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Bismillah R Rahman you're watching

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salam alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh Somalia will hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. While they are early he was so happy he will Manuela La Molina my info now on foreigner Bhima lantana in Dhaka Semyon Maji Buddha, Allah how many I will do become an emerald I am far more Palvin Leia Shah and I've seen letter Shiva. Where do you learn SMA from banana to SuperLumiNova in Daytona? Habla Milan Kurama indica Intel Wahab OB strategy solder us sadly only one of the Tamil listen you have Coco Lee, salaam alaikum, everyone, Joseph Malarkey, for joining us and again, show us where are you joining us from hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen. Again, another Tuesday Allah gave us

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live gave us about an hour time and allowed us to meet to spend an hour in his remembrance, especially today remembering him remembering his house Subhana

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this actually program was supposed to be Subhanallah was supposed to be

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broadcasted actually when I came back from Amara back in October, but Allah subhanaw taala did not allow it at that time, and then it was supposed to be scheduled another time and Subhan Allah, something again happened a lot did not allow us and Allah always teaches us Subhana Allah, that it is not our decision, and it's not our planning and it's not our choice. Subhana he always do it one

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kayfabe shirt, white shirt, one Metallica shirt, the way he wanted it, or the way he wills it, and the time he wills it, and when wherever he was it so Subhan Allah, Allah allowed it today and Subhan Allah always when he plan and he's the best piano, as, as we all know, a lot of people will do on Monday have already gone came back coming back and a good number of people in Germany are going you know, to

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O'Meara and this is actually the holiday seasons and also hamdulillahi rabbil aalameen the restrictions that has been is becoming easier and easier. So 111 behind me and what I wanted to share with you this is going to be a series Inshallah, maybe two or three, we'll see how it is gonna go we're gonna be sharing together and learning together, what we need to learn not about Umrah or Hajj, rather about the place where we are going. And any time we know

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the place itself.

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It's brings different perspective should specially when we talk about Allah's house and Makkah should bring different perspective. And I always say this to myself, and anyone who asked me about what should we back when we go to an MRA or when we go to Hajj.

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And I always my answer is, number one, pack your Nia and not the New Yorker haram. And again, we're not talking about we're talking about spirituality and what should I feel in where I am going your ear, your your intention is you are going to go visit his house to please Him responding to his invitation. So it's a complete different perspective than going and anywhere else. And number two, keep reminding yourself the moment you leave even before you leave your house and as you are going and in the plane and the way in the bus or in the train. Where are you going? And never ever look to that place? Which I what I'm talking in referring to his own law's house and his city MK Don't you

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ever look at it or regarded any other place not even Medina and there is always this question. It's like moko or Medina will come to this Inshallah, maybe next week when we talk about the part two, but the whole idea is we Muslims really lay him down when we glorify the place and we have this aura to the place 100 lot of Brahman but sometimes we all get busy. And we get distracted. By the usual you know the travel things and and the plane and the heart and the weather and the and the hotel. We need to remind

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ourselves and keep reminding ourselves about where are we going? Or if anyone who's listening to me already there, where are you? Or when I came back out where was I Subhan Allah. And I will start by sharing hadith of rasool Allah His salatu salam, when what he regard.

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Makkah and he said the the end he said the following, and this hadith is an eternity and in Niger and this is a Sahabi who is Abdullah? And no ID no hamara may Allah be pleased with him. He said I saw Roswaal in salatu salam. So this is a hobby, this companion Saraswati Salatu was Salam was a fun and it has water. He saw him standing on an Hazara Elijah is a place scholars different is the place inside Mathcad is pleased just a little bit outside MCC but looking at MCC. So the whole idea is seeing it. And he talked to it. Subhanallah salatu salam he talked to Makkah, you know, when we when we love our house, and we are moving, or we are leaving, and you look at that, whether it's a room,

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whether it's your house, and it's your apartment, but you you love it, you have this personal relationship, and you look back on it and you say I love this place, I spend a lot of good time ever good memory, and this is place on Earth. So imagine Rasul Allah salatu salam, looking at Makkah,

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and talking to it. And he said, one lie. In Nikita, he'll audibly Leah by Allah. You are the best land of Allah, Lahore you are or the law, best land of Allah will have the law he in a law will have will lay it on law, and you are the most Beloved beloved land to Allah and the most beloved, beloved land of Allah to Allah.

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The higher you are the best, you are the best

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land of Allah and the most beloved land of Allah to Allah. And then he said, Well Hola, me Hareesh Tomiki Maharaj. And he said, and if it was not, I was forced to leave, I will never leave.

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This is your Rasul and mine Alayhi salaatu wa salaam, talking to the land, talking to Makkah, not to a human being. And you can you can feel the feeling you can you can, even when you're reading it, you can see it. And of course he's glorifying Allah, but he's glorifying. My number one.

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He didn't call it maca. He didn't call it by the names he called it, he referred it to Allah in the key, the hero or the law. You are the best land of Allah, and you are the most beloved land of Allah to Allah Subhana Allah. And well Hola, Anthony couraged. I didn't leave by choice, if I will not had to leave, ordered by Allah to leave of course, but he was forced to the marched.

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Imagine how much he loved that place. Imagine how much he has connection with that place. And it is not because he was born there.

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And it is not because his family they had luck. We all as in general human, we love places because we have good memories. We have nice memories or our family. Is there something in it? But if you look at the Hadith, what he said, he said, I have what are the law, law law. And he referred to it as a land of Allah and the most beloved land of Allah to Allah. So here I am. The first thing is I am going or I'm preparing what I just registered for the OMA or I am leaving tomorrow. It doesn't matter. All the weather, if I already came back, I still have to keep in my mind. Where was I? Where am I going? Where I just registered to go is not a holiday is not the most beloved vacation place.

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No, it's the most beloved land of Allah to Allah Subhan Allah, we keep we need to keep reminding ourselves of this, to feel it. And to give it its due right to give the place the whole month to give it its due right. And Subhan Allah another thing that is special for MCC is the names of MCC.

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has more than 10 names of makin Imam and Murray said there is no city

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that has that many names

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as Mecca and Medina no other place on this earth. The same place has that many names just like Makkah and Medina meaning Mecca and Medina has so many names no one else has it. And he's and he's saying this is because and this is the beauty of it, when it comes to the cathode is so fatty Muqdadiyah for two reasons. Number one, I'm sorry, two reasons number one of them will be high or low. This is an imam known. He's saying the most honorable, best place on earth one and number two, because of the many characters of that place of the city, Makkah and today I'm going to spend the cover covering Macau only. And if Allah who's maybe next week, we finish about Macau and maybe the

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week after, we'll talk about Medina. But let's go with what we will share today Inshallah, and what we are going to be learning Bismillah is the names of the city. What are the names that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala chose the chose to himself to call Makkah. And it's all from the Quran. And I'm gonna take you one by one. Number one Bismillah Makkah

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and Allah subhanho wa Taala said it, he said in Surah to the victory and the surah is chapter 48. And the verse 24 will lead the Cafe de Hong Kong. Well, we're living cuz I'm sorry. Well, we'll let the cafe do home and we'll add a Home app. We'll let the cafe do mancom we'll add a comma and be Bocconi maquette mean by the end of the Torah Kamali?

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And this is how it says and it is He Allah who has restrained their hands out from you and your hands from and your hands from them. We bought NEMA in the mids of Makkah. So the name came from Allah subhanho wa taala. So the first name is maca. Now why it is called Bucha. So number one, when someone asks why it's called maca, it could be you. It could be your family, and it could be your neighbor, Muslims or non Muslims. The first answer is Allah called it. So it's like when someone asked you why your name is this name. You say my parents called me.

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Human being called the human being this is on ma the Creator, called the most beloved gland to him.

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But what does the word Maccha mean? Subhan Allah number one, and this is a meme of poverty. He said there is four sayings and there is four reasons. Scholars say why it's called maca. What is it? Number one?

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Maca because it it attract people to it tells you the Buddha eating him. Because people are so attracted to Macbeth. We don't have to comment on this. Just turn on the TV on Makkah during salah. see pictures during Ramadan and see pictures during Hajj. And you know, what is the hearts? How many Million Hearts millions and millions of hearts are attracted to that place. Subhanallah you know, and you're all unassuming Colima can people go to Makkah from everywhere. And subhanAllah there is a seat on all the lady who she used to say. If you have seen her, you will never feel rested. And you will have and if you have not seen maca, you will never feel rested. So if you've never gone, you

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always want to go you're as we say dying to go. I am so much one to go. You have never been you just seen pictures. Then if you if Allah subhanaw taala blessed you and allowed you to go and invited you then you will never rushed. It's amazing feeling how you keep wanting to go back Subhanallah you know, there's so many other places in the world, much nicer much beautiful. Meaning geography or scenery. And then you say that sit one time okay, it's acceptable.

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lot you know a lot the more you go, the more you want to go. So number one is smoker. It is because

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People young oneness people go to it like it's a focus where people go number two in Tamil common Bala mafia, eight destroy this is the name in Arabic Tabuk which mean destruction it destroys whomsoever whomsoever does injustice in it inside It's haram. It's Sanctuary. It's a holy city. That's why we call it holy city sanctuary had its own character from Allah subhanaw taala. Number three, because it is a tough city to live in, in general, weather wise, and it's geography, the job of the Atalaya because people put more energy and more effort to live it and the origin of it and McCormack to love them when you have the bone. And then there is a bone marrow inside and you want

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to get out the bone marrow, you need to do a lot of work to get it out either like you, you you press it hard, or you put something in it and take it out. So it's called Tamarack, maca and number four different little na because it doesn't have a lot of water.

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So the first name is maca. And most of us know it, and usually have a lot of Branimir we usually say Macomb Kurama the honorable maca and again because Allah honor did. So when I go again, parking planning

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in the plane and the bus, I need to know that this place called MK is ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala number one called in the Quran as we will see in all the others that's going to come and number two, everyone

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when you are there,

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remember this, there is so many millions wish they are in your place. And not one or two or three millions. Specially Allah's pantalla showed us and I want to just a little bit comment on this. Allah spawn Tada took it away from us, it is his house is not mine or yours.

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And he decided, by His wisdom, and by his knowledge, and by His Majesty decided, close it

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for almost two years, just a little bit less than two years. And each one of us Muslims need to ask this question. I asked that question. When I Allah subhanaw taala allowed me in October when I first saw the Haram and I was lucky Allah.

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You did not invite us for this of time.

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Your OB, it is not because of our sins. It's not because we did not give your city and your home it's do write

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your a b Don't deprive us from it again. And each one of us, we have to feel this. It is his house. Exactly. Allah is Exalted, but when it is my house and yours, you have the choice to invite whom you want or not.

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And he decided Subhana for a year and a half minimum people and you all I'm sure everyone have seen that picture where there was only the cleaner, sitting looking at the Kaaba alone and around him is completely empty, empty

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Subhan Allah.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala have glorified it. Allah subhanaw taala have exalted that place, and that place each human being Muslim,

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and even those non Muslims, if Allah pantalla opened their hearts and become Muslims, and they see it they want to go sometimes when I showed the pictures when I shared video with my non Muslim friends, they what you can see they would love to go and may Allah open their hearts so they can attend European become Muslim and attend. So number one Makkah the place that all the hearts wants to be there Subhan Allah number two, the other name of last pantalla said it in surah Allah Emraan Baca so the first one is maca with the second one is B with black boy backer and Allah says in surah Al Imran in the old debate dating what they had in Nancy lady we better move our country Wahoo

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Daniela enemy fee I had to be enough Muhammad Ibrahim woman in the hunter who can Amina Willa Helen NASA head job at many Stop it he said either the first house of worship appointed

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leanness for people in general Ledi Biba.

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The one that is in Baca, Mo Baraka, full of blessings, and well who they will hire me that house. So when you look at the Kaaba, whether you are seeing it on the TV, whether you are there whether you're looking at a big picture, remark, remember, remind yourself first house first, Allah chose the to be a place a house of worship, it is not because we are muslims a time of rasa risotto Salah to way way longer than that. Older than that.

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And he chose it and move araca Mubarak it's a blessing to place wha hoo de Lille anime and it's a place of guidance. P Aya tahmina has many signs

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for you to be not my Alma Ibrahim, one of the signs, the place have seen a Brahim and then Allah said this woman the Hello Who can Amina and whosoever enter in it, enter it, he is in peace. And there is no other word to describe the feeding inside the home.

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And even if you have not yet seen the cover, or you have seen the cover and the or of seeing the cover, but then you're sitting there looking at the cover or the praying looking at the cover the piece that human beings feel no one else on this earth, no other circumstances, whatever that circumstances will give you the peace and the serenity and the aura and the joy that you feel it in that place. And this is not only my word, ask anyone and if any of you watching me have felt that said it. Right it is a place of peace Subhanallah and I was headed woman the Hello Who can Amina and the person who enter it feels peace. You want to feel peace? Look at Makkah, ask Allah to invite you

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and when you are there, when you are there, in case you are not feeling it, ask Allah to show you what he said in his book. Woman The hunter who can Amina and anyone gets in it until it is safe is in peace. Allah said this in as I said in salt, it's only Iran and the verse is 96 Amina Subhanallah and why and why called Baca? Why it is called Baca Subhan Allah three reasons would be number one, because it's very crowded. It's one of the names for crowdedness it's very crowded Bucha it's very crowded to Baca from Boca from crying cuz people cry there yet back home or it's actually because they also are so crowded and they like compete with each others in it Subhanallah that's the other

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the other meaning of it and because tobacco and alcohol Jabbar Bureau because it's actually any tyrant in it to actually take care, take care of it, destroy any tyrant in it inside maca and also anyone who is arrogant in in our last part a pretender

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and the history have showed us again and again and again. so mcuh Baca is the secondly, thirdly, which is probably shot love familiar to some of you or many of you, will Cora, the mother of the cities, the mother of the city's own will Cora Allah called it in the Quran and in two places, so to Shura Assura which is a council chapter 42. Allah says waka dareka o Hanaa e de como Han min Emelina

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what Kinetico Hanaa ileka For Omen the RB and Li tune their Omokoroa woman Hola. Look at elica Oh hyena Ilica Ko and an RB and here we have are those we have we have inspired you or send down to you for an RV in Arabic Quran Quran in Arabic, y li to Indira on Malcorra you give warning Malcorra the other name to the Roman Quran woman Hola. So you give warning to the people of Omokoroa the city and who is around them.

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The mother of the cities of the cities the mother of

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The cities to and the other is the other worst, unless that's the sort of tool and and, and this is in verse 92. And so it's Al Anon and says what are their key terrible ends and now, move our Mossad delivery beignet li tune the euro, only turn the Roma Cora I can Allah combined the Quran with MCCA

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twice when he mentioned the name Omokoroa he combined it with the Quran Subhan Allah wa Kitab en Anza no mobile

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and this is a book we have send it off. This is a blessing book Quran send it down most of the Akula DBNAME a, it's a forming their book the books that was before beignet the one before him, meaning to rasool Allah saw torsa Will he twin Villamar Cora, so you will give warning to a more thorough the mothers of the city, why it's called the mothers of the city's serpin Allah look at this one.

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Because the earth under MCCA is flat.

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The earth under MCCA is flat. And because under it, it's on the top and everything is under it. So it is like a mother. It's on the top of everything.

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Every all the earth is under it's actually the center of this earth is MCE geographically, it's the center of this earth Subhan Allah number two,

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Cora, the mother of the series, meaning it's the best one, when you say this is the mother of knowledge. This is a very common word, a new way of saying things in the Arabic language when I say the mother of meaning, not when we talk about human beings. But when we're talking about something and we say this is the mother of knowledge. This book is like the mother of science, meaning this is the best. This has everything in one Cora Qibla Omaha because it is at sanctuary and it's the place all the Muslims face it.

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Wherever You are Subhan Allah, wherever we are, and I'm not talking about physically being there. But wherever we are on this earth

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we five times a day. We keep looking where is maca?

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Because we are going to want to pray and we pray to it. You're almost every human being the 1.6 billion. They focus five times a day. femicide, the masks, everything is where is the first thing you say where is the problem? What is the problem is where is my

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and it is the best as the first

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Hadith I shared with you, it is the best city, the best city, the best city ever. before and now and the for the future. And when we say

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the best city

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to heal, what this means

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is we cannot look at it in the parameters of the modern cities these days. Because this is not what Allah meant. Subhana it is the best Earth,

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the best soil, the most beloved land Subhanallah and when you see it, it's so amazing because literally, it is desert and mountains. And it is very hard geography. And those of you who have been there it is it's a it's very rough. And even it's it's rocks. Rocks are very hard ones. Hard, hard ones. It's tough one, it's hot, there's minimum water, and it la la, la EDA in Allah and Allah subhanaw taala has his own reasons. And he made that place, the most beloved, and the best place on this earth. Subhan Allah and Allah Quran and that's the reason should be number one, because it has the house of Allah

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subhanaw taala the house of Allah is in that part of of his Earth, back Imagine yourself, you are in the plane. Hi, and you're looking at the Earth, all the earth, let's assume.

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And then from all this huge, he chose that place the Creator to put his house in it.

00:29:46--> 00:29:59

A lot of places this Subhanallah be to live here. The House of Allah is in that place. The fourth name that Allah subhanho wa Taala put for Makassar hammock

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But, and then we have Omokoroa, the mother of the city, scald, mad, mad and loss of this in solitaire costs in the form of radical Khurana La da Dukkha. Era mad. Allah said to Roswaal in salatu salam, because he was removed from it. He was asked to be from Subhanallah I can't imagine his feelings and he salatu salam, you all know this feeling when we go from when we go to a mall, or how and when we leave. It's the hardest moment when you're doing your toe often Gwadar the last circumambulation around Mk. And everyone is full of emotions Subhanallah and when you leave you just can't look at the Kaaba and many many people most people will say your Allah don't make it the last

00:30:48--> 00:31:10

visit your Allah don't debride me from Subhanallah imagine or so obviously to Assam left it and he he didn't know when he's coming back. And Allah spawn Tada and sorta costs us the stories he said or the story and he said this is the first 85 in the lobby of roboticle Quran. Lara Dukkha Illa Mahad

00:31:11--> 00:31:34

Burnley the one who made who send or ordained the Quran for you will send you back to the city or Dukkha Lama he will bring you back to the place of return. Look at the name mad place of return. How many times people go to Makkah

00:31:35--> 00:31:37

and if you compare with other cities,

00:31:38--> 00:32:09

other cities people sometimes go more than once they either have home, they have business, they have family, but you don't. You don't go to a place where you don't have anybody there or anything that frequent or you want to go that frequent. And there is Muslims I know if it was their choice, they will go every year they go every month Subhan Allah mad a place of return. We will go back you will go back and we want to go back Subhan Allah, Satan Abdullah is

00:32:10--> 00:33:02

sitting up live now bass, he said mad is Maka Ma is maca. And then l Farah said mad is the place you were born. Subhan Allah LaTonya Cobra de las pantalla token talking to us what he saw to us and saying it's your house. It's your city is the place you were born or send you back. We will send you back. So you need when you are there again, going there or coming back there or planning to go packing your your suitcases to go remember that place. That place is widow Rasul Allah salatu salam, for more than 10 years. He was removed from it. He was dying to go back. But Allah promised him we'll send you back. And he didn't send him back right away. After a while. So for everyone who's

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listening to me and you've never been there, or you've been there only once and for some reason Allah subhanaw taala is not making it easy for you to go remember of a soiree salatu salam, he also went through the same feelings But have faith in Allah, Allah will send you back or Allah will invite you number one, so my ad is the place of return, place of return. The last part Allah called it

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now of consumer behavioral ballad, or antihero, we had a ballad, Allah made an oath by McAfee, and he call it an invalid city or the town and valid or country it has many meanings in the Arabic and valid allow oxygen will be handled by Allah, Allah made an oath. There is many oaths in the Quran, and always the day teachers teach us is when and allene yuksom overshoot for a while, when the majestic Allah make an oath by something, that something by itself is majestic.

00:34:12--> 00:34:14

So Allah subhanaw taala, for example, made

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an oath by the Day of Judgment, Claire Kasim, Obioma, Tiana, the Day of Resurrection, what is that? And then he said Dr. Qasim will be handled valid. And that is actually is an extra so mean I am making an oath on law. Again, the Creator

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made an oath by that city, maca, and how long they hadn't valid. And you live in this in this town or in this city. And scholars will say shall refer holla at the city of Makkah. Allah have honored and elevated his status and every place of that city. Every dust

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Every sand is glorified. And Allah subhanaw taala made it glorified and Allah subhanho wa Taala made it honorable and valid and no other place of loss pantalla quality millet

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but maca number six and Ebola do me same thing. City. But now he added another meaning to it Albula don't mean it's the city of safety and security. The city now again, I'm not talking about it must be the Haram only I'm talking about the city.

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Well, how they better do me what Cheney was a tune what all the singing were higher than better deal I mean, another oath.

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Again, last panel, Tyler made an oath, see how many oaths he made by maca and but call it another name. This one and Bella dual. I mean, the city of safety and security. Meaning when I go there, when I enter to when you see as you're driving from God or you're driving from Medina, or any comic getting into it, you'll start seeing the signs which says the beginning of the Haram, the beginning the starting of the sanctuary. That's where the whole city starts. In me, I need to remember these meanings. on Quora, the mother of the cities and Bella don't mean a secure place. Meaning Don't worry.

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Don't be afraid.

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Allah said it's a secure place. You will be safe. You will be secured. Everything happens to me to you inside that sanctuary is higher is good. It's his house. It's his city. Safe and secure. Sapan La La Bella dual Amin and there is no different opinion that

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the elderly do I mean the secure the secure city is Makkah and it is the the city that is safe from being invaded.

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And that some of the scholars said that better dude. I mean, no one can invade Makkah. Nobody.

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It's not because we are saying it is because Allah subhana wa Matana is saying this we need again and one of the reasons I chose this topic, the names of it because we really need to bring back in to our hearts into our daily life.

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The value and the honor

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of maca

00:37:57--> 00:38:23

and we love as I said in the beginning we all love it between me to start looking at it differently. So again when I am going my worry should be is not what I'm going to take with me and Masha Allah Tabata Allah, Allah responded to the drought of Satan, Ebrahim. Everything in his in that city, is nothing you find in the world. You don't find it in Makkah. Now you know, you don't know everything.

00:38:24--> 00:38:52

But Zocalo Homina Thammarat. Allah responded to the drought of Satan, Ebrahim, and he made a dry Allah give its people from everything, and Allah responded. So when you are packing when you're going when you are there, your worry, should be it's not I mean in this what happened if I don't get that immediately told us shaitan get into your heart and this immediately the response, Heidelberg told me

00:38:53--> 00:39:11

this is the secure city. My feelings internally should be very different. Very different because I have to keep reminding myself where I am. I need to keep reminding myself where I am. Where

00:39:14--> 00:39:17

where I am invited to

00:39:18--> 00:39:43

where I am. Keep reminding yourself and don't let shaitan distract you distract you by other things that you see. Whether it's people whether it is this whatever it is that keep focusing Where are you and better do Amin Makka Makka M will Cora the mother of the cities, one of the other names and Korea

00:39:44--> 00:39:59

Subhan Allah, Allah called like the village like the town is like more more personal, more intimate. And this is also to nationalise pantalla said, although Allahu methylone corrugating kind of mobile internet yet

00:40:00--> 00:40:50

How to squat Cooley McCann for California to be an army knife. But at the core law reversal Joy well hopefully we might come in at the end of solar two numbers 112 Allah said and law gave a parable of Korea, which is a city or a town again but again this is the depth of the Arabic language were three words in the English translate the city, but it's each one has a meaning. And Allah said and this verse a name should remind me of something related to my current to our current situation. And when Allah Subhana Allah revealed this verse, maca was absolutely a place of safety, security, who has yet to squat all of them, including McCann, and provisions comes to it from everywhere. For cover to

00:40:50--> 00:41:42

be anomala they were not grateful. And Allah made them taste, leave acid jewelry, well hope they made them taste hunger, and feel as if it is garment or cloth attached to them, meaning it is not the second or two they suffered for from it for a while. Why? Because they were ungrateful. So in a lie, he invited me to go to his house, and I am there, I need to be grateful. And number one sign of Being grateful is no complaint. hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah, these millions of hearts are focused on his house, they all are dying to come and here I am on there. And then I complain, the food is not the best to the hotel is not what they told me. And it's too hot or to

00:41:44--> 00:42:01

remember, I need to be grateful. So he will invite me again. This is one of the fears when I saw when I saw it in October. And I was like yeah, Allah, is it me because I was ungrateful to all the blessings you gave me. And you said, You're not coming again.

00:42:02--> 00:42:52

Let's be careful of that. Korea. We all are living in what's it called a city. Let's be grateful. So Allah does not take away from us the blessings He gave us. And if anything COVID taught us should have taught us that lost Hannah Montana is capable in a second to take away the blessings that we are so much used to it. And we lived in it. And we thought we will never leave it. Who thought in a minute that they will not be able to breathe. Unless they put they will not be able to breathe freely. No, they have to put a mask wherever they go. Three years ago, people would have laughed at us. Have we said that? Who thought in a minute for three months? We're going to be in two or three

00:42:52--> 00:43:23

months depends where are you in our homes don't go out unless it is necessary. And then the groceries outside and you bring the grocery and you have to sanitize everything and you keep washing your hands. And then you don't see your relatives and your relatives in the ICU can visit them all these he showed it to us. Let us not forget what we went through. And what he and he gave it back to us. Almost all of it. Almost all of it. And Hamdulillah we are

00:43:27--> 00:44:15

going to masajid hamdulillahi rabbil aalameen We're praying there. We are seeing our relatives, we are interacting with people at humbler people are back to their jobs Hamdulillah he let's be grateful. Let's be grateful and stay grateful. And Allah will give us more. Let me Chicago to let us Eden Allah in cover to another Villa shall read a loss of this assorted to Ibrahim, where he mentioned later about his his his city and Makkah is if you are grateful, I'll give you more. So when you go to Makkah, don't complain. So he invites you again. Rather not only don't complain, be very grateful. Keep telling Allah I don't work to be in your play in your house. I don't what did I

00:44:15--> 00:44:42

do to deserve it? How many sins I committed and you invited me to this most sacred place looking at your house, let alone praying in front of your house. And the more you are humble and grateful to Allah, the more he gave you Subhana show and Korea, the city is basically Makkah and Allah says that it went through

00:44:43--> 00:44:54

period. It's dwellers, the people who lived into an ungrateful Allah removed the blessings. Number eight name NYT the valley, the valley

00:44:56--> 00:44:59

of the esketamine the reality bhiwadi

00:45:00--> 00:45:52

All you need these around Enderby tickle her on her belly okay masala that's what's a native Rahim said to Allah subhanaw taala in Surah Ibrahim and the worst is 37 He said that I'm gonna scan to Midori at Sydney Brahim talking to Allah pantile should have been Oh my lord, or our Lord in the I say neighbor I'm askin to mean the reality. I have made part of my family to live the words in really these are in a valley where there is no vegetations no plants, no fruit and veg tickle Mohan. That's how we know this is maca. And the BT como Hara next year house, the valley. Because again, if you have been to McCall, you see the pictures. Mecca itself is in lower part, surrounded actually by

00:45:52--> 00:46:03

mountains. It's in the lower part. So it's a valley and surrounded by mountains and worthy and that's what Allah subhanaw taala called it in the Quran.

00:46:04--> 00:46:24

And number nine, number nine, a Masjid Al haram Subhanallah the Asahi Abdi heliyon Newman Masjid Al haram, Al mesial, Apostle lady Baraka Hola, Lemuria, homie, IR Tina, Allah said this one solitary solo solo it's been slightly first verse

00:46:25--> 00:47:24

of chapter and straw, Allah subhanho wa Taala said Subhanallah the Islamic Slavia Abdi he didn't notify he the one who have SRR we have the who took his servant in a nice journey from a Masjid Al haram. The Sacred Mosque deal was the opposite to the for this mosque or Swati salatu salam in that night journey. He did not leave from the Masjid Al haram. He actually left from the house of Omani in Makkah scholar says one of the names of Makkah is an Masjid Al haram. Sacred House. So look at it in a bigger vision, maca all of it is the Sacred House is not the only element that haram the whole Maca is sacred. I can when I enter. When I enter to it, I need to bring back to bring inside me that

00:47:24--> 00:48:22

this is the place where the best of the creation was born. This is the blame the place where the most beloved human beings to Allah live there are so I saw to Sarah Satan Abraham sadness made Subhanallah This is the place again as you are entering Mecca. This is the place where Allah chose from all the lands on this earth to have his house there. This is the place where Allah chose that's his lawsuit, His Messenger go up in the night to meet Allah pantalla to cut the first like the departure city was Makkah and Allah could have made it anywhere else. That all should remind remind you that Maca is so special that we really need to bring it back and we don't look at it as any

00:48:22--> 00:48:24

other city Subhan Allah

00:48:25--> 00:49:14

the other name of maca humbler almost done any time the lacquer brand the other name is in beta Lottie but Maca is in beta Lottie or the ancient house, the ancient house, Allah subhanho wa Taala said he also had the ancient house to miliar Kadota Fatah home, will you foodora Home will your powerful Bill Beatty Lottie? Allah said this sort of 200 Verse 29 to Maliau foodora home then an ALLAH is talking about hygiene, and he said then the uniform rule the home some I'm sorry, Yakubu Takata home lead, then they will fulfill the rituals of Hajj while you foodora home what the covenants with Allah subhanho wa Taala they will also fulfill it will you own your food bill Beatty

00:49:14--> 00:49:17

latley and they do tawaf circumambulation around.

00:49:19--> 00:49:32

at Carver, Albay Filati ancient house, and the ancient house is in the ancient city, and Bay talathi. And anytime something you say ancient has history has,

00:49:34--> 00:49:59

has value as not any value but has a value and say in our swatting salatu salam in a hadith and eternity, he said in the Massumi and Baytril it up there now let me of Harare Jabba. He said Allah subhanho wa Taala called it obey to the ancient house because it has never been conquered by any tyrant. Subhan Allah the whole

00:50:00--> 00:50:20

Only earlier, the whole Middle East. If you go back to the history, why was conquered, the whole Middle East was conquered in the beginning of the last century was actually invaded. Right? It was colonized by the British, by the French by the Italian except that place

00:50:21--> 00:51:17

and veto it on loss did Subhanallah again, when I enter on I see it when I am planning to go when I'm there when I came back, it doesn't matter where are you in that journey? When you are praying to Allah pantalla to invite you remember, what are you asking for? To go to his house to city to the most efficient house and city and the last two names for it one name is to hammer this is number 11 to hammer tuh M A and maybe an apostrophe on top? It is because it's called. It's not called to hammer because it is in that place of Earth. Between l huggers the western parts of Saudi current Saudi and Yemen that area is called to hammer and because Maca is inside that area. And the last but

00:51:17--> 00:51:32

not the least is Albelda. That town and the name is also in the Quran is at the end of Soto Nemo the end chapter 27 and the verse is 91 and Rasul Allah Salatu Salam is saying

00:51:34--> 00:52:16

in Surah to Nimit chapter 27 What is he saying or Swati Assad was meaning what Allah saying, turned off Swati salatu salam to say never I'm sorry in Omar Omar to there's no point in nama omit to an hour with our body builder, lady, her Omaha Villa Hoku she moved to an akuna Muslims in Napa Valley. I was ordered to worship or a Baja Hill bandleader. I was ordered to worship in the lord of this town Makkah and levy her Rama that he made it sacred.

00:52:17--> 00:52:27

This is the whole angler the Haram Maha town. All Makkah is sacred. That place which it's not that big.

00:52:29--> 00:52:39

And maybe there's 1.5 million they see now live in that home not only in the area of the home but all MCCA it's not that big. But look how

00:52:40--> 00:53:31

what it is for Allah subhana wa Tada and the more I glorify Allah subhana wa Tada I glorify His tongue, I glorify his house, I glorify His orders, may Allah subhanaw taala yarby me invite us all y'all will be me and keep inviting us and never derived us from visiting his house your BME and never deprive us or number one before I say this may he teach us your OB me teach us and remind us of the value and where are we going in what is that place news on this earth and may He never ever deprived us of this feeling your be me, Zack Mulla halen Subhanak Alohomora behind the shadow Alia era and I still feel called to blu ray solo Allah say no Muhammad Ali. He was hardly testing and

00:53:31--> 00:53:49

Kathira if there is any questions I don't know I was not following much the chats but if there is any question that you all want to share, yes, Amelia sisters, a Libra May Allah subhanho wa Taala invite us all European for Hajj for Amara for Ramadan era. I mean,

00:53:52--> 00:54:05

I'm not going to answer questions about Salam because we are talking about but you can email me if you have questions is Dr. Rohita. Agenda So the question is,

00:54:07--> 00:54:54

if you have not done okay, so, this is a good question because it is it is relative, if you have not done hygiene yet, is it advisable to do Umrah? That's that's a good question. So, somebody has not gone to lunch, right. There is many reasons why people did not go to heart so not let us not think they didn't want to go cost is an issue, age limitation, the country size and there is the quota and the number then they go so that person did not do the obligatory Hajj whether is Omar also obligatory one only. So if you cannot go for the Hajj obligatory at least go for the Umrah obligatory, that homework is usually more affordable and there is no quarter there is no limit.

00:54:54--> 00:55:00

There is no age limit and you can do it at any time of the year. So absolutely. If you have not yet gone to

00:55:00--> 00:55:03

Hydrogen an absolutely go for Amara. At least the obligatory one.

00:55:05--> 00:55:05

Euro be me

00:55:11--> 00:55:13

I think lawyer Brahimi

00:55:14--> 00:55:18

Yeah, we answered that Zack Milan Hayden's panic along Morbihan they should

00:55:19--> 00:55:57

I start, Furukawa to bootleg solo LSA now Mohammed while it was Hydrotest team and Kathy are all the information of the Omura that's inshallah we are going to Aemilia Yara be Amenia Allah invite us to January 20. Inshallah we are January 21. We are leaving is actually it's all on our website Gen You will see it as you just go to the website you will see see it and right there, design Milan heyland panic a lot more within the shadow area and stuff we will call it to bully solo LSA. You know Mohamed Ali, he was hoping to steam and Kathira BarakAllahu