we spoke about how he took advantage of them not in a selfish way, but for their own good

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by prefacing his explanation of the dream with where he got that explanation from, and that was a wedge for him to give them what they needed, what was more important for them, though they may they may not have been looking for it. But more important for them than the meaning of the dream, which is the meaning of life, the purpose of life, and the worship of Allah devotion to Allah is Elijah. And so the Dawa discussion and the super wise there are techniques were there in last week's session, if you want to go back to it, but now he interprets the dream. He says to them, yeah, so heavy usage, oh, two companions of the prison cell or the prison with me. I'm huduma. As for one of

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you too fast, the robber who hamara he will give drink to his master give a drink to his master of wine, he will give wine to his master to drink.

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Well, MLF Haru. And as for the other, if I use level, He will be crucified

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for that cooler title. And that's it. And then the birds like the vultures, or the Ravens will eat from his head.

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Fully ill Amarula. The fee they stuffed in the matter about which you inquired has been decreed is finalized.

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And so I said that I would speak a little bit about how the scholars that are specialized and I'm certainly not a scholar, nor specialized at all

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in dream interpretation, but some of the rules they took from this principles regarding dream interpretation.

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So he said to them, if you remember from last week, one of them so on a dream that birds were eating bread off his head, and the other one he saw himself was he was squeezing pressing grapes.

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And so they wanted the interpretation of these dreams. So usually, they said, I'm here and said, one of you will be giving wine and you know, wine is made from grapes will be giving wine to his master, to the king. This was the butler and the baker of the king if you remember, and as for the other one, the birds will eat his head.

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literally eat from his head like eat parts of his head and the matter is finalized. So what can we learn from this? Regarding dream interpretation? They said number one

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is Delilah to hell,

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which is

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the, the inductance that are provided by the condition of the questioner, you see, because two people,

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two different people can see the same dream. And it can mean different things for each of them, because the who they are their condition,

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effects how the interpretation of the dream

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will happen. And I'll give you an example it is said that

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Mohammed ethnicity and document Allah was probably the most celebrated dream interpreter

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in Islamic literature, and to the point that's the famous book of his dream interpretation, Mohammed Mysterion, is the author on the cover of the book. Some have even said some historical critics Muslim, have said that that may not even be his book, but he was just such an authority. Muhammad didn't see it in this Tabori that someone just put his name on his own book to get the book to spread farther, which would be dishonest of course, but just to show you how authorised and how much of an authority he was in this in this field. So it is said that Mohammed in New Zealand was approached by a man once and said, I heard and then the then the gold to prayer in my dream.

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And so he said to him, you will go to Hajj, soon you will go to Hajj. That's what the meaning of your dream is. And then at some point at a later time doesn't have to be right after another man said to him, I heard the event in my dream. He said to him, you will lose your hand

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you will lose your hand. And so the people around him that heard two different interpretations of the same dream, wondered like how can this mean two different things? He said the first man, the the signs the traces of righteousness are evident on him. He looks like a righteous person. And therefore, the event for a righteous person

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means Hajj because Allah Subhana Allah Allah said in the Quran wherever then financeable Hajj, and call make event proclaim to the people and answer the people with halogen, so righteous people feel a sense of calling

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from within them, Allah carries to them if you will, the call of Ibrahim alayhi salam generations or millennia later. So him hearing the event. Allah called the call to hedge event and he was righteous and so he connected it that way.

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The other person he seemed to be the inductance were that this was a miscreant or a criminal or someone that had some

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trouble some qualities that were obvious about him. And so he said to me, he would lose his hand. Because in Surah, Yusuf Allah subhanho wa Taala said that later on in the story we have erased his part of the animal and Xenon are yet to regrow. In Nakula Surya cone a color called out it's the same word I then which just means loud proclamation in the linguistic sense. And I then was made saying, what not LaHood Hola, hola, hola, hola. And Yvan was made saying oh caravan among you are those who are stolen. And of course, the theft of stealing. The I'm sorry, the punishment for stealing,

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is is amputation. And so he got from his personality, hearing the adven that he would suffer what a person that still suffers.

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what does this have to do with use of an insulin interpretation of the dream here? Well, he said to the man, you are going to give drink to your master the king, why the king, he must have understood that this man he must have asked or found out and based on that took the fact that he saw himself squeezing grapes

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to make wine. That's what grapes were used for. When they were squeezed to connect it with the fact that he would get his job back. And this is a very unlikely thing and you will see it will come through like a person who is accused of trying to assassinate the king, you know, him being absolved cleared of the accusation is enough, right.

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This will be more than being cleared of the accusation.

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He will actually get his job back and return to serving the king wine. And so use of Allah said I made that connection on the other hand.

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So he understood the man's occupation plus his dream equal, you will

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To return to that, because there's no place in the dream where it says I'm giving it to the king, just as I'm pressing wine. So use the valleys Salaam is showing us that you need to know the person's condition to be able to connect his dream with his realities. And so he knew his former job before coming into prison and connected it that way. And then that he said, As for the other one, you're gonna get executed. He was He told him, he said it to him straight, the birds are going to eat from your head. And so there are some interpretation, there are some principles here for dream interpretation of them. The scholar said, is that a little Majora?

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The the the indiquant of proximity, meaning.

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Dreams are vague naturally, right? They're symbolic. And so when something happens in a dream, it may resemble what will happen right next to it. And so he understood that birds eating bread from his head. By proximity, it meant that birds were going to eat his head. And that meant a lot execution because there's another one that I like to add that one Do people which is the the indiquant, or the principle of customs? What when do birds customarily lands on a person's head? Right? And so bread basket? No, it was actually the head was intended, the proof was the nearness where was the bread. So it wasn't really about the bread, it was the location of the bread. So the

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bread that usually brings birds is actually bringing birds for his head, his head is going to be the bread

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because it was sitting near his head. And then he realized execution, because usually birds don't eat from the head of a person while he's alive. They usually eat from his head, his actual head, or his body like vultures or otherwise when you're dead.

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And so these are some of the principles that the scholars derived from this surah they derive many different places on how to interpret dreams. So the condition of the person is important, what is happening around the scene, don't get bogged down by the details, because dreams are vague and you know, indirect to begin with.

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And the the inductance of customs, when do these things usually happen? Because there is a message here right there was a connection to be made.

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Stepping out of the principles of dream interpretation. Another important lesson here is that he told the man straightaway what the men probably didn't want to hear the second man which is what you're gonna get executed.

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And that must have been difficult for the man to hear and use valet said I knew that was probably difficult that he was already set up to say that to him. But what do we learn from this? Honesty always wins even when it's difficult to be honest. He had to be honest with him. Sometimes it's bitter in the beginning, but the fact that he told him

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the truth is you're going to get executed is what gave him credibility. When they came found out about him later on. They're going to say he said exactly what was going to happen even before you guys decided to execute the man even before you guys decided to

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to kill him. And so and that is also why if you notice later on in the Surah Yusuf Ali salaam they call him what when they pulled him out of prison. You have severe use of also dear, oh man of truth, oh confirmer of truth. And the Prophet alayhi salatu wa sallam said this is a conversa stick to truthfulness, honesty.

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For inner Rajala Yes, the way the hara set up for a man will be truthful and insist on being truthful meaning even when it's hard, will insist on being truthful. Have you looked at her in the law hustle deca, until he is written with a lot as a slit dip as a confirm of truth or a man of truth.

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And so those were certainly important lessons from from this surah.

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And then the eye ends interestingly, it says hold the L M rule levy fee, the stiff DN. The matter about which you have sought fatwah the stiff the n means you You asked for a fatwa. And so dream interpretations are not a light matter. The Allah called them a fatwa, like a religious edict.

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And so we should be careful, as I've said many times regarding dream interpretations, but there's another reason not just because they're federal, because the word hears had pulled the alarm, the matter is finished. Why is the matter finished? And why did he say that? So our beloved Mehserle are the Allahu Anhu said that once he gave them the interpretation of the dream, the guy who was going to get executed said no, no, nevermind, I didn't actually see that in my dream. He tried to walk back his his request of the interpretation, but use a valid set of settlements over you asked for the interpretation.

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So what does that mean? Does that mean his dream

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is what meant that he's gonna get executed or

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for his interpretation of the dream that finalize the reality,

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the interpretation, there's a hadith it's called Vania Rahim Allah including so hegemony though it's controversial in this chain. It is.

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We're in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, a row here a row, Allah originally thought it in

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mallam to above a professor through either a beret

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workout or to help covered. Okay, Macaulay Salatu was Salam that the

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dreams are indefinite originally thought it means they're on on the foot of a bird. That's just an expression in Arabic, that means instability. You know, birds are all over the place, right? They're not settled.

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They fly, right? So it's just an Arabic expression. So he said, I saw two Salam dreams are unsettled, until they're interpreted. And so once they're interpreted, they unfold that way.

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And that is of the reasons, by the way, when a dream scares you,

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you're not supposed to go looking for an interpretation. Perhaps this is why, one of the reasons why. And so they wanted to, he wanted to make sure it doesn't materialize. So he wanted to walk it back when he said, I said, You already asked for the interpretation.

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And so it's over. The next verse, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, wakad I love the Ivana. And he said to the one that he thought or knew the word the one that here means presumed or was certain it has two interpretations. And each of them and each of them there's a lesson, but he said to the one that he thought would be saved, have the two of them have cornea and optic mentioned me with in front of your master, meaning go tell the king about me that I'm in here wrongfully. I'm wrongfully accused fencer who shaved on with a copy and the Shaytaan, The devil made the man

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who the butler would be freed made demand forget to mention use of Allah he said to the king, for Levita visa, Geneva Lawson, and so he had to remain there in the prison for several years, before I've seen in several years. So what can we take from this quickly, I only have 10 minutes left. Number one shaytaan. For sure, Allah allowed him to, for a greater wisdom in the grander scheme of things. But shaytaan was successful at making the man forget use of Alayhis Salam, the moment he left. So that use of Allah He said, I will not exit the prison.

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shaytaan love is to separate the righteous from the masses. You know, when news rallies slam rejoined the masses, everything is headed in the right direction. Shaitan loves to separate the righteous from the masses. And this is something that has happened historically. Right? When the righteous go and live in isolation away from the people, well, if the best of society are going to separate voluntarily, right from the rest of society, how will society ever know right from wrong anymore? How will they ever walk back their mistakes? How will they ever find, you know, encouragement. And so, and that is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to us I love the

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L movement, the believer a letter you find it when NASA or elsewhere who mixes with the people and endures their harm is patient in the face of their harm. hiatal Minelli, meno Leddy meaning Levy, Allah you heard it from NASA while else with their homies various in the believer that does not mix with the people and does not endure their harm. And so, if you're not going to be able to be patient, then you will you can seclude yourself to the degree that is absolutely necessary.

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That's why seclusion in the age of chaos when there really is nothing to be done. is warranted it is in the Sunnah. And so yeah, you don't mix at that point that there's no way to be patient.

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Or you mix in a way that is minimal. Minimal means what mandatory means like you don't have conduct many conversations with people anymore. You don't socialize anymore. You just do the bare minimums gonna keep ties and family at the bare minimum make myself out in the masjid at the bare minimum, especially for the men there's a minimum right like Jamar. So but otherwise, you isolate that's when there's no good to be made. But ordinarily, there is good to be made and there's going to be harm involved that you want to endure. Shaitan is going to always try to trick you away from that sooner. No no, no the people are lost the people are finished to save yourself. He'll always try to get you

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to misread that so be very careful and and don't make the exception the rule. The believer who mixes with the people and is patient with their harm is better than the believer doesn't mix it the people doesn't mix and doesn't show patients in the face of their harm. shaytaan didn't want him to mix with the people he wanted to keep use of Alex

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Have them forgotten for as long as possible fencer who shaytaan shaitan made him forget us of for many years, and then Allah Azza hinted, so he remained in prison for several years. That's interesting, right? Because Allah azza wa jal knows exactly how many years. Allah subhanaw taala

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knows before he goes in, and while he's the he knows all of this. So why does it say builder I've seen in several years, not nine years, not eight years, not 10 years, not 20, just in several years. And builder is anything from three to nine in Arabic.

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And so the scholar said, what Allah azza wa jal is teaching us not to get caught up with

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unimportant information. And to not get into the habit of sharing inconsequential, right? information, facts that don't make a difference. facts that will not benefit facts that could distract facts that could harm. And so it is not important. It is not one of the lessons to be learned how many years were there, don't get caught up on it feels important. Allah would have mentioned it to this is an important rule and you reflect on it and always tell yourself, Allah is teaching me through the things he mentioned to me. And he's teaching me through the things he withholds from me. There's always a lesson to be had. There's no fillers in the Quran ever.

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And then, let me rewind in my last point here,

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he said to the man that he thought would be safe out of those two guys, meaning not the baker, but the butler.

00:21:38--> 00:21:50

He I'm interpreting it as thought, because one could be conjecture, and one could be certainty. So why did why did he only assume think that he would be saved? When he is an infallible prophet?

00:21:51--> 00:21:54

Maybe it is from his great humility, right? That

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he did not want to be overconfident in his interpretation. Maybe more was going to get revealed to him, maybe a lot. xojo is going to correct him. Yes. And so if you're not a prophet, please, after getting trained, don't be so sure about your interpretations of dreams or of Deen. It's not a matter that's agreed upon by the scholars. Just lower your wings. Take it easy. And never forget that your assumptions or assumptions no matter how strong your assumptions are, never confuse concreteness with possibilities and assumptions.

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the one interpretation the other interpretation of he said it to the one that he was certain was leaving is because he it was revelation from Allah subhana wa Tada. So however you interpret it, there's a lesson to be learned. But he said to the man mentioned me to your master, mentioned me to your master.

00:22:59--> 00:23:07

Some of the scholars said that it was not right for him to say mentioned me to your master. Or Razia Rahim, Allah mentioned this initiative said

00:23:08--> 00:23:13

and he said, although this may be permissible for an ordinary person,

00:23:14--> 00:23:36

this was unbefitting of the closest servants of God to ask of the servants of Allah subhanaw taala help. And for sure, there is a field of operation for this sort of principle that don't ask of the people ask Allah subhanho wa taala. And it is a little bit subjective meaning it varies from person to person, and it varies from what you're asking for.

00:23:40--> 00:24:18

But it should never mean that it is impermissible for you to engage your reality sometimes it is even mandatory only to engage your reality of course, engaging your reality with di as part of that, but I mean other ways than just so Razia Rahimullah even said that ever since I was young, never that I asked other people of something except that I it always came back to bite me or I was always disappointed. And every single time I decided you know what? I'm not going to talk to anybody about this. I'm just going to talk to Alonzo again, he said except that I found above my expectations. And so there is a place for this for sure. But uh sadly Rahim, Allah and other scholars that have seen

00:24:18--> 00:24:35

say No, Allah azza wa jal was actually showing by this verse, the very opposite, that it is permissible for you to ask of people what they can usually get done. Right, like speak to someone on your behalf or write you a prescription or things that can ordinarily customarily be done by them.

00:24:36--> 00:24:45

It is permissible for you to ask them these things. And this verse is actually proof of that. It's proof that you should and can be asking of people.

00:24:47--> 00:24:59

When it is possible to ask for them such a thing, you're not gonna ask a person for rain. You might ask a righteous person to make the offer rain. Yes, though, but if it's possible, it's within the realm of possibility. This is

00:25:00--> 00:25:25

are some a chance for them to get the reward as well. The province also lives that is fairer to general whatever the law who are listening to be he Masha, intercede for each other and you will be rewarded by Allah for putting in a good word for each other. Right and so he him saying mentioned me to your Lord is not shameful whatsoever according to that interpretation that I can help leading to it is demonstrating the permissibility, even for a profit

00:25:26--> 00:25:43

to ask for help from human beings, so long as our heart is locked upon the reality, which is if this works, it's because Allah made it to work. He is what gives everyone their influence and their power and their agency. But that doesn't mean we don't seek it through the direct means that I love with in front of us himself. And so that

00:25:45--> 00:26:23

he said, he mentioned me to your Lord, so shaytaan made him the first interpretation of a Razzie would mean that this was sort of the reason why he was set back and spent longer in prison. But according to the second interpretation, which I'm leading to, but my leanings mean nothing. It would mean and but after that, and so the next point in the story, it's not cause and effect it's just and so when he did that, it didn't work out because shaitan did shaitan intervene and cause the man to forget. I hope those are of benefit and Allah Zilla Jetta knows best panic allowing him to make sure to alert you that he learned to like see everyone next week. Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi

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