Abu Bakr Zoud – The love the believers have for Allah on the day of Judgement

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the Day of Judgment, where Christians will gather with idols and worship their Lord Jesus. They also talk about the mythical "vanquished people" that will be gathered with idols and K consequence. The speaker emphasizes the importance of the Day of Judgment for everyone to have faith in Jesus Christ.
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Listen, my brothers and sisters in Islam, listen and learn about the love the believers have for Allah on the Day of Judgment. You know, there is a long Hadith I'm going to share all of it but some of just what's relevant for us now. On the Day of Judgment, all the nations will be called out. You know, the moon Adam fair, cool little helper Kulu Omen Bhima can we are doing a call or call out every single person go, go and gather with those who use the worship. So hello, Sally, the Christians will go with their cross and annual ofan the people that worship the idols will be gathered with idols and every single people that worship other than Allah who will go and gather

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with that thing they worshipped other than Allah.

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And then what remains on the plains of the Day of Judgment, others who worship Allah subhanho wa taala.

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So then,

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the angel would see, all this cola would call out to the Jews on the Day of Judgment. Now quantum taboo, but did you people used to worship? They would say could Nana Buddha Rosa uronema law who used to worship Rosaire of the son of Allah, then he would say to them, kava, Tom Mata, Hava Lahore, Sahiba. Done Walla Walla de, you lied, Allah had never had never taken a partner or a child for your Kulu Metwally Dune, he says to them, what do people want? They see naughty do unto spirit. Give us something to drink, they're thirsty, give us something to drink. So he says to them Go and drink and they are thrown in jahannam. And then the Christians are told Makaton taboo. What did you people

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used to worship? They would say couldn't an apple dilemma see Ebola. We used to worship he said the Son of God, Allah Akbar, he would say to them come up to lemmya Khan, Lahore, Sahiba. To Allah Allah, Allah azza wa jal had never taken a spouse and a partner. He never had a partner nor a child. So he says to them to the Christians, what do you want? They see moody do unto spirit, we want you to give us some water we want to drink. We're thirsty. Fairhall shabu, he says, Go and drink Fayose ferrata sapona fija Hana and the throne in jahannam. Until only the believers remain on the plains of the Day of Judgment. And then they are asked what do people want? What do they say?

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They don't see. We want to drink with us the they say in this is the point in none Tavira burner. We are waiting for our Lord Allah Akbar. Every single nation is asking for water. Every single nation is thirsty and they want to drink except the believers when they are asked. What are you waiting for? What do you people want? They say num Davi or a burner we are waiting for our Lord. This is the love the believers have for Allah azza wa jal on the Day of Judgment Allahu Akbar.

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