For As Long as You Breath You Have a Chance

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Your work gives me and you time and gives you an me opportunity grasp. Hold it. The wasted. I don't know if it's going to come back again. I have no idea.

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Change help each other to change lmao Nullah. Nina has a time change came in to the believers to change one.

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One, did anybody put a deadline for themselves? That this time I'm gonna be praying five times a day, this day I'm going to be set I'm going to change. I'm not going to watch this. They're not going to say this is it?

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Do it and helping each other this is the most important thing is helping each other on this think of that and ask yourself as I asked myself, as I was reading, I looked from the window, and I said, Are you already

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this will happen today. As you are sitting on this desk preparing? Are you ready to go through this? No, no, no, none of us I doubt if anybody in this room are saying we aren't running. I still have time because I'm still breathing. As long as I am breathing, there is hope.

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And I was proud to Anna says in the Matoba to Allah Yamuna show me Johanna T to Maya to guna when party Tober repentance going back to Allah for those who make sins who commit sins, but immediately

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they ask Allah for forgiveness. And they change well they set the tone want to learn Am I gonna say yeah, you have

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removed and repentance is now that somebody keep sinning and sinning and sinning. And then when death comes in, when the breath because it comes to hear the froth you see the froth on demand. There is no mortar one. The book is closed